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  1. Recreational shooting allowed on Maine Public Reserve Lands?: place, hunting (ME)
  2. Pythons in Maine???: Gorham, Turner: move to, land, tree (ME)
  3. Boating Help: Casco, Eastport: buy, DMV, excise tax - Maine (ME)
  4. Haitian orphan --- now a Mainer, about to meet his hero: Portland: schools, living (ME)
  5. Natural Gas Heating in Maine....: Portland (ME)
  6. Vacation on Great Pond June 22-27: Woodland, Chester: to rent, to buy, camps - Maine (ME)
  7. In search of barn raisers and antique furniture...: Bucksport: house, construction - Maine (ME)
  8. Horace Hildreth, LURC and Northern Maine's Fiasco: Portland, Augusta: live in, zoning (ME)
  9. Shipping artwork - moving from Boulder CO to West Bath ME: movers, house - Maine
  10. Tornado Warning-Hail-Severe weather today: Portland, Gorham: day care, live, cars - Maine (ME)
  11. Photo albums: land, pictures, working - Maine (ME)
  12. Looking for rental in August in costal area....: Portland, Rockland: hotel, luxury - Maine (ME)
  13. Medical Marijuana: Union: how much, felony, live - Maine (ME)
  14. mineral right under land in Maine: Waltham: mineral rights, attorney, to buy (ME)
  15. TDF Internet service?: Bangor: home, residential, land - Maine (ME)
  16. Japanese Beetles are back: Bangor: buy, live, costs - Maine (ME)
  17. Nice quote: Portland, Penobscot: home, living in, fence - Maine (ME)
  18. Route 23 from Dexter to Guilford area: Bangor, Madison: buy, camp, live - Maine (ME)
  19. History of Pembroke and Perry: loan, house, live in - Maine (ME)
  20. need rental in lincoln: house, relocating to, to sell - Maine (ME)
  21. Northern Maine: Bangor, Presque Isle: living in, airport, moving to (ME)
  22. Noora's journey: Portland: surgery, agent, great - Maine (ME)
  23. Train from Boston to Portland or Augusta: Lewiston, Auburn: rent, buses - Maine (ME)
  24. Where to buy old truck near Eastport?: Calais, Pembroke: for sale, house - Maine (ME)
  25. Teaching Jobs: hotels, houses, schools - Maine (ME)
  26. Visiting Milbridge in September - need advice.: Ellsworth, Blue Hill: home, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  27. Returning Home: Portland, Bangor, Ellsworth: neighborhoods, to live, restaurant - Maine (ME)
  28. Move from mountains to Midcoast??: Portland, Brunswick: living in, moving to, things to do - Maine (ME)
  29. Did see the eclipse?: driveway, weather, drive - Maine (ME)
  30. Farmers: buying, store, trees - Maine (ME)
  31. Caribou apartment rentals: shop, housing, area - Maine (ME)
  32. John Edwards' Tragedy: bills, money, dates - Maine (ME)
  33. nice day for the firepit--nope!: power lines, attorney, house - Maine (ME)
  34. Hear ye, hear ye: Maine's Relative Tax Burden re-stated: rental car, sales (ME)
  35. TV Service: movies, live, bill - Maine (ME)
  36. propane fridge & freezer: Caribou: refrigerators, camps, price - Maine (ME)
  37. So, who has recently started a new heating oil contract?: Yarmouth: house, buying - Maine (ME)
  38. Where to stay in Presque Isle?: hotel, price, floor - Maine (ME)
  39. Pythons in Maine: Portland: neighborhood, college, live (ME)
  40. wild blueberry pie by Bar Harbor: Ellsworth, Trenton: house, high school, parking - Maine (ME)
  41. in search of waste oil...: Bucksport: restaurant, shop, food - Maine (ME)
  42. Consider a move to Maine - about the photography needs: Portland: real estate, home (ME)
  43. A Place to swim indoors during the winter: Waterville, Wells: YMCA, school - Maine (ME)
  44. Misty Mountain-The Awanadjo Almanack by Rob McCall: Blue Hill: title, dental - Maine (ME)
  45. Best Coastal mid-Sept Vacation?: Lewiston, Rockland: rent, hotel, homes - Maine (ME)
  46. Moose, makes me want to be there more!: credit, living - Maine (ME)
  47. relocating to Somerset County?: Washington, Moscow: buy, living in, groceries - Maine (ME)
  48. Maine CCW permit timeline?: lawyer, law, authority (ME)
  49. Amish in Maine???: Hebron: live, rated, business (ME)
  50. Nicatous Lake?: Old Town, Burlington: home, camping, best - Maine (ME)
  51. Acton Maine Building Codes and Permits: house, buying, fencing (ME)
  52. Supplies for middle school: low income, how much, house - Maine (ME)
  53. lodging on a lake?: Lincoln, Casco: appointed, sales, rentals - Maine (ME)
  54. Winterport and Gouldsboro: Bangor, Ellsworth, Hampden: for sale, hair salon, houses - Maine (ME)
  55. How is the legal economy in Portland and Maine in general?: real estate, insurance (ME)
  56. acadia region: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor: new home, school districts, living in - Maine (ME)
  57. Uncle Henry's and Snowmobiles in the summer.: Dexter: house, store - Maine (ME)
  58. Fishing: best place, places, typical - Maine (ME)
  59. Searching for a Vet: Portland, Cornish: dog, doctor, good - Maine (ME)
  60. Thoughts from thoses who moved from CA to ME: flat fee, for sale by owner - Maine
  61. UMA vs USM: Portland, Lewiston, Auburn: apartment, credit, school - Maine (ME)
  62. Wildlife Viewing/Photography in Harmony area: Greenville: live in, best place, places - Maine (ME)
  63. Mainers in exiles: Bowdoinham: homes, college, living in (ME)
  64. Thinking about taking a job in Houlton and need advice ...: Limerick: houses, transfer - Maine (ME)
  65. Housing needed in Lubec, ME: rentals, home, construction - Maine
  66. Local farms and co ops: Bangor, Orono: buy, organic, live - Maine (ME)
  67. What is the community atmosphere...Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots?: Eastport: transplants, college - Maine (ME)
  68. New Maine Murder Mystery!!: Stonington: home, island, place (ME)
  69. Just In Time For Independence Day!: Union, Washington: home, live, law - Maine (ME)
  70. Maine's Solar Initiative: electric, paid, rebates (ME)
  71. The Eastport lifestyle - do we fit in?: Belfast, Camden: for sale, hotel - Maine (ME)
  72. What actually is Devils Head in Calais?: houses, construction - Maine (ME)
  73. Is it foolish to consider moving to Maine: Eastport: how much, homes (ME)
  74. Coming to Maine in March...: Portland, Bangor: rentals, motels, school (ME)
  75. Damp Basements Maine: how much, house, home inspector (ME)
  76. Northern Maine The Way Life Should Be So what is...: Bangor: to live in, rating (ME)
  77. Are free-range chickens and garlic incompatible?: fencing, garden, eat - Maine (ME)
  78. What counties have you lived in Maine?: Dexter, Clinton: credit, how much (ME)
  79. pools vs lake's: Milo: homes, to live, safety - Maine (ME)
  80. Crime Problem Augusta?: Portland, Brunswick, Manchester: violent crime, home, neighborhoods - Maine (ME)
  81. moving to maine from virginia. lol: Portland, Lewiston: real estate, low crime - Maine (ME)
  82. Eastport year round economy: Bangor, Rockland: for sale, houses, employment - Maine (ME)
  83. Instant Karma: deed, cars, health - Maine (ME)
  84. Aroostook County questions: Presque Isle, Caribou, Fairfield: house, best school, live in - Maine (ME)
  85. Moving horror stories: Portland, Rockland: apartment, rental, movers - Maine (ME)
  86. Eastport: Last days of summer?: Bangor, Ellsworth: camping, place to live, moving - Maine (ME)
  87. Calais Area Lunch: Machias, Eastport: houses, garden, to eat - Maine (ME)
  88. Kitten Issue: Caribou: homes, restaurants, cars - Maine (ME)
  89. Ammo prices to rise? Gun stores in Lincoln area?: Old Town: sale, houses - Maine (ME)
  90. bangor vs portland: Brewer: high crime, home, middle school - Maine (ME)
  91. Want to move to Camden, need advice on rent and employment: Waterville: appointed, for sale - Maine (ME)
  92. Where are all the British people?: Bangor, Brunswick: living, moving to, area - Maine (ME)
  93. man shoots his lawnmower: house, to buy, costs - Maine (ME)
  94. Buttoning up for the winter...: Bangor, Freeport: house, to buy, live in - Maine (ME)
  95. August in Maine: Topsham: agricultural, humidity, road (ME)
  96. Moody Bridge: Ashland, Allagash: real estate, buying, camping - Maine (ME)
  97. Ledge Falls, BSP: home, schools, safe - Maine (ME)
  98. Flood!: Brunswick, Freeport, Hope: cost, dangerous, shop - Maine (ME)
  99. Moody Bridge: Ashland, Allagash: real estate, buying, camping - Maine (ME)
  100. Pittsfield Bound: Eliot, Corinna, Palmyra: new home, neighborhood, theatre - Maine (ME)
  101. Maine Sub forum's favorite Computer: house, to buy, movies (ME)
  102. are you as sick of hearing about the titanic as i am.: Lincoln: luxury, high school - Maine (ME)
  103. Where are dog services needed?: Portland, Lewiston: day cares, home, employment - Maine (ME)
  104. maine hurricane?: Brunswick: house, schools, tornadoes - Maine (ME)
  105. Maine taxes ... new report: Auburn, Hope: how much, houses, income (ME)
  106. putting off the dream?: Portland, Poland: apartments, rentals, landlord - Maine (ME)
  107. Maine the Nanny State: sales, homes, to buy (ME)
  108. Electric power in Eastport: Hope: house, buy, maintenance - Maine (ME)
  109. Floor Furnaces in Downeast Maine?: home, water heater, living (ME)
  110. Ingenuity in Maine: Berwick: military, backyard, vehicle (ME)
  111. Should U.S. Senator Susan Collins Attend the Republican National Convention?: Portland: tax, moving - Maine (ME)
  112. Eastport's Sarah Graves Interviewed on NPR: Raymond: houses, quality, working - Maine (ME)
  113. relocating with pets: transporting, new house, law - Maine (ME)
  114. Cost of Septic?: Falmouth, Blue Hill: how much, house, purchasing - Maine (ME)
  115. So, what annual income does it take to sustain life in Maine?: for sale, coupons (ME)
  116. Does know who works for L.L. Bean?: Portland: sales, home - Maine (ME)
  117. Ledge Falls: how much, camping, swimming - Maine (ME)
  118. Introduction of Wild Turkeys to Maine....a good idea!: Yarmouth: house, neighborhood (ME)
  119. raising kids on MDI: Clinton: house, paint, summer - Maine (ME)
  120. Lobster!!!!: Portland, Brunswick: live, price, farmers - Maine (ME)
  121. Old Orchard Beach karaoke anywhere?: Brunswick, Limestone: college, bars, vacation - Maine (ME)
  122. Going with Plan B: home, living in, moving to - Maine (ME)
  123. Natural Building Resources in Maine: Ellsworth, Surry: insurance, mortgages, house (ME)
  124. skunk vs kid.: Hope: house, school, to move - Maine (ME)
  125. Do you lock in at $4.65 or wait?: Bangor: appointed, house - Maine (ME)
  126. Jobs in Ellsworth: Surry: renting, house, find a job - Maine (ME)
  127. We need a Sun Dance!!: house, moving, swimming - Maine (ME)
  128. Where was Storm of the Century filmed?: Southwest Harbor, Winn: 2014, rent - Maine (ME)
  129. News, In Maine, a laptop for every middle-schooler.: Old Town: how much, home (ME)
  130. How's the Tourism Season?: Brunswick, Lincoln: 2013, broker, homes - Maine (ME)
  131. July 4th, what does this mean for you?: Portland, Brunswick: hotel, home - Maine (ME)
  132. types of heating and answer: how much, house - Maine (ME)
  133. good ??????: mall, company, place - Maine (ME)
  134. Hello maine!!!: Brunswick, Yarmouth, Gray: how much, house, safe - Maine (ME)
  135. Oil prices forcing people to leave Maine?: Washburn: mortgage, credit (ME)
  136. Pole Dancing Classes?: Portland, Lewiston: home, to eat, studio - Maine (ME)
  137. We are !!!: Bangor, Waterville, Brewer: rental, new home, living in - Maine (ME)
  138. Help-what ANTIQUE still, steamer, frige? we found in the icehouse: Raymond: house, refrigerator - Maine (ME)
  139. Viewpoints on settling near Lewiston/Auburn?: Brunswick, Topsham: city hall, houses, landscaping - Maine (ME)
  140. Rentals which include heat: Bangor, Brunswick: apartments, renter, townhouse - Maine (ME)
  141. landscaping on the cheap: Orono, Cooper: buying a house, buying, university - Maine (ME)
  142. Whazzis?: Dexter, Eastport: house, stats, garden - Maine (ME)
  143. Intro. Moving to Maine: Caribou, Hope: hotels, house, transfer (ME)
  144. Camping Foods: Hope, Byron: house, luxury, dangerous - Maine (ME)
  145. Eastport - go ahead and hurt me!!: Washington, Addison: house, retire - Maine (ME)
  146. Moving to maine advice: Portland, Lewiston: crime, employment, tax - Maine (ME)
  147. Forest Fire in Robbinston: Calais, Charlotte: mattress, home, camp - Maine (ME)
  148. Postal Mail Car Dealership junk mail: house, live, price - Maine (ME)
  149. no matter how you look at it it was an ambush.: house, income - Maine (ME)
  150. Weather Check: house, vs., garden - Maine (ME)
  151. News on the oil front: Augusta, China: taxi, tax, prices - Maine (ME)
  152. Shop / garage information Prentiss, Lincoln area: Penobscot, Waltham: apartment, modular homes, contractors - Maine (ME)
  153. just wanted to introduce myself!: Wayne: land, work, child - Maine (ME)
  154. Arrived safe and sound: Mexico, Hope: move, health, best - Maine (ME)
  155. Need mouse proof metal cabinets: Parsonsfield, Cornish: camper, floor, shops - Maine (ME)
  156. questions about Brunswick and Machias: Portland, Lewiston: for sale, houses, employment - Maine (ME)
  157. Fireworks: Bangor, Bath, Topsham: home, camping, price - Maine (ME)
  158. How accessible are the beaches/shoreline?: Portland, South Portland: how much, living, bars - Maine (ME)
  159. What is it to be summer in Maine ?: Monmouth: sales, real estate (ME)
  160. Final preperations for our trip to Maine: Bangor, Augusta: for sale, garden (ME)
  161. accidents happen: Hope: transplants, home, transfer - Maine (ME)
  162. Has felt let down after moving to Maine?: Yarmouth: appointed, for sale (ME)
  163. rifle/shotgun: Augusta: how much, house, to buy - Maine (ME)
  164. Suggestions for Family Friendly Towns???: Portland, Lewiston: rent, credit, home - Maine (ME)
  165. Tornado Watch: Portland, Bangor, Washington: dangerous, move, farmer - Maine (ME)
  166. Now just how do I post this ...: Eastport: for sale, real estate - Maine (ME)
  167. Help: Portland, Bangor, Orono: credit, schools, university - Maine (ME)
  168. Returned from Eastport today...: Perry: wood floors, new home, buy - Maine (ME)
  169. Modern Conveniences: Perry: house, buy, school - Maine (ME)
  170. Map of the Volvo Line: Augusta, Damariscotta: organic, live, moving to - Maine (ME)
  171. Peak Oil a Cruel Hoax for Mainers and Other Cold States?: Mexico: middle-class, how much (ME)
  172. Problems with Right of Way.. lawyers???: lawyer, to buy - Maine (ME)
  173. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings: Kittery, Caribou, Gray: homes, tornado, camp - Maine (ME)
  174. ?s for Northern Mainers--Calais Area: Bangor, Brunswick: for sale, house, elementary school (ME)
  175. Recommend your good, cheap Lobster shack: Bangor, Bath: co-op, price - Maine (ME)
  176. Woodchuck's a plenty: coop, landscaping, neighborhood - Maine (ME)
  177. Raspberries-oh My: things to do, ice cream, winter - Maine (ME)
  178. Outhouses - did I read that right??? *Eastport*: Waite: for sale, apartments - Maine (ME)
  179. Need Advice: Bangor: apartment, rentals, insurance - Maine (ME)
  180. ice cream and weightloss: home, buy, live in - Maine (ME)
  181. Just visited!: Brunswick, Augusta, Bath: home, quality of life, living - Maine (ME)
  182. Maine may have had cell phones in the 50's: Portland: renting, home (ME)
  183. Visiting Stephen King's Maine in October - help needed on filming locations: Portland: home, movies (ME)
  184. Seen Along I-95: Portland, Bangor, Augusta: neighborhood, moving, vehicles - Maine (ME)
  185. fireworks for the 4th?: Portland, Bath: house, elementary school, camp - Maine (ME)
  186. Who would be the better President......FOR MAINE!: Hope: credit card, house - Maine (ME)
  187. Effects of Refugee Resettlement in Portland and Lewiston: Auburn: low crime, home - Maine (ME)
  188. Should Northern Maine have a right to exist??: Portland, Kennebunk: how much, new house (ME)
  189. Motorcycle permit: insurance, transfer, school - Maine (ME)
  190. Heating choice: buying a house, employment, buying - Maine (ME)
  191. First Impressions of Mainers: Kittery, Belfast: for sale, real estate, apartment (ME)
  192. Leaving in morning!: Bangor, Lincoln, Waldoboro: fit in, shop, safe - Maine (ME)
  193. Arkansas thinking about moving to Maine: Bangor: sales, real estate, car insurance (ME)
  194. lobster lobster lobster: Rockland, Lincoln, Calais: house, purchase, restaurant - Maine (ME)
  195. Natural Gas In Maine: Portland, Lewiston: sales, real estate, apartment (ME)
  196. Rentals in Augusta: Portland, Bath: real estate, apartment, motel - Maine (ME)
  197. Volkswagon can now sell their desiel cars in Maine!: sale, buying (ME)
  198. Vacations and outlets: Kittery, Freeport, Rockland: best towns, sales, sales tax - Maine (ME)
  199. Abol Falls, Baxter State Park: photos, water, girls - Maine (ME)
  200. Yarmouth Clam Festival: foods, best, lobster - Maine (ME)