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  1. relocation to Portland area.: Bangor, Scarborough: rental, low crime, houses - Maine (ME)
  2. Thoughts on houses with swimming pools?: Portland, Bangor: how much, neighborhood, maintenance - Maine (ME)
  3. Looking for Portland vacation rental: school, getaway, park - Maine (ME)
  4. New to Bath area.....: Portland, Bangor: home, theater, live - Maine (ME)
  5. German Shepherd Friendly Apartments: Portland: rental, insurance, house - Maine (ME)
  6. Moving back home... ?: Portland: apartments, rent, houses - Maine (ME)
  7. job in Freeport. Where to live?: Portland, Lewiston: for sale, rentals - Maine (ME)
  8. Fireworks in Portland: Freeport: apartment, living in, price - Maine (ME)
  9. Portland Maine on 100K?: Scarborough, Falmouth: sales, mortgage, how much - (ME)
  10. Back Cove area?: Portland, Brunswick, Cape Elizabeth: apartment, rental, houses - Maine (ME)
  11. Visiting from New York: Portland, Kennebunk: hotel, shops, beach - Maine (ME)
  12. rt 22 commute: Portland, Buxton: commuting, area, compared - Maine (ME)
  13. Need Help, New to Portland: Sanford, Oxford: where to stay, find a job, allergens - Maine (ME)
  14. Music School in Portland: estate, teachers, area - Maine (ME)
  15. Does Portland Ever Host a Cat Show: place, annually - Maine (ME)
  16. Falmouth residents with kids in the middle school: moving to, lessons - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  17. Is Portland for me?: job market, schools, college - Maine (ME)
  18. Pizza buffet at Joker's in Portland?: live, location, inexpensive - Maine (ME)
  19. Cheaper Places to Stay in Portland?: Westbrook: real estate, apartment, rental - Maine (ME)
  20. got to get out of tennessee: Portland, Limerick: credit, transfer, inspection - Maine (ME)
  21. Moving to Portland: Lewiston, South Portland, Auburn: 2014, new house, established neighborhood - Maine (ME)
  22. Swimming in Portland: Standish, Yarmouth, Freeport: buy, YMCA, high school - Maine (ME)
  23. Need help with a relocation to ME near S. Portland.: South Portland: apartments, rental - Maine
  24. Brunswick or Gorham?: high school, colleges, live - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  25. Where to buy counter high (pub) chairs?: Portland, Sanford: live in, price - Maine (ME)
  26. Weather in Portland, Maine: school, live in, schedule - (ME)
  27. Renting in Portland: to rent, bad credit, neighborhoods - Maine (ME)
  28. Is Portland Often Overcast?: Washington: place to live, vs, stats - Maine (ME)
  29. Utility costs for 1BR apt in Portland?: Westbrook: apartments, rental - Maine (ME)
  30. Good place for kids birthday party: Portland, Westbrook: real estate, estate, office - Maine (ME)
  31. Ideas for outdoor venues for a birthday party?: Portland, Gorham: food, farm - Maine (ME)
  32. recommendations for an inspection station that is old truck friendly?: Cape Elizabeth: house, car inspection - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  33. How much to rent my house out?: Portland, Westbrook: for sale, rental - Maine (ME)
  34. Relocating by 2013: Portland, Casco: to rent, home, schools - Maine (ME)
  35. Great schools, not pretentious: Portland, Bangor: cul-de-sac, fit in, sales - Maine (ME)
  36. Gorham v. Scarborough v. Brunswick: Portland, South Portland: rent, low crime, loan - Maine (ME)
  37. How expensive is Cape Elizabeth? We are couple in our 50's e: Portland: for sale - Maine (ME)
  38. 2 days in Portland, Maine next week: Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth: rent, organic, restaurants - (ME)
  39. Portland ME vs. Portsmouth NH: rental car, sales, rental - Maine
  40. How reliable is bus 4 to Westbrook?: to live in, internship, public transportation - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  41. What to pack (clothing) for early September?: Portland: house, live in - Maine (ME)
  42. Neighborhood FULL of young kids/families: Portland, Lewiston: real estate, rentals, houses - Maine (ME)
  43. Looking for singles bar- fun women: Portland: pub, to eat, land - Maine (ME)
  44. Can one make a living doing writing and/or web editing in Portland, ME?: job market - Maine
  45. Portland proper or outlying areas?: South Portland, Scarborough: bank owned, short sale, house - Maine (ME)
  46. relocating to portland maine: transplants, credit card, hotel - (ME)
  47. Could I find a place in Portland that rents out at about $700-800 in a safe area??: for rent - Maine (ME)
  48. Falmouth neighborhoods?: Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Freeport: best school, living in, housing - Maine (ME)
  49. Getting to work via Metro Bus...Opinions: Portland, South Portland: houses, buying - Maine (ME)
  50. Where should Portlanders go to get the feel of the city in the shortest time?: South Portland: apartments - Maine (ME)
  51. moving to maine?: Portland, Orono: theatre, schools, university - (ME)
  52. Help My Mom: Portland, Scarborough: house, neighborhood, college - Maine (ME)
  53. Portland Cash Mob: buy, construction, store - Maine (ME)
  54. Returning to the States after 10 years overseas...: Portland: health insurance, home - Maine (ME)
  55. Moving to Portland -- Need Help With Apt Hunting!: South Portland: real estate, apartments - Maine (ME)
  56. Visting Portland by Train: Washington: hotels, taxi, taxes - Maine (ME)
  57. Need help with a relocation near S. Portland.: South Portland: apartments, rental - Maine (ME)
  58. Is Portland a good place to raise kids?: Scarborough, Westbrook: how much, houses - Maine (ME)
  59. Best Place for a Family in Portland: neighborhood, good schools - Maine (ME)
  60. speech pathologists out there?: Scarborough: how much, neighborhoods, preschool - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  61. Need Advice - Encroachment: insurance, mortgage, loan - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  62. Humanists in the Portland area reading this forum?: venue, town - Maine (ME)
  63. Where to Live: Portland/Deering or South Portland?: Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth: real estate, houses - Maine (ME)
  64. Shaw's or Hannaford's: Portland, Naples: for sale, renting, to buy - Maine (ME)
  65. Year round work for servers in Portland: find a job, minimum wage - Maine (ME)
  66. Parking near 2 Portland Square?: price, garages, eat - Maine (ME)
  67. Health insurance for a self-employed individual?: Portland: how much, purchase, deductible - Maine (ME)
  68. Relocation to Maine: Portland, Bangor: sales, real estate, rentals - (ME)
  69. Need name of 90's Chinese buffet on Westbrook/Portland border: South Portland: city hall, insurance - Maine (ME)
  70. A Move to Portland -- Idealistic or Pragmatic?: Manchester: rentals, houses - Maine (ME)
  71. Alder Street, Portland center - that bad?: apartments, for rent - Maine (ME)
  72. Visiting Portland for New Years: Cape Elizabeth: hotel, house, wedding - Maine (ME)
  73. Best areas of Portland?: condo, crime, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  74. Thinking about relocating to Portland: sales, violent crime, lawyers - Maine (ME)
  75. Best gyms / health clubs with childcare in the Portland area?: Warren: suburbs, venue - Maine (ME)
  76. Young family new to Portland area – groups for families with young children?: South Portland: renting - Maine (ME)
  77. Golf in Portland: club, moving, retire - Maine (ME)
  78. Snowfall in the Area Around Portland: how much, move, retired - Maine (ME)
  79. Budget Friendly Towns near Portland?: South Portland, Saco: apartment, to rent, credit - Maine (ME)
  80. moving--suburbs to raise kids, reasonably priced?: houses, live, commute - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  81. Volunteer Opportunities in the Portland Area over the Holidays?: South Portland: coupons, homes - Maine (ME)
  82. Looking for dentist Cape Elizabeth, Portland or falmouth: Westbrook: towns, street - Maine (ME)
  83. Where were Portland's streetcar lines?: Morrill: cars, transit, population - Maine (ME)
  84. New to area. How to locate someone to share an apartment when you're new to the area?: Portland: rental - Maine (ME)
  85. First-time visit to Portland- s?: Casco, Naples: how much, hotel, theater - Maine (ME)
  86. go to Henley Elementary School in South Portland?: condo, housing - Maine (ME)
  87. Visiting...Booth Bay & Camden Area 9/6-9/14: Portland: must see - Maine (ME)
  88. Local movers?: Portland: apartment, storage, moving - Maine (ME)
  89. Where to go next week for relocation scout: Portland, Gorham: rental market, house - Maine (ME)
  90. Renting with a dog: Portland: apartment, rental, big house - Maine (ME)
  91. on the Portland: relocation to, area, location - Maine (ME)
  92. Is Portland a happy city?: Falmouth: living, rated, corporate - Maine (ME)
  93. Best Area outside Portland: Lewiston, Auburn: apartment, for rent, crime - Maine (ME)
  94. What suburb of Portland?: South Portland, Brunswick: real estate, rentals, house prices - Maine (ME)
  95. Congress Street: Portland: apartment, city hall, to rent - Maine (ME)
  96. Single Mom Relocating to Portland Area: apartments, to rent, daycare - Maine (ME)
  97. Need help deciding where to move - stay in Maine or go someplace: Portland: sales - (ME)
  98. Cheap (and safe!) Accommodations?: Portland: dorm, neighborhoods, school - Maine (ME)
  99. Young and in Portland?: credit, how much, neighborhood - Maine (ME)
  100. Obstetrician & Birthing Hospitals - Help!: Portland: obgyn, insurance, live - Maine (ME)
  101. Servicemembers Legal Defense Network Rally today with Lady Gaga at Deering Oaks: Portland: felony - Maine (ME)
  102. Portland sounds awesome: South Portland, Milford, Guilford: headhunters, university, salary - Maine (ME)
  103. Portlanders With Teenagers?: home, school, live in - Maine (ME)
  104. Health Insurance for poor people in Maine??: to buy, wage - Portland area, (ME)
  105. recommendations on oil furnace contractor - Portland area: contractors, residential - Maine (ME)
  106. arts community in portland: live, car, money - Maine (ME)
  107. recommendations on furnace technician?: Portland: company, location, winter - Maine (ME)
  108. Strange Portland building: gated, warehouse, train - Maine (ME)
  109. Sidewalk Art Festival: Portland, Lincoln: live, food, market - Maine (ME)
  110. Relocating Portland Area: Brunswick, Scarborough, Falmouth: houses, neighborhoods, to buy - Maine (ME)
  111. Is East Bayside a bad neighborhood?: Portland, Gorham: apartment, low crime - Maine (ME)
  112. Places to donate clothes and other stuff?: Portland, Falmouth: neighborhood, tax - Maine (ME)
  113. TSA at Portland airport: Bangor, Augusta: how much, house, live - Maine (ME)
  114. Move to Portland?: apartment, to rent, house - Maine (ME)
  115. Prouts Neck Cliff Walk: Saco, Old Orchard Beach: to buy, restaurant, eat - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  116. Picture in Portland Sunday Telegram: Brunswick: distance, pictures, children - Maine (ME)
  117. Questions About Moving To Portland, ME: section 8, transfer, utilities - Maine
  118. Less desirable neighborhoods?: Portland, Sherman: to live in, safe, to move - Maine (ME)
  119. Are there neighborhoods it might be best to avoid in Portland?: Sherman: to live in - Maine (ME)
  120. Portland overnight Hotel / Motel?: South Portland: rentals, hotels, prices - Maine (ME)
  121. Invitation to Maine cd forum members to visit the Portland forum!: Bangor: spring break, apartment - (ME)
  122. Are you love the Portland? Why?: college, live, shops - Maine (ME)
  123. Moving to Portland-looking for a home to buy: real estate, homes - Maine (ME)
  124. Best neighborhood on the peninsula?: Portland, Gorham: to live in, shops, moving to - Maine (ME)
  125. Portland and affordability: South Portland, Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth: sales, real estate, apartments - Maine (ME)
  126. Apartments pricing?: Portland, South Portland, Westbrook: foreclosed, rent, credit check - Maine (ME)
  127. Places in Portland for a little kid to ride a bike: neighborhood, work - Maine (ME)
  128. A place to stay in Portland for the summer: South Portland: apartments, for rent - Maine (ME)
  129. Hotel Recommendation in the city of Portland?: Union: hotels, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  130. Better to Live in Town or In Suburbs: Portland, South Portland: houses, preschool - Maine (ME)
  131. Young single female thinking about moving to Portland, ME: schools, living in - Maine
  132. safety in downtown Portland?: apartment, crime, home - Maine (ME)
  133. looking for Sober Roommate/apt: Portland: renting, place to live, housing - Maine (ME)
  134. Help deciding if Portland Area is right for us?: Falmouth: house, neighborhoods - Maine (ME)
  135. Singles in Portland: house, high school, colleges - Maine (ME)
  136. Biddeford for a few days: Portland, Scarborough: rent, amusement park, house - Maine (ME)
  137. Non-touristy pictures of Maine: Portland: neighborhoods, school, live - (ME)
  138. Rental in Parkside/Bayside... great unit, no parking?: Portland: sale, real estate - Maine (ME)
  139. Just moved back to Portland area. Suggestions for child care?: South Portland: day care, homes - Maine (ME)
  140. Yarmouth and the environment: Westbrook: schools, property taxes, living - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  141. What to see in Portland?: restaurant, to eat, best place - Maine (ME)
  142. Portland featured on PBS's Fixing The Future segment: coop, landscaping - Maine (ME)
  143. Democratic vs. Republican, just out of curiosity: Portland: taxi, taxes - Maine (ME)
  144. dog friendly Portland?: South Portland: apartment, day cares, wage - Maine (ME)
  145. small road trip - Portland bound from Upstate NY. suggestions, sights, stops, foods,: Scarborough: for rent, good hotel - Maine (ME)
  146. Daylight hours in Maine?: Portland: home, live in, bus - (ME)
  147. Intangibles You May Not Learn Anywhere If You're Moving to Portland.: Casco: appointed, apartments - Maine (ME)
  148. Area around Deering Oaks Park? Other: Portland, Franklin: apartments, rentals - Maine (ME)
  149. Best place to live Maine single straight 40s: Portland, South Portland: best town, neighborhood - (ME)
  150. Portland, ME vs Richmond, VA: Bangor, Biddeford: crime rate, home, neighborhood - Maine
  151. Upcoming Maine Visit Questions--best season, places to stay, best Lobster, .: Portland: rental, hotels - (ME)
  152. Inexpensive furniture stores in Portland?: Saco, Gray: apartment, consignment, live - Maine (ME)
  153. So wanting to move back: Portland: for sale, credit, first time home buyer - Maine (ME)
  154. Rental prices in Portland: South Portland, Casco: section 8, apartments, crime - Maine (ME)
  155. foreigners in Portland: Augusta, Saco, Kittery: house, schools, camp - Maine (ME)
  156. Maine Advice: Portland, Burlington: fit in, apartment, rent - (ME)
  157. Portland ME: South Portland, Auburn, Biddeford: appointed, crime, home - Maine
  158. Moving and Need uick: South Portland Maine: Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth: low income, short sale - (ME)
  159. And now, for something completely different............ Non Citizens Voting in Portland?: house, public schools - Maine (ME)
  160. Cape Elizabeth School District and Cost of Living: Portland, Bangor: real estate, houses - Maine (ME)
  161. Advice for move to Portland from NJ: South Portland, Old Orchard Beach: rentals, car insurance - Maine (ME)
  162. Just how cold does it get in Maine?: Bangor, Presque Isle: camp, live in - Portland area, (ME)
  163. Yarmouth vs Cape Elizabeth schools/vibe: Portland, South Portland: how much, homes, buyers - Maine (ME)
  164. Local grass-fed beef,: Portland, Standish: buying, food, farm - Maine (ME)
  165. Family with young children moving to Portland. Need advice!!: Brunswick: houses, safe neighborhoods - Maine (ME)
  166. Portland defeats Non-Citizen Vote: Hope: house, legal, retirement - Maine (ME)
  167. Portland Area - Where To Start?: Brunswick, Scarborough: for sale, rentals, health insurance - Maine (ME)
  168. Need the name of this Portland bar/dance club: Danforth: wedding, restaurant - Maine (ME)
  169. Eastland Park Hotel?: Portland, Bangor, Franklin: crime, hotels, home - Maine (ME)
  170. Great place to raise kids? Bicycle/walker friendly?: Portland, South Portland: fit in, renting - Maine (ME)
  171. Relocation- Advice: Portland, Bangor: apartments, condo, low crime - Maine (ME)
  172. Cape Elizabeth neighborhoods?: Portland, South Portland, Falmouth: fit in, real estate, power lines - Maine (ME)
  173. are the roads ever closed for snow?: Portland, Presque Isle: house, DMV - Maine (ME)
  174. Favroite place to eat?: Portland, Brewer: hotel, taxis, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  175. Trelawny Bldg on Congress Street?: Portland: apartments, rent, crime rate - Maine (ME)
  176. Is Portland a good fit for me?: sales, real estate - Maine (ME)
  177. Portland, ME vs Olympia, WA: South Portland, Scarborough: rentals, houses, job market - Maine
  178. about Accents in Maine: Kittery, Millinocket: title, areas, telephone - Portland area, (ME)
  179. Is it time to close the portland Maine forum? :confused:: Augusta: taxes, living - (ME)
  180. Dog Friendly Activities in Southern Maine?: camp, move to, beaches - Portland area, (ME)
  181. wedding ceromony/ reception!!!: area, venue, summer - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  182. Steep Falls Wildlife Management Area -- Educate me!: Portland: drive, state - Maine (ME)
  183. rent: Portland: to rent, studio, place - Maine (ME)
  184. Raising a family in Portland - what do you and don't you like about it: neighborhoods - Maine (ME)
  185. Moving to Augusta...?: Portland: to rent, movies, school - Maine (ME)
  186. pickup volleyball going on in/around Portland?: fit in, college - Maine (ME)
  187. driver wanted: car, looking for, interest - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  188. looking for electrical work in maine: relocate to, pay, average - Portland area, (ME)
  189. Advice on Food in Portland, - Maine (ME)
  190. Real estate advice - southern Maine: Saco, Kennebunk: foreclosure, property, areas - Portland area, (ME)
  191. Easter Egg Hunt: school, weekend, memorial - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  192. Room to rent in downtown portland.: hotels, housing, place - Maine (ME)
  193. Preschools in Portland?: suburbs, best, area - Maine (ME)
  194. Portland, ME one of America's healthiest cities: food, visit - Maine
  195. Jobs: high school, paid, time - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  196. maine portland: best neighborhoods, how much, neighborhoods - (ME)
  197. Where to eat & what to do in Portland?: restaurant, activities - Maine (ME)
  198. Retirement Location: Portland: movies, place to live, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  199. Portland made another Forbes list: Top 15 cities for young adults: ranked, pictures - Maine (ME)
  200. Best traditional tae kwon do dojang in Portland area?: school, move to - Maine (ME)