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  1. About School Districts Close to Jay, Maine: Farmington, Wilton: best schools, university (ME)
  2. Looking for Home~: Bangor, Ellsworth, Belfast: day care, preschool, camping - Maine (ME)
  3. Post reply: deal, top, how to - Maine (ME)
  4. looking for nice small town with affordable rent: Portland, Bangor: apartment, renters - Maine (ME)
  5. Snow banking!: Hudson: crawl space, university, live - Maine (ME)
  6. Moosehead Lake: Greenville, Rangeley, Moose River: to rent, hotel, camping - Maine (ME)
  7. Cost to finish cabin?: appliances, how much, house - Maine (ME)
  8. Filming locations - Camden & Acadia: Lincoln, Rockport: real estate market, house, to buy - Maine (ME)
  9. snow showers?: college, business, classes - Maine (ME)
  10. House/apartment rentals in Caribou/Presque Isle region: apartments, school - Maine (ME)
  11. International driving permit: Bangor, Brunswick: 2013, insurance, tax - Maine (ME)
  12. Lost On A Mountain In Maine Film: Bangor: 2013, trailer (ME)
  13. 3BR, 2BA, in Cutler: mortgage, lender, purchase - Maine (ME)
  14. Opportunity in South Portland: houses, public schools, taxes - Maine (ME)
  15. woodland clearing experiences/costs: Dixmont: how much, contractors, calculating - Maine (ME)
  16. Tech: transfer to, movies, legal - Maine (ME)
  17. Traveling the country - Maine: Hope: home, public school, camping (ME)
  18. Hartland, Maine: Dover-Foxcroft, Ripley: bankruptcy, taxes, live (ME)
  19. Deeded access to a lake-how does it work?: broker, buy - Maine (ME)
  20. help, moving to the portland/biddeford area!: South Portland, Auburn: apartment, renters - Maine (ME)
  21. Fly Fishing in Maine...?: Bangor: area, location, water (ME)
  22. Tree Cutting by CMP: power lines, home, contractor - Maine (ME)
  23. The North Pond Hermit song: Hope: camps, company, builder - Maine (ME)
  24. Jackman area vs. Millinocket area for a hunting/vacation camp?: East Millinocket: home, to buy - Maine (ME)
  25. Sap Stealers: 2013, house, purchase - Maine (ME)
  26. Recommend a good credit union?: Bangor, Presque Isle: appointed, university, live - Maine (ME)
  27. update on Carbonite in Lewiston?: housing, company, jobs - Maine (ME)
  28. looking for a Fiddlehead supplier: Brunswick, Cooper: to buy, university, living in - Maine (ME)
  29. Ponds/Lakes/Rivers for Ice Hockey: safe, outlets, water - Maine (ME)
  30. Foot of snow for Cape Cod on Monday: land, lodge - Maine (ME)
  31. Best Schools in SE Maine: Kittery, South Berwick: tuition, money, districts (ME)
  32. Maine Maple Sunday?: Bangor, Gorham, Belfast: 2013, how much, house (ME)
  33. Happy Birthday Maine!: Bangor, Hampden, Machias: houses, university, living in (ME)
  34. Suggestions Saco, Maine: Portland, Biddeford: waterpark, house, theater (ME)
  35. Electrician vs. HVAC: Union: homes, contractors, community college - Maine (ME)
  36. Thinking About Buying a Home with Shared Driveway or Right of Way?: Bangor: 2013 - Maine (ME)
  37. Night Trade Classes...: Waterville, Weld: home, schools, university - Maine (ME)
  38. Possibly moving to Augusta?: Waldoboro, China: transfer, school, taxes - Maine (ME)
  39. Rent equipment in Lewiston Area: to rent, best deal, places - Maine (ME)
  40. Happy Easter To All: Hope: Sunday - Maine (ME)
  41. Fowl Fanciers !: 2013, buy, store - Maine (ME)
  42. Zoning Free Areas: Portland, Lincoln, Penobscot: buying, high school, property tax - Maine (ME)
  43. Trucking Industry Jobs: job market, schools, universities - Maine (ME)
  44. 11 yr old kills infant.: charge, state, trial - Maine (ME)
  45. Fishing Muscongus Bay: yard, best, area - Maine (ME)
  46. Andover area questions: low income, to rent, house - Maine (ME)
  47. Center for Furniture Craftsmanship:: Camden, Lincoln: real estate, school, cabinet - Maine (ME)
  48. Advice on Greenwood, ME: crime, vacation home, live - Maine
  49. fruit tree questions: Bangor, Albion: houses, school, live - Maine (ME)
  50. Taxes - renting in ME while building a house: Kennebunk: sale, rental - Maine
  51. Moving to Mid Coast Maine: Brunswick, Rockland: fit in, home, to live (ME)
  52. Norway?: Lewiston, Auburn, Bridgton: employment, elementary schools, live in - Maine (ME)
  53. ever visit Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge?: Bangor: fish, compared - Maine (ME)
  54. Retro oven restoration: Franklin: for sale, appliances, home - Maine (ME)
  55. Mainah Style Parody of Gangnam Style, just for fun: Owls Head: tax, prices - Maine (ME)
  56. 3bdrm, 2bath, on 5+ acres in Springfield: houses, live, floor - Maine (ME)
  57. Lincoln in Lights: credit, homes, neighborhoods - Maine (ME)
  58. summer vacation home in maine: Camden, Eastport: for sale, real estate, apartments - Maine (ME)
  59. Still Around (in NJ): Bangor, Eastport: for sale, real estate market, 2013 - Maine (ME)
  60. Kennebunk Hotel/Inn/Lodge Suggestions?: Wells, Kennebunkport: rentals, condo, house - Maine (ME)
  61. Maine Lobster Rolls into DC & Brooklyn!: Portland: 2013, buy (ME)
  62. milfoil: Augusta, Belgrade, Great Pond: salons, inspectors, live - Maine (ME)
  63. On disability- want to move to Maine...: Presque Isle, Caribou: rent, homes (ME)
  64. most woodsy towns- wanting to move- help!: Fryeburg: credit, employment - Maine (ME)
  65. Maine Christmas Song: Liberty: to buy, to eat, kitchen (ME)
  66. Kennebunkport ??: Portland, Wells, Norway: broker, hotel, house - Maine (ME)
  67. 3BR 1BA home on 3 acres in Newport: for sale, house - Maine (ME)
  68. Congratulations to Camden, Maine; Way-Cool Small Town!: Rockland: 2013, live (ME)
  69. Hello all from Russia:): Rockland, Camden: house, wedding, schools - Maine (ME)
  70. Blue Hill fish market?: building, drive, road - Maine (ME)
  71. pellet/wood stove ash: floor, garden, farmers - Maine (ME)
  72. What area to live?: Portland, Brunswick: for sale, real estate, 2014 - Maine (ME)
  73. Southern Maine Visit In January: Portland, Bangor: vacation, rating, best place (ME)
  74. Fiddlehead Prices: highway, roads, time - Maine (ME)
  75. Taking Snowblower Off: Wayne: store, yard, basement - Maine (ME)
  76. Move from Long Island to coastal maine: Portland, Brunswick: house, transfer - Maine (ME)
  77. Kittery - Best Restaurant for Lobster: Warren, Eastport: house, price, food - Maine (ME)
  78. buying Maine lakefront questions: real estate, house, camp (ME)
  79. Congratulations to Calais Regional Hospital: Machias: home, closing, safety - Maine (ME)
  80. Tar Sands Pipeline Research: Quick Survey (with prize): Portland, Brunswick: how much, theater - Maine (ME)
  81. Fluttering noise in woods: house, trees, population - Maine (ME)
  82. Maine, do you want to be part of Canada?: Brunswick: health insurance, houses (ME)
  83. Maine Vacation - Canoeing: Millinocket, Norway: rentals, house, camping (ME)
  84. adopting dogs: Cherryfield, Lee: houses, living, cost - Maine (ME)
  85. Good news for Maine? Ships arrive from Europe for the first time in 33 years.: Portland: 2013, to buy (ME)
  86. Be thankful you live in Maine.: Lebanon: homeowners insurance, house, neighborhood (ME)
  87. Well Water Odor: Brunswick, Gorham, Poland: lender, hotel, selling a home - Maine (ME)
  88. New to Maine and LOVING IT!!!: Dexter, Unity: sale, 2013, consignment (ME)
  89. Outhouse allowed in Maine???: houses, new construction, camps (ME)
  90. Move to Belfast: Portland, Ellsworth, Orland: real estate, how much, houses - Maine (ME)
  91. People still can't negotiate Augusta's rotaries properly!: Springfield: college, living in - Maine (ME)
  92. Living in Southern Maine with children: Portland, Kennebunk: fit in, 2014, rent (ME)
  93. Getting warmer in Maine?: move to, train, pine (ME)
  94. Home buyer,well water analysis lab options in Downeast?: Pittsfield: neighborhood, buying - Maine (ME)
  95. Is the East-West Highway a done deal?: Portland, Bangor: for sale, 2013 - Maine (ME)
  96. Graduate: Hope: insurance, student loans, school - Maine (ME)
  97. Best beach, woods, and fun town in Maine?: Portland, Old Orchard Beach: amusement park, restaurants (ME)
  98. More wild Turkeys in maine than 10-20 years ago?: Bangor: live, price - Maine (ME)
  99. The Pond Hermit!?: crime, homes, camps - Maine (ME)
  100. Culvert Fishing?!: house, pool, land - Maine (ME)
  101. Congratulations Sedgwick, Maine!!!: 2013, buying, organic (ME)
  102. Marathon Terrorism: Hope, Cambridge: home, purchases, shop - Maine (ME)
  103. Why are the ticks so bad this year?: Portland, Brunswick: health, property - Maine (ME)
  104. 2013 US News & world report Maine High School Rankings: Portland: real estate, crime (ME)
  105. lobsterman union?? Oh, man!: co-op, buying, university - Maine (ME)
  106. It's A Long Shot But I'll Try: Portland, Lewiston: employment, high school - Maine (ME)
  107. Home Search in Winter: real estate, lease, houses - Maine (ME)
  108. BDN: Maine has nation’s least expensive car insurance: Eastport: 2013, home (ME)
  109. Sternman...: Belfast: co-op, legal, moving - Maine (ME)
  110. Is it just that time of year??: employment, calculation - Maine (ME)
  111. Maine Schools--New Grading System: Portland, Lewiston: 2013, crime, public schools (ME)
  112. Maine Lobsters: Portland: transporting, buy, live (ME)
  113. Augusta Area Towns, Especially Heading Towards The Coast: Auburn, Brunswick: high school, colleges - Maine (ME)
  114. What the heck is this thing?: fit in, live in, tree - Maine (ME)
  115. Wingshooting ?: Milo, Greenbush, Washington: home, to buy, centers - Maine (ME)
  116. Portland Area, Rockland, Belfast, jobs, moving advice.: South Portland, Bath: to rent, house - Maine (ME)
  117. Let's Try Something Different: Maine. What's Good About It?: Bangor: 2013, how much (ME)
  118. Black flies and deer flies: Avon: house, live in, horse - Maine (ME)
  119. Income TAX TIME!: Hope: move, estimated, refunds - Maine
  120. peepers last night: home, campground, live in - Maine (ME)
  121. Looking forward to moving...: Portland, Kittery: ski resorts, purchases, living - Maine (ME)
  122. Garden Planting: Bangor, Augusta, Albion: to buy, school, live - Maine (ME)
  123. 20th Anniversary: Kittery, Rockland, Camden: home, school, live - Maine (ME)
  124. move to Portland, ME (Reposted from subthread): South Portland, Biddeford: real estate, apartments - Maine
  125. Shaw's Supermarkets Sold in Maine: Portland, Bangor: sales, homes, to buy (ME)
  126. Heat wave in abbot: Ellsworth, Lincoln: home, high school, to move - Maine (ME)
  127. More Turkey's??: Long Island: moving, pine, yard - Maine (ME)
  128. owning land in Main: Bangor: for sale, real estate market, house - Maine (ME)
  129. Black people in Maine: Portland, Lewiston: fit in, employment, theater (ME)
  130. Wonderful Courteous Maine Drivers: Bangor, Belfast: 2013, trailer, cars (ME)
  131. Beaver chili & black fly Muffins Today 6pmTravel Channel: Ellsworth: fit in, houses - Maine (ME)
  132. Brunswick should be ashamed of itself: Portland: 2013, movies, military - Maine (ME)
  133. Where are the Blue Jays: food, retired, rating - Maine (ME)
  134. Maine.. about zoning, bldg. regs: Orono, St. Albans: insurance, mortgage, house (ME)
  135. Scrap thieves- depressing sign of the times: for sale, foreclosure - Maine (ME)
  136. No Power!!: Bangor, Eastport, Hope: homes, retired, station - Maine (ME)
  137. Pre-Fab Houses: Ellsworth, Madison, Washington: to rent, insurance, modular home - Maine (ME)
  138. Maine Turnpike traffic counts: Portland, South Portland: unemployment, tax, living (ME)
  139. Moving to Me in winter from texas: Bath, Patten: how much, home - Maine (ME)
  140. What do you think of new rules at UMA?: Brunswick: high school, university - Maine (ME)
  141. Flying in Maine: Portland, Lewiston, Auburn: sales, buying, sales tax (ME)
  142. Bowhunting: Auburn, Old Town, Howland: sales, rentals, home - Maine (ME)
  143. Maine?: Portland, Bangor, Brunswick: houses, find a job, colleges (ME)
  144. Traditional Maine Christmas Dinner: house, live, versus (ME)
  145. Ordering Maine Lobster As Gift: Bangor, Hancock: buy, live, restaurant (ME)
  146. Winter holidays in Maine, where?: Portland, Bangor: hotels, casino, camping (ME)
  147. In-state tuition denial: insurance, lawyer, home - Maine (ME)
  148. Snow tires vs all-seasons: how much, home, vs. - Maine (ME)
  149. Small Town Feel Near Portland: Gorham, Falmouth: real estate, rental, buying a house - Maine (ME)
  150. Autumn in Maine, a Highlights Video: Bangor, Rockland: how much, home, store (ME)
  151. Maine Fruitcake Famine: Bangor, Ellsworth, Dexter: buy, live, price (ME)
  152. Retirement??: Augusta: health insurance, home, unemployment benefits - Maine (ME)
  153. What makes Maine special for you?: Brunswick, Augusta: crime, motel, houses (ME)
  154. Birds and the Bees: Washington: credit, how much, living - Maine (ME)
  155. Maine or New Hampshire: Portland, Lewiston: vehicle registration, houses, to buy (ME)
  156. Be glad you live in Maine~!: Rockland: houses, neighborhoods, schools (ME)
  157. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our DEAR MSINA join the celebration! Cheers to OUR MSINA 12-23-2012 :) Best of wishes!: Hope: rating, children - Maine (ME)
  158. MagicJack Users ?: Houlton, Ellsworth: house, buy, budget - Maine (ME)
  159. Ammo & magazines in Maine?: Bridgton, Anson: home, buying, legal (ME)
  160. Boothbay Harbor-Vacation Home: condo, theater, cabins - Maine (ME)
  161. Robbed!!: Bangor, Brewer: home, live, storage - Maine (ME)
  162. Maine, how would we fit in?: Bangor, Lincoln: sales, real estate market, apartment (ME)
  163. Looking for information on the city of calais maine?: Bangor: fit in, rentals - Maine (ME)
  164. ice fishing and snowshoes: 2014, to buy, live - Maine (ME)
  165. Asian attending college in Maine?: Gorham, Orono: find a job, high school, university (ME)
  166. Snow storm again: Fairfield, Fort Fairfield: how much, home, school - Maine (ME)
  167. Alternate electric suppliers that aren't CMP: to buy, electric bill, residential - Maine (ME)
  168. Mainers who have never been outside the state??: Bangor: live in, moving (ME)
  169. Maine Restraint Law: Portland, Augusta: schools, live, authority (ME)
  170. Seeking restaurant recommendations: Portland, Bangor, Waterville: lawyers, house, live in - Maine (ME)
  171. Help: life in Caribou?: houses, neighborhoods, place to live - Maine (ME)
  172. Yarmouth council chair proposes closing 108 small towns: Portland, Bangor: 2013, how much - Maine (ME)
  173. Maine may be chosen for missile defense system site: Portland: 2013, apartment (ME)
  174. Help us plan a scouting trip to northern Maine: Caribou: fit in, apartment (ME)
  175. Good Idea/Bad Idea?: Portland, Bangor: home, movies, school - Maine (ME)
  176. Does buying an acre of land in Maine....: Augusta: sublet, 2013 (ME)
  177. Vernal Pool? - Act Fast: Brunswick, Orono: house, to buy, university - Maine (ME)
  178. Suggestions on noise control in the woods: Hope, Rangeley: leases, house - Maine (ME)
  179. Another reason life is better in Maine: Brunswick: crime, credit card (ME)
  180. Just how much snow?: Portland, Brunswick: 2013, live, transport - Maine (ME)
  181. Retirement (things to do): Hermon, Dedham: homes, wedding, buy - Maine (ME)
  182. EZ pass questions: Portland, Augusta, New Gloucester: credit card, move, transport - Maine (ME)
  183. Moose in Maine?: Brunswick, Augusta: 2013, estimate, land (ME)
  184. Share your photos from the blizzard: Augusta, Belfast: how much, beach, car - Maine (ME)
  185. Getting out there and helping!: Caribou, Ellsworth: houses, tenant, theater - Maine (ME)
  186. Are we having fun: Portland, Augusta: how much, shop, garage - Maine (ME)
  187. Winter Favorite Foods: houses, shop, garden - Maine (ME)
  188. Winter Recreation/Activities: Bradley: live, to eat, horse - Maine (ME)
  189. How bad are the bugs: Winterport, Woolwich: live, moving to, oil - Maine (ME)
  190. Moving to Maine and so worried: Kittery: fit in, house, employment (ME)
  191. Looking for Fort Kent and surrounding area: Bangor, Brunswick: real estate, houses - Maine (ME)
  192. 3br 2ba 1,200 sf home in Clinton up for auction: kitchen cabinets, taxes - Maine (ME)
  193. Dead River Rough Cut, directors cut: friend, love, recent - Maine (ME)
  194. summertime mercantile - Maine (ME)
  195. Maine -- Amongst the top 5 States, according to interesting Twitter analysis: 2013, to move (ME)
  196. Western Hills Prop. Group Legit?: Norway, Oxford: to rent, house, property - Maine (ME)
  197. Presque Ilse and surrounding, house to rent: Caribou, Mapleton: for sale, rental homes - Maine (ME)
  198. opinions on Fayette maine for vacation home: buying, retire - Maine (ME)
  199. Seeking recommendations for a builder or GC in western Maine: Bethel: land, properties (ME)
  200. Pipefitting Programs In Maine: community college, plumbing, residential (ME)