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  161. News, EPA wants to monitor how long hotel guests spend in the shower: wireless, environmental - Green Living
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  163. Texas to spend 2 billion on batteries for solar/wind system fix.: solar panels, gas - Green Living
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  166. Cob houses - would you live in one?: stove, natural, cost - Green Living
  167. Oil drill fracking in Oklahoma may have caused 585+ earthquakes in 2014: gas, environmental - Green Living
  168. News, Watch: Cigarette Butts, World's #1 Litter, Recycled as Park Benches: recycling, biodegradable - Green Living
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  170. How much of green living is brown?: solar, recycle, gas
  171. Solar Bike Path Opens In The Netherlands: solar panels, heating, bicycle - Green Living
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  176. Carpet made from Polypropolene, non toxic: recyclable, plastic, buy - Green Living
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  181. France to outlaw single-use plastic bags by 2016: recycle, reusable, buy - Green Living
  182. Plastic Polution: solar, recycle, reusable, gas - Green Living
  183. Lead may still be in new bathroom and kitchen tiles: toxic, hazards - Green Living
  184. News, Customs officials confiscated 730 illegal engines: pollution, environmental, California, Los Angeles - Green Living
  185. Purple water: system - Green Living
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  187. The 1589 way of seo recruiting - Green Living
  188. Urban Ecology: solar, greenhouse gas, natural, greenhouse - Green Living
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  194. Video, The New Airplane Recycle Center: recycling, improve, dispose - Green Living
  195. Dow Breakthrough Water Filtration Technology Wins 2014 R&D 100 Award: gas, oil - Green Living
  196. Lake County IL provides free charge: gas, vent, vehicle - Green Living
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  199. UN's World Toilet Day-a different take on green living-lighter side: 2014
  200. mediocrity and Partsanship in the Federal Jdiciary - Green Living