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  1. Does a story get better than this?: Portland: student, great - Maine (ME)
  2. Farming in Maine a Growing Business: Portland, Jackson: co-op, buying, organic (ME)
  3. Questions reguarding my 3 gallon tank: store, Walmart, soccer - Maine (ME)
  4. Limerick: Portland, Bangor: homes, school, live in - Maine (ME)
  5. Lobster Bake: Winthrop, Bar Harbor: house, wedding reception, live - Maine (ME)
  6. Sailing in Maine: Falmouth, Camden, China: insurance, how much, house (ME)
  7. Lubec: Blue Hill, Eastport: land, island, water - Maine (ME)
  8. Act now for your Valentine....: Rome: Valentine's day, zip code, post office - Maine (ME)
  9. Prentiss / Lee / Springfield snow pics?: Lincoln: pictures, time, appointment - Maine (ME)
  10. Meteor Showers & Astronomical Diary: safe, car, weather - Maine (ME)
  11. How will you spend your dash?: Saco: home, moving, best - Maine (ME)
  12. Wedding at a Lake or Mountain: Scarborough, Bethel: ski resort, rentals, hotels - Maine (ME)
  13. where should I move in Maine and still find work? (Long): Portland: real estate, fingerprinting (ME)
  14. Belfast ME, need remote car starter installed: buy, store - Maine
  15. Northern Maine: taking over business (as an outsider): Presque Isle, Caribou: lease, home (ME)
  16. Marine Maintenance Job Help: Bucksport, Richmond: house, employment, luxury - Maine (ME)
  17. Update on van or not (and trip to Maine): Lincoln: mobile home, college (ME)
  18. heard of Chessemer Hill near Scarborough?: live, land - Maine (ME)
  19. camden snow bowl wedding?: rentals, receptions, wedding reception - Maine (ME)
  20. What are we eatting for the Super Bowl today?: to buy, horse - Maine (ME)
  21. Opinions on most affordable regions?: Belfast: to rent, mover, house - Maine (ME)
  22. Barn blaze was lit accidentally: Bangor, Milo: insurance, how much, house - Maine (ME)
  23. Outdoor pellet boilers draw: Bangor: house, problems, people - Maine (ME)
  24. Maine's state budget ???: sales, income, income tax (ME)
  25. Vacationing in Bethel area: Portland, Saco: ski resort, oceanfront, rental - Maine (ME)
  26. have an outside wood boiler-: furnace, town - Maine (ME)
  27. Waste Water Treatment Plant - Yarmouth?: Unity, Plymouth: buying a house, neighborhoods, buying - Maine (ME)
  28. I love google: Ellsworth, Cutler: how much, house, best - Maine (ME)
  29. Will Towns Who Consolidated Receive Funds From The Penalties Of Who Did Not?: Old Town: how much - Maine (ME)
  30. Lamenting the death of Andrew Wyeth: Portland, Scarborough: home, gated, living in - Maine (ME)
  31. Relocating close to Presque Isle: Bangor, Houlton: transfer, high school, prices - Maine (ME)
  32. Small snow plow / blower job - Tar Ridge Rd Prentiss: how much, price - Maine (ME)
  33. Bethel: Brewer: home, construction, activities - Maine (ME)
  34. Recommendations for Gynecologist in York County, Maine: Bangor, Scarborough: insurance, live (ME)
  35. Conservative Small Town: Calais, Eastport: low crime, how much, schools - Maine (ME)
  36. The Home Forum: live, top, household - Maine (ME)
  37. my proposal to help the state budget: Augusta, Houlton: authority, bill - Maine (ME)
  38. $139million of the stimulus package to be spent in Maine: Topsham: how much, airport (ME)
  39. LL Bean or Filson premium wool cruiser?: home, to buy - Maine (ME)
  40. Garage/shop roll up door dealer, Lincoln area: Bangor: garage door, residential - Maine (ME)
  41. looking for rent prices: Portland, Augusta: for sale, apartment, rental - Maine (ME)
  42. Where to live in Auburn Maine - and where to avoid: Portland: crimes, hotel (ME)
  43. Foodstamp Usage Up: Portland: unemployment rate, salary, tax - Maine (ME)
  44. ???????????????????????help: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor: home, employment, neighborhoods - Maine (ME)
  45. Dover-Foxcroft cable/internet: renting, live, nursing - Maine (ME)
  46. Christmas present for the elderly: attorney, home, living - Maine (ME)
  47. Merry Christmas, Maine forum folks!: Orono, Hope: home, high school, living (ME)
  48. Bryant & Gilman Manufact. West Waterville 1850?: Oakland: high school, live, manufactured - Maine (ME)
  49. hate it when that happens: crime, license plates, backyard - Maine (ME)
  50. train service to Bethel from points south?: Portland, Lewiston: cinema, prices - Maine (ME)
  51. Winter Weekend Rental That Allows Pets: Portland, Skowhegan: rentals, price, vacation - Maine (ME)
  52. tourney time: Bangor: layoffs, live, county - Maine (ME)
  53. Guantanamo to Maine?: Bangor, Brunswick, Washington: lease, cost of, military (ME)
  54. We tied Vermont for coldest temp !: move to, station, flooding - Maine (ME)
  55. Is s sap flowing: Rome: how much, living, trees - Maine (ME)
  56. Lobster Vacation......: buying, live, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  57. wild blue performance aroostook county: how much, cheapest, wireless - Maine (ME)
  58. Thinking about moving to Presque Isle: Bangor, Orono: apartment, job market, movie theater - Maine (ME)
  59. Free Fishing Days This Weekend, Feb. 14-15: Blue Hill, Union: how much, houses - Maine (ME)
  60. Does know cabinetmakers, furniture makers, custom woodworkers, or luthiers?: Portland: insurance, lawyers - Maine (ME)
  61. Aroostook and Washington counties will continue getting PBN radio: layoffs, agreement - Maine (ME)
  62. Lodging in Bar Harbor: Aurora: house, college, restaurant - Maine (ME)
  63. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor: amusement parks, low crime, house - Maine (ME)
  64. A very special birthday!: Turner, Mexico: health, rating, best - Maine (ME)
  65. Save Money: Kill Cable and Phone: Auburn, Calais: coupons, to rent, appliances - Maine (ME)
  66. Environmentalists want to legislate light bulbs: Augusta, Jefferson: house, construction, disposal - Maine (ME)
  67. Maine enforceing liquor laws at NH Border: Eastport: how much, to buy (ME)
  68. Snobama: Camden, Rockport, Alfred: area, counties, to work - Maine (ME)
  69. What's going on with the DownEaster'?: Portland, Lewiston: construction, subsidized, living in - Maine (ME)
  70. Free or Cheap lessons on the computer?: Wells: live in, design - Maine (ME)
  71. Heating options for a trailer: Presque Isle, Caribou: insurance, mobile home, contractor - Maine (ME)
  72. million and 1 questions about Eastport: Pembroke: city hall, new home, high school - Maine (ME)
  73. Best Potholes in Maine: Portland, Lincoln: county, market, town (ME)
  74. From one extreme to another - Tucson to Maine: Portland: renting, home (ME)
  75. How the Somali Immigrants Saved Lewiston?: Bangor, Bethel: to rent, unemployment rate, purchase - Maine (ME)
  76. Speaking of News...: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor: phone, county, coastal - Maine (ME)
  77. Article about Maine Senators in Washington Post: mortgages, credit (ME)
  78. Thefts in Eastport: Bangor, Brunswick, Calais: high school, college, club - Maine (ME)
  79. retiring in Maine: Bangor, Belfast, Camden: real estate, renting, condominium (ME)
  80. Verizon bought Unicel: Portland, Bangor, Augusta: sales, home, camping - Maine (ME)
  81. Upcoming trip- specific questions: Portland, Bangor: rentals, house, maintenance - Maine (ME)
  82. Moving to coastal maine-but where?: Old Orchard Beach, Farmington: for sale, real estate, sex offenders - Maine (ME)
  83. Lunch Time?: Bangor, Vassalboro: shop, eat, place - Maine (ME)
  84. Reunited with an old friend: home, buy, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  85. Happy Valentine's Day, Everybody!: moving, teach, substitute - Maine (ME)
  86. hunting and the beach, both in same area?: Portland, Scarborough: living in, shop - Maine (ME)
  87. Veteran's taxes: how much, camp, compensation - Maine (ME)
  88. Upcoming trip: Bangor, Belfast, Camden: rentals, YMCA, middle school - Maine (ME)
  89. Check your Bank statements closely: Bangor, Union: credit card, to buy, store - Maine (ME)
  90. Glad to be in ME: insurance, living, to move - Maine
  91. farming in Maine -- desire for locally grown organics drives production, sales: Portland: coops, buying (ME)
  92. Bringing the Guantanamo retainees to Maine: Warren, Thomaston: camp, yard, installation (ME)
  93. Lets just get rid of smoking: Augusta, Leeds: health insurance, house, public school - Maine (ME)
  94. Silly About Maine: Portland, Bangor: new home, subdivision, living in (ME)
  95. Employment/rent rates in the Camden Area: Portland, Rockland: fit in, real estate - Maine (ME)
  96. moving questions: Portland, Lewiston, Saco: for sale, real estate, rental - Maine (ME)
  97. Man arrested for shooting at plowman: Bangor, Turner: deed, retired, assault - Maine (ME)
  98. Buying a truck out of state: Hope: sales, insurance, home - Maine (ME)
  99. say a prayer for my sister: house, live - Maine (ME)
  100. So, do kids in Maine play outside?: Washburn: cul-de-sac, houses (ME)
  101. puzzled with attitude towards Maine: Portland, Skowhegan: crime, college, living in (ME)
  102. Your Town....Why do you like it?: Bangor, Calais: low crime, houses - Maine (ME)
  103. Doing my part to help the economy: Old Town: mattress, credit card - Maine (ME)
  104. Casper: Calais: lease, houses, food - Maine (ME)
  105. Bar Harbor/Nova Scotia honeymooon in August: Portland, Bangor: where to stay, rental - Maine (ME)
  106. Increased Hunting Fees: how much, maintenance, tax - Maine (ME)
  107. Gay Marriage? Could It Really Happen?: Bangor, Augusta: insurance, credit, lawyers - Maine (ME)
  108. What Small Business Would You Like to See?: Portland, Bangor: buying a home, buying - Maine (ME)
  109. random questions about living in Maine: Bangor, Augusta: crime, house (ME)
  110. from my sister about hosting a Maine Themed Party: Presque Isle: to buy, live (ME)
  111. biometric scanning: fingerprints, credit card, high school - Maine (ME)
  112. LNG terminal in Robbinston: Eastport, Washington: construction, maintenance, safety - Maine (ME)
  113. Sliding!: Topsfield: live, vehicles, pictures - Maine (ME)
  114. Hey Mainers! Greetings from Santa Fe Sister!: house, cinema (ME)
  115. Maine bird sightings: Saco, Gorham: woodpecker, moving, to eat (ME)
  116. Moving to or new to living in Maine... what not to buy: new house, school (ME)
  117. The Rural Recession Hits Home: Portland, Ellsworth: mortgage, loan, vacation home - Maine (ME)
  118. Biddeford Revealed (In pictures!): Saco, Ogunquit: apartment, lofts, houses - Maine (ME)
  119. From North Carolina to Maine......But Where?: Portland, Bangor: real estate, rental (ME)
  120. Ice Thickness Safety: North Windham: yard, car, guidelines - Maine (ME)
  121. Areas in need of Psychologists?: Bangor, Lincoln: home, university, organic - Maine (ME)
  122. moving to Northern Maine, Aroostook County.: Presque Isle, Fairfield: real estate, apartments (ME)
  123. Moving to Maine: Bangor, Orono, Old Town: new home, live in, codes (ME)
  124. What is Winter?: Bangor: how much, school, live in - Maine (ME)
  125. construction/carpentry work in coastal Maine?: Portland, Lewiston: rent, health insurance, credit (ME)
  126. Maine Videos :): Eastport, Kenduskeag, Stonington: moving, park, place (ME)
  127. Eastport Street Views on Google Maps: Rockland, Camden: house, company, island - Maine (ME)
  128. individual health insurance plans in ME: deductible, tax, cost of - Maine
  129. its time for ice fishing.: Caratunk: best, area, summer - Maine (ME)
  130. Yarmouth/Falmouth Schools - Drugs/Gangs: high school, live in, law - Maine (ME)
  131. Transplanting our family to Maine!!!: Bangor: foreclosure, job market, utilities (ME)
  132. Interesting article about hunting and evolution.: transplants, house, food - Maine (ME)
  133. job corps: Bangor, Gardiner: apartment, rent, loans - Maine (ME)
  134. Maine Public Radio Calais: Bangor, Eastport: subsidized, wages, law (ME)
  135. New Coffee Shop?: Portland, Augusta, Ellsworth: crime, zoning, shops - Maine (ME)
  136. Patty the Partridge: Lewiston, Auburn, Cape Elizabeth: houses, live, water - Maine (ME)
  137. its snowing...: Bangor, Houlton: motels, house, buying - Maine (ME)
  138. Wanted to let you all know......: Gray, Hope: schedule, place, worth - Maine (ME)
  139. Happy New Year, Maine forum members!: new home, purchase, college (ME)
  140. Christmas morning breakfast....What do you have?: live, restaurant - Maine (ME)
  141. I was very good this year.: Eastport: movers, move, build - Maine (ME)
  142. what did you get for christmas??: Hope: tickets, clothing, snow - Maine (ME)
  143. Create Your Own Snowflake ~Merry Christmas Maine Friends~: coastal, to work (ME)
  144. Southern transplants in Maine?: sales, houses, school (ME)
  145. I don't know, but why are people so cold???: appointed, how much - Maine (ME)
  146. What Snow Removal Method(s) Do You Recommend?: how much, house - Maine (ME)
  148. outhouses: Portland: hotels, to buy, camp - Maine (ME)
  149. Newport-Sebasticook Lake: Dexter, Milo, Corinna: homes, buying, pharmacy - Maine (ME)
  150. I think I'm going to love it in Maine~: Portland: fit in, employment (ME)
  151. Moose questions: Greenville, Sherman, Island Falls: rental car, rental, house - Maine (ME)
  152. Lever action gun hunters (.357 or 44 mag): law, oil, yard - Maine (ME)
  153. Moving to Maine? How many homes do you have saved?: Eastport: real estate, rental homes (ME)
  154. Eastport Sardine Drop?: Portland: house, live, realty - Maine (ME)
  155. So, what about New Year?: house, movies, live - Maine (ME)
  156. tarpaper rug?: wood floors, floors, land - Maine (ME)
  157. 3 Hawkes Ave, Eastport?: house prices, live, prices - Maine (ME)
  158. What song reminds you of Down East Maine?: coastal, summers (ME)
  159. Pay raises?: Portland, Augusta: wages, budget, office - Maine (ME)
  160. Advice on driving up the coast?: Portland, South Portland: house, high school, live in - Maine (ME)
  161. Why don't they plow the roads in Maine?: Portland, Bangor: appointed, how much (ME)
  162. School Consolodation - Yarmouth Affected???: Eastport, Washington: neighborhoods, school district, salary - Maine (ME)
  163. Nestle drying up Maine?: Kennebunk, Wells: house, to buy, living (ME)
  164. Thinking of moving to Maine: Portland, Lewiston: rent, house, job market (ME)
  165. Moving to Harrington: Bangor, Ellsworth, Franklin: house, neighborhood, purchase - Maine (ME)
  166. road conditions: Gardiner: how much, inspection, live in - Maine (ME)
  167. Offshore drilling plan lists Maine coast: Bangor, Casco: leases, home, oil (ME)
  168. Planning a trip in Sept!: Portland, Bangor: hotel, live, best - Maine (ME)
  169. Starting a new farm: loans, how much, houses - Maine (ME)
  170. Help i need a wedding officiant!!!: Cape Elizabeth, Boothbay: weddings, costs, land - Maine (ME)
  171. Water Pipe insulation - how much do I need?: Eastport: house, floor - Maine (ME)
  172. layoffs in maine what are people going to do??: China: for sale, lease - Maine (ME)
  173. What do you think?: Augusta, Belfast: sales, salary, professionals - Maine (ME)
  174. Thawing Frozen Water Pipes in Maine: home, camp, floor (ME)
  175. School Consolidation: AOS?: Augusta, Waterville, Falmouth: home, neighborhood, school districts - Maine (ME)
  176. Calais, ME: Alexander: buy, live, move to - Maine
  177. Winter family fun in maine: Bangor: ski resorts, home, living in - Maine (ME)
  178. How's northern Maine for a 22 yr old?: Bangor: real estate, layoffs (ME)
  179. French Language in Madawaska?: Brunswick, Fort Kent: home, living, restaurant - Maine (ME)
  180. Tri state megabucks: Bangor, China, Springfield: credit card, houses, buy - Maine (ME)
  181. Closing Cost in Maine: flat fee, sale, hazard insurance (ME)
  182. Affordable Maine Honeymoon - June: Houlton, Bar Harbor: for rent, how much, hotels (ME)
  183. Deadly Cold: house, living in, moving to - Maine (ME)
  184. honeymoon in maine?: Wells, Freeport, Rockland: weddings, live, shop - Maine (ME)
  185. Seed catalogs: Detroit: houses, per square foot, live - Maine (ME)
  186. Are of us Mainers poor?: low income, how much, house (ME)
  187. Amish's Kitchen cabinets: Ellsworth: sales, home, buying - Maine (ME)
  188. Moving To Maine: Portland, Rockland, Ellsworth: apartments, to rent, condo (ME)
  189. A Sign of the Times: Portland, Lincoln: rent, loan, wedding - Maine (ME)
  190. Look at that moon!: Bethel: land, trees, area - Maine (ME)
  191. window blankets: renters, house, living - Maine (ME)
  192. Heads Up. Calais Auction: Lubec, Eastport: real estate, house, neighborhood - Maine (ME)
  193. What will you do on this cold, snowy Sunday?: Hope: house, dorm - Maine (ME)
  194. Does have Satellite Internet?: Dexter: house, live, cost - Maine (ME)
  195. Fellow Mainers: Do You Feel That Maine Is Becoming A Nanny State?: tax, costs (ME)
  196. What's up with Maine radio?: Sherman, Jackson: vehicles, station, island (ME)
  197. Need help with heat? Read this: voucher, income, oil - Maine (ME)
  198. To in augusuta or surrounding area. ** jobs **: construction, mechanic - Maine (ME)
  199. Canadian Pharmacy: recommend - Maine (ME)
  200. Bath Iron Works has announced the layoffs of 179 workers: yard, news - Maine (ME)