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  1. Safety at U of R: Rochester, Plattsburgh: apartments, crimes, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
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  3. Former mob boss dies: Rochester, Florida: crime, neighborhoods, landlord - New York (NY)
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  9. Development at the corner of University and N. Winton: Rochester: organic, prices - New York (NY)
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  12. What would people say about.......: Rochester, Highland: high crime, houses, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
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  15. Rochester libraries: Portland: house, schools, university - New York (NY)
  16. Rochester Metro Economy #52 in nation: New York, Buffalo: lease, home, to buy - (NY)
  17. Maplewood Dr at Lake Ave: Rochester, Greece: rent, low crime, modular home - New York (NY)
  18. Another plus for Rochester: real estate, estate, rated - New York (NY)
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  20. Good Dog Kennels for Extended Boarding: Rochester, Brighton: house, live in, moving to - New York (NY)
  21. suburb near bloomfield?: New York, Henrietta, Monroe: home, school district, taxes - Rochester area, (NY)
  22. I come: New York, Rochester, York: new house, purchase, movies - (NY)
  23. I am looking for good schools and good program for my autistic son: Rochester: home - New York (NY)
  24. 420 E. Main St.: Rochester: condo, floor, architecture - New York (NY)
  25. homestay in Rochester: Brighton, Italy: dorm, school, teachers - New York (NY)
  26. Avoiding loud rentals near Park Ave?: Monroe: houses, to buy, college - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  27. family/work balance for lawyers in the Rochester Area: real estate, lawyer - New York (NY)
  28. RE agents in Rochester?: real estate, realty, estate - New York (NY)
  29. Where do I find the school tax rate per 1000 for Towns in Rochester?: Greece: tax rates - New York (NY)
  30. Anime In Rochester: Henrietta, Jefferson: buy, store, best - New York (NY)
  31. Roses and Oak Amish Furniture?: Rochester, Irondequoit: mall, location, selling - New York (NY)
  32. Well that didn't work! (Apartment/Neighborhood search): Rochester, Monroe: apartment complex, rentals - New York (NY)
  33. Whats going on???: Henrietta, Pittsford: construction, building, job - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  34. Tough !!: New York, Brockport, York: transfer, salary, relocating to - Rochester area, (NY)
  35. Relocation to Rochester from Utah - on handgun possession permit/CHL: Monroe: apartment - New York (NY)
  36. Special Ed Schools in Pittsford, Victor, Mendon: public schools, quality of life - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  37. Japanese Hair Straightening in Rochester NY: park, location, owner - New York
  38. Bally total fitness in greece: YMCA, exercise, weight loss - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  39. worst. chinese. EVAR: Rochester, Greece, Henrietta: house, restaurant, garden - New York (NY)
  40. Moving to Rochester from the United Kingdom: Monroe: county, jobs - New York (NY)
  41. Japanese food in Rochester: Greece: home, restaurants, stores - New York (NY)
  42. excited and curious: Rochester, Brighton, Pittsford: lofts, place to live, activities - New York (NY)
  43. Christmas tree shops: trees, places, sell - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  44. Bus Service in Rochester: Henrietta, Brighton: apartment complex, transfer, buying - New York (NY)
  45. Can you tell me about the summer insects in Rochester?: Brighton: how much, house - New York (NY)
  46. Swimming/Skiing: Rochester, Bristol: YMCA, schools, price - New York (NY)
  47. Prorerty Tax: Rochester, Irondequoit, Henrietta: new home, neighborhoods, school district - New York (NY)
  48. Buying a used car in Rochester: Viola, Hope: sales, insurance, loans - New York (NY)
  49. Musical Christmas decorations: home, neighborhood, living - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  50. Gates-Chili: Greece, Ontario, Macedon: crime, new home, neighborhood - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  51. Rochester NY Economy: Greece, Irondequoit, Henrietta: real estate, job market, school districts - New York
  52. moving to Rochester - need ..: Union, Monroe: rental, crime, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  53. grad student w/ Dogs: Rochester, Henrietta: real estate, to rent, how much - New York (NY)
  54. Recommendations for Horse Boarding?: Victor, Mendon: to rent, house, school - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  55. recommendations for co-op nursery schools in the Pittsford area: move to, out of state - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  56. Top Chef Came to Rochester..... Thanks to the Foo Fighters: Syracuse: deal, grocery - New York (NY)
  57. Be careful out there...: Rochester, Jefferson: house, radio, dental - New York (NY)
  58. Metropolitan Siblings Coming Home... where to take them to dine?: how much, price - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  59. Good preschools convenient to Brighton?: Penfield, Pittsford: catholic schools, place, child - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  60. Kodak Park now Eastman Business Park ...will this actually do anything: Buffalo: how much - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  61. BJ Wholesale Club: fit in, coupons, purchases - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  62. Moving to Rochester from California: Monroe, Oxford: apartments, renters, homes - New York (NY)
  63. understand our strange mailing address quirks in greater Rochester?: Greece: schools, live - New York (NY)
  64. Downtown Safety: Rochester, Monroe, Alexander: crime, safest area, theater - New York (NY)
  65. Doctors: Rochester, Greece, Gates: insurance, live, dental - New York (NY)
  66. Fall is: Buffalo, Rochester, Irondequoit: trees, park, places - New York (NY)
  67. moved from Texas?: Rochester, Theresa: living, moving to, retired - New York (NY)
  68. Homestead Heights Neighborhood: Rochester: rental, crime, house - New York (NY)
  69. Who's been to Nightmare Manor this year?: New York: houses, best - Rochester area, (NY)
  70. Penfield/Fairport high schools: Rochester, Webster: house, neighborhoods, school district - New York (NY)
  71. Honeoye Falls area: New York, Rochester, Pittsford: home, school district, relocating to - (NY)
  72. Price Rite: buy, costs, shop - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  73. Restaurants open for Thanksgiving Dinner?: New York, Rochester: hotel, price, beach - (NY)
  74. Help me get caught up, find a place...: Rochester, Brighton: rental, houses - New York (NY)
  75. Snow in Rochester?: Penfield: houses, yard, cities - New York (NY)
  76. from chicago to rochester: Riga, Churchville: house, school district, taxes - New York (NY)
  77. Sol Burritos Inc!!!: Rochester, Irondequoit: live, restaurant, prices - New York (NY)
  78. Area around Country Club of Rochester: New York, Brighton: 2014, houses, neighborhoods - (NY)
  79. Synagogues: Rochester, Irondequoit, Brighton: closest, listing, local - New York (NY)
  80. How can an outside Land Surveyor survive the winters there?: Florida: live in, to move - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  81. Questions about moving to East Rochester...: Webster, Penfield: low income, apartments, rentals - New York (NY)
  82. Excellent revitalization article: New York, Buffalo, Rochester: to rent, how much, neighborhood - (NY)
  83. commute from Rochester to Oswego???: Syracuse: transfer to, to live in, suburbs - New York (NY)
  84. Webster Walgreens: new construction, estimated, deal - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  85. Perinton/Whitney Road West Area: Rochester, Penfield: buying a home, buying, school - New York (NY)
  86. moving to rochester..: Monroe, Hillside: apartment, rent, how much - New York (NY)
  87. neighborhood near RIT: Rochester, Henrietta, Brighton: apartment, to rent, transfer - New York (NY)
  88. What does the horse in Rochester symbolise?: Buffalo, Boston: house, rated - New York (NY)
  89. Brazilian Community in Rochester: homes, neighborhood, school - New York (NY)
  90. Good for recent graduates?: Rochester, Alabama: apartment, hotels, find a job - New York (NY)
  91. Plant Swap planned?: Penfield, Highland: coop, gardening, phone - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  92. good contractors?: Penfield, Walworth, Fine: hardwood floor, house, buying - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  93. date night: Rochester, Penfield: theatre, living, shops - New York (NY)
  94. School districts.......: New York, Rochester, Greece: middle-class, how much, home - (NY)
  95. East vs. West Irondequiot: Irondequoit: foreclosures, condo, houses - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  96. Upper Monroe NEighborhood Laburnum Crescent: Wilson, Hope: crime, home, neighborhoods - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  97. Wallpaper?: Brighton: contractors, live in, install - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  98. Apartments!!!: Rochester, Clay, Henrietta: tenant, live, moving - New York (NY)
  99. would you hire this mover?: New York, York: to rent, insurance, movers - Rochester area, (NY)
  100. Apartments that allow dogs: Rochester, Greece: apartment complexes, for rent, condos - New York (NY)
  101. know anything about Gates?: Rochester, Greece: crime rate, houses, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  102. Memorial day vacation ideas!: Rochester, Niagara Falls: restaurant, bill, area - New York (NY)
  103. Contemporary furniture: Henrietta, Pittsford, Victor: to buy, living in, delivery - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  104. Changing DL and car reistration: Rochester, Monroe: car registration, insurance, transfer - New York (NY)
  105. volleyball at charlotte beach: summer, tournament, Sunday - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  106. new, excellent restaurants?: Webster, Penfield: food, best, places - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  107. On my way: Brockport: mortgage, house, good schools - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  108. Rgh: Rochester, Greece, Irondequoit: rental, neighborhoods, best school - New York (NY)
  109. Rochester is 3rd best city for relocating: New York, Buffalo: real estate market, crime rates - (NY)
  110. : Hamilton, Charlotte: best neighborhoods, real estate, house - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  111. Relocating from Brooklyn to Rochester - Help: Greece, Irondequoit: apartments, to rent - New York (NY)
  112. Must see in Brockport/Sweden: Rochester, Hamlin: houses, school, college - New York (NY)
  113. best area for 22yr old: Rochester, Highland: apartment complex, rentals, condos - New York (NY)
  114. Who are you?: Buffalo, Rochester, Fairport: college, live, park - New York (NY)
  115. Rochester (Brighton): getting your bearings: Henrietta, Monroe: city hall, houses, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  116. low cost cat clinic: Penfield: live, bus, nicest - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  117. Harris RF - Rochester: Hope: salaries, company, locations - New York (NY)
  118. Rochester Neighborhood Map: New York, Monroe, York: home search, neighborhoods, living - (NY)
  119. Suggest good spa places: Henrietta, Pittsford: price, mall, cheapest - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  120. Does of you have critic of this area?: Rochester: neighborhood, living - New York (NY)
  121. about elementary schools in Fairport: Rochester, Jefferson: for rent, townhome, live - New York (NY)
  122. The town you live in and WHY?: Rochester, Webster: houses, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  123. Quaint Villages: Rochester, Monroe, Pittsford: houses, restaurants, shops - New York (NY)
  124. international food market: Rochester, Spring Valley, Russia: rated, corporate, supermarkets - New York (NY)
  125. Midtwon Plaza auction: Rochester: how much, to buy, live in - New York (NY)
  126. Mom of a 9 month old baby needs your help!: malls, train - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  127. Internet Service Provider: Henrietta, Fairport: how much, vs., airport - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  128. Best places to rent for a Not 20-something: New York, Rochester: apartment complexes, rental - (NY)
  129. Safe, inexpensive quiet place for a single to heal?: New York: condo, crime - Rochester area, (NY)
  130. Moving to Rochester -- need help picking which suburb to move to: New York: for sale, rental - (NY)
  131. New York pizza: Rochester, Penfield, Brockport: live, restaurant, teach - (NY)
  132. Commute from Rochester to NYC for work?: home, salary - New York
  133. cancelled genesee expressway: Rochester, Syracuse, Greece: real estate, 2014, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  134. Gay family w/ Asperger Syndrome son the Rochester area...: Webster: good schools, living in - New York (NY)
  135. Rochester vs. Buffalo: Greece, Irondequoit, Webster: houses, neighborhoods, schools - New York (NY)
  136. Moving Soon: Rochester, Greece, Webster: low income, apartment complex, rent - New York (NY)
  137. Need Help - Relocating to Rochester: Brighton, Penfield: real estate, foreclosures, rentals - New York (NY)
  138. Rust and Paint Protection: Henrietta, Brighton: buy, garage, car wash - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  139. Moving to Rochester area: New York, Buffalo: apartments, for rent, crime rate - (NY)
  140. Thinking about moving back to Rochester: New York, Albany: ski resort, condo, low crime - (NY)
  141. Ren Square Project:: New York, Rochester, York: sales, condos, home - (NY)
  142. Southwedge Advice: Rochester, Hamilton, Walton: apartments, rental, crime - New York (NY)
  143. Why doesn't Rochester have a commuter rail system?: Buffalo, Irondequoit: upper-class, real estate - New York (NY)
  144. Best neighborhood for single woman?: Rochester, Brighton: affordable apartments, rentals, condos - New York (NY)
  145. Cuban restaurant in Rochester: Syracuse, Clinton: home, neighborhood, live - New York (NY)
  146. Tear Down this Wall?: Buffalo, Rochester: university, live, restaurants - New York (NY)
  147. Greece ranked 8th safest community in America: Rochester, Pittsford: violent crime, quality of life - New York (NY)
  148. Bank of america VS. Citibank Vs. Chase VS.: New York: real estate, sex offenders - Rochester area, (NY)
  149. Rochester Area Advice Greatly: Buffalo, Greece: best cities, crime, houses - New York (NY)
  150. Victor vs. other towns near the thruway: New York, Buffalo: for sale, houses - Rochester area, (NY)
  151. Snow!!!: Rochester, Greece, Irondequoit: bills, car, ticket - New York (NY)
  152. Snow Tires Enough in Rochester?: Utica, Irondequoit: home, transfer, to buy - New York (NY)
  153. 2009 Rochester Economy Predictions: unemployment, bankruptcy, closing - New York (NY)
  154. Where in Rochester?: Monroe, Highland, Charlotte: lease, buying a home, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  155. Suburbanites venturing into the city??: Rochester, Highland: transplants, crime rate, house - New York (NY)
  156. Truth About the Weather: Rochester, Victor: to rent, house, place to live - New York (NY)
  157. Moving from Dallas, TX to Rochester: Buffalo, Niagara Falls: house, buying, school - New York (NY)
  158. Moving to Roch, Browncroft/Winton: Rochester, Irondequoit: renting, houses, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  159. Town of SWEDEN and Brockport schools: Rochester, Monroe: violent crime, house, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  160. Moving to Rochester!: Irondequoit, Brighton, Monroe: big house, safe area, magnet schools - New York (NY)
  161. Renting Vs. Buying: Rochester, Greece, Irondequoit: short sale, apartments, renter - New York (NY)
  162. Foods native or unique to WNY?: Buffalo, Rochester: home, bill, areas - New York
  163. where are the Rochester photos?: Syracuse, Albany: new home, place to live, vs - New York (NY)
  164. Rochester area loses 7,100: Buffalo, Charlotte: month to, employment, school - New York (NY)
  165. Move to Rochester: New York, Webster: for sale, real estate, rentals - (NY)
  166. Rochester radio the buzz heard in Buffalo: Syracuse: live, suburbs - New York (NY)
  167. Has moved from LI to the south only to relocate to Upstate NY because they hated fl?: New York: chapel, credit card - Rochester area
  168. Need help w/relo to Rochester (moving from the south): New York: apartments, house - (NY)
  169. Moving to Rochester and have questions about Brighton and Pittsford.: Penfield: real estate, how much - New York (NY)
  170. Wooohoooooo!!!: New York, Rochester, Niagara Falls: lease, hotel, home - (NY)
  171. In Rochester on Business: Henrietta, Pittsford: hotel, live, shop - New York (NY)
  172. where can i get a good house $70,000 to 80,000: Rochester, Greece: rent, houses - New York (NY)
  173. Moving to Rochester Area: Buffalo, Greece: low income, apartment complexes, townhouses - New York (NY)
  174. New Tallest: PaeTec Tower: Rochester, Albany: fit in, floors, design - New York (NY)
  175. rochester subway: Monroe, Fairport, Charlotte: how much, houses, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  176. Midtown Extravaganza:: Rochester, Union: real estate, credit, construction - New York (NY)
  177. Time for sledding: Irondequoit, Henrietta: shops, cars, Walmart - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  178. Looking in Victor or Farmington or Perington: Rochester, Henrietta: houses, high school - New York (NY)
  179. Is it really almost 80 degrees outside right now or am I losing it?: Rochester: home, school - New York (NY)
  180. I got a job in Rochester!: Spencerport, Sterling: school, university, live - New York (NY)
  181. Why doesn't I-90 go through Rochester?: Buffalo, Syracuse: live, suburbs, area - New York (NY)
  182. Golf lessons...: Webster, Penfield, Victor: schools, price, club - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  183. Is there moving from Rochester, NY?: Buffalo, Syracuse: transplants, renting - New York
  184. Phone Service Provider: Rochester, Brighton: sales, apartment complex, movers - New York (NY)
  185. Medley Centre (Irondequoit mall): New York, Buffalo: crime, neighborhoods, tax - Rochester area, (NY)
  186. Happy New Year: Rochester, Hope: health, future - New York (NY)
  187. HELP!!! Moving 2 Greece & want to stay @ School of the Arts: school district, district - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  188. planing to move to Roch: salary, health, MBA - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  189. Bus routes: Rochester, Henrietta, Brighton: transfer to, design, suburbs - New York (NY)
  190. Medical services (dental, vision, ): Henrietta, Brighton: offices, dentists, business - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  191. good roofers/contractors in Rochester?: moving to, place, recommendations - New York (NY)
  192. Sports stores: Rochester: marketplace, Wal-mart, clothing - New York (NY)
  193. non postcard pictures: Rochester: schools, move, parks - New York (NY)
  194. Driving from Rochester to NYC?: university, transport, car - New York
  195. Georgia Durante/ reading her book: Rochester, Utica: clubs, history, good - New York (NY)
  196. Looking for a great custom tatoo artist /studio: Rochester: safe, design - New York (NY)
  197. Aparment Advice: Hilton, Glen: apartment complex, moving, park - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  198. Rental Homes in Spencerport, NY: townhome, to move, town - Rochester area, New York
  199. 5 kids in a hotel, 7 days.: Ontario: renters, insurance, house - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  200. Hello again: Rochester: clubs, best, area - New York (NY)