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  94. there is no such thing as global warming.: weather, winter, 2014 - Green Living
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  97. golf courses: natural, environmental, electricity, water - Green Living
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  99. s on being able to move green: plastic, buying - Green Living
  100. car options increase: mpg, hydrogen, electric, compare - Green Living
  101. News, Push To Impose Extra Fees On Solar Customers Draws Outrage In Wisconsin: solar panels, gas - Green Living
  102. Plastic grocery bags- forgot about trash bags eh?: recycling, reusable, bicycle - Green Living
  103. for biogas conversion from cow manure: solar, recycling, greenhouse gases - Green Living
  104. Cellulosic Ethanol - Recycling Farm Waste Into Fuel: gas, stove, biodiesel - Green Living
  105. Seattle food waste- more greener groupie hypocrisy: recycle, organics, greenhouse gas - Green Living
  106. Lots of new Hydrogen powered cars coming to market, all with the same drawback: gas, Prius - Green Living
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  112. Going green means big money, not a better environment: solar power, recycling, LED - Green Living
  113. Walmart backing campaigns to limit roof top solar: solar panels, gas, buying - Green Living
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  124. Doesn't this reiterate how simple it is to cut our gasoline consumption?: solar panels, gas - Green Living
  125. Will auto-dimming street lights catch on?: mercury, LED, costs, electric - Green Living
  126. Living near a wastewater treatment plant: install, costs, water, better - Green Living
  127. Reclaiming or Reusing do this on purpose for future?: stove, buying - Green Living
  128. How many people involved in enviornmental issues have stopped eating meat?: organic, pollution - Green Living
  129. News, Is Walmart's WAVE Concept Truck The Fuel-Efficient Future Of Semis?: solar, mpg - Green Living
  130. News, San Francisco experiments with planter-based public pee stations: recycling, composting, compost - Green Living
  131. Switching railroad makes the switch: organic, gas, natural, cost - Green Living
  132. Half Of All Cars Banned From Paris Roads Over Smog; Electric Cars Exempt: pollution, mpg - Green Living
  133. Going car-lite (or car-light): reusable, gas, mpg, bike - Green Living
  134. How far is too far?: recycle, mercury, gas, pollution - Green Living
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  137. New heat source discovered in Europe: recycle, environment, electric, energy - Green Living
  138. Could greywater be used for toilets?: Prius, pumps, environmental, composting - Green Living
  139. energy management systems: heaters, buy, costs, electric - Green Living
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  141. Hard Times Hit Large Scale Solar Energy: gas, pollution, wind turbine - Green Living
  142. Tesla plans to build giant battery factory in US: solar panels, recycling, greenhouse gases - Green Living
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  144. Negative externalities of large scale wind power: recycling, costs, environmental - Green Living
  145. What I wish for this forum: solar, reusable, plastic, buy - Green Living
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  151. Too late for green living ?: solar, recycle, global warming
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  153. Hydrogen Fuel Cells to Replace Diesel Generators on Hawaiian Barges: solar, toxic - Green Living
  154. Initial Cost of Solar Panels--Worth It?: greenhouse gas, pollution, tax credits, wind turbines - Green Living
  155. News, Cape woman living off the grid challenged by city: solar panel, heater - Green Living
  156. Ambri Liquid Metal Grid-Scale Batteries going commercial: solar panels, hydrogen, wind turbines - Green Living
  157. Chinese Shift: Put the Environment Above GDP Growth: pollution, heating, costs - Green Living
  158. Austin's first true all solar neighborhood: solar panels, green home, heating, self-sufficient - Green Living
  159. Countertop/under sink compost scraps container???: recycling, plastic, buy, climate - Green Living
  160. try using city water to cool their place?: furnace, cost, energy - Green Living
  161. Oklahoma Surcharge for Solar and Wind use passes: solar power, mpg, wind turbine - Green Living
  162. News, Introducing the Glow-in-the-Dark Highway: toxic, costs, environmental, energy - Green Living
  163. US city to pump sewage water directly into homes: solar power, cities, plants - Green Living
  164. Would you buy a vehicle like this one? Elio: gas, Prius, bicycle - Green Living
  165. Mass transit work strike = 21 million tons of pollution: mercury, gas, mpg - Green Living
  166. Coal is to stay (Unfortunately): solar, pollution, toxic, natural - Green Living
  167. The tyranny of the organic mommy mafia: solar panels, organics, gas - Green Living
  168. Wind power in Germany- subsidizing failed dreams: solar, wind turbines, costs - Green Living
  169. Natural Gas Drilling Could Emit 1,000 Times the Methane Previously: greenhouse gas, oil - Green Living
  170. Tesla Motors to debut cheaper Model E in early 2015: solar, recyclable, pollution - Green Living
  171. The manipulation of Green manufacturing: solar panels, alternative energy, LED - Green Living
  172. Wind Farms Flourish Across The U.S. As Interest In Renewable Energy Skyrockets: solar panels, pollution - Green Living
  173. News, Why Starbucks won't recycle your paper coffee cup.: recycling, fertilize, recycle bin - Green Living
  174. In the news= Google buys solar powered drone company: cost, environment, energy - Green Living
  175. still no catalytic converters in lawn mowers: solar, gas, pollution - Green Living
  176. Draughty homes| Asia Global: the energy companies LOVE selling us something we continue to waste: solar panels, heating - Green Living
  177. Solar Power plant opened today after many set backs: gas, installation, cost - Green Living
  178. mineral spirits alternative?: organic, toxic, plastics, biodiesel - Green Living
  179. The earth cannot support 10 billion people or 15 billion people 100 years from now: gas, oil - Green Living
  180. The story about Flight 370 no one talks about: global warming, pollution, natural - Green Living
  181. Solar And Wind Growth Will Blow Away All Other: solar power, gas, natural - Green Living
  182. Wind Power cuts US CO2 emissions AND water usage: solar, mercury, gas - Green Living
  183. vermicomposting?: plastic, cardboard, difference, garden - Green Living
  184. US Navy 'Game-Changer': Converting Seawater into Fuel: solar power, gas, hydrogen - Green Living
  185. Understanding energy, an introduction to being green 101: organic, gas, toxic - Green Living
  186. Heat pump dryers save Europeans 50% of their electricity use on drying their clothes, why not in the US?: gas, heater - Green Living
  187. Water conservation in non-arid climates?: recycling, global warming, natural, energy - Green Living
  188. New battery Tech. (PJP): Prius, 2014, material - Green Living
  189. TVA Moves To Increase Solar Energy Capacity: installation, costs, electric - Green Living
  190. News, This Is How A Chicago Restaurant Went 100% Garbage Free.: price, sustainable - Green Living
  191. We Want Your Pictures for Earth Day - Green Living
  192. Moss Tables, a alternative to Solar Panels?: plants, 2014, power - Green Living
  193. NC Researchers create device to turn solar energy into hydrogen: electricity, water - Green Living
  194. the biggest areas of opportunity for public transit to have an impact?: energy, cities - Green Living
  195. Another way to save the environment: recycle, plastic, containers, 2014 - Green Living
  196. News, Tomatoes as Car Parts? Heinz, Ford Team Up: recycle, companies, material - Green Living
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  198. 50:1 Project - Green Living
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