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  1. Dirigo health insurance??: Bangor, Waterville: low income, how much, lawyers - Maine (ME)
  2. A ..: price, move to, pictures - Maine (ME)
  3. How about Waterville ME: Lewiston, Auburn: home, schools, college - Maine
  4. Arthritis: Presque Isle, Hope: living in, moving to, area - Maine (ME)
  5. How is Gardiner, ME: Portland, Brunswick: apartment, rent, places to live - Maine
  6. on Milo: Bucksport, Manchester: houses, construction, land - Maine (ME)
  7. Equestrian Jobs in Maine?: Portland, Lewiston: for sale, home, to buy (ME)
  8. curious: Portland: employment, high school, income - Maine (ME)
  9. rn school: schools - Maine (ME)
  10. Interested in moving...need help finding where.: Eustis: employment, school district - Maine (ME)
  11. Two questions...: Augusta, Belfast, Penobscot: for sale, apartment, leasing - Maine (ME)
  12. Seeking Nurse Or C.n.a. Who Can Rent Inexpensive Sleeping Accomodations: medical - Maine (ME)
  13. Registered Nurses or other Health professionals....: Portland, Bangor: taxes, vehicles, pay - Maine (ME)
  14. day trips: Portland, Bangor, Auburn: sales, movies, school - Maine (ME)
  15. Rentals and Job Listings: Lincoln: sale, apartment, houses - Maine (ME)
  16. MaineCare: low income, income, rated (ME)
  17. Sherman county: Presque Isle, Caribou, Houlton: crime, how much, homes - Maine (ME)
  18. Arts in Eastport: Portland: for sale, homes, theater - Maine (ME)
  19. move from Minnesota to Maine?: Portland, Brunswick: high school, college, living (ME)
  20. Me to Az; back to Me: crime, how much, home - Maine (ME)
  21. looking for house to rent near presque isle: real estate, university - Maine (ME)
  22. Buying a car: Portland: sales, rental, car registration - Maine (ME)
  23. Blue Hill, Maine: Portland, Bangor, Ellsworth: real estate, low crime, theater (ME)
  24. Will visit Maine in March!: Portland, Lewiston: to rent, house, taxes (ME)
  25. Snowmobiling in Maine: Portland, Gray, Rangeley: shops, to relocate, friendly (ME)
  26. Bar Harbor during Memorial Day: Ellsworth: area, mosquitoes, reservations - Maine (ME)
  27. Teaching Jobs: Portland, Bangor, Lebanon: home, job market, school districts - Maine (ME)
  28. Relocating to Maine from MA: Dexter, Hudson: new home, purchase, living (ME)
  29. Transport in Maine: Portland, Bangor, Brunswick: bus, train, station (ME)
  30. Portland vs. Manchester: Lowell: hippest, to live in, moving to - Maine (ME)
  31. Travel RN lives in Motorhome: Bar Harbor, Trenton: to live in, bus, commuting - Maine (ME)
  32. Best friend coming for visit suggestions for things to do with kids????: Portland: hotel - Maine (ME)
  33. Are there your boats running ? HELP!!: Portland, Brunswick: buy, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  34. Mainebrokerman...: Searsport: house, price, money (ME)
  35. Apartments in Pittfield or Newport?: Bangor, Waterville: to rent, houses, live in - Maine (ME)
  36. Middle class: Bangor, Augusta: home, buying, school districts - Maine (ME)
  37. ''Line of Demarcation'': Portland, Bangor, Augusta: move, areas, counties - Maine (ME)
  38. relocating to maine coast: Cape Elizabeth, Old Orchard Beach: apartments, home, look for a job - Maine (ME)
  39. Moving from Jacksonville Florida to Maine: Portland, Bangor: houses, neighborhoods, YMCA (ME)
  40. moving to limerick: Portland, Waterboro: real estate, homes, high school - Maine (ME)
  41. how is maine: Millinocket: sales, insurance, credit card - Maine (ME)
  42. Public V. Private Land: how much, motorhome, camping - Maine (ME)
  43. Waterboro Information: Portland, Sanford, Lake Arrowhead: how much, high school, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  44. Can't believe this!!: Rockland, Belfast: hotels, new home, campgrounds - Maine (ME)
  45. Life in Bath?: Brunswick, Bridgton: buying a home, neighborhoods, buying - Maine (ME)
  46. Good Hair Salon/Stylist in or near Ellsworth?: Bangor: upkeep, place - Maine (ME)
  47. Part time work.: fit in, real estate, house - Maine (ME)
  48. Looking for websites for Maine summer rentals (near Kennebunkport): Portland: vacation, title (ME)
  49. What can you tell me about the Sanford area?: schools, to live in - Maine (ME)
  50. Thank you...: Readfield: renting, house, estimate - Maine (ME)
  51. with a good Marine Biology school there?: Orono: university, move to - Maine (ME)
  52. Biddeford, Maine?: Saco: house, school, university (ME)
  53. From East Orington?: Bangor, Bucksport: living, good place to live, place - Maine (ME)
  54. about Brunswick Navy Base closure?: Topsham: lease, buy, closing - Maine (ME)
  55. Preque Isle: Portland, Bangor, Presque Isle: crime rates, living, cost of living - Maine (ME)
  56. Turner or Monmouth: Portland, Lewiston, Auburn: house, theater, schools - Maine (ME)
  57. Oakland: Waterville, Belgrade: salons, crime, best school - Maine (ME)
  58. Confused for the move: Portland, Bangor: insurance, low crime, how much - Maine (ME)
  59. Hello Lovelies: Rockport, Unity: school, college, best - Maine (ME)
  60. Maine Liberal Leanings and Bradford or LaGrange: Bangor, Eastbrook: house, public school (ME)
  61. Visiting/Working Belfast- from NewZealnd: friendly, area, clothing - Maine (ME)
  62. Returning to Maine for Holidays: Portland, Augusta: rental car, rental, live (ME)
  63. Cell Phone coverage in Maine?: Portland, Bangor: moving to, best, trees (ME)
  64. good on Rockland and the midcoast...: Portland, Lewiston: low income, real estate - Maine (ME)
  65. Augusta Maine for 25 single guy?: Portland, Bangor: appliances, attorney, new home (ME)
  66. What do you do in Maine?: Portland, Brunswick: real estate, hotels, homes (ME)
  67. auburn/lewiston neighborhoods with sidewalks: Portland, Hope: for sale, low crime, houses - Maine (ME)
  68. Jobs in Maine w/ good 401K?: Portland: real estate, apartment, buying (ME)
  69. am moving to maine in may: Lewiston, Auburn: apartment, rentals, house - Maine (ME)
  70. Southern coast of Maine: recommend a beach town with shops/restaurants?: Biddeford: rentals, distance (ME)
  71. Trash Dumps: sale, transfer to, purchase - Maine (ME)
  72. vasselboro area and horses: Waterville: house, purchasing, taxes - Maine (ME)
  73. HELP! Need doggie daycare in Augusta: Belgrade: school, live, delivery - Maine (ME)
  74. Tell me about Biddeford/Old Orchard Beach?: Portland, Bangor: sale, real estate - Maine (ME)
  75. Jerome's Cycling Store Augusta Maine: Union: home, transfer to, purchase (ME)
  76. Houlton/Danforth area: Vanceboro: house prices, live in, prices - Maine (ME)
  77. moving to Maine for a job: Portland, Gorham: car insurance, how much, buying a home (ME)
  78. Potentially stupid about board: reputation, square, free - Maine (ME)
  79. Current stats on property values,: Portland, Bangor: sales, real estate, home sales - Maine (ME)
  80. Cost to build: Ellsworth, Calais, Eastport: house, contractors, square footage - Maine (ME)
  81. How do Southerns do with the snow?: Portland, Bangor: how much, townhouse - Maine (ME)
  82. need vacation rental information: Portland, South Portland: apartment, rentals, hotel - Maine (ME)
  83. Suggestions for move to BNAS: Bath: to rent, house, transferring to - Maine (ME)
  84. Searching for Edith Gagnon (grandma): Rockland, Thomaston: living, area, date - Maine (ME)
  85. Renting in Fort Kent?: Portland, Lubec: apartments, for rent, houses - Maine (ME)
  86. Houlton, Maine and Electricians: Bangor, Lincoln: house, job market, purchasing (ME)
  87. Need to rent a home or apt in the Houlton area from Feb to Nov.: Limerick: apartment - Maine (ME)
  88. Single, middle-age-ish, which town?: Blue Hill, Stockton Springs: to buy, living, land - Maine (ME)
  89. Best area to sail-Maine?: Bangor, Ellsworth: real estate, employment, price (ME)
  90. Looking for advice on a summer job: Bangor, Belfast: hotels, horse - Maine (ME)
  91. Maine Ranks As Third-Safest State: Bangor, Mexico: crime rates, live, price (ME)
  92. Nursing in Maine: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor: daycare, home, employment (ME)
  93. Bob's Clam Hut...: Kittery, Caribou, Pittston: how much, oil, best - Maine (ME)
  94. Can offer about living in Machias, ME area?: Bangor: real estate, crime - Maine
  95. thinking about Maine. ...: Portland, Bangor: transplants, house, schools (ME)
  96. Sooooo confused....about where to live.: Portland, Bangor: apartment, rentals, houses - Maine (ME)
  97. Pictures???: Hope: live, move to, property - Maine (ME)
  98. Parents coming up in August!: Topsham, Lisbon: real estate, rentals, houses - Maine (ME)
  99. Taxes: Portland, Hope: sales, real estate, how much - Maine (ME)
  100. build a house recently???: mortgage, how much, new house - Maine (ME)
  101. How Are You Folks Holding Up With This Nor'Easter??: Brunswick: power lines, hotel - Maine (ME)
  102. Movingto Maine: Bangor, Orono, Old Town: home, buy, schools (ME)
  103. Why is Maine a poor state?: Lewiston, Bangor: camps, median income, tax (ME)
  104. This is the kind of thing that makes us nervous about folks from Massachusetts: Union: schools, university - Maine (ME)
  105. What do people do to make a living in Aroostook county?: Presque Isle: health insurance, houses - Maine (ME)
  106. Breaking News: Bridgton, Bar Harbor: neighborhood, live, move - Maine (ME)
  107. Outsider in Maine?: Portland, Bangor: best town, hotel, house (ME)
  108. Owning a restaurant in Maine: Portland, Lewiston: real estate, to buy, construction (ME)
  109. Where Do You Live?: live in, rich, snake - Maine (ME)
  110. ME Or NH?: Portland, Bangor, Augusta: sales, low crime, house - Maine
  111. Francias en Lewiston ?: Bangor, Brunswick, Paris: upper-class, house, live - Maine (ME)
  112. Best place to buy meat?: Bangor, Bath: houses, salaries, maintenance - Maine (ME)
  113. Liberty, Jackson: Kennebunk, Belfast, Kennebunkport: low crime, Home Depot, job transfer - Maine (ME)
  114. April Vacation Kennebunkport: Portland, South Portland, Wells: amusement parks, hotels, house - Maine (ME)
  115. Unity College???: Waterville, Washington: appointed, sale, home - Maine (ME)
  116. 18 of snow so far...: Bath: how much, home, stats - Maine (ME)
  117. What Do You Like Best About Maine?: living in, swimming (ME)
  118. Weather for Mainers: Bangor, Brunswick: apartment, buy, college (ME)
  119. Public Schools In Maine....: Portland, South Portland: fit in, how much, affordable houses (ME)
  120. What would a family of three have to make to survive in....: Bangor: sale, lease - Maine (ME)
  121. What Are You Doing For Easter?: Franklin: food, best, children - Maine (ME)
  122. Is Augusta really that bad???: Portland, Lewiston: home, property tax, to live - Maine (ME)
  123. Mobile homes in Maine: Portland, Bangor: lease, mortgage, buying a house (ME)
  124. Cost to build in northern Maine?: Caribou, Fairfield: for sale, mobile home, income (ME)
  125. moving to the country: Portland, Falmouth: house, school, college - Maine (ME)
  126. From California to Maine (!?): Portland, Waterboro: low income, section 8, for sale (ME)
  127. Looking for on North Augusta/Belgrade area: Waterville, Oakland: spring break, for sale - Maine (ME)
  128. I've never been to ME - where should I visit?: Portland: transfer, buy - Maine
  129. Pick a place in Maine (image) to live!: Portland, Lewiston: real estate, Home Depot (ME)
  130. Maine, a great place to live: Portland, Bangor: spring break, for sale, real estate (ME)
  131. Rumford Maine: Farmington, Dixfield, Bethel: to rent, buying a home, buying (ME)
  132. organic stores , Portland vs. Bangor?: Ellsworth, Belfast: co-ops, Home Depot, neighborhood - Maine (ME)
  133. Our first Maine Winter Storm...: Bath, Phippsburg: Valentine's day, hotel, house (ME)
  134. Heating Costs: Brunswick, Newport: new home, heat pump, buying - Maine (ME)
  135. Why are taxes so high in Maine?: Bangor, Augusta: sales, real estate (ME)
  136. Swan Lake: Bangor, Augusta, Waterville: for rent, houses, purchase - Maine (ME)
  137. Beginning to think we might move to ME: Portland, Bangor: real estate, insurance - Maine
  138. Moving to Rockland from Texas: Portland, Lewiston: apartment complexes, leasing, modular homes - Maine (ME)
  139. Where is the snow?: Brunswick, Skowhegan: house, moving to, yard - Maine (ME)
  140. Does the Weather Channel know about Maine?: Portland, Mexico: house, live (ME)
  141. sanford on the decline?: Washington: crime rate, lawyers, new home - Maine (ME)
  142. metal roofs: Island Falls: houses, pros and cons, roofing - Maine (ME)
  143. Classic New England Small Town: Portland, Lewiston: appointed, home, neighborhood - Maine (ME)
  144. Jobs in Maine - Court Reporting?: Portland: lawyers, employment, buying (ME)
  145. Juvenile crime in rural Maine: Bangor, Augusta: apartment, houses, unemployment (ME)
  146. Thinking of Relocating from Arkansas to Maine.: Portland, South Portland: for sale, real estate market (ME)
  147. Snakes In Maine?: living in, garden, safe (ME)
  148. Lubec: Calais, Eastport, Washington: fit in, real estate, hotels - Maine (ME)
  149. 99% sold, but need tough truths from the locals: Bangor: apartment complex, rentals - Maine (ME)
  150. are s about moving to Maine: employment, living (ME)
  151. Mil Rates For Maine Towns: Augusta, Ellsworth: sales, real estate market, houses (ME)
  152. Moving to Maine: Portland, Biddeford, Augusta: to rent, hotels, house (ME)
  153. Fort Kent.: Portland, Bangor, South Portland: home, transferring to, schools - Maine (ME)
  154. on Kennebunkport: Portland, Kittery, Wells: for sale, crime, homes - Maine (ME)
  155. Moving to Maine?What to do???: Portland, Bangor: sales, real estate, low crime (ME)
  156. Will the snow storm threaten our trip in two week?: Washington: Valentine's day, winter - Maine (ME)
  157. tax hike for seasonal property owners?: Augusta, Otis: sales, real estate, how much - Maine (ME)
  158. North Carolina to Maine? Good Idea??: Portland, Scarborough: crime, homes, high school (ME)
  159. Moving to Maine and the base closing: Portland, Brunswick: best cities, real estate (ME)
  160. Headed up in 3 days!: Bangor, Freeport: shop, safe, properties - Maine (ME)
  161. Wind turbine noise problem in Mars Hill: credit, homes - Maine (ME)
  162. Timber Frame Homes: Jonesport, Hope, Sullivan: real estate, houses, live - Maine (ME)
  163. Hope to move.: Portland, Bangor, Brunswick: real estate, rent, health insurance - Maine (ME)
  164. Maine is the #5 smartest state :): Augusta: for sale, houses, private schools (ME)
  165. Daydreaming of Maine: Bangor, Bar Harbor, Boothbay: credit card, motel, houses (ME)
  166. Moving to Down East Maine soon! Advice needed... :o): Bangor: real estate, apartment (ME)
  167. Lyman Maine: Shapleigh: buying, to live, safety (ME)
  168. Winter in Maine...: live, move to, island (ME)
  169. Jefferson, ME: Augusta, Damariscotta, Unity: insurance, day cares, homes - Maine
  170. Sledding safety?: Bangor, Camden: house, camper, safe - Maine (ME)
  171. Not to miss stops in the following towns?: Portland: how much, new home - Maine (ME)
  172. Dressing for cold weather...: Kittery, Hampden: sales, buy, price - Maine (ME)
  173. WOW doesn't come close!: Portland, Bangor: renting, to buy, schools - Maine (ME)
  174. To buy a house and a car in ME without being a US citizen: rent, insurance - Maine
  175. Bucksport area: Bangor, Ellsworth, Belfast: crime, homes, purchasing - Maine (ME)
  176. Don't hate us retirees...: Washington, Hope: apartments, to rent, how much - Maine (ME)
  177. Maine Taxes: Damariscotta, Penobscot: sales, real estate, health insurance (ME)
  178. Can the Middle Class Make it in Maine?: Portland, Bangor: middle-class, fit in (ME)
  179. Whay are jobs so hard to find in Maine???: Houlton: insurance, unemployment rate (ME)
  180. Are lobsters really cheaper???: 2014, buy, price - Maine (ME)
  181. Fort Kent or fort fairfield members online: towns, history - Maine (ME)
  182. York: Brownville: estate, family, information - Maine (ME)
  183. moving to maine form houston texas: area, information - Maine (ME)
  184. Norway Maine ..: Sanford: home, schools, relocate to (ME)
  185. Machiasport Maine: camping, pictures, water (ME)
  186. Sedgwick Area: for sale, buying, address - Maine (ME)
  187. buying foreclosures in Maine: market (ME)
  188. Life Dream Camp??: Sidney: important, color - Maine (ME)
  189. good debt collection jobs in Maine?: credit, house (ME)
  190. Welligton ME: town, history, time - Maine
  191. Pre-School in Waterboro: costs, area, available - Maine (ME)
  192. Trash removal - LAC in Waterboro: disposal, pickup - Maine (ME)
  193. City of Gardiner Maine: Augusta: attorneys, home, income (ME)
  194. looking for a Pastor: Old Orchard Beach, Cherryfield: live, beach, cherry - Maine (ME)
  195. North Amity Maine: pictures (ME)
  196. Moving from South Caroilina.: Bangor: rent, school districts, moving to - Maine (ME)
  197. sign-up for free amber-alert txt messaging: low crime, living in, vehicle - Maine (ME)
  198. Searching for relative in Maine: Waterville: live in, cemetery, pictures (ME)
  199. Midcoast Body Shops: Belfast: moving, car, area - Maine (ME)
  200. hello: Lewiston: retiring, message - Maine (ME)