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  1. The poor getting shafted, legally: rental, system, free - Louisiana (LA)
  2. A lot of synthetic stucco (eifs) in Lafayette?: Baton Rouge: for sale, houses - Louisiana (LA)
  3. How Long Does It Take To Get Tax Return In Mail In New Orleans(Especially Louisiana)?: sales (LA)
  4. Family moving to Lafayette: New Orleans, Youngsville: for rent, house, layoffs - Louisiana (LA)
  5. Is it flooding in Lafayette with all the rain?: New Orleans: real estate, brokers - Louisiana (LA)
  6. Jindal: Out of state 165 days in 2014.: Baton Rouge: sales, how much, taxes - Louisiana (LA)
  7. What's best way to find out cost of homeowner's insurance in Lafayette area?: Youngsville: for sale - Louisiana (LA)
  8. Moving to Baton Rouge-apartment seeking advice?: apartment complex, for rent, high crime - Louisiana (LA)
  9. Wrench indicator light: car, mechanic, driving - Louisiana (LA)
  10. Planning On Moving To Lafayette, LA: Iowa: home, job market, neighborhoods - Louisiana
  11. on I-10 eastbound from 49 to FL: Baton Rouge, Jackson: construction, most dangerous - Louisiana (LA)
  12. 30 Y.O. Professional of Color Wants Move To NOLA or Surrounding From Los Angeles: New Orleans: apartments - Louisiana
  13. Baton Rouge-New Orleans CSA: Hammond, Jackson: beach, commuter, metro area - Louisiana (LA)
  14. LA snowbirds out there?: New Orleans: rental market, home, live - Louisiana
  15. Good neighborhoods to rent for young professional couple in Baton Rouge: apartments, condos - Louisiana (LA)
  16. Ardoyne?: Houma: apartment, low crime, safe - Louisiana (LA)
  17. 1966-New Orleans Massacre 1868-Opelousas Massacre, 1873 Colfax Massacre, 1874-Coushatta Massacre 1887-Thibodaux Massacre: Monroe: house, neighborhoods - Louisiana (LA)
  18. Medical: home, allergy, clinic - Louisiana (LA)
  19. hitchhikers on i10: Iowa: dangerous, cars, driving - Louisiana (LA)
  20. best schools for special needs/autism nola & surrounding cities: New Orleans: neighborhoods, college - Louisiana (LA)
  21. Moving from AZ to Bossier: Shreveport, Red Chute: neighborhoods, where to live, shop - Louisiana (LA)
  22. WARNING: Middle age, white Males targeted & killed in East Feliciana Parish: Baton Rouge: home - Louisiana (LA)
  23. alexandria,la roundabout: town, traffic, how to - Louisiana (LA)
  24. ANOTHER PLEA For Louisiana Gun And Dog Control!: Shreveport, Calvin: how much, houses (LA)
  25. Buying a house in Mandeville: New Orleans, Covington: neighborhood, living, fence - Louisiana (LA)
  26. 6-year old killed by officers: Marksville: car, racist, educational - Louisiana (LA)
  27. West Monroe Area - Suggestions on what to do where to go on first date: Shreveport: living in - Louisiana (LA)
  28. Jindal granted millions in pay raises just before leaving office: Wallace: section 8, how much - Louisiana (LA)
  29. taking a job in Lafayette, LA: New Orleans, Jefferson: college, pros and cons - Louisiana
  30. Ruston -- k12 schools?: Baton Rouge, Monroe: co-op, homes, live - Louisiana (LA)
  31. Where can I keep my boat in Lake Charles?: Westlake: live, relocating to - Louisiana (LA)
  32. Verizon or TMobile for Lafayette area?: lease, areas, map - Louisiana (LA)
  33. Morgan City - Technical College: Houma, Thibodaux: apartments, for rent, commute - Louisiana (LA)
  34. Moving to New Orleans to work at a base there, where should I live?: Baton Rouge: apartment complex - Louisiana (LA)
  35. Have LA posters been to 30a South Walton, FL Recently?: 2014, condo - Louisiana
  36. Need housing between New Orleans and Assumption Parish: Houma, Jefferson: apartments, how much - Louisiana (LA)
  37. Moving to Monroe/west Monroe: New Orleans: spring break, apartments, to rent - Louisiana (LA)
  38. Possibilities of closing state parks...wai what?!: Hodge, Forest: crime rates, maintenance - Louisiana (LA)
  39. Hard to believe this corruption/racism still allowed: New Iberia: live, money - Louisiana (LA)
  40. Suggestions for Weekend Getaway in LA: New Orleans, Lafayette: to rent, homes, live in - Louisiana
  41. WOLF PAC Louisiana: New Orleans, Alexandria: health insurance, college, salary (LA)
  42. Mississippi Gulf Coast vs Louisiana Northshore: New Orleans, Metairie: casino, live, moving to (LA)
  43. Selling potato salad to grocery stores: sale, home, buy - Louisiana (LA)
  44. Safe to live?: Bossier City: place to live, area, place - Louisiana (LA)
  45. Fishing The Gulf From Shore?: Cameron, Grand Isle: ferry, best place, park - Louisiana (LA)
  46. Elementary schools in Lake Charles: Prien: transferring to, catholic schools, moving - Louisiana (LA)
  47. Help SAP connections in New Orleans: move to, recruiter, company - Louisiana (LA)
  48. Lake Charles google maps way outdated: cities, place, work - Louisiana (LA)
  49. Car (auto) insurance rates in Lake Charles outrageous?: car insurance, house - Louisiana (LA)
  50. New to renting an apartment. ?: cheap apartment, lease, landlords - Louisiana (LA)
  51. The Cajun dialect: New Orleans, Galliano, Arcadia: home, live, price - Louisiana (LA)
  52. Need help understanding 203k repair loans: house, purchase, contractor - Louisiana (LA)
  53. Quick about utility pole and DSL internet.: new home, contractor - Louisiana (LA)
  54. Prairieville Southwood Village smell: 2013, house, neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  55. bird-watchers: Reserve, Many, Cameron: low income, sales, insurance - Louisiana (LA)
  56. BR OR Lafayette: Baton Rouge: moving, bars, food - Louisiana (LA)
  57. Trouble In Paradise Lol, Not Really But Really :?: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: to live in, moving to - Louisiana (LA)
  58. CNA in Lafayette: centers, move to, oil - Louisiana (LA)
  59. Social Scene in Lafayette LA: Jefferson: fit in, college, move - Louisiana
  60. Family visiting Lake Charles Needs Suggestions: Sulphur, Prien: waterpark, best hotel, restaurants - Louisiana (LA)
  61. Moving to Louisiana-Important on Car Tags!!: Baton Rouge: sales, car insurance (LA)
  62. Racial discrimination in Louisiana: schools, gated, live (LA)
  63. Is there much of a southern/Cajun accent in the Lake Charles area?: New Orleans: camp - Louisiana (LA)
  64. About ruston and Louisiana tech university: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: crime, school, safety (LA)
  65. Move to Louisana: New Orleans, Shreveport, Lafayette: fit in, insurance, home - Louisiana (LA)
  66. Unemployment Appeal for wrongful termination - Louisiana (LA)
  67. Ruston, Louisiana Neighborhoods: houses, to live in, safe (LA)
  68. Can i trade in a license plate for a differents style one?: DMV - Louisiana (LA)
  69. Caddo Parish - We Need to Awaken: Many, Ama: 2015, credit - Louisiana (LA)
  70. Rental Homes in Ascension Parish: house, work, sold - Louisiana (LA)
  71. Will Louisiana sit silent or protest the Jindal purusit of higher office: 2015 (LA)
  72. Fishing/Hunting Towns in Louisiana?: Lafayette, Lake Charles: rent, insurance, high crime (LA)
  73. Do i need to calm down ?: home, middle school, living - Louisiana (LA)
  74. need an apartment in Morgan City, Berwick, Patterson: apartment complexes, rentals - Louisiana (LA)
  75. New to Natchitoches, Louisiana! help: Baton Rouge, Shreveport: 2015, crime rate, house (LA)
  76. Moving to Lake Charles...need school: to rent, home - Louisiana (LA)
  77. looking for a grocery store around Carencro by Antoine Conques: rental, limousine - Louisiana (LA)
  78. looking for information on Louis Conques 1875-1929: Lafayette, Carencro: house, movie theater - Louisiana (LA)
  79. Would Louisianians have elected a Hindu as Governor?: food, democrat - Louisiana (LA)
  80. Affluent cities in Louisiana: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: 2015, homes, university (LA)
  81. Louisiana SB 148 2015; Transferring Mineral Rights To The People!: leasing, buyer (LA)
  82. Gentrification & gun violence!: Lake Charles: crimes, house, neighborhoods - Louisiana (LA)
  83. University of Louisiana at Lafayette: apartment complexes, rental, home (LA)
  84. tax title and registration fee in Louisiana?: how much, pay (LA)
  85. Where to stop for a quick Sunday lunch on the way from Houston to Breaux Bridge?: Lafayette: spring break - Louisiana (LA)
  86. Louisiana Republicans Revolt Over Bobby Jindal’s ‘Insane’ Allegiance to Grover Norquist: 2015 (LA)
  87. Jindal's South Carolina Event Screens Media for Quotes: 2015, living - Louisiana (LA)
  88. Louisiana state troopers went north to help after Hurricane Sandy...: town, news (LA)
  89. Relocating to Lafayette 2015: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, New Iberia: apartment complexes, rental, buy - Louisiana (LA)
  90. Moving to Alexandria in May and would like opinions :-): Baton Rouge: apartments, hotel - Louisiana (LA)
  91. Retail Management jobs: Metairie: home, minimum wage, to move - Louisiana (LA)
  92. teachNOLA: Mandeville, Covington: neighborhoods, schools, colleges - Louisiana
  93. Mexicans in Louisiana: Shreveport: 2015, how much, home (LA)
  94. mid century modern: Lafayette, Many: houses, floor, relocate to - Louisiana (LA)
  95. Stay at home mom in Lafayette?: best town, daycare, houses - Louisiana (LA)
  96. Questions about slab or foundation: house, floor, plumber - Louisiana (LA)
  97. Louisiana's Gun Laws: purchase, law, club (LA)
  98. 5 days in you grate state: camping, plantations, gardens - Louisiana (LA)
  99. What up with the Governor Candidates?: Shreveport, Monroe: basement, place, famous - Louisiana (LA)
  100. Why don't production builders have a presence in LA?: New Orleans: condominiums, hotels - Louisiana
  101. Snow!: Forest: pine, photos - Louisiana (LA)
  102. Relocating to Houma area... help: New Orleans, Thibodaux: transplants, house, neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  103. Apartment Recommendations - Young Professional Female: Baton Rouge: 2015, apartment complex, to rent - Louisiana (LA)
  104. Best Bayou to Visit Near New Orleans: Jean Lafitte, Lafitte: how much, live - Louisiana (LA)
  105. need help on id who this Zydeco Artist is: Sun: moving to, photos - Louisiana (LA)
  106. Lafayette tied at #1 in world: renting, to buy, cost - Louisiana (LA)
  107. Landlord Charges for Carpet: apartment, lease, inspection - Louisiana (LA)
  108. Tuition increases could lead more students to leave Louisiana: Lafayette: 2015, schools (LA)
  109. How far does 90kish get you in Louisiana?: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: sales, health insurance (LA)
  110. Political Shame: Shreveport, Many, Wallace: 2015, car insurance, refinance - Louisiana (LA)
  111. Author Needs Help Compiling List of Seafood Buffets in Louisiana: Baton Rouge: hotel, casino (LA)
  112. Lake Charles Mayoral Election: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: for sale, real estate, HOA fees - Louisiana (LA)
  113. Where are the most enchanting bayous/ swamps?: Houma, Pierre Part: move, best - Louisiana (LA)
  114. Isle of Capri Lake Charles bought by NM tribe: Delta: homes, buying - Louisiana (LA)
  115. Information On Flooding: Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles: appointed, apartment, rent - Louisiana (LA)
  116. Louisiana is the GREATEST STATE in the U.S. ever!!!!!: Lafayette: 2014, insurance (LA)
  117. Moving to Louisiana = Where to live?: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: costs, safest, oil (LA)
  118. Interesting information gleaned about Lake Charles: Lafayette, Slidell: RV parks, 2015, apartments - Louisiana (LA)
  119. Louisiana license plates are strange...: Paradis: living, office, areas (LA)
  120. Real pizza in Louisiana: Lafayette, Lake Charles: restaurant, best, location (LA)
  121. Cajun pork chops: food, good, usage - Louisiana (LA)
  122. Lake Charles has fastest economic growth rate in the nation: New Orleans: RV parks, real estate - Louisiana (LA)
  123. where are: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: town, DSL, historical - Louisiana (LA)
  124. Baton Rouge, New Orleans/Metairie, Shreveport/Bossier City, Lafayette: Monroe: best city, low crime - Louisiana (LA)
  125. Jindal's Prayer Rally Cost Taxpayers: $10,000+: Shreveport, Jena: 2013, how much, salary - Louisiana (LA)
  126. Ragley/Gillis flooding?: Lake Charles, Opelousas, Moss Bluff: low income, real estate, lease - Louisiana (LA)
  127. Where is the Public Voice ???: New Orleans, Many: 2015, insurance - Louisiana (LA)
  128. Louisiana calling for from living in Shreveport/Bossier City, Baton Rouge, and Lake Charles areas.: New Orleans: crime, home (LA)
  129. Louisiana is the WORST STATE in the U.S. ever!!!!!: 2014, crime (LA)
  130. Relocating to LA: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette: to rent, home, luxury - Louisiana
  131. Debating on moving to monroe la or hot springs ar: Baton Rouge: vacation home, schools - Louisiana (LA)
  132. Need Advice and on Moving to southern LA: New Orleans: for sale, apartment - Louisiana
  133. U.S. Senate defeats David Vitter's 'sanctuary cities' legislation: Baton Rouge: bill, money - Louisiana (LA)
  134. Relocating to Lafayette need help with schools/neighborhoods: Youngsville: appointed, for sale - Louisiana (LA)
  135. Opinions on Alexandria and Lafayette.: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: college, live, prices - Louisiana (LA)
  136. What are the most CATHOLIC parishes in Louisiana?: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: income, tax (LA)
  137. Threatened state agency serves as a French connection: 2015, salary - Louisiana (LA)
  138. To own a gun do you need permits or special papers to along with carrying one in a car in New Orleans, Louisiana: home, law (LA)
  139. Moving To The Monroe Area: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: to rent, insurance, condo - Louisiana (LA)
  140. Louisiana - Needs and Anti-Hoodlum Act: New Orleans, Columbia: 2015, violent crime, felony (LA)
  141. Louisiana loses population in 2017: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: crime rate, credit, purchasing (LA)
  142. LSU Drafting Academic Bankruptcy plan - State Budget Crisis: 2015, schools - Louisiana (LA)
  143. Why is Lafayette growing so fast and other LA cities are declining?: New Orleans: how much, schools - Louisiana
  144. Lake Charles--rentals and schools?: Sulphur, Moss Bluff: credit, house, to buy - Louisiana (LA)
  145. The life in Louisiana ?: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: crime, to live, safe (LA)
  146. Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Will Help Louisiana?: Baton Rouge, Scott: insurance, crimes (LA)
  147. Louisiana governor hints at LSU football being halted by budgetary issues: theater, universities (LA)
  148. John Edwards Gets Started- to Move us Forward: Shreveport: 2015, health insurance - Louisiana (LA)
  149. What's It Like in Lafayette?: Lake Charles, Sulphur: 2015, apartments, lofts - Louisiana (LA)
  150. Livonia, LA Speed trap: Olla, Krotz Springs: insurance, daycare, construction - Louisiana
  151. Move to LA from NY,MA,WI,CA...: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: transplants, how much - Louisiana
  152. why are houma or lake charles rentals expensive compared to the median price of a home?: New Orleans: for sale, real estate - Louisiana (LA)
  153. Why are so many homes in La. all-electric?: Lafayette, Lake Charles: for sale, apartment - Louisiana (LA)
  154. Church!: guidelines, baptist, history - Louisiana (LA)
  155. I Move to South Louisiana, but I need help!: New Orleans: find a job, public schools (LA)
  156. What does Louisiana Want to Become in National Imagery?: low income, 2015 (LA)
  157. Budget cut worries destroying LSU: Scott, Walker: appointed, 2015, insurance - Louisiana (LA)
  158. IBM in Monroe: New Orleans, Shreveport, Natchitoches: insurance, contractor, casinos - Louisiana (LA)
  159. Lake Charles future development: best hotel, theater, construction - Louisiana (LA)
  160. Louisiana Economic Development Ranks No. 2 In Site Selection Top Competitive States Rating: Baton Rouge: 2015, credit (LA)
  161. Do bayous really flow backwards?: earthquake, disposal, live - Louisiana (LA)
  162. Now Is The Time For Change In Louisiana: New Orleans, Jefferson: 2015, city hall (LA)
  163. What Are The Steps Og Getting On Section 8 ?: how to get - Louisiana (LA)
  164. Little bugs attracted to liquids: house, water, identifying - Louisiana (LA)
  165. Should LCIW be moved to the former Jetson Youth Center?: St. Gabriel: felons, house - Louisiana (LA)
  166. Visiting New Orleans early Jan: 2015, to rent, hotel - Louisiana (LA)
  167. Is There A Shop In New Orleans That Buys Window Air Conditioners?: to sell - Louisiana (LA)
  168. replacing drain covers: farm, land, driveway - Louisiana (LA)
  169. Vacation advice needed (Spring break): New Orleans, Baton Rouge: horses, farm, cafe - Louisiana (LA)
  170. Salary rules: work, time, hours - Louisiana (LA)
  171. Why Was Kalvin Ferrygood Shot At This Home In LaPlace, Louisiana? GUN CONTROL!: 2015 (LA)
  172. Lake Charles: weather, roads, around - Louisiana (LA)
  173. Excessive late rent fees: lease, landlord, law - Louisiana (LA)
  174. Looking for a race track owned by Antoine Conques 1876-1923: Lafayette: information - Louisiana (LA)
  175. Lafayette - Does this radio station sound to: Breaux Bridge: store, parking - Louisiana (LA)
  176. In lafayette la. did louis conques own a car dealership - Louisiana (LA)
  177. Does know: Lafayette: live, barber, drive - Louisiana (LA)
  178. Lowest Auto Insurance in New Orleans?: liability, coverage, full - Louisiana (LA)
  179. Moving to Swartz area... schools?: Monroe: elementary schools, education, kids - Louisiana (LA)
  180. Houma: Gonzales: rentals, homes, high school - Louisiana (LA)
  181. The Myth of Wasteful Duplication: university, resident, state - Louisiana (LA)
  182. Six Nation rugby News:Ireland vs Wales - Louisiana (LA)
  183. They last played in the 2014-2015: live, vs, Pakistan - Louisiana (LA)
  184. Apartments or house for rent in Louisiana that allow German shepherd??: school, university (LA)
  185. Congrats to Pineville: building, jobs, American - Louisiana (LA)
  186. Commercial Drivers license problem?: school, DMV, road - Louisiana (LA)
  187. Raain - Louisiana (LA)
  188. Has ever hired Paul Massa to contest a speeding ticket?: Lake Charles: driving - Louisiana (LA)
  189. New Book Based in New Orleans: title, people, recent - Louisiana (LA)
  190. Looking for experience seamstresses in Lafayette, Louisiana: live, designer (LA)
  191. Learn English for work, school, GED/HiSet!: Lafayette: teacher, lessons - Louisiana (LA)
  192. Has Taken The PLE (Professional Level Exam) Recently?: business, courses - Louisiana (LA)
  193. Mobile App Development companies in Louisiana: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: businesses, build, charge (LA)
  194. Bourbon Street in Early '70's: double - Louisiana (LA)
  195. Plastipak Pineville - Is This A Ruse?: Alexandria: employment, transportation - Louisiana (LA)
  196. Does knows a place in New Orleasn where they fix automotive lights suchs as front and rear?: rating - Louisiana (LA)
  197. Moving from New Orleans to Mckinney: schools, education, pay - Louisiana (LA)
  198. BEDICO CREEK subdivision needed: Mandeville: home, to buy, snakes - Louisiana (LA)
  199. childcare in Alexandria/Pineville: Thibodaux: daycare, preschool, live in - Louisiana (LA)
  200. Fishing piers?: Martin: place, kids, boat - Louisiana (LA)