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  7. Happy Rochester: students, artist, local - New York (NY)
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  9. Midtown project underway: Rochester, Boston: 2014, construction, to live - New York (NY)
  10. need advice of safe afforable towns in rochester/syracuse: Greece: low crime, house - New York (NY)
  11. Veterans property tax exempt, Monroe County: Ira: exemptions, office, reduce - Rochester area, New York (NY)
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  17. Is the west bank of Genese river safe: Rochester, Plymouth: houses, construction - New York (NY)
  18. Press Coffee: New York, Rochester, York: loft, houses, best - (NY)
  19. Lilac Fest: drive, usage, people - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  20. Can recommend a Motorcycle repair shop?: Rochester, Batavia: minimum wage, best deal - New York (NY)
  21. I need a new plow guy, Park Ave Area: Monroe: house, company - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  22. Rochester courses: live, fencing, shop - New York (NY)
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  24. How far is Buffalo from Rochester ...: Niagara Falls, Henrietta: hotel, home, live in - New York (NY)
  25. Looking for a floor cleaning in Rochester NY ?: New York, York: working, good
  26. No airshow anymore?: Hope: 2013, military, transport - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  27. Relocating from DC to Rochester in February ... are the loft condos in the city good places to rent for a few months?: Irondequoit: real estate - New York (NY)
  28. Station 55 lofts (railroad street) ???: Rochester, Syracuse: apartments, house, safe area - New York (NY)
  29. What is Charlotte like?: Rochester: apartments, houses, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  30. Looking for good dentist: Buffalo, Rochester: commute to, dentists, job - New York (NY)
  31. most luxurious, prettiest apartment community in ROC: Rochester, Greece: apartment complex, renters - New York (NY)
  32. Cell phone carrier with good coverage in Pittsford?: Rochester, Ithaca: house, suburbs - New York (NY)
  33. Looking for good physical therapist: Rochester, Pittsford: insurance, college, place - New York (NY)
  34. Downtown area: Rochester, Monroe: safest, nightlife, friendly - New York (NY)
  35. Need a New Start: Rochester, Syracuse: low crime, homes, employment - New York (NY)
  36. Rochester continues to grow: New York, Buffalo: appointed, 2014, money - (NY)
  37. Does The after hours club still exist?: live, budget - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  38. Nanotech on the way.......: Rochester, Albany: jobs, year, people - New York (NY)
  39. Old Abandoned Factory Buildings Converted to Residential: Rochester, Monroe: 2014, apartments - New York (NY)
  40. Downtown Innovation District officially announced!: New York, Rochester: living, design, office - (NY)
  41. Cross country ski trails: Rochester, Mendon: park, county, skiing - New York (NY)
  42. ophthalmic technician job in Rochester: New York, York: apartments, homes, salary - (NY)
  43. Wegmans liquor business questioned by Buffalo News!: New York, Rochester: sales, 2014 - (NY)
  44. Recently visited restaurants?: Rochester, Alexander: how much, club, bars - New York (NY)
  45. Property's investment in 19th Ward neighborhood: Rochester, Depew: real estate, renter, crime - New York (NY)
  46. Moving back to Rochester in 2015...questions: Greece, Irondequoit: fit in, home, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
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  49. Restaurant Supply: Buffalo, Rochester, Albany: hotels, casino, county - New York (NY)
  50. Which Baseball Team Do People Root For In WNY?: Buffalo: stations, radio - Rochester area, New York
  51. RIT Magic Studio: New York, Buffalo, Rochester: house, employment, construction - (NY)
  52. Has heard anything about this project?: Rochester, Plymouth: for sale, apartments - New York (NY)
  53. Want to move back. Career questions...: Rochester, Pittsford: sales, job market, land - New York (NY)
  54. east irondequoit?: Ridge: houses, safe, moving - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  55. RIT and Rochester featured on MSNCB: New York, York: move to, manufacturing, area - (NY)
  56. Airport taxi: Rochester, Canandaigua: transportation, car, reviews - New York (NY)
  57. riverromance - Spend a weekend on tours of Genesee River and Rochester: designers - New York (NY)
  58. Garbage pick up - Young blood vs WM: Victor, Hope: house, cities - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  59. Area around Prince and University -- safety? walkability?: Rochester, Howard: apartments, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  60. Rochester survey: Friendly city for starting small businesess: New York, Webster: 2014, live in - (NY)
  61. Can't wait to get home!!!: Rochester, Portland: living, garden, move to - New York (NY)
  62. More about costs: Public schools: New York, Rochester: 2013, how much, school districts - (NY)
  63. Where to buy cheap/used furniture?: Rochester: sales, school, stores - New York (NY)
  64. health insurance options in Rochester: New York, York: to buy, income, taxes - (NY)
  65. Rochester Questions: Niagara Falls, Irondequoit, Monroe: house, neighborhoods, theatre - New York (NY)
  66. Looking for a nice place to visit by the water: Buffalo: apartments, how much - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  67. learning how to drive: Rochester: insurance, schools, price - New York (NY)
  68. Wedding day photo locations needed ideas!!: Rochester, Monroe: house, gardens, office - New York (NY)
  69. Looking for good Bars/Pubs in Rochester area: school, college - New York (NY)
  70. Reserve on the Erie Canal: Rochester, Henrietta: loft, condominiums, townhomes - New York (NY)
  71. Hart's Grocery Store: Buffalo, Rochester, Aurora: neighborhoods, organic, living - New York (NY)
  72. Inside Downtown Tour: Rochester, Monroe, Hope: 2014, hotel, houses - New York (NY)
  73. DHD 88 Elm St overhaul: Hope: 2014, apartments, hotel - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  74. Bad experience with Rochester Dealerships: Henrietta: insurance, credit card, loan - New York (NY)
  75. Flat fee MLS listing service: Rochester: house, FSBO, realty - New York (NY)
  76. Moving to Webster and Opinions for Country Manor Webster: New York: apartment complex, salary - Rochester area, (NY)
  77. speeding ticket: Monroe: 2013, insurance, lawyer - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  78. Veterinarians in the area: Walworth, Hilton: county, clinic, hospital - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  79. Best auto repair/mechanic in Rochester: Greece, Henrietta: employment, purchases, maintenance - New York (NY)
  80. Why does rochester have a higher percentage of black people than buffalo: New York: manufacturing - (NY)
  81. PGA Tournament: Rochester: money, golf, top - New York (NY)
  82. Where do your children go after school?: Rochester, Henrietta: crime rates, day cares - New York (NY)
  83. Flooding an issue?: Rochester, Binghamton, Penfield: basements, areas, small towns - New York (NY)
  84. Fall Family Fun: Rochester, Pittsford, Victor: home, school, activities - New York (NY)
  85. HS sports practices on Saturdays: Rochester, Ohio: theater, middle school, camps - New York (NY)
  86. Museums/art galleries in Rochester area?: Geneva, Seneca Falls: job market, universities, living in - New York (NY)
  87. What the devil is going on in Rochester this weekend that has the hotels all full?: Batavia: 2013 - New York (NY)
  88. What is this creepy building?: Rochester, Henrietta: to move, castle, architectural - New York (NY)
  89. Clothesline law in the city???does know??: Charlotte: live, backyard - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  90. gifted elementary programs schools: Rochester, Penfield: home, top school, suburbs - New York (NY)
  91. Chimney Cleaning: Monroe, Geneva, Wayne: coupon, house, living - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  92. section 8 subsidized apartments & handicapped parking.: Ovid: rental, calculated, live in - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  93. Browncroft/Rochester city schools: New York, Monroe: home, neighborhood, purchasing - (NY)
  94. Park Ave Fest: Rochester, Syracuse, Chester: 2013, how much, living in - New York (NY)
  95. Hot and Muggy: Rochester: house, live, move - New York (NY)
  96. Alternative/Funky Rochester: Monroe, Clinton, Alexander: coop, neighborhood, university - New York (NY)
  97. Gates- is it a good place to buy a home?: Rochester: new home, school districts - New York (NY)
  98. Trash management in pittsford: disposal, cheapest, offer - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  99. Moving Company - referrals needed ASAP: New York, Buffalo: section 8, apartment, movers - Rochester area, (NY)
  100. Where to stay for Park Ave Summer Art Fest?: Rochester: hotels, shop - New York (NY)
  101. Week visit in Rochester: Buffalo, Niagara Falls: amusement parks, house, university - New York (NY)
  102. Resources / help for homeless?: Rochester, Hope: live, vehicles, business - New York (NY)
  103. Garnsey Arboretum: Fairport: purchase, yard, parking - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  104. Dig this, Rochester. Dig this: (Detroit): Charlotte, High Falls: for sale, 2013, mover - New York (NY)
  105. New Construction Houses in the Rochester suburbs?: Brighton, Pittsford: new house, price - New York (NY)
  106. Ontario County NY: Rochester, Webster, Monroe: 2014, school district, taxes - New York
  107. Whats going on with the summer?: 2013, live in, beach - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  108. Garbage Service in Penfield/Webster area: school district, moving to, district - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  109. Private Swimming Instructors?: Rochester, Brighton, Pittsford: metro, lessons, places - New York (NY)
  110. Winter Questions???: Buffalo, Rochester, Dayton: schools, live in, suburbs - New York (NY)
  111. Good Tai Kwon Do academies?: Rochester, Brighton: schools, metro, kids - New York (NY)
  112. Looking to move within Rochester: Monroe, Bath: apartments, rental, crime - New York (NY)
  113. Faber homes: houses, tile, cabinets - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  114. Rights for MTM tenant in a roommate type situation: New York: apartment, rental - Rochester area, (NY)
  115. investing in Albion? realtors?: Rochester, Batavia: real estate, apartment, rental - New York (NY)
  116. Very nice video of our great city: Rochester, Fairport: 2013, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  117. How much money did Hollywood make in the last hundred years?: Accord: movies, costs - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  118. professional couple w/ 2 young kids seeking apt...where?: Rochester, Brighton: apartment, rental - New York (NY)
  119. Another Rochester Neighborhood Gone Downhill: Irondequoit: homes, neighborhoods, living in - New York (NY)
  120. West Irondequoit apts: HELP!: Rochester, Syracuse: apartments, renters, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  121. best route Roc--> Albion: Rochester, Greece: live, moving, beach - New York (NY)
  122. Former Rochesterians comments after relocating from ROC: Buffalo, Syracuse: student loans, look for a job - New York (NY)
  123. Rochester in 2030?: Buffalo, Syracuse, Batavia: fit in, 2013, apartments - New York (NY)
  124. so Cal girl moving to Monroe County next year: New York: apartments, homes - Rochester area, (NY)
  125. Looking for a neighborhood with good 390 Access: Rochester, Henrietta: renters, houses - New York (NY)
  126. Collegetown Progression: New York, Buffalo, Rochester: 2014, apartment, hotel - (NY)
  127. All of Pittsford good?: New York, Rochester: rental, house, neighborhoods - (NY)
  128. recommend a reliable mover/moving company: Rochester, Charlotte: truck rental, rental - New York (NY)
  129. Section 8 housing: Rochester, Savannah, Ava: apartments, renters, house - New York (NY)
  130. Moving to Rochester area next summer, looking for good family suburb: New York: 2015, apartments - (NY)
  131. B&L leaving Rochester: Syracuse, Pittsford: bankrupt, closing, live in - New York (NY)
  132. East Inner Loop funding approved: Buffalo, Rochester: rent, neighborhoods, taxes - New York (NY)
  133. If you could move from rochester where would you go: Buffalo: 2013, lofts - New York (NY)
  134. Moving to the city, need quick advice!: Rochester, Henrietta: real estate market, apartments - New York (NY)
  135. Is Greece still nice?: Henrietta, Monroe: apartments, house, neighborhoods - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  136. RIT looking to become more prominent internationally: New York, Rochester: 2014, how much - (NY)
  137. Many Southerners Moving to Rochester?: Elmira, Ithaca: transplants, houses, employment - New York (NY)
  138. Snowiest area in the Rochester area?: Greece, Henrietta: apartments, home, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  139. relo to rochester ( would this be wise): New York, Buffalo: real estate, 2014 - (NY)
  140. Where do you see Rochester (the city) in the next 5-10 years???: New York: 2013, lofts - (NY)
  141. Rochester v Syracuse (Late 20s couple): New York, Monroe: real estate, apartments, neighborhoods - (NY)
  142. Relocating from NYC to Rochester-where to live?: New York, Irondequoit: apartment complexes, renters
  143. Sea Change Coming to Rochester Port: Ontario, Charlotte: 2014, apartments - New York (NY)
  144. Relocating to Rochester in February ... where do Black professionals congregate? Is there a happy hour or First Friday?: Buffalo: neighborhoods, to buy - New York (NY)
  145. Rochester Bus Station almost ready.: Bath, Clinton: 2014, purchasing, school - New York (NY)
  146. Casino: Rochester, Batavia: to live, professionals, residential - New York (NY)
  147. Weekend of November 1st recommendations: Rochester, Penfield: 2014, apartments, house - New York (NY)
  148. standing while black can get you arrested in Rochester, NY: New York: 2014, home
  149. Wegmans discontinuing KC master piece barbeque sauce: Rochester, Gates: credit, houses - New York (NY)
  150. tips for a 23 y/o southern transplant?: Rochester, Henrietta: apartments, for rent - New York (NY)
  151. Big Move need: Buffalo, Rochester: how much, big home, to buy - New York (NY)
  152. Relocation tour? Designer + Grad Student: Rochester, Brighton: real estate, apartment complexes, renters - New York (NY)
  153. Rochester rated as 8th smartest city: New York, Syracuse: hotel, school, universities - (NY)
  154. affordable rural area in west suburbs--so many factors!: Rochester, Gates: real estate, homes - New York (NY)
  155. Relocation tour this Saturday, have 4 hours to get lay of the land.: Rochester: fit in, transplants - New York (NY)
  156. Pittsford vs. Brighton: New York, Rochester, Greece: 2013, homes, neighborhoods - (NY)
  157. Recommand small, charming towns near Rocester: Rochester, Irondequoit: renting, high crime, homes - New York (NY)
  158. Will the Buffalo Bills remain in Western NY?: New York, Utica: transplants, 2014 - Rochester area
  159. Report Shows Rochester Still in Severe Economic Decline: New York, Buffalo: 2014, how much - (NY)
  160. wow (dem mayoral primary): Rochester, Syracuse: city hall, crime, public school - New York (NY)
  161. Will high-rises kill Charlotte waterfront?: Rochester, Hope: section 8, real estate, 2014 - New York (NY)
  162. Gas/Electric rates are crazy high!: New York, Syracuse: sales, home, to buy - Rochester area, (NY)
  163. Is it that bad!!: Buffalo, Rochester: new home, quality of life, taxes - New York (NY)
  164. living on the school district border: New York, Rochester: how much, house, neighborhood - (NY)
  165. Asian relocating to Rochester, safety, schools?: New York, Irondequoit: for sale, 2013, homes - (NY)
  166. Webster Vs Pittsford?: Buffalo, Rochester, Ontario: house, school districts, suburb - New York (NY)
  167. Rochester loses private-sector jobs in January Layoffs in construction, manufacturing on rise: New York: 2013, unemployment rate - (NY)
  168. Looking for good knee doctor: Malone: college, office, schedule - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  169. Relocating from NYC to Rochester area, seeking advice!: Webster, Brighton: rent, HOA - New York
  170. Why did rochester bus in black people?: New York, Buffalo: crime rates, neighborhood - (NY)
  171. Minimun needed salary to live in Rochester: apartment, leasing - New York (NY)
  172. Weekend Getaways from ROC: New York, Buffalo: to rent, hotels, home - Rochester area, (NY)
  173. Weather/ExitRoc2015: Rochester: credit, moving, electric bill - New York (NY)
  174. Does rochester feel like a smaller American version of Toronto?: Buffalo: fit in, house - New York (NY)
  175. Rochester...: Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany: apartment, rentals, low crime - New York (NY)
  176. work transfer from UK to Rochester..!: Henrietta, Brighton: transplants, real estate - New York (NY)
  177. Area employers expect to offer pay increases in 2014: Rochester - New York (NY)
  178. The best bike shop in rochester ny: fitness, residents - New York (NY)
  179. Supercuts vs Hairzoo vs Sportclips: haircuts, best, places - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  180. Veterans clinic in rochester needs investigation!: military, area, population - New York (NY)
  181. come on guys what do you think: Rochester: to live in, activities - New York (NY)
  182. High Tech Rochester going into old Sibley building: Albany, Henrietta: 2014, square footage - New York (NY)
  183. Region remaining a top exporter of goods and services: Rochester: 2013, business - New York (NY)
  184. Eastman Business Park moving forward: 2013, democrat - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  185. Looking for a specific dental office, can't remember....: credit, financing - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  186. Are there self service car shampoo places in rochester?: car wash, pay - New York (NY)
  187. Rochester #2 in volunteerism: rankings, cities, volunteering - New York (NY)
  188. Ride I-490 East Exit 13: Rochester: 2014, moving, best - New York (NY)
  189. Friendly reminder: 4 wheelers, mini bikes, dirt bikes, should not be ridden on neighborhood streets: houses - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  190. Selling Gold Coins: Rochester: price, area, locations - New York (NY)
  191. Heat pump vs natural gas?: Fairport: home, subsidized, live - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  192. 716 Million being invested downtown: money, business, investment - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  193. Handyman Services: crawl space, costs, install - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  194. Rochester Restaurant for Viewing 4th July Fireworks- Private Party: town, downtown - New York (NY)
  195. Hill Cumorah Pageant: religious, about, color - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  196. How would you describe the following communities......: Rush - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  197. Water Heater Expansion Tanks: Monroe: 2014, plumbing, company - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  198. huge lap dog: furniture, how to, golden - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  199. dual agent issues help: credit, attorney, houses - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  200. Need something moved to the West coast of Florida or anywhere in between?: Rochester: renting - New York (NY)