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  71. Termites: cost, expensive, attic - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
  72. Apartment Broker: real estate, apartment complexes, zip code - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
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  74. I've decided to opted out of lease. Lease 4 days old: appointed, apartment - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
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  81. Where to purchase boiled peanuts?: buy, live, club - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
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  85. Looking for a great salon that does African American hair: Fort Lauderdale: salons, closing - Florida (FL)
  86. I'm thinking of moving to Cross Fox condos in Fort Luderdale: Fort Lauderdale: for sale, apartments - Florida (FL)
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  104. Las Olas vs Lighthouse Point for a single young person?: Fort Lauderdale: rent, college - Florida (FL)
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  111. for this to spread to FL: 2014, law - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida
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  115. Florida Rediscovered Del Ray Bch. Blue Anchor: pub, beach - Fort Lauderdale area, (FL)
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  123. Unemployment credit: unemployment benefits, compensation, money - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
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  131. Can I Visit Canada: unemployment, passport, convicted - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
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  182. Highly Recommended Obstetrician?: Plantation: plantation, relocating to, pregnancy - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
  183. small size commercial real estate lenders?: loan, banks, regional - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
  184. Pet friendly rentals: home, safe area, safe - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
  185. Best planted flowers for patios in Deerfield beach area?: live, recommendations - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
  186. Sesfood: best, seafood - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
  187. Widow 60, moving to Ft Lauderdale area: Hollywood, Hallandale: condo, gated community, golf course - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
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  191. Excellent Job: home, inspection, installation - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
  192. Does know anything about this company: Jag Air Mechanical, Inc.: Coral Springs: rating, reviews - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
  193. Stolen 95 Black Honda Civic EX 2 Door Coupe: Miami: apartment complex, cars - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
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  195. Rexmere Village Public Transportation: bus, cars, electric - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
  196. hanging up posters in Broward: places, job - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
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  198. good Volkswagen mechanics?: shop, friend - Fort Lauderdale area, Florida (FL)
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