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  71. baseball players: game, Giants, team, people
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  105. The 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers are 2-5 against the Cardinals and 3-9 against the Giants: cards, pitchers - Baseball
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  107. MLB plan to speed up baseball: pitchers, stance, coaches, umpire
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  118. Baseball (and baseball cards as well) decline youth: pitching, coaches, ball
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  120. Official San Diego Padres: star, wildcard, win, game - Baseball
  121. Yasiel Puig, is he done with?: pitchers, playoff, pitcher, athletic - Baseball
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  126. 2015 Chicago Cubs Season: cards, ball, wild card, win - Baseball
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  128. Are you tired of the bat flip? Cocked hat and the Phiten necklace?: pitchers, ESPN - Baseball
  129. Does Your Club Have A Black Hole In The Lineup?: pitchers, playoffs - Baseball
  130. Which is more exciting MLB, minor league baseball, college baseball or the little league World Series: ball, ticket
  131. Managers you see getting fired in 2014 and beyond: pitching, scouts, coaches - Baseball
  132. Can the 2014 Red Sox still make at least an AL wild card spot or the AL East title?: pitching, wildcard - Baseball
  133. Would you want to see a Yankees-Cardinals World Series in 2014?: wild card, win - Baseball
  134. How special do you see Chicago baseball & its unique history?: stance, playoffs
  135. Who will win the 2014 National League?: cards, pitching, coach, games - Baseball
  136. Should Ichiro! Call It A Career After 2014?: coach, uniform, star - Baseball
  137. Who will win the 2014 American League?: pitching, playoffs, dark horse, athletics - Baseball
  138. Who are the five faces of baseball?: legend, MLB, promotion
  139. On This Date in Baseball Rob Manfred became The Worst Commissioner Ever!: expansion, pitchers
  140. Are dynasties a thing of the past in MLB?: draft, playoffs - Baseball
  141. Which World Series matchups do you want and not want to see?: cards, athletics - Baseball
  142. Who's year is it?: cards, pitchers, pitcher, win - Baseball
  143. 2014 All Star Game: AL vs NL: pitchers, pitcher, athletics, record - Baseball
  144. The A's Three Headed Catcher: star, games, Yankees, Royals - Baseball
  145. Amount of noise @games: ball, watch, stadium, events - Baseball
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  175. Kershaw should be paid far more than Scherzer: pitchers, pitcher, games - Baseball
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  195. Baseball Trivia: Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins
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