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  1. Trying to move closer to home, leaving Alexandria, LA: Chalmette: for sale, renter - Louisiana
  2. Moving!!: Lafayette, Lake Charles, Sulphur: rental homes, crime, new home - Louisiana (LA)
  3. Moving from Atlanta to Mandeville: Madisonville: for sale, apartments, to rent - Louisiana (LA)
  4. relocating to Alex/Pineville--lots of questions: to rent, daycare, how much - Louisiana (LA)
  5. kinder and oberlin: New Orleans, Lake Charles, Coushatta: casino, place to live, store - Louisiana (LA)
  6. Update on Toledo Bend: January 09: Many, Converse: insurance, house, camps - Louisiana (LA)
  7. Are Louisiana Home Prices Falling: Lafayette: sales, foreclosures, how much (LA)
  8. Other LOUISIANA cities/towns with the NewOrleans LOOK?: New Orleans, Shreveport: shops, architecture - Louisiana (LA)
  9. Alcohol sales issue continues to prompt debate in Pineville: Alexandria: restaurant, legal - Louisiana (LA)
  10. Stores in New Iberia/Franklin: New Orleans, Lafayette: house, living, shop - Louisiana (LA)
  11. Thinking about taking a job in Lafayette: Crowley, Scott: cheap apartment, skateboarding - Louisiana (LA)
  12. How Hard To Find A Job: Lafayette, Ruston: credit, job market, schools - Louisiana (LA)
  13. Alexandria Montessori: daycare, private schools, cost - Louisiana (LA)
  14. most fun things to do in LA. in summer: Shreveport: living in, food - Louisiana
  15. Trip to Louisiana: New Orleans, Shreveport, Lafayette: home, weddings, shop (LA)
  16. What Part of Town is the Cadillac Dealer & Family Restaurant Featured in This Summer 2005 Youtube Video On Monroe Life??: live - Louisiana (LA)
  17. homeschooling near alexandria: Boyce: homeschool, live, baptist - Louisiana (LA)
  18. help: Shreveport, Lafayette: to buy, market, sell - Louisiana (LA)
  19. Bob Griffith: Shreveport, Haynesville: salary, live, retired - Louisiana (LA)
  20. From midwest to Gulf coast- LA vs. MS, need advice: New Orleans: rentals, insurance - Louisiana
  21. My new guilty pleasure--The Exterminators: Shreveport, Bossier City: neighborhood, live in, move - Louisiana (LA)
  22. McDonald's in Lafayette: university, food, backyard - Louisiana (LA)
  23. Looking for the best school for a perspective anthropology major!: Lafayette: live in, campus - Louisiana (LA)
  24. Gym / Fitness Center in Lafayette: hotel, prices, health club - Louisiana (LA)
  25. Dog Obedience, Drafting Clubs near Leesville, LA: house, buy - Louisiana
  26. Better college: Monroe, Hammond, Thibodaux: university, business, accounting - Louisiana (LA)
  27. Brake Tags...: New Orleans, Kenner, Jefferson: inspections, safety, station - Louisiana (LA)
  28. Questions on how to do sell a food product you created legally.: for sale - Louisiana (LA)
  29. Monroe Dining: Ray's Pege or Johnny's Pizza House??: West Monroe, Jackson: wedding, military - Louisiana (LA)
  30. Lafayette Hotel Stay: hotels, transfer, safe area - Louisiana (LA)
  31. Ready To Move To Lafayette Need Help: Baton Rouge, New Iberia: real estate, for rent - Louisiana (LA)
  32. Teaching in Southern Louisiana?: Baton Rouge, Zachary: rent, school districts, living (LA)
  33. Where to live: Pineville vs Alex?: Alexandria: real estate, rental, condo - Louisiana (LA)
  34. Mandeville or LaPlace?: Destrehan, Covington, Abita Springs: to rent, homeowners insurance, hotels - Louisiana (LA)
  35. LTI Ball, Louisiana: Alexandria: area, history, museum (LA)
  36. landlord will not maintain property but raised rent: rental, attorney - Louisiana (LA)
  37. Vegetable garden: coop, live in, safe - Louisiana (LA)
  38. Landlord's insurance: Shreveport, Metairie: rent, house, homeowner - Louisiana (LA)
  39. Lake lots for rent on Lake Claiborne or Lake D'Arbonne?: Farmerville: rentals, mobile home - Louisiana (LA)
  40. Monroe, Louisiana, 1930-1932: New Orleans, Opelousas, Ruston: house, gated, live in (LA)
  41. Rental housing near Waterford plant: Metairie, Luling: apartments, hotel, house - Louisiana (LA)
  42. Get your hummingbird feeders out!: to eat, basketball, year - Louisiana (LA)
  43. New job at Waterford Plant near Taft, LA: Kenner, River Ridge: rent, YMCA - Louisiana
  44. Moving - Help!: Baton Rouge, Lafayette: for sale, leasing, houses - Louisiana (LA)
  45. Ethnic Origin: New Orleans, Many: school, college, required - Louisiana (LA)
  46. West Monroe Sports: Swartz, Many, Sterlington: to rent, houses, private schools - Louisiana (LA)
  47. Louisiana festivals: Shreveport, Lafayette, Ruston: home, food, places (LA)
  48. do you think this stimulus package will help Louisiana?: New Orleans: unemployment, live (LA)
  49. privacy violation ...Is this against the Law?: lawyer, home - Louisiana (LA)
  50. Need to find a place to rent in Alexandria ASAP!: Pineville: apartments, for rent - Louisiana (LA)
  51. GMC is checking in!Hello from La.:)aka: live in, move to - Louisiana (LA)
  52. Looking For Cheap Architectural Salvage, Junk Shops: New Orleans, Bossier City: houses, salvaged - Louisiana (LA)
  53. moving to leesville: Lake Charles, Alexandria, Natchitoches: real estate, apartment complexes, rentals - Louisiana (LA)
  54. moving to southern Louisiana: New Iberia: crime, buying a house, buying (LA)
  55. Forbes List Lafayette???: Lake Charles, Monroe, Alexandria: best cities, city hall, homes - Louisiana (LA)
  56. Relocating to Open Chiropractic Office: Lake Charles, Oakdale: rental homes, daycare, homes - Louisiana (LA)
  57. relocating to Lafayette: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, New Iberia: fit in, for sale, to rent - Louisiana (LA)
  58. what to do across the state in summertime.: school, oil - Louisiana (LA)
  59. Best medical care? SHV, AEX, Natchitoches?: New Orleans, Shreveport: living in, health, work - Louisiana (LA)
  60. how far is Dallas and what is there to do there: Shreveport: hotel, home - Louisiana (LA)
  61. Tim McGraw annual summer fest in Start, LA.: Shreveport, Lafayette: casino, live in - Louisiana
  62. Ideas for best veggies/fruit?: maintenance, garden, food - Louisiana (LA)
  63. Just a few questions minimum wage...: New Orleans, Many: how much, college - Louisiana (LA)
  64. great spot for camping/hiking and being rugged?: New Roads, Natchez: living, bars - Louisiana (LA)
  65. Alexandria: What's It Like?: Lake Charles, Monroe: casino, live, restaurants - Louisiana (LA)
  66. Festival international de louisiane: Lafayette, Sun: home, transfer, price - Louisiana (LA)
  67. Gannett murders Lafayette Daily Advertiser newspaper: Baton Rouge, Sun: home, college, move to - Louisiana (LA)
  68. Where would you move?: Shreveport, Ruston: real estate, lease, house prices - Louisiana (LA)
  69. North LA: Shreveport, Ruston, Haynesville: layoffs, school district, to live in - Louisiana
  70. HOA ..: homeowners association, home, subdivision - Louisiana (LA)
  71. Need Lafayette: Baton Rouge: sales, real estate, insurance - Louisiana (LA)
  72. moved from the midwest to Louisiana? esp New Orleans?: Metairie: transplants, crime rate (LA)
  73. Relocating- can tell me about United-Bilt Homes?: Monroe, Thibodaux: how much, mobile home - Louisiana (LA)
  74. homeschooling near alex: New Orleans: homeschool, classes, moved - Louisiana (LA)
  75. genealogy in delhi: Rayville: places to eat, best to, places - Louisiana (LA)
  76. Pineville area/another relocater: Alexandria, Boyce: renting, insurance, crime rate - Louisiana (LA)
  77. Being stationed in Barkesdale AFB: Baton Rouge, Shreveport: low income, mineral rights, real estate - Louisiana (LA)
  78. Princeton area!! Search For Missing Person Nov 8th-9th, 2008: Clinton: near, books - Louisiana (LA)
  79. where to go in LA. for christmas: Shreveport, Lafayette: home, area - Louisiana
  80. Early Voting Locations??: Baton Rouge: home, live in, office - Louisiana (LA)
  81. Looking for draftsman in Lake Charles area: Cameron: home, contractor - Louisiana (LA)
  82. Questions for sports fans in LA....: New Orleans, Lake Charles: transplants, basketball, baseball - Louisiana
  83. where to visit between AR. and LA.: Alexandria, Gray: vacation, rattlesnakes - Louisiana
  84. Fort Polk/Alexandria.. HELP!: Leesville: find a job, neighborhoods, to buy - Louisiana (LA)
  85. Relocating to Alexandria: Pineville, Jackson, Deville: apartment complex, rentals, buying a home - Louisiana (LA)
  86. Kayla Mayberry?: Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Bossier City: condo, crime, lawyer - Louisiana (LA)
  87. Where are the best greenhouses, garden centers: Alexandria, Forest Hill: employment, marketplace - Louisiana (LA)
  88. Cities between Fort Polk and Lake Charles: Leesville: employment, movies - Louisiana (LA)
  89. Moving to lafayette, Am I going to hate it!?: New Orleans: house, transfer - Louisiana (LA)
  90. NELA Celtic Festival: Patterson: venues, working, outdoor - Louisiana
  91. How did everyone make out in Louisiana during Ike?: New Orleans: neighborhood, beach (LA)
  92. Driving West: New Orleans, Shreveport, Lafayette: fit in, live, safe - Louisiana (LA)
  93. Moving to Central Louisiana: Alexandria, Pineville: daycare, school districts, place to live (LA)
  94. Best apartment near UL Lafayette campus - cheap but clean: apartment complex, for rent - Louisiana (LA)
  95. Would You Consider Lafayette as a Conservative City: New Orleans, Many: buying, taxes - Louisiana (LA)
  96. Mardi Gras Beads: Shreveport, Lafayette: home, to buy, live in - Louisiana (LA)
  97. Looking to buy in Lafayette-ASAP: Broussard: houses, subdivisions, plantation - Louisiana (LA)
  98. Traveling in louisians after gustav: live, prices, car - Louisiana (LA)
  99. Comming to Louisiana due to last min personal problems. Need Help!: New Orleans: hotels, home (LA)
  100. Vinton: Lake Charles, Delta: low crime, homes, school - Louisiana (LA)
  101. Can you advice me?: water, DSL, MBA - Louisiana (LA)
  102. Debris removal: Baton Rouge: tree removal, pay, working - Louisiana (LA)
  103. Post Hurricane Survival Tips: live, storage, things to do - Louisiana (LA)
  104. Good places to move? Need help ASAP: Baton Rouge, Shreveport: real estate, to rent - Louisiana (LA)
  105. Fair act recover - when is this going to end?: homeowners insurance, credit - Louisiana (LA)
  106. shadow wood neighborhood in Boyce: Alexandria: house, near, outside - Louisiana (LA)
  107. looking to buy in lafayette-austin villaga: Youngsville: homes, construction, good schools - Louisiana (LA)
  108. Lafayette Move Need Quick Help: Breaux Bridge, Martin: insurance, home - Louisiana (LA)
  109. Lafayette area: live, cost, cities - Louisiana (LA)
  110. Hurricane Ike / Lake Charles: house, high school, living - Louisiana (LA)
  111. Relocating to Alexandria: Pineville, Ball, Woodworth: for sale, to rent, house - Louisiana (LA)
  112. What to do and see in LA: live in, food - Louisiana
  113. Where to live in Lafayette: insurance, homes, living in - Louisiana (LA)
  114. Slidell... quick ! help!: hotel, restaurants, price - Louisiana (LA)
  115. What are good apartments in the Gonzales/Prairieville area?: outlet mall, dog friendly - Louisiana (LA)
  116. Monroe, Louisiana: daycares, home, neighborhood (LA)
  117. what is the best town in Louisiana to live in and why?: New Orleans: best city, home (LA)
  118. Best place to live if attending SELU in Hammond?: New Orleans: apartments, city hall - Louisiana (LA)
  119. Teaching situation in Louisiana?: Shreveport, Lake Charles: job openings, school districts, property tax (LA)
  120. Louisiana weather: Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Monroe: to live, moving, trees (LA)
  121. Louisiana food: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport: home, buying, college (LA)
  122. what is your take on Louisiana's schools and education?: Baton Rouge: houses, magnet schools (LA)
  123. Lets see pictures of your ride.: eat, metro - Louisiana (LA)
  124. Jobs: New Orleans, Monroe: home, transfer to, construction - Louisiana (LA)
  125. April fools: Baton Rouge: school, best, island - Louisiana (LA)
  126. what would you change?: New Orleans: lease, crimes, layoffs - Louisiana (LA)
  127. River ranch, lafayette SNOOTY?: middle-class, apartment complexes, for rent - Louisiana (LA)
  128. What do you consider the South?: live, metro area, areas - Louisiana (LA)
  129. single mom looking for her future small town to raise her son: Shreveport: college, to live in - Louisiana (LA)
  130. What Type of French Do The People Speak: Lafayette, Laplace: school, college - Louisiana (LA)
  131. Do you know of haunted places in Louisiana?: Shreveport: house, school (LA)
  132. how safe do you feel in your town?: Shreveport, Lafayette: crime, home - Louisiana (LA)
  133. what is your favorite place to visit in Louisiana?: New Orleans: houses, shop (LA)
  134. Driving thru Louisiana: Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lafayette: rental car, rental, live in (LA)
  135. Jindal: crime, home, schools - Louisiana (LA)
  136. best thing about Louisiana?: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: house, live in, shop (LA)
  137. Outdoor Activities: Shreveport, Lafayette, Scott: rent, camp, living in - Louisiana (LA)
  138. Louisiana ranked No. 2 in crime: New Orleans, Shreveport: violent crime, house, subdivision (LA)
  139. Describe what 'southern comforts' means to you: houses, golf - Louisiana (LA)
  140. Moving to Sgreveport...: Shreveport, Bossier City, Haughton: low income, mineral rights, rent - Louisiana (LA)
  141. Alexandria: North or South La?: Shreveport, Natchitoches: live in, association, pine - Louisiana (LA)
  142. Lake Charles: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette: insurance, crime, lawyer - Louisiana (LA)
  143. how to sell in LA. without craigslist?: Shreveport, Lafayette: for sale, house - Louisiana
  144. you need to know when moving to LA!: Many: inspections, living - Louisiana
  145. Blue Bayou and competition?: Rayne, Livingston: coupons, waterpark, living - Louisiana (LA)
  146. Best City in Louisiana: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: best cities, crime, casinos (LA)
  147. Claiborne Parish is dead.: Shreveport, Bossier City: motels, Home Depot, buy - Louisiana (LA)
  148. How big a difference, culture wise, is Northern Louisiana different from Southern Louisiana?: New Orleans: layoffs, high school (LA)
  149. Thinking about relocating to Covington: New Orleans, New Iberia: sales, to rent, home - Louisiana (LA)
  150. ethanol-free gas stations left in the B. R. area?: New Orleans: buy, living - Louisiana (LA)
  151. KKK killing evokes bad memories in Louisiana: Jena: homes, employment (LA)
  152. North Shore: New Orleans, Slidell, Bogalusa: houses, neighborhoods, high school - Louisiana (LA)
  153. are nutrias a really big problem in louisiana?: Many: house, foods - Louisiana (LA)
  154. Moving to the South... from Seattle: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: movies, college, living in - Louisiana (LA)
  155. I-10 or I-20, which is better?: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: crime, hotel, high school - Louisiana (LA)
  156. Need on LA: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: high crime, unemployment, transfer - Louisiana
  157. For All You Cajuns Need Help in pronouncing your State and Lafayette: New Orleans: home, live in - Louisiana (LA)
  158. New HBO Vampire Series: New Orleans, Shreveport: movies, casino, living - Louisiana (LA)
  159. How low are Property Taxes in Louisiana?: for sale, renters (LA)
  160. Louisiana, I need your help lol: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: dorms, high school, university (LA)
  161. Moving to NOLA in 3 months, yea!: New Orleans, Metairie: sales, insurance, high crime - Louisiana
  162. Why I hate Mardi Gras: New Orleans, Shreveport: home, campers, live in - Louisiana (LA)
  163. small quaint charming towns in louisiana: New Orleans, Shreveport: apartments, condos, homes - Louisiana (LA)
  164. Oilfield: transport, oil, land - Louisiana (LA)
  165. students carrying guns?: buy, high school, university - Louisiana (LA)
  166. How bad are snakes in NE Louisiana?: Shreveport: house, neighborhood (LA)
  167. moving to hammond.: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Albany: for rent, crime rate, house - Louisiana (LA)
  168. where is everyone from?: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: buying a house, neighborhood, buying - Louisiana (LA)
  169. loan forgiveness what?!!: New Orleans, Jackson, Many: condo, daycare, student loans - Louisiana (LA)
  170. From Atlanta, GA to Mandeville, LA: New Orleans, Metairie: living, suburb, relocating to - Louisiana
  171. Eating Our Way Through LA TODAY!!: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: hotels, malls, food - Louisiana
  172. relocation and RN jobs in Lafayette: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: affordable apartments, rent - Louisiana (LA)
  173. Mail order Cajun meats/foods/ingredients?: Lafayette, Opelousas: purchase, restaurant, price - Louisiana (LA)
  174. Alexandria vs. Monroe: Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lafayette: low income, appointed, apartments - Louisiana (LA)
  175. The Louisiana Goodness !!: New Orleans, Shreveport: home, employment, purchase (LA)
  176. Baseball in North Louisiana: Shreveport, Monroe: home, live, prices (LA)
  177. in Crowley?: Lafayette, Rayne, Scott: apartment, rent, violent crime - Louisiana (LA)
  178. central louisiana: living in - Louisiana (LA)
  179. where do most professionals live in the N.O./Covington/Slidell area?: school district - Louisiana (LA)
  180. moving to natchitoches in jan.: apartments, for rent, homes - Louisiana (LA)
  181. Are houses selling in Metairie: sales, zip code, sold - Louisiana (LA)
  182. Wild Azalea Trail: bikes, visit, travel - Louisiana (LA)
  183. Lake Charles Thanksgiving recommendations?!: restaurant, visit, good - Louisiana (LA)
  184. Moving to Pineville/Alex area in January: apartment complex, rent to own - Louisiana (LA)
  185. Looking for a good builder in St Tammany Parish: Madisonville: contractors, experiences - Louisiana (LA)
  186. Raceland/Matthews Residents: closing, store, transportation - Louisiana (LA)
  187. A Moss Bluff / Lake Charles real estate questions...: Baton Rouge, Lafayette: for sale, condos - Louisiana (LA)
  188. New in Lafayette: transfer, schools, drivers license - Louisiana (LA)
  189. originally from Kentucky?: relocating - Louisiana (LA)
  190. need rental homes in covington/mandeville, la area: houses, moving - Louisiana (LA)
  191. have twins in ne Louisiana?: parents (LA)
  192. loan modification: lawyers - Louisiana (LA)
  193. Lafayette Teachers?: Crowley, Scott: place, work, growing - Louisiana (LA)
  194. Searching for Exurbs, Small Towns Around NOLA: Metairie, Kenner: apartment, school - Louisiana
  195. horseback riding in the kisatchie: activity, ride, great - Louisiana (LA)
  196. renting horses anywhere near alexandria: rent, riding - Louisiana (LA)
  197. Cane River Creoles: home, severance, station - Louisiana (LA)
  198. News, Coin dealer giving away 1 million pennies.: Mandeville, Deville: between - Louisiana (LA)
  199. Looking for apartment renters and first time home buyers ST. Mary Parish: Amelia: construction - Louisiana (LA)
  200. Waggaman, LA: rated, community, people - Louisiana