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  66. Brighton, NY: New York, Rochester, Webster: houses, school district, place to live
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  93. Rochester: New York, Monroe, York: section 8, find a job, neighborhoods - (NY)
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  106. the geese are back: to live, yard, weather - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  107. Caroline Street in Rochester NY: Henrietta, Vernon: rental, house, neighborhoods - New York
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  112. unsure?: New York, Rochester, Pittsford: rental, car insurance, condo - (NY)
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  114. Farmington?? How is it??: Rochester, Penfield: apartments, houses, transfer - New York (NY)
  115. I want to thank everyone!: Rochester, Spencerport: taxes, living, areas - New York (NY)
  116. Parma, NY: Greece, Hilton: houses, to buy, school - Rochester area, New York
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  136. Rochester, NY: Syracuse, Greece, Utica: condo, new home, neighborhood - New York
  137. Brighton, Pittsford, or Penfield?: Rochester, Greece: house, job market, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  138. Good school in Rochester area for Asperger Child: Greece, Brighton: homes, school district - New York (NY)
  139. Want to relocate to Rochester Area?: New York, Buffalo: best city, crime, houses - (NY)
  140. Rochester, NY: Brighton, Penfield, Pittsford: condo, house, neighborhood - New York
  141. About Rochester: New York, Liberty, York: for sale, rental, lofts - (NY)
  142. family towns outside of rochester?: Greece, Irondequoit: best town, real estate, houses - New York (NY)
  143. Moving to Rochester & need safe neighborhood: Greece, Henrietta: apartments, to rent - New York (NY)
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  147. Weather in Rochester, NY: White Plains, Webster: sale, real estate, lawyer - New York
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  151. Winter in Rochester vs. winter on LI: Buffalo, Syracuse: how much, schools - New York (NY)
  152. Rochester area: Fairport vs Pittsford vs Penfield: New York, Albany: real estate, how much - (NY)
  153. Eager to go back to Rochester: Syracuse, Greece: how much, houses, private school - New York (NY)
  154. Looking For A House To Rent In Canandaigua: Mendon, Hope: lease, to buy - Rochester area, New York (NY)
  155. Moving home to Rochester soon; would I be crazy to buy in the city?: New York: hardwood floors, fit in - (NY)
  156. Greater Rochester: How is Webster, NY?: Henrietta, Brighton: low income, real estate, apartments - New York
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  158. Driving around Rochester: Greece, Henrietta, Brighton: neighborhoods, construction, university - New York (NY)
  159. Rochester - 19th Ward: Victor, Scottsville: houses, safe area, private school - New York (NY)
  160. rochester: New York, Greece, Irondequoit: to rent, insurance, houses - (NY)
  161. Rochester Restaurants: home, beach, places to eat - New York (NY)
  162. need to know best/worst places to live in rochester: Buffalo: houses, safe neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  163. Need positive reminders about Rochester area: Niagara Falls, Lancaster: house, neighborhood, theater - New York (NY)
  164. Jobs in Rochester?: New York, Buffalo, York: spring break, real estate, how much - (NY)
  165. Information on Canandaigua, NY?: Rochester, Medina: apartments, to rent, amusement park - New York
  166. Who has the stats on Rochester?: New York, Rome: crime rate, house, tech jobs - (NY)
  167. Long Island Transplant thinking of moving to the Rochester area: Albany: how much, house - New York (NY)
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  169. Good areas to move in the city of Rochester: Irondequoit: homes, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
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  171. Massive Manure Lagoons ONTARIO COUNTY NY: New York, Buffalo: appointed, crime, buying a house - Rochester area
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  176. Rochester is boring and you know it: New York, York: high school, living in - (NY)
  177. Best ROCHESTER neighborhoods???: Henrietta, Brighton, Pittsford: appointed, best neighborhoods, new house - New York (NY)
  178. The official Convince the wife to move to Rochester or Buffalo !: New York: power lines, high crime - (NY)
  179. Greece, NY: New York, Buffalo, Rochester: amusement park, hairstylist, new home
  180. Interesting shopping in Rochester?: Greece, Irondequoit: new house, university, living - New York (NY)
  181. rochester: New York, Webster, Penfield: for sale, real estate, crime - (NY)
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  193. Accomodation for disabled people Rochester: wheelchair - New York (NY)
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  195. specifics about neighbourhoods Eastern Rochester: Brighton, Penfield: neighbourhood, live, bus - New York (NY)
  196. Salary in Rochester: law, moving to, entry level - New York (NY)
  197. Home for Rent in Canandaigua ?: pet friendly, single, family - Rochester area, New York (NY)
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  199. Help!: Rochester, Chester: living in, work, single - New York (NY)
  200. good family lawyers in the area?: pay, child - Rochester area, New York (NY)