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  1. Found a house without realtor, now what?: for sale, lawyer - Maine (ME)
  2. Finding used building supplies...: Portland, Bangor: house, prices, storage - Maine (ME)
  3. Need advice on moving to ME..... like apartments,: Lincoln: low income, affordable apartments - Maine
  4. Searsmont: Belfast, Camden, Lincoln: house, employment, purchasing - Maine (ME)
  5. Storm Water Drainage Easement & Land conservation responsibilities?: property, area - Maine (ME)
  6. What's it like to live in York...or Harpswell?: oceanfront, pros and cons - Maine (ME)
  7. License Plates offered to the public for a residential SUV: designs, car - Maine (ME)
  8. Recommendations needed for motel/hotel in Southern Somerset County: Waterville: suites, best - Maine (ME)
  9. Retired couple moving to Maine from MA: health insurance, condo (ME)
  10. Maine tenant eviction process timeline?: low income, foreclose, renters (ME)
  11. Retiring - Help, I've Narrowed It Down!: Portland, Brunswick: best towns, houses - Maine (ME)
  12. Excise tax on an auto lease?: leasing, credit, buying - Maine (ME)
  13. Relocating - Property Tax: Portland, Lincoln: 2015, income, shop - Maine (ME)
  14. Big news in Maine newspaper industry: Portland, Lewiston: to buy, land, union (ME)
  15. Looking for clean lake to fish: Augusta, Penobscot: home, live, safe - Maine (ME)
  16. Cell Phone Ban in Maine: Augusta: insurance, house, school (ME)
  17. RIP Dr. Michael Coffman, June 21, 2017: Freedom: to move, property, firm - Maine (ME)
  18. Free state park resident's day June 18: Scarborough, Penobscot: price, license plate, beach - Maine (ME)
  19. Checked Out Lamoine State Park Boat Ramp Again: buy, trailer - Maine (ME)
  20. Peak Experience in Maine: Old Town, Houlton: yard, car, best (ME)
  21. Brunswick as a place to retire?: Portland, Scarborough: lease, houses, neighborhood - Maine (ME)
  22. Maine lowers the minimum wage again.: Hope: find a job, buy, university (ME)
  23. ROW and easements on a home we are buying...: Eliot: real estate, attorney - Maine (ME)
  24. Shortage of foreign workers forces hiring of locals.: Portland, Detroit: unemployment, college - Maine (ME)
  25. Eliot Maine near Punkintown??? Long gravel roads and commuting with heavy snow?: Lee: house (ME)
  26. Do I want to retire in Maine??: Eastport: living in, law (ME)
  27. State Government Shutting Down Tomorrow?: Bangor, Bar Harbor: best, parks, phone - Maine (ME)
  28. move to Auburn/surrounding area and jobs: Portland, Lewiston: employment, job transfer - Maine (ME)
  29. should i buy new toyota in Maine or NH?: Portland: sales, insurance (ME)
  30. Mainers unite but hows this influx over the border into Maine? in AZ its a mess!: Penobscot: price (ME)
  31. is MaineCare (Medicaid) PPO or HMO: homes, live, move (ME)
  32. Monday, November 13th 2017: Monday at 6: I-Team investigates pot complaints in Maine: regulation, resident (ME)
  33. non-high efficiency mechanical furnace/central heat?: house, water heater, buy - Maine (ME)
  34. 1K Kerosene (Clear, not Dyed): water heater, purchase, construction - Maine (ME)
  35. referendum questions that will be on the ballot next week: Bangor: home, construction - Maine (ME)
  36. New Years Eve Lodging Hotel/Restaurant?: Portland, Bangor: oceanfront, house, live - Maine (ME)
  37. Late 2017 realtor recommendations Camden/Rockport/Rockland: home, tax, military - Maine (ME)
  38. Bridgton Maine - Yeah or Neh?: Portland, Fryeburg: camp, living, cabin (ME)
  39. For of us in the deepfreeze with AWD: home, car - Maine (ME)
  40. M e r r y - c h r i s t m a s to all !!!: to live - Maine (ME)
  41. Nurse Opportunity: Bath, Topsham, Wiscasset: taxes, living in, housing - Maine (ME)
  42. Kennebec River Ice conditions?: Skowhegan, Penobscot: shop, safety, moving - Maine (ME)
  43. Thanksgiving Restaurant Suggestions?: Augusta, Ellsworth, Machias: motel, Home Depot, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  44. Belfast Job Market: Orland, Penobscot, Waldo: home, school district, to live in - Maine (ME)
  45. Thinking of moving to Maine from Bellingham, WA: Portland, Bangor: sales, renting (ME)
  46. Fishing license? Vacation in October Greenville ME: restaurants, legal - Maine
  47. Clawdown in Boothbay Harbor September 15th: Southwest Harbor, Rome: tickets, properties - Maine (ME)
  48. Minnesota, Vermont, ... Maine?: Mexico, Hope, Burlington: living, vacation, fun things to do (ME)
  49. Maine Power companies and Smart Meter opt-out?: house, closing (ME)
  50. Northern Lights Right Now: rain, green, around - Maine (ME)
  51. Are there programs to help a Maine homeowner go Solar?: Bangor: power lines, how much (ME)
  52. BDN: Crime down in Maine, but ...: Eastport: house, live (ME)
  53. Commute for work in north maine: Bangor, Houlton: house, high school, camps - Maine (ME)
  54. about Realtors Service Area: Portland, Auburn: selling a home, job market, buyer - Maine (ME)
  55. Whiting Farm Auburn: 2013, houses, buyers - Maine (ME)
  56. Price mistake Oakhurst chocolate milk at Hannaford: Lewiston, Sanford: for sale, buying - Maine (ME)
  57. Poland ME Getting Built Up?? That's the word: Portland, Yarmouth: for sale, real estate - Maine
  58. Northern Lights tomorrow night: Manchester, Hope: land, island, place - Maine (ME)
  59. Maine Mother's Day: home, schools, taxes (ME)
  60. Owning a 3/4 versus 1-ton Pickup Truck in Maine: Bath: 2014, insurance (ME)
  61. Big old house and what to do??: Dexter: apartments, rentals - Maine (ME)
  62. about Maine: Ellsworth, Bar Harbor: house, buy, college (ME)
  63. I Need about Cities Outside of Portland, ME,: Lewiston: apartment, rentals - Maine
  64. Coastal Towns to Visit in October?: Portland, Ellsworth: hotel, shop, best - Maine (ME)
  65. have a Vacation Rental Home? Looking to Rent: coupon, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  66. Fishing near Bangor: Old Town, Penobscot, Garland: sale, renting, cost of - Maine (ME)
  67. Stand-alone Kerosene Monitor or Toyo direct vent heaters: Rome: 2015, house - Maine (ME)
  68. Got one of letters From Maine IRS today...: calculating, income (ME)
  69. Maine Internet Service Providers: utilities, office, best (ME)
  70. Finding a Mobile Home on a private lot?: Houlton, Lincoln: for sale, real estate - Maine (ME)
  71. Young family looking to move to Maine: Portland: low crime, employment (ME)
  72. Are there Realtors who might specialize in Home Rentals?: Bangor: real estate, rental homes - Maine (ME)
  73. What is the Ten Worst Places to live in Maine? 1)Skowhegan,Maine: Lewiston: 2015 (ME)
  74. We snagged a house.: Houlton, Millinocket: houses, to buy, live - Maine (ME)
  75. Rats in Western Maine !?!: Rangeley: coop, house, buy (ME)
  76. Towns with Natural Gas?: Bangor, Lincoln: house, residential, limit - Maine (ME)
  77. Record High Water: Woodland, Vanceboro: dangerous, land, average - Maine (ME)
  78. Tiny Home - RV & Land: Portland, Bangor: apartments, houses, to buy - Maine (ME)
  79. Building on what poorly drained soil based on survey???: South Berwick: home, buying - Maine (ME)
  80. Maine title laws: insurance, living in, law (ME)
  81. Hello! help, advice!: Van Buren, Hope: real estate, houses, buyer - Maine (ME)
  82. do a OWNER FINANCE Contract??: sales, real estate, foreclose - Maine (ME)
  83. State Taxes Vs. Spending: real estate, rental, car insurance - Maine (ME)
  84. Driveway material in Oxford County, Maine: contractors, camp, move (ME)
  85. Southern Maine FHA 203K construction Loan Contractors?: Portland, Biddeford: homes, general contractor (ME)
  86. Competent, reasonably priced mid-coast Maine Builder?: Brunswick, Freeport: house, neighborhood, buy (ME)
  87. Pros and Cons of moving from Alaska to Maine: Portland: home, find a job (ME)
  88. Dover-Foxcroft: How to live on property while building: Gouldsboro: 2015, power lines - Maine (ME)
  89. Land with no right of way: real estate, to buy, tax - Maine (ME)
  90. Searching for a man who lives in Belfast Maine: living, bills (ME)
  91. 3 questions about Belfast area: medical care, food cost, paddling: Portland: how much, home - Maine (ME)
  92. Deer Baiting??: 2015, high school, live - Maine (ME)
  93. Sell Me Your Harpswell House: Scarborough, Springfield: sale, real estate, buying - Maine (ME)
  94. Greenville Vacation in October-Suggestions?: Pittston, Hope: restaurants, store, cabin - Maine (ME)
  95. Coming shortage of workers in Maine?: vehicle registration, construction, school (ME)
  96. Auto Inspections to Register a vehicle in Maine...: how much, DMV (ME)
  97. a Relocation To Maine: Augusta, Rangeley: mortgages, houses, to buy (ME)
  98. Maine is the Dream, but why so tough?: Portland, Poland: 2015, house (ME)
  99. Is there seriously no good chocolate ice cream in Waterville??: Lewiston: sale, buy - Maine (ME)
  100. Possibly moving from Colorado to Maine: Portland, Bangor: apartments, houses, schools (ME)
  101. New House construction and building on acreage: Biddeford, Saco: fit in, mortgage - Maine (ME)
  102. T-Minus 12 Days and counting till Liftoff!!!: Waterville, Rumford: movers, mortgage, loan - Maine (ME)
  103. Eastport: Washington: for sale, 2015, violent crime - Maine (ME)
  104. Thinking of moving to Maine...questions...: Portland, Lewiston: best towns, to live in, yard (ME)
  105. Getting Firewood...: Bangor, Rumford: how much, buying, living - Maine (ME)
  106. Christmas Day 2017 Snow Storm: Caribou, Bar Harbor: how much, estimate, relocating to - Maine (ME)
  107. Show us your bed warmers!: Lincoln: live, move, kitchen - Maine (ME)
  108. Looking to settle in Maine.: Portland, Bangor: rent, home, transfer (ME)
  109. Heating Help?: Bangor: how much, home, heat pump - Maine (ME)
  110. Vacation home suggestions?: Portland, Kennebunk, Belfast: buy, living, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  111. Maine Electric Service...: Bangor, Farmington, Union: buying, utilities, live (ME)
  112. Tell me about Eastport.: for sale, real estate, apartment - Maine (ME)
  113. New to Maine- What type of vehicle?: Kittery: real estate, leasing (ME)
  114. Perhaps Dumb About Maine: apartments, rental, houses (ME)
  115. Tell me about your Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace: apartment, renting - Maine (ME)
  116. Maple syrup today compared to 25 years ago: Brunswick, Gray: refrigerator, buy - Maine (ME)
  117. Moving near Houlton: Bangor, Presque Isle, Orono: modular homes, to buy, university - Maine (ME)
  118. Verizon service: Bangor, Augusta, Waterville: live, cost, vacation - Maine (ME)
  119. Is Maine big enough?: Portland, Bangor: employment, living in, cost of (ME)
  120. More winter prep stuff....: Ellsworth: house, contractor, roofing - Maine (ME)
  121. Wearing Orange on Your Own Property: how much, house, to live - Maine (ME)
  122. Emera Power Outages October 2017: Berwick: homes, store, electric - Maine (ME)
  123. Moving to Maine or Florida from Vermont. Help!: Portland, Eastport: for sale, loans (ME)
  124. Maine blubeberry gift ideas: Gouldsboro, Eastport: buy, store, food (ME)
  125. Hispanic/Latino Community: Eastport, Washington, Milbridge: live in, restaurants, moving to - Maine (ME)
  126. Maine landscape: Portland, Bangor: neighborhood, living in, shop (ME)
  127. Flood Insurance in Maine: Washington: sales, mortgage, buyer (ME)
  128. ethanol free gas in maine: Ellsworth, Charleston: 2015, how much, buy - Maine (ME)
  129. Lived in Maine a long time but have never ...: Madawaska: homes, living (ME)
  130. about Maine property taxes: Lewiston, Auburn: real estate, 2014, assessor (ME)
  131. Quick questions about Maine: Portland, Presque Isle: for sale by owner, real estate, houses (ME)
  132. Coastal towns north of Camden: Belfast, Blue Hill: for sale, house, camp - Maine (ME)
  133. HVAC and Refrigeration employment: Portland, Bangor: houses, heat pump, living - Maine (ME)
  134. Need a new bank: Bangor, Wells: mortgage, credit, broker - Maine (ME)
  135. Augusta or Orono: Portland, Bangor, Rangeley: rental homes, homes, good schools - Maine (ME)
  136. Abandoned places to explore?: Beddington: live, military, paint - Maine (ME)
  137. Auto Repair Prices in Maine...: Winslow, Rumford: real estate, house, buy (ME)
  138. I'm 1/2 way set to move to The Pinetree State...: Portland: for sale, real estate - Maine (ME)
  139. When is the best time to visit after tourist season?: Brunswick: fit in, for sale - Maine (ME)
  140. moving to milbridge maine, or not?: Ellsworth, Eastport: for sale, houses, theatre - Maine (ME)
  141. Belfast ME....Good Area???: Portland, Bangor: YMCA, live in, restaurants - Maine
  142. Moo-ving Truck, which way to go...: Rumford, Eastport: truck rental, fit in, rentals - Maine (ME)
  143. October vacation-Moose?: Bar Harbor, Bethel, Greenville: buses, moving, cars - Maine (ME)
  144. Summer temperatures: Augusta, Bar Harbor: house, college, live - Maine (ME)
  145. Cost of private health insurance for 60+: Hope: house, buying, bankrupt - Maine (ME)
  146. Swimming, And Dogs: Bangor, Machias, Washington: beach, lifeguard, parks - Maine (ME)
  147. SoCal to Maine Move: Portland, Bangor: sales, real estate, apartments (ME)
  148. Does Maine appeal to young people days?: Portland: job market, college (ME)
  149. Vacillating between Tennessee & Maine: Bangor, Caribou: apartment, rent, car registration (ME)
  150. Searching for a good area, inputs: Portland, Augusta: 2015, cheap home - Maine (ME)
  151. Thinking of moving to Maine: Portland, Bangor: find a job, university, living in (ME)
  152. Can you live well in town in Maine without a car???: Portland: buying, taxis (ME)
  153. Retiring in Maine - s My Issue!: Springfield: real estate, to rent (ME)
  154. Three Day Trip to Maine - Portland and Northern Maine: Rockland: home, live (ME)
  155. Cost effective heating / your ideas welcome: Mars Hill: houses, heat pump, buy - Maine (ME)
  156. Football coach or teaching jobs??: Bangor, Waterville: home, high school, college - Maine (ME)
  157. Homesteading in Maine?: Portland: 2014, job market, to buy (ME)
  158. Maine Beaches in October: Kennebunk, Bath: rental, hotel, home (ME)
  159. What docs do I need to keep in my glovebox?: insurance, how much - Maine (ME)
  160. is my Advice on Where to move to in Maine: condo, taxes (ME)
  161. Realtors Wish to: sale, real estate, broker - Maine (ME)
  162. Things to Do Around Maine: Portland, Saco: 2015, houses, live (ME)
  163. Bento's Closed: Houlton, Poland, Washington: to buy, luxury, schools - Maine (ME)
  164. Power Outages: Bangor: 2015, credit, house - Maine (ME)
  165. Is a damp basement a big deal?: how much, houses - Maine (ME)
  166. Inexpensive Place to Live in Maine: Lewiston, Brunswick: loan, new house, buyer (ME)
  167. Got my driver's license renewed today.....: Ellsworth: credit, how much, school - Maine (ME)
  168. EPA Gas Can Nozzle Uggggg!!!: for sale, how much, refrigerators - Maine (ME)
  169. If you live in the Wateville area and you like meat.....: Bangor: how much, home - Maine (ME)
  170. Favorite Maine Festival: Portland, Brunswick, Lisbon: home, activities, farm (ME)
  171. Still deciding Maine vs WV??: Portland, Eastport: houses, job market, college (ME)
  172. House on Busy Street - To Buy, Or Not?: Machias: real estate, motel - Maine (ME)
  173. My 4th of July vacation - suggestions?: Bath, Old Orchard Beach: beach, activities - Maine (ME)
  174. Eastport visit: Bangor, Ellsworth, Calais: Home Depot, to live, vs - Maine (ME)
  175. Retirement Destination: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor: sales, real estate, transfer - Maine (ME)
  176. Winter Heating Costs in Maine: Portland, Gorham: apartments, new home, water heater (ME)
  177. Low water: Howland, Mattawamkeag: buying, cost of, safer - Maine (ME)
  178. Cell phone carriers and cell phone booster?: Brunswick, Gardiner: new home, closing - Maine (ME)
  179. buying a house with a leased buried propane tank?: insurance, credit - Maine (ME)
  180. Portland vs. Portsmouth vs. Providence: unemployment rate, neighborhoods, pros and cons - Maine (ME)
  181. on Tree Cutting: house, buyer, living - Maine (ME)
  182. about maine retirement: Freeport, Houlton: for sale, car insurance, credit - Maine (ME)
  183. about Maine: Portland, Bath, Bar Harbor: low income, crime, hotels (ME)
  184. Best way to dig post holes in our rocky soil?: Bangor: rental, Home Depot - Maine (ME)
  185. moving to Maine: Bangor, Houlton: buy, closing, to live in (ME)
  186. People - List Your Houses!: Eastport, Washington: real estate, apartment complexes, loan - Maine (ME)
  187. Are there places in the Waterville area that sell decent tomatoes?: Madison: buying, living in - Maine (ME)
  188. Well water concern with Coliform Bacteria...: Wells, Rumford: houses, purchase, kitchen - Maine (ME)
  189. Will we be welcomed in Maine?: houses, construction, public school (ME)
  190. Manufactured homes: Which is better?: Ellsworth, Oxford: appointed, home builders, neighborhood - Maine (ME)
  191. Unusual License plate: Ellsworth: tenants, live, license plates - Maine (ME)
  192. Holy Moly, Buying a property in Southern ME is killing me all questions combined: real estate, 2015 - Maine
  193. Purchased a Franklin, Maine property: Ellsworth, Amherst: 2014, house, purchases (ME)
  194. Solar Thermal collector array: live, price, delivery - Maine (ME)
  195. Ogunquit/Wells fried clams/oyster poll: restaurants, local, where is - Maine (ME)
  196. Frankfort area?: Searsport: live in, Sears, location - Maine (ME)
  197. Another ClawDown in Boothbay Harbor coming in September!: Hope: sale, tickets - Maine (ME)
  198. BDN: bangor areas forgotten commuter railroad: Orono: electric, trolley, roads - Maine (ME)
  199. Nat Geo Photoessay - Sibling Lobster Team in Northaven: North Haven: rating, island - Maine (ME)
  200. Madawaska.: Caribou: shop, association, town - Maine (ME)