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  1. How much direction from Churchill/Roosevelt?: war, influence, bomb, generals - History
  2. Buckles,last WWI Doughboy dies at 110: WWII, war, bomb, Japanese - History
  3. Had Cornwallis's Army Been Rescued Would The War Have Continued?: Great Britain, general - History
  4. Am I wrong in thinking that...: ancient, Greek, civilization, American - History
  5. The Other Messiah: war, Romans, general, Hitler - History
  6. The Battle of Black Jack: America, Kansas - History
  7. The Slave Trade: A Great New Website and Book: general, drugs, Spanish - History
  8. Remember When Corvettes and Spark Plugs Were All-American Phallic Symbols?: 60s, years - History
  9. African Influences On American English: Woodrow, Spanish, slavery, historical - History
  10. News, Colorado couple buy 'Wonderful Life' car.: decline, ally - History
  11. European control of the world: war, Roman, greatest, England - History
  12. News, Bones May Show Amelia Earhart Lived as a Castaway.: how, ally - History
  13. Robert Newman's History Of Oil: war, Europeans, years, America
  14. about the two Government Law Enforcement Agenecies.: years, country, officers - History
  15. Allan W. Eckert: That Dark and Bloody River: state, events, historical - History
  16. December 7, 1941 69 years later: war, greatest, 1950s, European - History
  17. News, Holiday in Chernobyl: Ukraine to lift restrictions on disaster site: years, ally - History
  18. News, Nazi baton sells for $731,600: Maryland, Baltimore - History
  19. Bloody December: bomb, invaded, events, Russia - History
  20. Due Process, before and after the Constitution: Britain, Washington, European - History
  21. News, Voodoo Dolls Found in Historic New York Mansion.: 1920s, years, torture - History
  22. Countries under Communist Influence: Roman, general, 80's, facts - History
  23. History Of The Governor Mansions: war, general, 1950's, state
  24. Bermuda during the American North vs South war: England, viking, ally - History
  25. The Night New York's Chinese Went Out for Jews?: Roman, influence, general - History
  26. How German Uboats Slipped by Gibraltar into the Mediterranean in WWII: war, influence - History
  27. William Gladstone's rescues: years, ally, evidence - History
  28. awesome WWII photos: military, USA, ally, Denver - History
  29. .... and you NASA was not doing anything last ten years.......: USA - History
  30. The Growth Of The United States: An Interactive Animated 10 Minute Atlas.: how, different - History
  31. Wheels of POTUS: war, Washington, Lincoln, JFK - History
  32. Battle of Stalingrad/David Oistrakh: WWII, bomb, state, historical - History
  33. Questions About German Army Chief of Staff General Franz Halder: WWII, war - History
  34. The origin of Valentines Day: popular, women - History
  35. The Unusual Weapon that Contributed to Lewis & Clark's Safety and Success: military, armies - History
  36. How did the Low Countries develop?: war, Roman, empire, assassin - History
  37. News, Divers Find 1811 Wreck That Changed US History.: years, battle, combat
  38. Embassy responses during Iran Hostage Crisis: general, country, Americans, Canada - History
  39. Video, In Single Video, a History of Nuclear Explosions: USA, ally
  40. News, Nazis Obsessed Over Hitler-Mocking Dog: Soviet, political, document, ally - History
  41. News, Salem Lizzie Borden museum gets the Ax: years, Georgia - History
  42. A superb biography of Admiral Chester Nimitz: WWII, war, greatest - History
  43. The History of America's Future 1584-2069 may predict our future: WWII, war
  44. Great Myths of World War II: WW2, influences, generals, 90s - History
  45. Myth - Combat Aircraft destroying Armour in WWII: bomb, general, biggest - History
  46. Southern College in Petersburg Virginia - History
  47. Was the KKK against legal European immigrants?: WW2, war, Roman - History
  48. Why western societies overtook Islam: ancient, Roman, Egyptian, influence - History
  49. Boston Tea Party: war, viking, slavery, historical - History
  50. News, The Edmund Fitzgerald, Lost ship's legend lives on.: Bismarck, America, British - History
  51. News, Ghost Hunters Planning Titanic Mission.: why, New York, evidence - History
  52. Portuguese-Indian War: Britain, general, colonies, European - History
  53. The Day of the Boomers and Sooners: Was this the Most Chaotic Day in American History?: origin, why
  54. The Real Kilroy Who Unintentionally Started a Legend: WWII, war, bomb - History
  55. The 104 Year-Old Mystery Heiress: president, American - History
  56. Which Civilization Had The Greatest Influence on Early Human Socieity: ancient, Roman - History
  57. Need To Find Someone Who Remembers The 1967 Riots in Detroit: general, rights - History
  58. Produce of penicillin, WWII: war, invention, United States, Churchill - History
  59. Researching medals form WW II.: WW2, war, European, Germans - History
  60. President Lincoln in his Lawyer Days...: cities, ally - History
  61. Which empire was more impressive....Byzantine or Roman: ancient, Britain, France - History
  62. Hitler-Stalin 1943 (a little-known WWII story): Great Britain, USSR, France, German - History
  63. Were the Last Battle and the Last Surrender of the WWII European Theater?: war, general - History
  64. How Europe borders changed in a Millenium: greatest, European, biggest - History
  65. About The First and Second German Reich's: ancient, Romans, Hitler - History
  66. So you TIME TRAVEL wasn't --- watch this!: years, country - History
  67. Happy Evacuation Day (Thursday, November 25): war, Roman, Great Britain, general - History
  68. Battle of the Alamo vs. Hollywood: Mexican, facts, events, slaves - History
  69. News, Civil War Dolls X-Rayed for Signs of Smuggling.: confederacy, Virginia, Richmond - History
  70. Request for on the Sino-Soviet border skirmish of Aug., 1969: 60s, events - History
  71. Alternative history (military): Lincoln, Japanese, army, leader
  72. Ever wondered how much population in common the past has with today?: war, bomb - History
  73. Chinese History - The Three Kingdoms: Roman, general, events, years
  74. What US Division: Romans, Hitler, army, American - History
  75. about western outlaw: years, ally, California, San Francisco - History
  76. Who was worse, Nazi Germany or the USSR?: general, USA, London - History
  77. Which founder could have said something like this?: years, American, how - History
  78. 17th century documents in New York: state, language, Latin, rights - History
  79. The Benin Empire Of West Africa: ancient, civilizations, civilization, African - History
  80. Who were the Muckrakers and do We Still Need Them?: Lincoln, economic - History
  81. Vietnam, Mai Lai incident...opinions: war, bomb, England, 60s - History
  82. US Policies and Actions: What would you have done differently?: war, bomb - History
  83. Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences. The urban legend.: war, Washington, assassin, assassinated - History
  84. Hauntings at Gettysburg: state, years, battle, Latin - History
  85. Egypt-Watch: Will History repeat itself?: ancient, Egyptian, influence, Britain
  86. A Tribute To The Iowa Class Battleships; Arguably History's Most Powerful And Famous.: WWII, war
  87. Oswald's Russian friend says O was poor shot and didn't act alone: ancient, facts - History
  88. How far back do you feel you need to go to get that nostalgic feeling?: ancient, war - History
  89. Early American Drinking Age: Washington, biggest, state, countries - History
  90. Another accent: general, 60s, viking, origin - History
  91. What is the possiblity that Ice Age or pre-Ice Age civilizations existed?: ancient, Egypt - History
  92. Why were the French unable to hold on to part of Algeria?: WWII, Britain - History
  93. Curious Why German General Dostler Was Executed By Firing Squad and Not at Nuremberg?: war, bomb - History
  94. Andrew Jackson: Washington, economy, state, events - History
  95. Describe President Lincoln in 3 sentences or less: DNA, slave, years - History
  96. Today's doom and gloomers: war, Roman, 60's, biggest - History
  97. Where would of been the best Capital for the Confederates?: Washington, state - History
  98. Alternative military history - World War II: influences, bomb, Great Britain
  99. the Alamo: Mexican, Spanish, slavery, president - History
  100. What are the Historical Results of Intervention into Indigenous Cultures: Roman, general - History
  101. Were large Empires and conqueroring new lands destined disappear?: WW2, influence, economic - History
  102. Robert E. Lee Trivia: war, generals, origin, years - History
  103. Has the WWII Role of Indian Troops in Freeing Italy Been Under Reported?: war, generals - History
  104. Was the Battle of Lepanto a Turning Point in History?: war, general
  105. Confederates moving capitol from Mobile to Richmond: war, Great Britain, Washington - History
  106. What if Julius Caesar hadn't been assassinated?: Roman, general, assassination - History
  107. Most Important/Infulential Cities Throughout History: ancient, Roman, greatest, influence
  108. Alamo: war, Mexican, facts, Washington - History
  109. Did Cuban aborigines really disappear?: Mexico, Europeans, Japanese, slavery - History
  110. History of political rancor, divisiveness, and violence in USA: WW2, bomb, general
  111. The Knights Templar....and their demise: Roman, influence, Washington, Spain - History
  112. freaky time travel type what if scenario (military): ancient, general, weapons - History
  113. Which President was the best general?: WW2, war, generals, Mexican - History
  114. Japanese Holdouts after WWII's end: WW2, war, bomb, 70s - History
  115. President John Tyler (10th President born 1790) has two LIVING grandsons!: war, 1950s - History
  116. Why did the Egyptian stop building Pyramids?: influence, government, political - History
  117. George Washington..,.. guy who did stuff and is on $1 bill: presidents, country - History
  118. In America how do you see the Dunkirk event?: WW2, war, Great Britain - History
  119. George Washington....the greatest success story in modern history: war, influence, England
  120. George Washington, a near total failure: war, greatest, bomb, England - History
  121. Robin Hood: Myth or Real?: England, historical, years, government - History
  122. Which United States War produced the most Presidents: WW2, general, Mexican - History
  123. British Penal Colonies In America ??'s: ancient, greatest, influence, Great Britain - History
  124. Air Raid, Pearl Harbor: WWII, war, Japanese, years - History
  125. Where are all of the descendants of the Revolutionary war?: general, state - History
  126. Why did Japan not get Split up like Germany?: WWII, war, influence - History
  127. Consequences of Japanese failing to surrender in WWII?: war, bomb, general - History
  128. about attack of Pearl Harbor.: war, bomb, state, Japanese - History
  129. Did The Vikings Bring Back A Native American Woman To Iceland 1000 A.D.?: Mexican, interior - History
  130. D Day and drowning: bomb, England, German, Germany - History
  131. New Earhart Evidence?: facts, Hitler, DNA, Mayan - History
  132. Was There A British Equivalent To Benedict Arnold During The Revolutionary War?: Great Britain, general - History
  133. THIRD REICH... the Rise and Fall: ancient, war, Rome, 1930's - History
  134. The world's oldest current states: WW2, Roman, Egypt, Great Britain - History
  135. Where were you? What were you doing?: bomb, general, 1950's - History
  136. How was the 90s for you?: 1990s, biggest, economy, president - History
  137. The State with the most interesting history: war, Mexican, colonies
  138. Christopher 'Kit' Carson: Mexico, 1950s, Lincoln, historical - History
  139. uestions pertaining to death penalties: European, biggest, drugs, origin - History
  140. News: Christopher Columbus was Polish.: 1950's, DNA, historical, kings - History
  141. Russian Navy Submarine: war, kings, military, Soviet - History
  142. Why do people Deny The Realigning of the 2 Main Political Parties: 90s, Lincoln - History
  143. The Civil War was not to end slavery, it and the War of 1812 were to re-establish Rothschild's Central Bank of America: England, Lincoln - History
  144. Was Constantinople as impressive as Rome?: ancient, greatest, European, empire - History
  145. Does remember colored bathrooms?: 60's, years, how, best - History
  146. How did the USA lead the world by so much in the 1950s?: WW2, war - History
  147. Freedom of Religion: Bad idea?: war, influence, Mexican, colonies - History
  148. Great Dark Age Weapon The Harems?: ancient, war, Romans, England - History
  149. The Second War Of American Independence ??'s: influence, Great Britain, general - History
  150. Petersburg Trenches: war, Roman, years, attack - History
  151. Civics Quiz: economic, American, versus, ally - History
  152. The real story of Thanksgiving....?: England, origin, country - History
  153. Has George Washington's house Mt Vernon?: 1800s, slaves, origin - History
  154. Does speak or translate Latin?: Romans, country, language, ally - History
  155. What languages were originally spoken in Africa, before Europes influence??: ancient, Egyptian - History
  156. Were most people at least somewhat racist in America in 1950?: influence, general - History
  157. News, JFK Secret Service Agents Speak Out After 47 Years.: assassin, assassination, president - History
  158. Poll: Who were worse, Nazis, or Communists?: Romans, Hitler, biggest - History
  159. Beauty Pageant in Chicago: 1950: WW2, war, 1950s, presidency - History
  160. Rulers Who Became Insane (Emperors, Kings, Queens, Dictators, Generals ): war, Roman - History
  161. Industrial Innovators and Builders of WWII: WW2, war, England, general - History
  162. Hitler hated Communists, Stalin hated Socialists: WWII, economy, state, unemployment - History
  163. 96 Olympics in Atlanta: greatest, bomb, years, countries - History
  164. Let's talk about Gen. Ambrose Burnside: war, generals, Mexico, Lincoln - History
  165. The First Americans Debate: economic, origin, years, date - History
  166. Stagecraft Secrets of the Roman Colosseum: war, Romans, empire, crimes - History
  167. WalMart Will Not Build Near VA Battlefield: WWII, war, general - History
  168. White people in New Mexico: war, general, Mexican, European - History
  169. ethnic cleansing of germans after ww2.. thoughts on this?: war, invaded, USSR - History
  170. How different an era was the 1980s compared to the 2010s?: general, 90s - History
  171. What Small Country's History is the Most Interesting?: war, Roman
  172. Why USA is obliged to return Alaska and Aleutskie island to Russia?: England, 60's - History
  173. William Penn: A Forgotten Founder: Roman, influence, England, colonies - History
  174. Today in the Civil War.: general, Washington, Lincoln, state - History
  175. Missing Cornerstones in D.C: Roman, 1800s, Washington, presidents - History
  176. If Not Washington Then Who Could Have Been A Second Choice To Serve As CIC During Revolutionary War: generals, France - History
  177. Mass killings and genocides since 1492: ancient, war, bomb, England - History
  178. What is more feasible - Pacifism or Just-War theory?: general, Hitler, German - History
  179. Which group has the most African Roots?: general, economic, state - History
  180. Major Battles on the Soviet front: WWII, war, greatest, bomb - History
  181. Was Leningrad Winnable for the Germans in WWII?: war, greatest, Britain - History
  182. Another state: war, general, Mexico, Washington - History
  183. Landing on the moon: WW2, war, bomb, 80's - History
  184. The Amazing Christmas Truce of 1914: WWII, war, German, military - History
  185. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge: genocide or merely war crimes?: general, events - History
  186. Why didn't we use the Atomic Bomb in Korea?: war, Washington, European - History
  187. How much do you know about Thanxgiving?: best, Dallas, Aristotle - History
  188. News, Was Israel the birthplace of modern man?: facts, origin, conquer - History
  189. Would you consider the 1990s 'history'?: economy, presidency, political, different
  190. How much of your State's history did you study in school?: war, slavery
  191. Artifacts with Historical Errors: Washington, origin, president, American - History
  192. A point about double-bitted axes - History
  193. Fans of Tudor History, Anne Boleyn Needs YOU
  194. News, Women in Work Force, 'We Can Do It!' inspiration dead at 86: war, state - History
  195. News, How David Koch tried to derail the Reagan revolution.: war, rights - History
  196. News, NM gov. declines to pardon outlaw Billy the Kid.: Mexico, years - History
  197. News, 'Miracle on the Hudson' jet destined for museum. - History
  198. Awesome adventure read. - History
  199. A point about drawing swords - History
  200. AEF Polar Bears 1918-1919 Film to Air: events, Russia, army - History