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  1. How soon can a president be objectively placed in history?: Egypt, general
  2. Olmec Civilization: influence, Mexico, Spanish, African - History
  3. Date in history: war, general, 60s, facts
  4. Russia 1812: Napoleon Invasion and War & Peace: Egypt, Britain, generals - History
  5. An Appeal To President Bush: WW2, general, Washington, Japanese - History
  6. News, In Weak Rivets, a Key to Titanic’s Doom.: years, different - History
  7. 90 year mystery may be solved: the Royals: Roman, DNA, Russian - History
  8. WorldCat: general, USA, why, best - History
  9. News, World's Oldest Tree May Have Been Found In Sweden.: ally - History
  10. News, Few gather to remember at Saddam's tomb.: president, leader - History
  11. The Roman 'Pax Romana': Romans, empire, Spanish, unemployment - History
  12. Women's History Books: economy, years, USA, western
  13. News, Report: Former FBI Director Hoover Planned to Arrest 12,000 Americans Suspected of Disloyalty.: war, Washington - History
  14. If you're a WWI (205th Tiger Battalion of the Princess Pat) buff, help me answer a: war, general - History
  15. English Teachers?: language, different, effective - History
  16. United States Presidential Grave Trivia.: Washington, state, Woodrow, presidents - History
  17. News, A Brief History of Christmas.: ancient, general, state, USSR
  18. Sinbad of the Coast Guard - Do you know about this dog?: war, women - History
  19. Discovered ancient pyramid in Mexico: Egypt, events, Sumeria, Mayan - History
  20. News, New book claims Bell stole key telephone idea.: years, document, popular - History
  21. Was there a Shotgun in Dallas?: influence, general, Mexico, 80s - History
  22. in '65 and '68?: 90s, Washington, state, events - History
  23. Orion's Angel Pictograph Debut: ancient, Egypt, facts, Sumeria - History
  24. Has been to this museum?: Lincoln, years, country, battle - History
  25. Habsburg Spain (1500 - 1700),: war, general, empire, Spanish - History
  26. 7th Infantry {state unknown}: war, army, USA, British - History
  27. Civilizations That Could Have Made It.: war, Romans, Egypt, general - History
  28. News, Man claims to have Paul Revere's snuff box.: 60s, American, patriot - History
  29. American Revolution on History Channel Today.: historical, years, country, ally
  30. When and How Did British Choose Redcoats: WWII, war, Britain - History
  31. History of Minting Coins: ancient, Roman, England, invention
  32. about the Thirty Year War: Roman, England, state, events - History
  33. Phillipine Island defense 1941: war, bomb, state, Japanese - History
  34. Right inyo the Future: conquer, years, civilization, USA - History
  35. How far did they sail?: Mexico, viking, Spain, kings - History
  36. Profound Article for Everyone . .: war, Washington, events, military - History
  37. Presidential Stories: influence, Mexico, 1920s, state - History
  38. Historical re-enactments: Romans, viking, kings, San Antonio - History
  39. Earliest know American flag with 13 red/white stripes: Washington, British, why - History
  40. Redshirts of SC: general, years, date, government - History
  41. USA Presidents Before Washington: war, state, United States, government - History
  42. World War 2 Photos - in Color!: WW2, ally - History
  43. Civil War cannonball kills Virginia relic collector: WWII, bomb, Russian - History
  44. News, Swiss Man Safely Uses Leonardo da Vinci Parachute.: origin, years, success - History
  45. A New topic....The way of the gladiator: general, historical, Africa - History
  46. Barbarians All Day Today (History Channel): Roman, viking, kings, language
  47. 1861 -US Civil War -Western Theater & Trans Mississippi: generals, Mexico, Washington - History
  48. Cartoons & Comic Books of the 70's: 80s, Ireland, origin - History
  49. The Peloponnesian Wars.: war, influence, general, historical - History
  50. Miguel Hidalgo the father of Mexico.: war, Mexican, Washington, Lincoln - History
  51. News, Lawmen at Lee Harvey Oswald's side remember prisoner.: JFK, assassin, assassination - History
  52. News, Chocolate used more than 3,000 years ago.: ancient, Mexico, Washington - History
  53. History of Iraq, Top 10 Battles for the Control of Iraq.: ancient, Romans
  54. GREAT Historic documentaries available online: ancient, war, Romans, empire - History
  55. 81 years ago today (5-21-1927) Lindbergh landed in Paris!: USA, combat, execution - History
  56. LI history buffs - Sands Point CC?: origin, president, country
  57. Artist History: Provincetown: Hawthorne: contribution, American
  58. 1863 - US Civil War - Western Theater: Lincoln, biggest, attack - History
  59. Mayan calendar: ancient, historical, origin, civilizations - History
  60. American Experience: origin, presidents, years, political - History
  61. Benito Juarez, the greatest Mexican president?: 1980s, Lincoln, economic, state - History
  62. News, Centennial Bulb still burning after 107 years.: California, Los Angeles - History
  63. HMAS Sydney II....Found!: WW2, war, Japanese, Bismarck - History
  64. Old news, George Washington's false teeth not wooden.: origin, ally, Baltimore - History
  65. The Atocha: facts, Spanish, slaves, years - History
  66. News, Bill Clinton Rewrites History on Iraq?: war, president, attack
  67. News, Archive of Nazi Documents Open to Public.: war, 80s, facts - History
  68. News, Five survivors keep history alive at Pearl Harbor.: war, 90s, attack
  69. Landscapers Unearth 30 WWII-Era Shells: war, bomb, Washington, military - History
  70. News, Philipp von Boeselager, Who Attempted Hitler Assassination, Dies at 90.: bomb, Russians - History
  71. Kent State: war, American - History
  72. about Canada in the early 1800's: Ohio, Toronto - History
  73. News, Eighth wonder of the world? The stunning temples secretly carved out below ground by 'paranormal' eccentric.: ancient, greatest - History
  74. Magna Carta - Auction: historical, origin, years, political - History
  75. Memorial Day: WWII, war, state, events - History
  76. Why Did Hitler Choose Fuhrer and Not Kaiser: WW2, war, Roman - History
  77. Southern Accent: Roman, influence, slaves, historical - History
  78. The real 1950s vs. the idealized version?: WWII, war, general - History
  79. Is watching John Adams on HBO?: historical, years, USA - History
  80. Why Did The Catholics Choose Rome: ancient, Roman, influence, state - History
  81. Bismark!!: WWII, war, greatest, 60s - History
  82. Presidential Trivia: Washington, Asians, JFK, Chinese - History
  83. Can Christianity claim to be western?: ancient, Romans, influence, general - History
  84. German Invasion of Russia 1941;Operation Barbarossa: war, general, Hitler, USSR - History
  85. What are your views of what caused the civil war?: influence, Lincoln - History
  86. What happened to Elizabeth Mure of Rowallan?: ancient, Roman, England - History
  87. Boudica Celtic Warrior Queen: Romans, Egypt, Britain, general - History
  88. ever notice full blooded Native Americans look Asian?: Asians, European, state - History
  89. 5 FACTS almost no one knows about Ancient Rome: Romans, empire, France - History
  90. Bush and Nazi Germany connection.: WW2, war, Roman, influence - History
  91. No historian: Mexico, 1950's, state, origin - History
  92. Jonestown Paradise Lost: kings, leader, revolutionary, why - History
  93. The Dust Bowl: 1930's, western, ally, Iowa - History
  94. Bobby Kennedy - Accidentally Shot?: facts, Washington, JFK, state - History
  95. What May Happen In The Next Hundred Years: biggest, economy, state - History
  96. Where Did the Swastika First Originate: ancient, 1920s, Hitler, European - History
  97. Can We Come Up With A New Subject? Subject?: war, Egypt - History
  98. Why no full auto for the M16?: war, Great Britain, 60s - History
  99. Where Were You When 9/11 Happened??: England, Mexico, years, country - History
  100. Historians Weigh-in on Bush Presidency: historical, presidents, years, attack - History
  101. Why don't they teach about the Mountain Meadows Massacre in school?: war, general - History
  102. Is life harder or easier TODAY than 20-30-40 years ago?: WWII, war - History
  103. 1920's Sexuality: war, influence, general, 1990s - History
  104. At Marie Antoinette Beheading Where Was Austria?: war, Britain, Europeans - History
  105. Nuremberg trials: war, bomb, generals, Hitler - History
  106. News, Nazi pilot opportunity to apologize.: war, bomb, England - History
  107. Oldest HISTORICAL SPEECH you ever listened too!!!: war, bomb, 1920s - History
  108. The Tudor Era: England, European, events, historical - History
  109. Geography: Mexico, state, Spain, France - History
  110. Today's United States vs Ancient Rome: Roman, events, empire, unemployment - History
  111. Historic Imperial & Royal Palaces: Roman, empire, France, historical - History
  112. If you have the time machine, where do u want to go back?: historical, attack - History
  113. Dean martin was a the biggest fraud who ever lived: 60's, years - History
  114. STORIES during WARTIME!! FUNNY and NOT FUNNY:: WWII, war, 80's - History
  115. Places To See Before You Die: WWII, war, Roman, Egypt - History
  116. Bill Halsey good or bad Admiral: WWII, war, empire, Japanese - History
  117. Speaker of the House: president, strategic, best, ally - History
  118. Debate the Origins of the American Civil War: greatest, England, colonies - History
  119. What would have happened if we did not drop the Nukes on Japanese Cities in WW2?: ancient, war - History
  120. 50,000 NAMES, (Carved in the Wall): WWII, war, historical, years - History
  121. Tom Brokaw's Boom: Voices of the Sixties: war, greatest, 60s - History
  122. Best American Civil War General: generals, Mexican, facts, historical - History
  123. A little history humor: war, greatest, Washington, Lincoln
  124. Maps are fascinating: And what they say!: ancient, 60s, USSR - History
  125. What was the relationship between Germany (Nazis) and Japan during WW11?: WW2, war - History
  126. What year did America's crime/drug/morals start to be a problem?: WWII, war - History
  127. Patton, Rommel and Montgomery: WWII, war, Britain, generals - History
  128. Bush says U.S. should've bombed Auschwitz: WW2, war, England - History
  129. Should have the German Generals Keitel and Jodl been Executed: WW2, war - History
  130. WWII German U-Boat Movie (Das Boot): WW2, war, facts, origin - History
  131. Japanese War Crimes: WWII, Roman, bomb, facts - History
  132. Andrew Jackson on PBS...interesting: Lincoln, assassin, assassination, president - History
  133. Who writes history?: WWII, ancient, war, events
  134. Animated Timeline For Who Has Conquered The Middle East: empire, ally - History
  135. The recession of the early 1980's: 90s, economy, unemployment, years - History
  136. Rewrite History Scenario 1: What if Guns were never Invented?: ancient, war, state
  137. Reading History Books: WW2, ancient, war, Roman
  138. Mexicas or Aztecs?: ancient, war, influence, Great Britain - History
  139. The Shame of George Washington...: war, general, Lincoln, European - History
  140. Magazine's list of the USA's 10 worst presidents.: biggest, economy, state - History
  141. Best/Worst Time To Live In History: WWII, war, Roman
  142. Black History Month- a positive: Spanish, origin, years, attack
  143. Favorite Black Person in history: Washington, years, African, Americans
  144. Maya civilization: ancient, Mayan, years, ancestors - History
  145. Auschwitz!: war, 1990s, France, German - History
  146. What are your thoughts on Abraham Lincoln?: war, Great Britain, general - History
  147. Wikipedia Integrity?: Roman, historical, government, cities - History
  148. Latest book read, what did you find...: WW2, Britain, Mexico - History
  149. The American (continent) victory in World War II: WW2, greatest, bomb - History
  150. Were the Nazis Socialists?(Moved: war, greatest, general, Hitler - History
  151. How'd We Lose Our English Accent: influence, England, Mexican, colonies - History
  152. News, Historic Gettysburg Photo May Contain Lincoln's Image.: war, general, Hitler - History
  153. The former World Trade Center is now the USS New York: USA, combat - History
  154. Tricky D was going to post: WWII, war, Hitler, European - History
  155. Educate Me About The Balkans: war, Roman, European, empire - History
  156. What Was It Like In The 60s and 70s?: greatest, 70's, peace - History
  157. Child Labor Pics From 1908-1912: state, Communism, countries, inflation - History
  158. Patton,old blood and guts: war, bomb, general, France - History
  159. What if the U.S., in response to Pearl Harbor, had only gone to war with Japan?: Britain, general - History
  160. Our future: origin, United States, how, different - History
  161. What toys and games do you remember from the 60's and 70's?: greatest, 80s - History
  162. Roman Empire: Romans, Pax Romana, greatest, Britain - History
  163. What happens when American History artifacts are stolen?: general, Mexico, Spanish
  164. Fond Memorys of the 30's & 40's, ?: WWII, war, 60s - History
  165. s on Why the Vikings Raided: England, general, raids - History
  166. Seven Wonders: ancient, Egypt, state, empire - History
  167. M4 Sherman Tank,bad rap?: WW2, war, general, France - History
  168. Your American Hero: WW2, greatest, influence, 60s - History
  169. Are White North Americans/Britons Anglo Saxons or Normans: ancient, Romans, influence - History
  170. What makes a great Leader? (redirected from P&oC): WW2, war - History
  171. One Way Trip Through Time to the Past: WW2, war, greatest - History
  172. Unintended Positive Effect of WWII: war, influence, bomb, Britain - History
  173. Woodstock Festival 1969: 60s, drugs, military, years - History
  174. What did you do on 9/11?: war, bomb, state, Ireland - History
  175. Which historical figures would you like to interview for an hour?: generals, Washington - History
  176. Do you remember 1971 and 1972?: WWII, war, 60's, biggest - History
  177. Time machine pt. 2 Revisiting tragedies: ancient, war, Lincoln, president - History
  178. Your Favorate WW II Videos: WWII, war, general, Washington - History
  179. If you had a time machine....: ancient, Rome, Egypt, language - History
  180. Southern States, Civil Rights, and the Federal Government: war, 60's, economy - History
  181. News, The Worst Building in the History of Mankind.: country, Korea, why
  182. The Original Egyptians were black: ancient, Romans, Egyptian, facts - History
  183. Who is your favorite white person in history?: Washington, Hitler, Eisenhower
  184. 1862 -US Civil War - Western Theater: Lincoln, battle, armies, commander - History
  185. Fort Pillow - was it a massacre?: general, weapons, surrender - History
  186. News, Feeling blue? Not like a Maya sacrificial victim.: ancient, Washington, American - History
  187. May 9, 1940.: England, France, Germans, years - History
  188. News, Ohio military museum returns Austrian army tank to Schwarzenegger (M47): years, Columbus - History
  189. News, Hitler's 'lost fleet' of U-boats found in the Black Sea.: Russian, German - History
  190. News, Town Criers Compete in Annapolis MD: Washington, America, best - History
  191. News, In a new history of Niagara Falls.: European, America
  192. Sugar Hill (A district of Harlem0 40s, 50s - History
  193. News, Did Lincoln's assassin escape, live to old age?: Arizona, Phoenix, Philadelphia - History
  194. The Best of Court TV.: years - History
  195. Petrified Eggs....: general - History
  196. News, Jordan asked Nixon to attack Syria, declassified papers show.: Washington, president - History
  197. News, Pig to President: Pardon Me.: years, United States, ally, Massachusetts - History
  198. Historical Origins of Nations Name List: countries, how - History
  199. Maylene: historical, why - History
  200. Upstate NY fort to commemorate anniversary of 1758 battle - History