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  1. Moss Side Lane Area Train noise: home, neighborhood, living - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
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  7. Where to live if going to Southern U Law Center?????: Baton Rouge: apartments, home - Louisiana (LA)
  8. Bringing Business to Baker: Baton Rouge, Zachary: how much, luxury, university - Louisiana (LA)
  9. New to the area need good hair salon: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: stylist, looking for - Louisiana (LA)
  10. Asian community - Baton Rouge entertainment: club, night clubs, car - Louisiana (LA)
  11. Possibly moving to Baton Rouge, Lousiana: apartment, rentals, home - Louisiana (LA)
  12. i need a free gynecologist in the hammond, louisiana area: health insurance, health - Baton Rouge, (LA)
  13. Coursey Blvd. Area: Baton Rouge: to rent, townhouse, subdivision - Louisiana (LA)
  14. RN's in Lafayette or Baton Rouge?: floor, relocating - Louisiana (LA)
  15. ONeal Lane?: apartment, safe area, safe - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  16. Buying a house and mortgage rates are supposed to drop... Lock in or wait?!: credit issues - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  17. Family of four relocating to Baton Rouge: apartments, rentals - Louisiana (LA)
  18. Mid-City - area worth: Shenandoah, Forest: neighborhoods, price, moving - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  19. 35 yr old black female moving from Florida to Baton Rouge: crime, layoffs - Louisiana (LA)
  20. Local Moving Companies: moving company, estimates, company - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  21. Grad student looking for safe place to live: Baton Rouge: 2015, apartments - Louisiana (LA)
  22. Baton Rouge Country Club - Development: Shenandoah, Jefferson: sales, homes, neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  23. Pelican point home prices- first time buyer- help: Baton Rouge: first time home buyer, live - Louisiana (LA)
  24. Baton Rouge still has to pay Miss USA $500,000: 2015, credit - Louisiana (LA)
  25. Help finding an address: attorney, living in, moving - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  26. Young professional relocating, where to go out?: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: apartments, lofts - Louisiana (LA)
  27. Is Woodridge Subdivision considered North Baton Rouge ?: New Orleans: crime rate, hotel - Louisiana (LA)
  28. Are there affordable private schools in BR?: Baton Rouge: for sale, 2014 - Louisiana (LA)
  29. Should I consider a move to Baton Rouge?: New Orleans, Jean Lafitte: apartment, house - Louisiana (LA)
  30. Lake Charles Homeowner Insurance: Moss Bluff: home, flood zone, annual - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  31. AZCS Warehouse in Gonzales?: Baton Rouge, Ama: for sale, live, price - Louisiana (LA)
  32. About Neighborhood Near Staring Ln: Gardere: house, college, kids - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  33. Do all Baton Rouge taxis take credit cards?: about - Louisiana (LA)
  34. Oak Hills Place/Shenandoah/Westminster: Baton Rouge: house, neighborhoods, to buy - Louisiana (LA)
  35. Boom BR: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Denham Springs: condos, homes, construction - Louisiana (LA)
  36. Lack of Vision: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette: amusement parks, place to live, gardens - Louisiana (LA)
  37. Moved to Baton Rouge: Lafayette: private schools, college, closing - Louisiana (LA)
  38. Awseome street level photos now and 7 years ago: construction, universities - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  39. Wanting to relocate to Baton Rouge need help!!: renting, homes - Louisiana (LA)
  40. Activities for Autistic Teens?: homes, neighborhood, YMCA - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  41. I-10 ??: Shreveport, Lafayette: construction, deal, area - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  42. House hunting for rentals in Baton Rouge area: New Orleans, Metairie: fit in, section 8 - Louisiana (LA)
  43. Baton Rouge Area - Need Help: Shenandoah, Zachary: houses, neighborhoods, top schools - Louisiana (LA)
  44. Good neighborhoods to rent for young professional couple in Baton Rouge: New Orleans: apartments, for rent - Louisiana (LA)
  45. single mom: Baton Rouge, Denham Springs: affordable apartment, how much, safe neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  46. Worried about VA apprasial: insurance, loan, house - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  47. Investing in Real Estate in Baton Rouge?: purchase, area - Louisiana (LA)
  48. Moving to BR from Out-of-State: Baton Rouge: hardwood floors, apartment complex, rental - Louisiana (LA)
  49. Moving to Baton Rouge need help with apartments: safe area, living in - Louisiana (LA)
  50. Landed a Job in New Roads, Looking to Rent in BR: New Orleans: transplants, apartment - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  51. Family visiting Lake Charles with questions: Baton Rouge, Prien: best hotel, casinos, restaurants - Louisiana (LA)
  52. Attending LSU Game: Suggestions on Best Hotels?: Baton Rouge: extended stay, college - Louisiana (LA)
  53. Straight Out of College, Moving to Baton Rouge: New Orleans: apartments, rent - Louisiana (LA)
  54. Green ways in BR: Baton Rouge, Slidell: live in, garden, friendly - Louisiana (LA)
  55. Renting a Guest Room in My Home: to rent, utilities - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  56. Construction on bridge coming in from Port Allen?: deal, drive - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  57. Safety area?: Baton Rouge: apartment, homes, safe area - Louisiana (LA)
  58. Does know of a place that services cell phones.: Forest: transfer, live - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  59. Buying a home soon and I have no idea how to furnish it: for sale - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  60. about adjudicated properties in Lafayette: sales, to buy, taxi - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  61. Dear Baton Rouge...: school, university, living - Louisiana (LA)
  62. changing daycares: best, teachers, schedule - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  63. Is it ok for preschool teacher to say fart: daycare, gas - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  64. russians or ukranians in Louisiana: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: buy, university, teach - (LA)
  65. Moving to BR and buying house in $130K range: Baton Rouge: houses, safe neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  66. New to BR.. how to meet people?: Baton Rouge, Independence: house, college - Louisiana (LA)
  67. Baton Rouge for Single Guy in his early 30s?: New Orleans: crime, college - Louisiana (LA)
  68. s on Christian Life or Runnels?: day care, schools - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  69. Japanese community: New Orleans, Jefferson, Ville Platte: to live, restaurants, sushi - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  70. 2004 Election: Bush 82% vs Kerry 7%? Is that a correct stat for B.R.? If yes, what accounted for it?: Baton Rouge: stats - Louisiana (LA)
  71. Reliable moving companies: company, recommendations, used - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  72. North Blvd: Baton Rouge: high crime, house, neighborhoods - Louisiana (LA)
  73. real estate agent: Baton Rouge: countertops, price, best - Louisiana (LA)
  74. Most welcoming suburbs for interracial family: Baton Rouge, Zachary: living, areas, job - Louisiana (LA)
  75. Zachary, Denham Springs or Prairieville..what is traffic like: best schools, to relocate - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  76. rental apartments in Barton Rouge: versus, moving to, parking - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  77. Baton Rouge: universities, firms, climate - Louisiana (LA)
  78. Young Professional Female + 40 lb dog... Rental suggestions?: Baton Rouge, Jefferson: apartment complex, appliances - Louisiana (LA)
  79. Does Baton Rouge have similarities to New Orleans? If so, how?: homes - Louisiana (LA)
  80. Is Baton Rouge really that dangerous?: crime, college, live - Louisiana (LA)
  81. Dentist Recommendation?: Baton Rouge: military, hygienist, charge - Louisiana (LA)
  82. it safe and places to avoid: Baton Rouge: home, schools - Louisiana (LA)
  83. Looking for a jambalaya pot: Ama: Home Depot, to buy, restaurant - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  84. Affordable Places in Br?: Baton Rouge, Jefferson: section 8, apartments, for rent - Louisiana (LA)
  85. accents: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette: areas, accent, people - Louisiana (LA)
  86. one bedroom apartment search: Baton Rouge: apartments, rental, safe area - Louisiana (LA)
  87. Deciding where to look for homes: Baton Rouge, Shenandoah: condo, houses, neighborhoods - Louisiana (LA)
  88. Lexington Estates vs University Club Plantation: Baton Rouge: houses, neighborhoods, subdivisions - Louisiana (LA)
  89. How to work for the State?: job openings, university, closing - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  90. The Dufrocq School: Baton Rouge: magnet school, live in, price - Louisiana (LA)
  91. Looking for sources of organic meats: Baton Rouge: live, farms, market - Louisiana (LA)
  92. move to BR for Son to attend LSU: rental, houses - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  93. Relocating to Slidell: Martin: home, seafood, worth - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  94. thinking of moving to baton: Baton Rouge, Zachary: low crime, private school, live - Louisiana (LA)
  95. Spanishtown vs. Mid-City: pros and cons, living in, nightlife - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  96. Worse traffic BR or New Orleans?: Baton Rouge, St. Francisville: college, living, moving - Louisiana (LA)
  97. BR Garden District Interior Renovation: purchase, design, pictures - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  98. Safest, cheapest places near downtown br: for rent, home, safe neighborhood - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  99. Chicot State Park???: camps, trees, area - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  100. How to look for summer sublet in/around Baton Rouge: apartment, safe area - Louisiana (LA)
  101. Looking for Youth Ice Hockey: Baton Rouge, Lafayette: high school, camps, moving to - Louisiana (LA)
  102. Miracle Requested: Baton Rouge, Zachary, Denham Springs: broker, houses, neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  103. Five Awesome Things about Louisiana.: Baton Rouge, Ball: income, organic, property taxes - (LA)
  104. Moving to St. Francisville area, looking for school help.: Zachary: house, magnet schools - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  105. Tony Spell on donating stimulus check: house, living in, buses - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  106. East Blvd - Relocation confirmed: Baton Rouge: crime rate, how much, houses - Louisiana (LA)
  107. Is the greyhound bus station a safe place?: home, school - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  108. about an area on Perkins RD/Staring LN: lease, townhouses - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  109. Cypress Heights Academy: schools, teach, reviews - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  110. Safe gated community?: Baton Rouge, Lucky: real estate, apartment, rentals - Louisiana (LA)
  111. Dirty louisiana: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Livingston: rentals, house, living - (LA)
  112. Moving to Zachary: how much, houses, to buy - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  113. Best onion rings in the city, who has them?: New Orleans: live, restaurants - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  114. Rampant credit card skimming in Baton Rouge gas stations.: Crowley: home, buy - Louisiana (LA)
  115. Low-income, low crime areas of Baton Rouge: New Orleans, Livingston: low income, for sale - Louisiana (LA)
  116. Contemplating Leaving the Northeast for Baton Rouge: New Orleans, Lafayette: transplants, sales - Louisiana (LA)
  117. do churches in the BR area offer gay conversion therapy?: living, lawsuit - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  118. Exciting Times For BR: Baton Rouge: construction, living, to move - Louisiana (LA)
  119. Baton Rouge Retirement?: New Orleans, Lafayette, Many: low crime, neighborhoods, high school - Louisiana (LA)
  120. Is the Fountain Ave a safe place? (Baton Rouge): Gardere: violent crime, affordable house - Louisiana (LA)
  121. Four Bad Things About Louisiana.: insurance, places, grocery - Baton Rouge, (LA)
  122. Young professional moving to Baton Rouge from Tennessee: New Orleans, Houma: transplants, homes - Louisiana (LA)
  123. boating/water sport community in Baton Rouge: Pierre Part, Livingston: living, restaurants - Louisiana (LA)
  124. Relocating soon to Baton Rouge: Denham Springs: real estate, to rent, school district - Louisiana (LA)
  125. Relocating to BR next year with a high school son: Baton Rouge: real estate, 2015 - Louisiana (LA)
  126. Shenandoah area: Baton Rouge, Hammond, Jefferson: apartments, houses, neighborhoods - Louisiana (LA)
  127. ANOTHER Police shooting today SUNDAY: Hammond: neighborhood, vehicles, office - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  128. what to like about Baton Rouge?: New Orleans, Lafayette: rentals, condo, hotels - Louisiana (LA)
  129. Good, Great & up and coming areas of BR: Baton Rouge: low income, section 8 - Louisiana (LA)
  130. Will Haden 'Sons Of Guns' Star Arrested: 2014, crimes - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  131. Subleasing my room for $400 a month!: sublease, utilities, place to live - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  132. ISP BATON ROUGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL closing: teachers, program, good - Louisiana (LA)
  133. Sponsors of DP's in 1949: Gonzales: farmer, area, tobacco - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  134. Lobdell-wooddale apartment complex. Need help to decide.: to buy, place - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  135. Looking for a adoption attorney - Lafayette area: paid, good - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  136. “unresolved issues” ?? On unemployment??: couple, profile - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  137. Exactly how autonomous/independent are Central and future St. George from EBR Parish?: Zachary: apartment - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  138. Is looking for a place to rent?: lease, college - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  139. Who is Mostly Harmless (Ben Bilemy): Baton Rouge: crime, area, working - Louisiana (LA)
  140. Car registration help: sale, insurance, drivers license - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  141. What are good but cheap apartments next to LSU?: for rent, home - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  142. Restaurant in Greenwell Springs in the 1980s?: live, restaurants - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  143. Moving back to Lafayette: Broussard, Youngsville: house, neighborhoods, to buy - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  144. What are the best Credit Unions in Baton Rouge for a private loan that will go toward college?: student loans - Louisiana (LA)
  145. Former Baton Rouge Depot ~128.50 acres - SALE OF GOVERNMENT REAL PROPERTY: Forest: auctions, estates - Louisiana (LA)
  146. gas Generators in the area?: Baton Rouge: Home Depot, Lowes, budget - Louisiana (LA)
  147. Who has the best lemon grass soup in Baton Rouge?: restaurants, food - Louisiana (LA)
  148. July 4th Fireworks: parking, park, town - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  149. help!! Which hospital !!: Baton Rouge: live, delivery, area - Louisiana (LA)
  150. Lasalle Elementary: how much, teachers, area - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  151. hot springs pool / hotel in Baton Rouge? - Louisiana (LA)
  152. Looking for Shelia Mae Thomas-Smith, her daughter Brandy and her late grandmother was Nancy Sands.She has cousins living: Baton Rouge: moved - Louisiana (LA)
  153. Free dental/vision/medical clinic for uninsured/underinsured people in need in Baton Rouge 1/19-1/21.: insurance - Louisiana (LA)
  154. Bluebonnet Ridge Apartments: quality, residents, about - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  155. Youth Basketball Small GroupTraining: start - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  156. Questions About Zachary!: elementary school, living in, move - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  157. Best Place In Baton Rouge for a Personal Trainer: Shenandoah: apartment, to rent - Louisiana (LA)
  158. Entry level finance jobs in baton rouge???: career, graduated - Louisiana (LA)
  159. Edgewood, normandy village, woodcrest? safe apts for single mom?: apartments, lease - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  160. RIP Mr. William Black, AKA Buckskin Bill: Baton Rouge: home, movies - Louisiana (LA)
  161. Cousin: Baton Rouge: live in, looking for, about - Louisiana (LA)
  162. Red Oak (Catalpa) safe enough for young working class family: houses, neighborhoods - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  163. The exchange of Baton Rouge: sublease, 2014, apartment - Louisiana (LA)
  164. Relocating to Baton Rouge. .know laborer or painting jobs: construction, maintenance - Louisiana (LA)
  165. LA to LA? need a car transported?: costs, to move - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  166. Bass Fishing in Baton Rouge?: Denham Springs: places, good, spring - Louisiana (LA)
  167. Camelot subdivision: Baton Rouge: house, neighborhood, buying - Louisiana (LA)
  168. Broadmoor Subdivision: neighborhood, estate, residential - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  169. Shopping for Condo near LSU: distance, development, bank - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  170. Greenways: town, downtown, visiting - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  171. Can dog lovers recommend a good groomer?: moved, golden - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  172. Seeking a local Bar or Club to find Professional Older Women: town, attractive - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
  173. Highlander townhomes - lsu north gates: best place, place, about - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)