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  1. Just spent one week in Maine: Portland, Bath: lawyers, live in, vacation (ME)
  2. Wintertime Commuting into Augusta: Portland, Lewiston: living, health, cities - Maine (ME)
  3. Buying our first house...In Maine!: Portland, Bangor: rent, low crime, theatre (ME)
  4. Pictures of Saco: Biddeford: pit bull, pub, cars - Maine (ME)
  5. 25 Best Parts About Being From Maine/Buzzfeed: Bangor, Orono: 2014, scorpions (ME)
  6. Coastal Maine affordability and climate?: Portland, Kittery: low crime, house, schools (ME)
  7. Relocation to Lewiston ME?: Portland, Auburn: apartment, rentals, neighborhoods - Maine
  8. Best Breakfast in Southern Maine?: Portland, Kennebunk: home, food, kitchen (ME)
  9. Upside down...: Caribou, Lincoln, Millinocket: 2014, home, Walmart - Maine (ME)
  10. heading to Maine!!: Portland, Bangor: how much, hotels, things to do (ME)
  11. How feasible is it?: Augusta, Kennebunk: sales, real estate, apartment - Maine (ME)
  12. Thoughts on Jacking/Leveling a Camp?: Machias: loan, house, buy - Maine (ME)
  13. Lecole Francaise du Maine school: Portland: area, reviews, about (ME)
  14. Quoddy Village OR Eastport proper: Hope: apartments, insurance, houses - Maine (ME)
  15. Thank you Mainers!!!: Portland, Bangor, Waterville: live, shop, to eat (ME)
  16. Driving from Fairfield to Portland, ME: Washington: areas, places, town - Maine
  17. see anything odd: 2014, buyer, pharmacy - Maine (ME)
  18. Blue Collar Vacationland: Lincoln, Bar Harbor, Eastport: 2013, hotel, houses - Maine (ME)
  19. Hard Frost: Eastport, Washington: 2015, live, cost - Maine (ME)
  20. Weather in Maine: Eastport: house, live, moving (ME)
  21. Mountain Men on History Channel & Charlie in Maine...: 2014, loft (ME)
  22. Memorial Day Maine 2014: Belfast, Camden, Lincoln: home, live, military (ME)
  23. Best city /area for me?: Portland, Bangor: homes, job market, homeschool - Maine (ME)
  24. notice...: Bangor, Hope: neighborhood, garden, yard - Maine (ME)
  25. Auburn or Lewiston school experiences?: Portland, South Portland: school districts, move to, transportation - Maine (ME)
  26. First skeeter this morning.: Hancock: house, landscaping, camp - Maine (ME)
  27. Would moving in November be a good idea?: lease, movers - Maine (ME)
  28. Unity maine or that area: Orono, Skowhegan: mortgage, houses, buyers - Maine (ME)
  29. Father's Day, Free Fishing: law, charge, year - Maine (ME)
  30. Raised Vegetable Garden: house, to buy, contractor - Maine (ME)
  31. Fresh Lobster for 4th: Bangor, Rockland: to buy, store, garden - Maine (ME)
  32. Has ever had this problem?: Eagle Lake: house, camp, live - Maine (ME)
  33. Summer Rental in Miane: Portland, Bangor: 2015, rentals, home - Maine (ME)
  34. Areas of Maine in high demand for Ultrasound technicians?: Brunswick: find a job, to move (ME)
  35. In Ground Pools in Eastern Maine: Portland: real estate, homeowners insurance, homes (ME)
  36. Acadia First Timers: Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Rome: house, camping, maintenance - Maine (ME)
  37. Cost to install power?: houses, to buy, camper - Maine (ME)
  38. Castine: Belfast, Camden, Bar Harbor: real estate, houses, university - Maine (ME)
  39. Used Brick or Granite: Rockland, Warren: live, warehouse, companies - Maine (ME)
  40. Maine vacation-advice needed: Portland, Wells, Rockland: rentals, houses, prices (ME)
  41. Relocation, Clam Digging, Small Business and Stuff: Portland, Bangor: extended stay, real estate - Maine (ME)
  42. Year Round on Peaks and Commuting to Portland: Casco: house, taxi - Maine (ME)
  43. ROW change in use commercial: Norway: real estate, limousine, attorney - Maine (ME)
  44. Best Genset controller: buy, costs, store - Maine (ME)
  45. Hauling a dual axle camper with a diesel 3/4 to 1 ton truck: to buy, campsites - Maine (ME)
  46. Well, We Made it Through July.: Gardiner: 2014, school, station - Maine (ME)
  47. Siding/Window contractors needed?: Portland: credit card, home, salary - Maine (ME)
  48. Mid-Oxford County furniture stores?: Portland, Lewiston: sales, house, sales tax - Maine (ME)
  49. Maine around Christmas–where to go: Portland, Bath: appointed, hotel, house (ME)
  50. Should I re-locate?: Orono, Farmington, Madawaska: university, to live in, moving to - Maine (ME)
  51. apartment: Presque Isle: place to live, price, money - Maine (ME)
  52. Contacting Boidi Motel, Calais: for sale, cars, phone number - Maine (ME)
  53. Deep sea charters: Rockland, Deer Isle, Penobscot: fishing, worth, harbor - Maine (ME)
  54. Local versus out-of-state organic produce: Portland, Bangor: buying, prices, stores - Maine (ME)
  55. 7 Million Pounds of Bear Bait---that's funky math!: Lincoln, Waldo: 2014, how much - Maine (ME)
  56. wood harvesting: Old Town, Lee: for sale, costs, move - Maine (ME)
  57. SQ FT cost of building home in Oxford County Maine: appliances, homes (ME)
  58. about Lewisberg: Enfield, Ludlow: tax, payment, small town - Maine (ME)
  59. Are you Going to The World Acadian Congress?: Fort Kent: 2014, university - Maine (ME)
  60. visiting nh and lebanon me...suggestions: Kittery, Washington: houses, restaurants, shops - Maine (ME)
  61. Opening a business in Camden/Rockport area - spaces available or not?: real estate - Maine (ME)
  62. Getting from Camden to Boston by Bus: Portland, Brunswick: pricing, airport - Maine (ME)
  63. Rumford: best options for internet/cable?: mover, house, price - Maine (ME)
  64. Good city/town for semi-retired: Portland, Lewiston: to rent, employment, live - Maine (ME)
  65. You're no longer approved!: Portland, Bangor: 2014, credit, buying - Maine (ME)
  66. Hillman's Bakery in Fairfield, Me: Bangor: live, price, moving to - Maine (ME)
  67. Mainers! How is your summer going? :): Brewer, Boothbay: zoning, shop, beaches (ME)
  68. Wights camps and cottages in Newry: campground, safe, best - Maine (ME)
  69. Diversity In Maine.: Fairfield, Fort Kent, Fort Fairfield: Mennonites, live in, shop (ME)
  70. What's Farmington Like? Honesty's The Best Policy!: Portland, Rangeley: buying a house, buying - Maine (ME)
  71. Pownal Taxes?: Portland, Yarmouth, Freeport: condo, house, property taxes - Maine (ME)
  72. Northward bound: Farmington, Strong, Rangeley: condominium, lawyer, house - Maine (ME)
  73. Best Golf course in Central/MidCoast??: Rockland, Camden: price, club, rated - Maine (ME)
  74. Sharia law for Mainers?: women, what does, different (ME)
  75. Bath and the railroad: house, live, moving to - Maine (ME)
  76. Just had a 5.1 quake over in L.A.: earthquake, period - Maine (ME)
  77. 2Brm 2Ba in Hampden on auction block: Presque Isle, Wells: 2014, mortgage - Maine (ME)
  78. 70 degrees on Monday. Snow on Wednesday.: Athens: weather, time, spring - Maine (ME)
  79. Apartments with outdoor pools within driving distance to Portland?: Lewiston: section 8, rentals - Maine (ME)
  80. Tree Sale: Clinton: price, trees, basement - Maine (ME)
  81. Bath, ME vs Portsmouth, NH: Portland, Brunswick: sales, real estate, house - Maine
  82. Could green party win in maine: Portland, Brunswick: house, harbor, pronounced - Maine (ME)
  83. Help on weather: Augusta, Rockland, Topsfield: 2014, gardening, tree - Maine (ME)
  84. Ice Out: Machias, Lowell: weather, fishing, annual - Maine (ME)
  85. Scarborough vs Cape Elizabeth for stay-at-home moms: Portland, Gorham: school, university - Maine (ME)
  86. Maine Mountain towns: Millinocket, Bethel, Greenville: rentals, houses, to live in (ME)
  87. AUCTION: 15 Grampys Way, Swanville, Maine: 2014, rent, unemployment (ME)
  88. Snowing outside now..: vehicle, land, hills - Maine (ME)
  89. Was I so wrong to ask?: how much, house, contractors - Maine (ME)
  90. Maine Maple Sunday: Palmyra: to buy, to eat, farms (ME)
  91. Happy Patriots Day: Skowhegan, Berwick, North Berwick: how much, home, cost - Maine (ME)
  92. ICEOUT on Moosehead: Greenville, Phillips, Allagash: real estate, buy, to live - Maine (ME)
  93. Painting For Sale! Only $27,500: fit in, how much, buyers - Maine (ME)
  94. Power Outages+Mobile Phones: home, vs., propane - Maine (ME)
  95. Tell me about China: Portland, Brunswick: mortgage, house, wedding - Maine (ME)
  96. know anything about Limestone,ME?: Portland, Lewiston: house, school, campground - Maine
  97. getting electricty: Winn: co-op, house, cost of - Maine (ME)
  98. ! Spring is: landscaping, buy, organic - Maine (ME)
  99. Dandelion Greens: Bangor, Bath: live, store, eat - Maine (ME)
  100. What other states would you live in?: insurance, school - Maine (ME)
  101. see this Maine documentary?: Gouldsboro: layoffs, schools, price (ME)
  102. Portland, ME: low crime, schools, bus - Maine
  103. Radon Results: are they too high in the basement?: big home, buyers - Maine (ME)
  104. Helen's Burned: Ellsworth, Machias, Cutler: live, restaurant, food - Maine (ME)
  105. Signs of Spring in Maine 2014: Saco, Bar Harbor: houses, law, license plates (ME)
  106. 2 tornado touchdowns in 2 weeks?: Wells, Farmington: insurance, homes, buy - Maine (ME)
  107. Can tell me something about Sanford?: Portland, Lewiston: 2014, neighborhood - Maine (ME)
  108. Flood advisory has been issued due to ice jams: Caribou: house, living - Maine (ME)
  109. New England Accent?: Portland, Oxford, Washington: live, moving to, land - Maine (ME)
  110. Is Maine a racist state? My family and I are wanting to move there.: homes, gated (ME)
  111. Japanese Beetles: organic, gardens, eat - Maine (ME)
  112. Vote NO on Federal Park: Bangor, Augusta: motel, bankruptcy, camping - Maine (ME)
  113. Heroin in maine.: Bangor: 2014, felony, buy - Maine (ME)
  114. Maine makes the Colbert Report: Portland: land, rain, children (ME)
  115. Southern Maine from Cape: Portland, Brunswick: sales, real estate market, renting (ME)
  116. Hampden town council shameful members: Portland, Gorham: homes, wedding, school - Maine (ME)
  117. Small Towns Near Portland? (X-Post from Portland): Brunswick, Biddeford: health insurance, neighborhoods - Maine (ME)
  118. Four Wheeling In Maine...A Neat Thing.: buy, organic (ME)
  119. Maine sees more UFOs than most other states: Machias, Lubec: 2014, buy (ME)
  120. What is your favorite place in Maine?: Eastport, Rome: 2013, camping (ME)
  121. wanting to relocate: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor: crime, neighborhoods, living in - Maine (ME)
  122. South Carolina country boy interested in Bangor and Portland: Brewer: fit in, apartment - Maine (ME)
  123. There outta be a law!: Pittsfield, China: for sale, homes, unemployment rate - Maine (ME)
  124. Downeast or The County?: Portland, Calais: real estate, 2013, home - Maine (ME)
  125. Looking for advice from residents: Portland, Hancock: ski resorts, houses, to buy - Maine (ME)
  126. Limestone Maine we come!: home, contractor, inspector (ME)
  127. Wanting to move from Missouri: Portland, Washington: real estate, rentals, health insurance - Maine (ME)
  128. Is Maine sorta kinda like Michigan?: Portland, Brunswick: college, property taxes, live in (ME)
  129. Maine Ranks High: Waterville: 2013, homes, camps (ME)
  130. Linguistic Inquiry: the before ____ road: Brunswick: sale, 2014 - Maine (ME)
  131. bats this year?: Hallowell, Hope: house, camp, health - Maine (ME)
  132. Speeding/tailgating in Maine: Bangor, Wells: living, law, safe (ME)
  133. Acadia National Park is America's Favorite Place: Bar Harbor: 2014, how much - Maine (ME)
  134. Moving the family to Madawaska😃: Machias: schools, stores, moving to - Maine (ME)
  135. Troubling Paradigm From Mainers: Portland, Bangor: extended stay, appointed, fit in (ME)
  136. Cost of living ...: 2014, condo, lawyers - Maine (ME)
  137. Building Home on Shoestring Budget: Belfast, Bradford: how much, mobile home, new construction - Maine (ME)
  138. Buy house in maine for 110k where?: Portland, Waterville: for sale, renters - Maine (ME)
  139. African-American artist looking to possibly relocate to Maine: Portland, Bangor: sale, transfer (ME)
  140. Downeast Dickering: floor, store, place - Maine (ME)
  141. ****Estimated heatnig and electric costs in southwestern Maine?: Bangor, Bridgton: homeowners insurance, mortgage (ME)
  142. Mainer's for Fair Bear Hunting: Brunswick: 2014, neighborhood (ME)
  143. Gubernatorial candidate Steve Woods says 108 Maine towns ‘basically insolvent’: Falmouth: 2013, subsidized (ME)
  144. Best rock station in Maine?: Presque Isle: live in, swimming, car (ME)
  145. Their Back!: Orono: home, college, camping - Maine (ME)
  146. 'Mobile' Homes - Pros/Cons: Detroit: apartments, rent, insurance - Maine (ME)
  147. General LePage, your army awaits your orders!: salary, restaurant - Maine (ME)
  148. Wood Stove + Oil Furnace = No Homeowners Insurance: Rockland, Richmond: new home, layoffs - Maine (ME)
  149. Who actually likes living in Maine? ;-): Portland, Bangor: for sale, real estate (ME)
  150. Help with ants!?: new home, buy, shop - Maine (ME)
  151. Air Conditioning in Maine?: Augusta, Wiscasset: real estate, rentals, insurance (ME)
  152. Two questions about Maine: bees/wasps and brick houses?: Brewer: new house, buyers (ME)
  153. Earnest Money on Property Offer: real estate, brokers, lawyer - Maine (ME)
  154. Which part/cities of Maine should we explore first as transplants?: Portland: renting, low crime (ME)
  155. Speed Limit increase: Portland, Brunswick, Bath: dangerous, safety, cars - Maine (ME)
  156. diesel converted to run off of veggie oil: taxes, live - Maine (ME)
  157. Best towns in far Northern Maine for off grid living: Bangor: mobile home, camps (ME)
  158. Advices for Community College Applicant: Portland, Lewiston: rental, employment, transfer - Maine (ME)
  159. Housing in Presque isle: Caribou, Fort Kent: real estate, rentals, loan - Maine (ME)
  160. Best Grocery Stores in Maine: Portland, Biddeford: to buy, live in, prices (ME)
  161. First fiddleheads!: land, place, sunny - Maine (ME)
  162. A Great Trip to Maine: Bangor, Waterville: rental car, for sale, rental (ME)
  163. Maine fishing & pollution/mercury in fish?: Searsport: how much, homes (ME)
  164. At Long Last… we are Moving to Maine: Bangor, Houlton: home, live (ME)
  165. Stay on your own side (of the road)!: Bangor, Augusta: moving to, car - Maine (ME)
  166. A Bunch of Subversives in Central Maine: Bangor, Augusta: sale, tenant (ME)
  167. Municipal Solid Waste: incinerators, landfills, out-of-state waste for profit, PERC, MRC: Bangor: real estate, power lines - Maine (ME)
  168. Park recommendations?: Portland, Freeport, Winslow: movie theater, camp, live - Maine (ME)
  169. Does Beautiful Bangor have Legal Cannabis?: Portland, Fairfield: sales, apartment, rental - Maine (ME)
  170. Staying in Maine Forever: 2013, house, living (ME)
  171. Older folks who have retired to Maine from: Houlton: for sale, house (ME)
  172. Movers/Moving company: price, storage, moving van - Maine (ME)
  173. How is Radio reception & Cable/Satellite TV in Maine...: Union: homes, to live (ME)
  174. Who is colder: Kittery, South Berwick, Berwick: live, Walmart, deal - Maine (ME)
  175. Oil Tank Rust: Washington: fit in, home, buy - Maine (ME)
  176. Honeymoon in Maine?: Camden, Bar Harbor, Rome: rentals, camps, restaurants (ME)
  177. Bar Harbor: Ellsworth, Southwest Harbor, Eastport: hotels, movies, live in - Maine (ME)
  178. Mom and Pops: Bangor, Augusta, Houlton: appointed, rentals, hotels - Maine (ME)
  179. Lots of properties for sale in Eastport ME, Why the high inventory?: Bangor: houses, buyers - Maine
  180. Porcupines?: house, theater, live - Maine (ME)
  181. Arthur: Bangor, Machias, Lubec: house, refrigerator, camper - Maine (ME)
  182. Can't seem to find a nice house to rent...: Presque Isle: for sale, real estate - Maine (ME)
  183. Unorganized Townships & Plantations....: Augusta, Old Town: for sale, rent, houses - Maine (ME)
  184. Tick tock: Bangor, Deer Isle, Long Island: 2014, safe, land - Maine (ME)
  185. Another Cold Day: Falmouth, Houlton, Rangeley: home, move to, golf - Maine (ME)
  186. Advice on winter heating costs for newcomers to Maine: Portland: real estate, rental (ME)
  187. Shenna Bellows 350-Mile Walk with ME for Jobs and the Economy: Kittery: house, linear - Maine
  188. Parents that host....lose the most: Augusta: how much, buying - Maine (ME)
  189. The 25 Safest Places to Live in Maine: Waterville, Falmouth: violent crime, homes (ME)
  190. sick of the weather?: Albion: deal, mosquitoes, winter - Maine (ME)
  191. traveling to presque isle: Portland, Bangor: hotels, home, college - Maine (ME)
  192. Where in Maine?: Portland, Bangor, Bar Harbor: to rent, home, to buy (ME)
  193. Black Flies in Northern Maine, HELP!: Houlton: house, camping, per square foot (ME)
  194. Step One Complete: Portland, Falmouth, Hope: lease, movers, mattresses - Maine (ME)
  195. History of Sunday liquor sales?: Presque Isle, Houlton: lawyer, Home Depot, transfer - Maine (ME)
  196. Firewood prices and concerns...: Canaan, Penobscot: for sale, how much, buying - Maine (ME)
  197. Why are the courts so soft on pedophiles?: Augusta, Fairfield: crime, live in - Maine (ME)
  198. in Waterville Maine....: Greenwood: distance, news, green (ME)
  199. Morrill Pond Hartland Maine: home, school, teacher (ME)
  200. Iceout on moosehead!: cool - Maine (ME)