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  36. India & Baseball: ball, fan, Pirates, people
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  76. I'm writing a book about Bronx Yankees fans and looking for interview subjects: Red Sox, Mets - Baseball
  77. How do you store your hat collection? - Baseball
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  87. OK, How many women are ???: announcer, games, jersey, NFL - Baseball
  88. Hank Steinbrenner is an idiot: strategy, pitcher, game, manager - Baseball
  89. Favorite red sox player!?: school, Boston - Baseball
  90. Mets Fans....GET OFF THAT LEDGE!!: win, Phillies, Brewers, Chicago - Baseball
  91. Pujols is baaaaaaaaack!!!: ESPN, lose, game, Royals - Baseball
  92. Who is suprised with the Rays????: pitching, dark horse, win - Baseball
  93. What is your least favorite team?????: Red Sox, Yankees, Braves, Marlins - Baseball
  94. Braves send Jeff Francoeur to Double-A: golf, pitcher, Phillies, money - Baseball
  95. Favorite team/player?: ball, uniform, pitcher, star - Baseball
  96. ESPN or what it should be called: The Boston-NY Network: announcer, win - Baseball
  97. Who absorbed more boos: uniform, Red Sox, Yankees, Reds - Baseball
  98. How did your favorite team do in the first half of the season?: pitching, pitcher - Baseball
  99. Are you loyal or disloyal to your baseball team? A study ranks fans loyalty!: playoff, win
  100. Players with the weirdest batting stances: league - Baseball
  101. The Brewers....: playoffs, wild card, win, game - Baseball
  102. Getaway Game -- what are the rules?: announcer, games, cup - Baseball
  103. Moose gets his 15th!!: ticket, win, Yankees, Baltimore - Baseball
  104. New York Yankees: hats, jerseys, Red Sox, White - Baseball
  105. Got back from Anaheim baseball trip vs. Yanks: game, jersey, Red Sox
  106. Best Baseball Towns: stance, games, record, MLB
  107. Red Sox home games and people who live in or just outside of Boston with a median household income of $38,691 or less: tickets, fan - Baseball
  108. MLB Pennant Races 2008: cards, playoffs, wildcard, win - Baseball
  109. The Rays are a Fluke: ticket, win, games, Red Sox - Baseball
  110. Which team is most likely to Collapse and not make the Playoffs entirely?: Boston Red Sox, New York Mets - Baseball
  111. Yost fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: stance, playoff, tickets, wild card - Baseball
  112. Diminshing numbers of African-Americans in MLB: why?: draft, ball, superbowl - Baseball
  113. All star opening, it made me CRY you guys!: game, record, stadium - Baseball
  114. The Official Yankees Season Over: playoffs, jersey, race, legend - Baseball
  115. How great for Tampa Bay Rays!: pitching, golf, playoffs, ball - Baseball
  116. Did think the HR derby was....: record, balls, watching - Baseball
  117. All Star Game, who do you want to win?: Orioles, Red Sox, fan - Baseball
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  119. Official Chicago White Sox: coach, ball, game, Red Sox - Baseball
  120. Out of their Hair - Go Yankees!: playoffs, uniform, wildcard - Baseball
  121. Is it true about Manny?: Marlins, Tigers, sport - Baseball
  122. Official Los Angeles Angels: pitcher, wildcard, win, Red Sox - Baseball
  123. Goodbye to Yankee Stadium...: cards, playoffs, star, game - Baseball
  124. we come cheesesteaks!: race, Mets, Phillies, watching - Baseball
  125. Boston Red Sox in the Panhandle: cards, hats, pitcher, tickets - Baseball
  126. Torre done: hat, playoffs, ball, jersey - Baseball
  127. Rockies vs Red Sox......You Call It!!!!: pitching, win, games - Baseball
  128. Will Big Papi play in Colorodo?: ball, pitcher, win - Baseball
  129. Manny being Manny!: umpire, playoffs, ball, pitcher - Baseball
  130. Are the Rockies ever going to lose another game?: win, Red Sox, fan - Baseball
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  132. In regards to the Phillies: pitching, playoffs, ball, win - Baseball
  133. World series: fairweather fan, win, game, Red Sox - Baseball
  134. 07 World Series Game 4: pitchers, pitcher, win, games - Baseball
  135. Are the Seattle Mariners relocating to San Antonio?: game, MLB, Florida Marlins - Baseball
  136. Best baseball players over the last 35 years?: Boston Red Sox, Phillies, Cardinals
  137. Let's go Mets !: games, Red Sox, Yankees, Twins - Baseball
  138. Brewers Cubs Rivalry: cards, playoffs, wild card, games - Baseball
  139. Roger Clemens and Steroids: stance, ball, games, records - Baseball
  140. Favourite MLB team?: Red Sox, Mets, Detroit Tigers, fan - Baseball
  141. What would you give up for Johan Santana?: pitcher, Red Sox, Yankees - Baseball
  142. How can someone cheer for the Red Sox or Yankees?: pitchers, coach - Baseball
  143. Yankees & Their Monkee: pitching, win, fan, fight - Baseball
  144. The Perfect Barry Bonds Scenario: stance, ball, pitcher, games - Baseball
  145. Official Chicago Cubs: cards, win, game, Red Sox - Baseball
  146. Barry Bonds Deserves Appreciation: coach, star, game, homerun - Baseball
  147. ny yankees.: pitching, playoffs, win, games - Baseball
  148. Roger Clemons: Most selfish player in sports: games, men, MLB - Baseball
  149. Baseball. America's FORMER favorite pastime: hockey, ball, ESPN, tickets
  150. Vin Scully: ESPN, games, woman, MLB - Baseball
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  156. the Mets collapse: playoff, wildcard, win, game - Baseball
  157. I don't understand the backyards in North Carolina - help: boxers, training - Baseball
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  159. Hanley Ramirez or Jose Reyes?: MVP, ESPN, game, Red Sox - Baseball
  160. Baseball Hall of Fame and Personality: balls, Red Sox, fan, fans
  161. who are the most annoying announcers?: games, NBA, Braves, White Sox - Baseball
  162. red sox: pitchers, stance, pitcher, star - Baseball
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  166. Baseball's Early Surprises - 2008: pitching, draft, games, record
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  169. Mike Piazza officially retires. So should he go into HOF as Dodger or Met?: draft, uniform - Baseball
  170. Should there be instant replay in MLB?: pitching, stance, umpire - Baseball
  171. who's the most overrated player currently?: uniform, games, Yankees, Indians - Baseball
  172. Jon Lester no hitter!: pitching, pitcher, games, Red Sox - Baseball
  173. it's time to fire willie randolph: pitchers, ball, pitcher, star - Baseball
  174. NL Central Small Talk: cards, pitching, coach, ball - Baseball
  175. Would you have Manny Ramirez on your team?: uniform, win, games - Baseball
  176. New York Baseball Visit: stance, ball, games, jersey
  177. Expos/Nationals Fans: hats, pitching, MLB, Orioles - Baseball
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  179. How do you break in a fitted cap?: hat, ball - Baseball
  180. Baseball stadiums: shoe, ball, games, Red Sox
  181. Martinez and Cockfighting: ball, pitcher, rooster, game - Baseball
  182. Measuring Offensive Performance: game, men, Yankees, Devil Rays - Baseball
  183. AL East Small Talk: pitchers, playoffs, pitcher, star - Baseball
  184. Why dont they add a team to the AL?: expansion, game, Red Sox - Baseball
  185. How Pathetic!!!!!!!!!: logos, coach, ball, uniforms - Baseball
  186. Best Logo in Baseball: logos, star, Yankees, Astros
  187. Curse on The Yankees: jersey, Red Sox, stadium, greatest - Baseball
  188. the Rays: pitching, ESPN, win, games - Baseball
  189. 2008 MLB Predictions by ESPN's Experts: pitchers, pitcher, wild card - Baseball
  190. Cal Ripken - Baseball
  191. REd sox players might eb taking boxing lessons: coach, watch - Baseball
  192. Mets or Cardinals - Baseball
  193. What were the spread out baseball playoffs all about?: pitchers, pitcher, games
  194. News, Pitcher Joe Kennedy, 28, Dies in Florida.: woman, league, people - Baseball
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  196. A-Rod Opts Out: New York Yankees, - Baseball
  197. Nesn?: watch - Baseball
  198. Video News, 93-Year-Old Grandmother Throws Out First Pitch at Cubs Game. - Baseball
  199. News, CPR On Field Helps Boy Hit By Pitch.: coach, school, team - Baseball
  200. Citi Field: Mets, stadium - Baseball