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  1. Two Questions about Australia: general, European, origin, years - History
  2. The Mona Lisa: slaves, USA, government, western - History
  3. Muslims slaughter their Jewish neighbors 1929: WW2, Hitler, European, attack - History
  4. The Rise Of Western Civilization.....: ancient, war, Roman, Britain - History
  5. Historical Frauds...Personal Encounters: war, bomb, 1950's, Lincoln - History
  6. Childhood Homes: invention, years, why, different - History
  8. 19th Century Equivalents of Today's Political Parties?: war, slavery - History
  9. Breton-American Communities: influence, England, general, biggest - History
  10. Did Sweden consider invading Poland during WWII?: war, Hitler, Russia - History
  11. News, Do you know history about Independence Day?: Roman, influences, Great Britain
  12. Your ideal library on the Civil War period: generals, 1980s, Lincoln - History
  13. Jobs for Historians: state, historical, country, descendants - History
  14. Intelligent design and Evidence.....: ancient, Hitler, German, years - History
  15. News, Facts you didn’t know about 9/11: JFK, Greek, years - History
  16. Books on the Vietnam: war, Roman, historical, origin - History
  17. Ancient Greek Texts and Muslim Golden Age ??'s: Roman, Egypt, Europeans - History
  18. Ancient calendar: Egypt, 1800s, Mayan, historical - History
  19. Vid from Bodie, Ca. - Ghost town: California - History
  20. 19th Century Warfare and Disease: war, Mexican, 60s, battle - History
  21. Ned Kelly's remains found: DNA, years, ancestors, Australia - History
  22. Battle of Chapultepec Castle Casualties: generals, Mexican, 1950s, state - History
  23. John Adams and the Sedition Act: war, Roman, England, Washington - History
  24. Could the Byzantines Survived?: WW2, Roman, economic, state - History
  25. Why didn't the Central Powers gain more members?: war, Mexico, empire - History
  26. European Latin decent and carnal dominated thoughts: Roman, influence, invaded - History
  27. Ancient civilizations around the world...: war, Roman, Mexican, biggest - History
  28. Sailors VS. Mountaineers: WWII, war, viking, attack - History
  29. Archeology by means of satellite images: ancient, Egyptian, cities, document - History
  30. Myth's might have truth in them after all......: ancient, facts, Hitler - History
  31. History of Philadelphia: generals, Europeans, Sweden, document
  32. National Museum of American Jewish Military History: achievements
  33. The Last Train From Hiroshima by Charles Pellegrino (2010): war, bomb - History
  34. Why didn't the US join the League of Nations?: WWII, war, Great Britain - History
  35. Black US Marines: greatest, how, different, ally - History
  36. The Middle East for $600.00 Alex: kings, western, how - History
  37. Civil War Vets Video Footage: years, document, how, ally - History
  38. Why I love History: ancient, war, Egyptian, England
  39. President Madison Wanted French General Moreau To Be CIC During War of 1812. Was That Legal Then?: greatest, Great Britain - History
  40. France in the 18th century: DNA, years, beheaded, London - History
  41. Letters encompasing the entire Civil War period found in a box: USA - History
  42. War Crimes Trials prior to WWI era?: WWII, Roman, general - History
  43. Islam in China: war, Egypt, England, economic - History
  44. History Channel Internation Jefferson Documentary: England, interesting facts, Washington, slaves
  45. uestions about the Papal States: 1800s, state, Spain, countries - History
  46. Integration vs Desegregation?: influence, 60's, state, years - History
  47. Native American Wisdom............: presidents, battle, different, Cleveland - History
  48. Hitler got a speeding ticket?: 1930's, German, Germany, years - History
  49. Meet Gert Schramm: WW2, war, colonies, Germans - History
  50. Benjamin Franklin's sister: general, Lincoln, American, political - History
  51. News, The Beatles banned segregated audiences, contract shows.: years, rights, document - History
  52. about the origins of the Knights Templar...: England, military, how - History
  53. Did men in ancient topless socieities view breast in kind of sexual manner?: general, 1800s - History
  54. billy the kid meets Wyatt Earp: Roman, Arizona - History
  55. The Caucasus Mountains: ally - History
  56. Recommendations for a good documentary on Christopher Columbus?: Spanish, slavery, years - History
  57. What would be the effect of a Tambora-style (VEI 7) eruption if it happened today?: Egypt, European - History
  58. TENNESSEE history: Mexican, Spanish, United States, western
  59. sally skull: why, how, Texas, Austin - History
  60. The Warmth of Other Suns--Great untold story of a great migration.: years, American - History
  61. The Profumo Affair: influence, Britain, 60s, economic - History
  62. preachers of the old west: war, Mexico, 70s, military - History
  63. A Must Read For All: ancient, Romans, facts, Eisenhower - History
  64. was the attack on the USS Libery intentional: war, Egyptian, bomb - History
  65. Young people today seem sort of scatter-brained: war, Great Britain, Washington - History
  66. At what point did the US overtake Britain Economically and Militarily: WW2, war - History
  67. Two WWI Questions: WW2, war, Britain, colonies - History
  68. James Buchanan: America’s first gay president?: war, greatest, influence - History
  69. What was the true continuation of the Roman Empire?: ancient, Romans, origin - History
  70. The Preamble to the Constitution: ancient, war, general, state - History
  71. Ancient Black Americans DDEN HISTORY (VIDEO INSIDE): Roman, Egypt, influences
  72. What language was spoken in Great Britain and Ireland before Celtic culture?: ancient, European - History
  73. News, Original portraits of Hitler's parents up for auction.: WWII, war, why - History
  74. Why did the US economy go down in the early 1980?: WWII, general - History
  75. Civil War- The Golden Circle??: Mexican, colonies, Lincoln, slavery - History
  76. Greatest Emperor or King of all time.: empire, years, peace - History
  77. Do you think New York City would have developed differently if it had remained under Dutch rule?: war, influence - History
  78. Our Shameful Era, as seen by future historians.: state, slavery, historical - History
  79. History of American Education: general, biggest, state, origin
  80. Bush vs Clinton 92'': 90s, economy, unemployment, president - History
  81. Which Founder are You Most Like?: Washington, different, best, Virginia - History
  82. What Heavy Cavalry Existed Between Knights and Reiters?: war, influence, England - History
  83. Who would win in a sword fight?: war, generals, Washington - History
  84. The early months of the Iraq occupation - were mistakes avoidable?: war, influence - History
  85. If The South Had Won The Civil War...: Britain, 60s, Washington - History
  86. history of US currency law: WW2, war, general
  87. History for men alive today: greatest, 60's, ally, success
  88. who brought down the roman republic?: general, economic, state, empire - History
  89. The obvious cause of our Civil War: facts, Lincoln, economy - History
  90. What has western civilization up that we should have kept?: general, Washington - History
  91. who is the greatest general and ruler in history: influence, generals, economy
  92. what singular thing or event of all time changed/altered/affected US history the most?: influence, Great Britain
  93. Who is the most towering intellect (greatest genius) produced by our species?: ancient, general - History
  94. How do you prefer History?: Roman, economic, events, empire
  95. Doubting History..... the history of denial: ancient, war, Roman, Egypt
  96. News, 'That man's terrible': Secret Jackie Kennedy tapes reveal her disgust over Martin Luther King's: influence, 60s - History
  97. The Only Surviving Album of Auschwitz: Hitler, European, peace, USA - History
  98. Favorite Civil War General?: Roman, generals, Washington, Lincoln - History
  99. News, What if the Nazis had invaded America? Maps reveal how Hitler could have attacked the U.S.: WW2, war - History
  100. Facts on the considered west: England, colonies, invaded, state - History
  101. First or early movies related to the Holocaust: WW2, war, 70's - History
  102. Coal Mining in America: war, 1930s, European, economy - History
  103. We've seen a lot of speculation of what are world would be like if Hitler had won WW2 but what if Hitler never existed?: war, greatest - History
  104. The USA and the CSA in the 21th Century: war, Egypt, influence - History
  105. Ancient Alien Theorists : and intelligent design: war, Egypt, facts, Sumeria - History
  106. When does history Begin: WW2, war, events, historical
  107. News, Kennedy Vietnam was 'hopeless' and scorned the idea of Lyndon Johnson as president: WW2, war - History
  108. Which changed American History more, 9-11 or the crash of '08?: WW2, general
  109. Where were you when the attacks of 9/11 happen?: Washington, events, years - History
  110. 9/11: 10th Anniversary: war, bomb, events, origin - History
  111. The re-genesis of mankind: ancient, war, Egyptian, bomb - History
  112. Thoughts About Why Only Pavlov Was Executed and Not Other Soviet Army Commanders During 1941 Invasion: WW2, war - History
  113. The concept of big boobs across history: ancient, war, Roman
  114. John Wilkes-Booth and Osama Bin Laden: facts, Lincoln, JFK, economy - History
  115. How Did The German Administrators Treat the ''Non'' Jewish Pole's During The Occupation?: general, Hitler - History
  116. Did our original puritans slaughter the hedonists?: England, general, colonies - History
  117. Is Secession Treason?: war, influence, colonies, economy - History
  118. If the Confederacy had won would the capitol have stayed at Richmond?: war, Mexico - History
  119. Franco and Castilian Ethnonationalism: war, England, general, 60's - History
  120. Should we have listened to MacArthur (Korea)?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  121. Thoughts About Why Hitler Didn't Invade The Middle East Before The USSR?: WW2, war - History
  122. Jews from India: influences, bomb, Britain, general - History
  123. Benchmark events in the RISE of America since 1960...: general, European, economy - History
  124. Was the slaughter of the Civil War worth its result?: general, Lincoln - History
  125. Why did American Indians overwhelmingly fight for the Confederacy?: war, general, 60s - History
  126. Noblest sayings to be remembered Memorial Day: colonies, origin, Germans - History
  127. Why are only Europeans condemned for genocide/colonialism?: ancient, Roman, influences - History
  128. Find 20th Century History More Interesting Than Ancient/Medieval History?: WWII, war
  129. Abraham Lincoln quotes: England, Washington, slavery, historical - History
  130. What if Europeans had never colonized the Americas? Type of Indian civilization?: war, Mexico - History
  131. Civil War Battlefields, sites in Northern VA area: 70's, Washington, state - History
  132. Late 1950's-Early 1960's.: WW2, war, bomb, general - History
  133. Could the Confederacy have taken Kentucky?: war, generals, Lincoln, economic - History
  134. At what point did nations become doomed?: Roman, generals, 1980s - History
  135. Man for man, were the Germans the best ground troops in WWII?: war, bomb - History
  136. Real Legends and heroes through history: war, bomb, Hitler, slave
  137. Firtst Nation and Native Indians: general, European, historical, years - History
  138. Biggest historical misconceptions?: war, Rome, England, general - History
  139. Benchmark events in the fall of America since 1960...: war, general, 60's - History
  140. Spanish Attempts to Colonize the Pacific Northwest: 70's, Washington, interior - History
  141. Napoleon's 7 Greatest Commanders in History: war, army, officers
  142. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly based on the New Mexico Campaign (US Civil War)?: bomb, generals - History
  143. News, 'Caring' Lizzie Borden is misunderstood, new book says.: England, historical, years - History
  144. Did life suck pretty much everywhere before 1900?: 60's, European, events - History
  145. Why did it take so long to colonize Africa?: colonies, European, biggest - History
  146. Was it only the Germans who fled in large numbers?: war, Roman - History
  147. Osama Bin Laden: 90s, Hitler, USSR, president - History
  148. Obama proclaims May as Jewish American Heritage Month: war, general, president - History
  149. WWII with Edward VIII: WW2, war, influence, Britain - History
  150. What if the Romanov Family of Russia was massacred in the age of mass media and the internet?: war, Great Britain - History
  151. Was the Inquisition proper?: Spanish, German, Germany, country - History
  152. Hadda Call It Something: war, bomb, biggest, state - History
  153. Suggestions for books about the US Constitution: general, slavery, historical - History
  154. Industrial But Not Revolutionary: ancient, Romans, Egyptian, Britain - History
  155. Nuclear fallout shelter signs: bomb, 1950s, Americans, Allies - History
  156. July 4th: WWII, war, Britain, general - History
  157. Stupid way to fight war in 1862: generals, Mexican, European - History
  158. Why Ancient Pyramids Are Similar: Egypt, Mexico, Spanish, origin - History
  159. End of an Era: greatest, years, countries, Americans - History
  160. The Sunni/Shia Split: greatest, influence, biggest, state - History
  161. The American Experience in Vietnam: WWII, ancient, war, 1950's - History
  162. Ted Kennedy Really Hate America?: war, bomb, England, 80's - History
  163. Waterloo: war, greatest, bomb, Hitler - History
  164. Two Nations in a Country: war, Mexico, state, Russia - History
  165. Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Manning Marable: bomb, 60's - History
  166. History of Islam in India: state, years, countries, African
  167. Learning a country's history: Roman, influence, Mexico, facts
  168. History Channel - Third Reich: war, facts, Hitler, raids
  169. Why does Israel prosper while the Arab world does not?: bomb, general - History
  170. How good were Australian soldiers in World War I and II?: WW2, greatest - History
  171. The President's House: facts, Washington, state, slavery - History
  172. Was the peasantry banned from owning weapons in medieval Europe?: England, general - History
  173. Strange Claim: war, battle, language, rights - History
  174. What adjective am I looking for?: general, why, different, best - History
  175. Why Did Most of Europe hate the Jews in WW-II: WWII, 60s - History
  176. The faithless side of suicide bombing: Russian, military, political, tactics - History
  177. Which president were bilingual?: influence, European, Chinese, state - History
  178. How to visit Gettysburg ?: war, generals, Lincoln, historical - History
  179. Of the vainglorious trio Patton, Montgomery, and MacArthur, who had the least substance as a good general?: WWII, war - History
  180. How many non Jewish civilians were murdered by the Nazis?: war, general - History
  181. Strauss and Howe generational theory: war, greatest, influence, general - History
  182. What the Marine Corps rabbi said at Iwo Jima: WW2, war, general - History
  183. Watches, Clocks, Punctuality---Time Issues: ancient, Romans, England, 50s - History
  184. Israels Millitary: WW2, bomb, 80s, viking - History
  185. What if America had racially integrated public schools in 1867?: WW2, general, 60's - History
  186. What is your favourite part of history?: WW2, war, general
  187. Legacy of British (and European) Imperialism: war, Romans, Britain, general - History
  188. JFK - Vietnam War: 60's, drugs, presidents, military - History
  189. Roman Ruins To Be Possibly Bombed: war, facts, historical, years - History
  190. What is wrong with this picture?: ancient, Roman, Egypt, England - History
  191. Which one was the best battle ever??(about tatics, strategy...): WWII, war - History
  192. best war doc ever!: WW2, Russia, Germans, military - History
  193. Why was Algeria part of France: war, greatest, Britain, 50s - History
  194. News, Museum claims to have Lincoln's hair.: president, military, Columbus - History
  195. Madame Nhu, the Dragon Lady, dies in Rome.: Vietnam, Houston - History
  196. Madame Nhy, the Dragon Lady, dies in Rome.: Vietnam, Houston - History
  197. 1945 Color Film of V.J. Celebration in Honolulu !!!!!! Superb !!!: army, officers, compare - History
  198. It happened on this date, more or less .....: war, president, military - History
  199. Female Nazi Guards: concentration, ally - History
  200. Garibaldi was offered command of U.S. Union Army: war, slavery, American - History