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  10. Playgroups in Quabbin Valley Region?: Athol: home, YMCA, preschool - Massachusetts (MA)
  11. Car Inspection: Dudley: insurance, how much, inspector - Massachusetts (MA)
  12. newburyport to gloucester?: Franklin: to rent, crime, live in - Massachusetts (MA)
  13. on Special Ed. in Franklin?: Boston, Newton: loans, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  14. west brookfield recycling?: credit, area, towns - Massachusetts (MA)
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  17. North Quincy, MA Visitor Advice: Adams, Hancock: crime, hotel, safe area - Massachusetts
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  19. Private Schools Specializing in Learning Disabilities??: Boston, Beverly: to live, moving to, bill - Massachusetts (MA)
  20. Southborough/Northborough/Westborough/Shrewsbury area pre-school and elem schools: Holliston: daycare, school rankings - Massachusetts (MA)
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  22. Heating System and Heating Cost: Boston: renting, condo, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  23. Jewish life in Amherset Mass.: Boston, Springfield: home, public schools, universities - Massachusetts (MA)
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  26. rmation on Gardner, MA: Leominster, Fitchburg: best towns, apartment complex, crime - Massachusetts
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  28. Ice Skating Lessons near Sharon?: Brockton, Braintree: home, arena, area - Massachusetts (MA)
  29. Plymouth, MA property tax rate: homes, assess, towns - Massachusetts
  30. Advice: Worcester, Salem, Wellesley: real estate market, house, teaching jobs - Massachusetts (MA)
  31. Mansfield to woburn??? To far???: Boston, Burlington: apartment, to live, safe - Massachusetts (MA)
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  39. Monson, MA apartment: Springfield: rentals, house, best - Massachusetts
  40. Time sensitive Commute from Norwell to Westborough: place, weather - Massachusetts (MA)
  41. To not from MA, the election . . .: live, deal - Massachusetts
  42. Marijuana: Washington: law, moving to, land - Massachusetts (MA)
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  44. News, Hummingbird rarely seen in Mass. hospitalized.: Eastham: dental, winter - Massachusetts (MA)
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  53. illegally rented apartment: rental, landlord, income - Massachusetts (MA)
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  55. I'll Have A Side of Mac N' Cheese With That Ted: appointed - Massachusetts (MA)
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  57. Dog Friendly Hotels/Motels on Florida/Boston Run: food, pet friendly - Massachusetts (MA)
  58. About Holliston: high school, live in, relocating - Massachusetts (MA)
  59. ideas about relocating to Massachusetts?: Cambridge: daycares, house, find a job (MA)
  60. Escaping............and then Returning to Cape Cod: Boston, Attleboro: how much, home - Massachusetts (MA)
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  63. Fun Cambridge/Boston Restaurant for 10 year old daughter?: Harvard: live, food - Massachusetts (MA)
  64. montessori schools????: Petersham: how much, preschool, teachers - Massachusetts (MA)
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  67. Planning to build in Brewster: Boston, Orleans: for sale, appliances, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  68. Renting a house in MetroWest?: Boston, Newton: apartments, rental market, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  69. What can you tell us about Wilmington?: Boston, Lowell: rent, buying a home - Massachusetts (MA)
  70. Location central to Fitchburg & Boston: Cambridge, Belmont: real estate, apartments, to rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  71. plum island bugs: house, moving to, porch - Massachusetts (MA)
  72. Special Ed programs: Weston, Wellesley, Westwood, Lincoln?: Newton, Brookline: transfer, preschool - Massachusetts (MA)
  73. More about Wayland?: Boston, Cambridge: buying a house, neighborhoods, buying - Massachusetts (MA)
  74. Gloucester schools: Boston, Reading, Acton: house, public schools, living - Massachusetts (MA)
  75. Single in the city??: Boston, Cambridge: apartments, to rent, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  76. Looking for pros and cons about Wakefield MA: Boston, Lynn: apartment complexes, rentals - Massachusetts
  77. U.S. News ranks America's Best High Schools: Brockton, Lynn: wealthy, cities - Massachusetts (MA)
  78. Can enroll in Acton/Boxborough schools?: Littleton: houses, school district - Massachusetts (MA)
  79. moving from MA to Cleaveland - will that be a shock: Boston: low crime, public schools - Massachusetts
  80. Black/Pink Mold common in MA??: Natick: apartment complexes, condo, landlord - Massachusetts
  81. Grocery assistance / pantries in the Springfield area?: Boston, Chicopee: apartment, rental - Massachusetts (MA)
  82. Attleboro DMV?: license, deal, limit - Massachusetts (MA)
  83. What kind of town is Stoneham?: Boston, Medford: rental, house, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  84. on septic failure after Title V inspection: house, buy - Massachusetts (MA)
  85. Ashland - your top 10 places to spend quality time with your kids?: Boston: camping - Massachusetts (MA)
  86. Condo ceiling height: Brookline: apartment, condos, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  87. New Constr. Neighborhoods - Central or Western Mass?: Sturbridge: new construction, estates - Massachusetts (MA)
  88. Worcester Schools: Holden, West Boylston, Boylston: house, neighborhoods, public schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  89. American Girl Natick Collection or NYC?: theater, live, shop - Massachusetts (MA)
  90. Looking to learn more about Holliston: Boston, Worcester: neighborhoods, elementary school, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  91. General economy of Easthampton: living, move to, parks - Massachusetts (MA)
  92. Attleboro Apartment: month to, utilities, studio - Massachusetts (MA)
  93. MA Living - Commute to Providence: Boston, Attleboro: homes, good schools, price - Massachusetts
  94. New Bedford / Fall River MA: Boston, Lowell: real estate, apartment, crime - Massachusetts
  95. Quest for Portuguese ingredients: Cambridge, New Bedford: restaurants, groceries, shops - Massachusetts (MA)
  96. Ipswich versus Hamilton-Wenham: Boston, Medford, Woburn: upper-class, transplants, home - Massachusetts (MA)
  97. Wellfleet cell phone service: Boston, Worcester: best, metro, areas - Massachusetts (MA)
  98. Truro 3 Season Zoning Change in 2010?: Wellfleet: low income, apartment, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  99. Lunenburg, Leicester: Boston, Worcester, Leominster: fit in, real estate, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  100. Fall River Mill Outlets - no more: shop, business - Massachusetts (MA)
  101. Looking for a romantic spot in the Berkshires...: Springfield, Pittsfield: hotel, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  102. Watertown - Neighborhoods, Safety,: Boston, Cambridge: condo, house, to buy - Massachusetts (MA)
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  104. FromCAtoMA: Chelmsford: apartments, for rent, insurance - Massachusetts
  105. Worcester State College: Boston, Lowell, Cambridge: apartment, house, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  106. Comments for article on MA public transportation,: Boston, Springfield: sales, real estate - Massachusetts
  107. Central MA towns, schools, and commuting to Boston: Framingham, Franklin: renting, condo - Massachusetts
  108. Weddings: taxes, live, legal - Massachusetts (MA)
  109. MI, MA, or VT for an interracial family: Boston, Cambridge: appointed, transplants - Massachusetts
  110. Moth Treatment: eat, yard, trees - Massachusetts (MA)
  111. tax (specific to new car lease): sales, leasing - Massachusetts (MA)
  112. Travel from Westborough to New York: Boston, Worcester: rental car, apartment complexes, rental - Massachusetts (MA)
  113. Maynard to Boston commute: Milton, Belmont: house, neighborhoods, living in - Massachusetts (MA)
  114. Good Carpenter: Sherborn: construction, cabinets, floor - Massachusetts (MA)
  115. Commute From New Bedford to Boston: Quincy, Weymouth: living, price, bus - Massachusetts (MA)
  116. Good school system: Boston, Newton, Brookline: rent, how much, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  117. Great house keeper metro west area: Natick: live in, working, hired - Massachusetts (MA)
  118. Help! Best place to live in the Boston area!: Cambridge: apartment complex, rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  119. Montessori Schools in Massachusetts: Cambridge: home, purchasing, public school (MA)
  120. Mass Economy and Outlook: Boston, Waltham: health insurance, home, teaching jobs - Massachusetts (MA)
  121. Questions about Leominster and Fitchburg: Lowell, Cambridge: affordable apartments, rent, lofts - Massachusetts (MA)
  122. Help with relocating: Springfield, Amherst, Northampton: schools, college, move - Massachusetts (MA)
  123. Where to buy a Christmas tree- South Shore?: Quincy, Bridgewater: for sale, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  124. how's the home rental market in/near southborough?: Worcester, Natick: rentals, townhomes - Massachusetts (MA)
  125. Place to live near Lexington: Boston, Newton: apartment, rental, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  126. relocation from Indianapolis, IN to Boston area: Cambridge, Waltham: real estate, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  127. Best towns for interracial family?: Boston, Worcester: homes, neighborhood, public school - Massachusetts (MA)
  128. Lynnfield, North Andover and Bedford: Boston, Cambridge: middle-class, for rent, crime - Massachusetts (MA)
  129. What are good towns in the surrounding Boston area to live in?: Cambridge: transplants, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  130. Did you hear what Duvall wants to do now?: Boston: how much, buy - Massachusetts (MA)
  131. Worcester: Boston: house, neighborhood, universities - Massachusetts (MA)
  132. just for massachusetts voters: Boston, Washington: appointed, health insurance, construction - Massachusetts (MA)
  133. Nature threats in MA...beyond low temperatures: Boston: for sale, apartment - Massachusetts
  134. Safe cities?: Boston, Lowell, Cambridge: middle-class, sales, rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  135. Narrowing it down...: Boston, Worcester, Cambridge: houses, buying, cinema - Massachusetts (MA)
  136. Art/Nature Person - Ideal Parts of Mass?: Boston, Springfield: appointed, real estate - Massachusetts (MA)
  137. Wellfleet planning on 400 ft tall Wind Turbine in National Seashore: credit, homes - Massachusetts (MA)
  138. Wellesley, trash: Winchester, Hanson, Southborough: house, transfer, buying - Massachusetts (MA)
  139. Lexington or Weston - Help us decide: Boston, Cambridge: middle-class, real estate market - Massachusetts (MA)
  140. Lowell and Lawrence MA Neighborhoods: Boston, Haverhill: real estate, buying a house, buying - Massachusetts
  141. Call Me Crazy, But I Miss Shoveling Snow!: how much, homes - Massachusetts (MA)
  142. Family from Bay Area needs a great town!: Boston, Cambridge: middle-class, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  143. Moving to Mansfield MA area: Boston, Attleboro: transplants, house, to buy - Massachusetts
  144. Need area advice: Boston, Beverly, Gloucester: fit in, rentals, safe area - Massachusetts (MA)
  145. change of plans...northern MA vs. southern NH?: Lynn: vehicle registration, house prices - Massachusetts
  146. Can tell me about Taunton?: Boston, New Bedford: apartment complexes, renter, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  147. What do Massachusetts people cover themselves with during winter nights? :-): Boston: fit in, mattress (MA)
  148. Alone during Christmas: Boston, Chicopee: fit in, house, school - Massachusetts (MA)
  149. Where are the Weirdos?: Boston, Worcester: spring break, hotel, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  150. Town-by-town results voting results: Boston, Springfield: home, retiring, best - Massachusetts (MA)
  151. MA Auto Excise Tax !: sales, lease, car insurance - Massachusetts
  152. relocating to MA. and working at Natick Labs (Natick, Ma.): Boston: real estate, houses - Massachusetts
  153. A BIG THANK YOU to the Massachusetts Voters!: Washington: club, bill (MA)
  154. Well, at least MA gets to keep their Obama/Romneycare :(: Florida: homeowners insurance, homes - Massachusetts
  155. Is Health Care Insurance Premium generally higher than other states?: Harvard: fit in, health insurance - Massachusetts (MA)
  156. Massachusetts, you have regressed.: real estate, mortgage, credit card (MA)
  157. 30 min Commute to Lynn: Boston, Peabody: homes, best school districts, to live - Massachusetts (MA)
  158. Should we build a house?: Boston, Lexington: insurance, appliances, construction loan - Massachusetts (MA)
  159. Why is Franklin so much cheaper than other towns near Boston?: Newton: apartments, rentals - Massachusetts (MA)
  160. Brockton: Boston, Lowell, New Bedford: best cities, real estate, lofts - Massachusetts (MA)
  161. Where to stay in CAPE COD for one week: Boston: rental, hotel - Massachusetts (MA)
  162. Worcester?: Boston, Springfield, Fall River: real estate, houses, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  163. Senate Election in 2 weeks: Boston: high school, taxes, cost - Massachusetts (MA)
  164. Flavor of Boston or New England hostess gift?: Cambridge, New Bedford: sale, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  165. How would you describe living in Arlington?: Boston, Cambridge: appointed, apartment complex - Massachusetts (MA)
  166. Best Locale for my situation?: Boston, Springfield: foreclosure, renting, crime - Massachusetts (MA)
  167. winters in southeast New England?: Boston, Attleboro: how much, living in, stats - Massachusetts (MA)
  168. Moving! Best places for young family: Boston, Cambridge: best town, to rent, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  169. Job in RI - Looking for towns to live in MA: Boston: cul-de-sac, oceanfront - Massachusetts
  170. Easton-New Bedford Commute: Boston, Brockton, Brookline: low crime, homes, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  171. Looking for on Needham, Westwood, Medfield: Cambridge, Norwood: house, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  172. Opinion on Boston or New England colleges for prospective student: Worcester: credit, home - Massachusetts (MA)
  173. Does this place exists?: Boston, Worcester: look for a job, living in, moving - Massachusetts (MA)
  174. Young Family Looking at Boston Area - from Tx: Worcester: middle-class, apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  175. Worcester versus Springfield: Boston, Lowell, Brockton: insurance, condo, crime rate - Massachusetts (MA)
  176. Adding Value to a Home: real estate, how much, new house - Massachusetts (MA)
  177. Mortgage employment verification --closing soon: sale, mortgage broker, credit rating - Massachusetts (MA)
  178. DC family relocating to Metrowest area in March - best town for strong catholic school and charm: Boston: transplants, consignment - Massachusetts (MA)
  179. South Shore for a young family?: Boston, Brockton: renting, house, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  180. Buying a property in the southcoast: Boston, New Bedford: rental, insurance, condos - Massachusetts (MA)
  181. Best Location for Couple with Lowell and North Station Commutes?: Boston: wood floors, apartment - Massachusetts (MA)
  182. Real estate costs: Boston, Worcester, Brockton: middle-class, to rent, condos - Massachusetts (MA)
  183. How's your economy? (Metro West): Boston, Lynn: find a job, good schools, living in - Massachusetts (MA)
  184. Good schools Between Worcester and Providence: Boston, Franklin: first time home buyer, buyers, construction - Massachusetts (MA)
  185. Road Tripping: Boston: drivers, state, trip - Massachusetts (MA)
  186. Christmas Eve Traffic Out of Boston: better, route, direct - Massachusetts (MA)
  187. Orange/Athol/Greenfield: cost of, stations, radio - Massachusetts (MA)
  188. As of Dec-13 what quarters are used.........: unemployment, calculation - Massachusetts (MA)
  189. Need help in determining Reverse Commuter timing.: Boston, Billerica: house, to buy - Massachusetts (MA)
  190. wellfleet: how much, restaurant, transportation - Massachusetts (MA)
  191. DayCare in Hanover MA: assistance - Massachusetts
  192. do you know this place?: live, safer, trees - Massachusetts (MA)
  193. A cheap way to get to Peabody from Beverly: taxis, live in - Massachusetts (MA)
  194. Banking: Marlborough: move to, corporate, America - Massachusetts (MA)
  195. commute advice, to framingham and natick: bike, commuting - Massachusetts (MA)
  196. Harvard/Mass Gen Hospital: medical, telephone, professor - Massachusetts (MA)
  197. Commute from Norwell to Boston: Braintree, Scituate: house, cost, mall - Massachusetts (MA)
  198. Would love family related uot; on moving to Wilmington/North Reading area: rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  199. Recommendation for contractors on painting, flooring or bathroom?: Waltham: hardwood floors, townhome - Massachusetts (MA)
  200. Holistic Primary care physcian Metro West are: area, good - Massachusetts (MA)