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  1. University of Michigan to purchase former Pfizer Site, 2000 jobs: Ann Arbor: student loan, unemployment (MI)
  2. Stockbridge, MI (Ingham County): Detroit, Jackson: purchase, schools, places to live - Michigan
  3. Paw Paw in national news: Lansing: live, car wash, drugs - Michigan (MI)
  4. Rhonda Ogden kills horse: Gaylord, Wolverine: house, living, legal - Michigan (MI)
  5. Moving to Frankenmuth Area: Detroit, Flint: rental homes, house, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  6. Choices....: Battle Creek, Niles, Benton Harbor: low income, apartments, crime - Michigan (MI)
  7. Wind energy: Warren, Jackson: purchasing, property tax, shoppers - Michigan (MI)
  8. Need MI Bus (4 seats)to Inauguration: live, buses, retired - Michigan
  9. News, Michigan City Votes to Ban Annoying Behavior.: Detroit, Brighton: attorney, public schools (MI)
  10. Merry christmas: live, green, color - Michigan (MI)
  11. know about buying land? Like hunting land?: real estate, loan - Michigan (MI)
  12. Places in the U.P. for good fishing trips with family?: Marquette: rentals, campground - Michigan (MI)
  13. Best places to live around the St. Clair area....: Detroit: house prices, school district - Michigan (MI)
  14. On A Lighter Note...: Detroit, Pontiac: inspector, maintenance, live - Michigan (MI)
  15. Kalamazoo, house near downtown?: South Haven, Shepherd: foreclosure, crime, houses - Michigan (MI)
  16. MSU awarded $550 Million Rare Isotopes facility from DOE: Lansing: construction, university - Michigan (MI)
  17. Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: business, cats, how to - Michigan (MI)
  18. Past Weather Conditions: Roscommon: airport, best, area - Michigan (MI)
  19. Michigan indian books: Menominee, Cheboygan, Munising: subdivisions, rated, best (MI)
  20. Okemos Condo Purchase?: real estate, renting, loan - Michigan (MI)
  21. Car lots in Traverse City: sale, buy, moving - Michigan (MI)
  22. The Times, They Are A-Changin': Holly, Colon: sales, rental, hotels - Michigan (MI)
  23. Snowmobiles to Mackinac: St. Ignace, Mackinaw City: how much, ferry, island - Michigan (MI)
  24. 2nd Home - Need advice: Jackson, Grant: renters, insurance, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  25. Fisher Coachworks to build hybrid buses in Livonia, hire 540 over next 2 years: Detroit: credit - Michigan (MI)
  26. Burglary explodes in Northville!: Ann Arbor, Troy: crime, suburbs, rating - Michigan (MI)
  27. U.S. Treasury steps in to shore up Automakers: house, move - Michigan (MI)
  28. Help with Lansing: Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Okemos: for sale, real estate, to rent - Michigan (MI)
  29. Saginaw, MI - rmation needed: Midland, Bay City: apartment, rent, crime rates - Michigan
  30. Two job openings in Grand Rapids: Troy: sales, health insurance, broker - Michigan (MI)
  31. Roomate in Dearborn: apartments, for rent, price - Michigan (MI)
  32. Chrysler/Fiat alliance, Fiat takes 35% stake in Chrysler: move, car - Michigan (MI)
  33. Best city in Michigan to work as a medical assistant?: Detroit: find a job, transferring to (MI)
  34. other Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport refugees out there?: Alpena, Sturgis: fit in, for sale - Michigan (MI)
  35. Lilly white, or is color alright?: Detroit, Flint: crime, gated, living - Michigan (MI)
  36. :: How is the whether in Niagara Falls now? ::: university, health - Michigan (MI)
  37. First Time Skiing, Crystal, Boyne Mnt or Boyne Highlands?: ski resort, waterpark - Michigan (MI)
  38. Lansing neighborhood: how much, buying a house, established neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  39. Old house (1840) in Birmingham: Bloomfield Hills: wood floors, hotel, landscaping - Michigan (MI)
  40. sault ste.marie: casino, directions, Irish - Michigan (MI)
  41. From Michigan.: Saginaw, Midland: apartments, renting, crime rate (MI)
  42. Need recommendation for contractors: Lansing, East Lansing: residential, electricity, plumbers - Michigan (MI)
  43. Pontiac area accomodations- Help a Canadian: Flint, Waterford: hotels, home, safe area - Michigan (MI)
  44. What is the general consensus for west bloomfield's safety: Novi: crime, houses - Michigan (MI)
  45. Mt. Pleasant, MI Newspaper?: Mount Pleasant, Clare: counties, news, serving - Michigan
  46. Need help with rentals in St. Joseph,MI -starting january: Grand Rapids: foreclosure, condominiums - Michigan
  47. Michigan near $80m deal for film, Tv studios: Detroit, Holly: great, extra (MI)
  48. Moving to Portage ,MI with commute to Benton harbor area: Kalamazoo: appointed, for sale - Michigan
  49. Pontiac Wedding Ceremony Location: Lansing, St. Clair Shores: chapel, wedding reception, university - Michigan (MI)
  50. Mark of the beast??: to live, safety, agriculture - Michigan (MI)
  51. ways to save money.: coupons, insurance, snow - Michigan (MI)
  52. Fine dining in Davison area: Imlay City, Garden: house, live in, restaurant - Michigan (MI)
  53. South Carolinian needs answers....: Iron Mountain: inspection, live, safety - Michigan (MI)
  54. Closing on a house......can someone help with a few things?: Ann Arbor: real estate, rental - Michigan (MI)
  55. What are the best lakes for swimming near Flint?: Fenton: safer, beaches - Michigan (MI)
  56. Redevelopment projects heating up in Grand Rapids: Detroit, Kalamazoo: low income, apartments - Michigan (MI)
  57. Children that automatically qualify for free lunch meals: schools, incomes - Michigan (MI)
  58. Battle Creek - What's the good, the bad, and the ugly?: Detroit: low income, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  59. Bashing Michigan Economy: Cadillac, Holly: loans, house, unemployment (MI)
  60. on the Houghton/Higgins lake area.: hotel, new home - Michigan (MI)
  61. 22 year old looking for a job in traverse city mi: Clare: buying, school - Michigan (MI)
  62. Thanksgiving: living, safe, worth - Michigan (MI)
  63. ever gone to the America's Thanksgiving Day Parade?: Caro: weather, kids - Michigan (MI)
  64. Thanksgiving sales on DTS: home, to buy, prices - Michigan (MI)
  65. East Lansing/MSU: Ann Arbor: apartment complexes, renting, houses - Michigan (MI)
  66. Finding Doctors: Detroit, Warren, Sterling Heights: insurance, live, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  67. Experience draining pipes for winter?: house, water heater, cost - Michigan (MI)
  68. 25% to 40% of Retailers Gone by End of 2009: Taylor, Marshall: good credit, buy - Michigan (MI)
  69. Great site. Michigan pictures/free wallpaper/backgrounds: East Jordan: houses, drywall (MI)
  70. Be careful with Craigslist job opportunities: home, employment - Michigan (MI)
  71. Affordable living in the U.P.: Marquette, Escanaba: schools, income, things to do - Michigan (MI)
  72. What's Michigan's education budget like?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: sales, transfer to, money (MI)
  73. New Source for Big3 Bailout Funding: buy, company, economy - Michigan (MI)
  74. What would be your perfect Sauna?: house, floor, vs - Michigan (MI)
  75. Somali Pirates to Buy CitiGroup Bank: proposed - Michigan (MI)
  76. moving to albion area...: live in, town, family - Michigan (MI)
  77. Commerce Township Living & High Schools: Farmington Hills, Farmington: transferring to, college, living in - Michigan (MI)
  78. Michigan Maple: Lansing: salvaged, cabinet, live in (MI)
  79. GM to use $1 billion from Rescue Loan in Brazil...rofl: retired, money - Michigan (MI)
  80. Christmas Lights in Saginaw Area: Midland, Bay City: city hall, house, rated - Michigan (MI)
  81. Christmas trees: sale, price, cheaper - Michigan (MI)
  82. What the: Allen Park, Hart, Allen: credit, schools, college - Michigan (MI)
  83. L Brooks Patterson - Gov?: Detroit, Southfield: live in, moving, friendly - Michigan (MI)
  84. Getting Ready for an Economic Boom: loan, unemployment rate, tax - Michigan (MI)
  85. Is Flint more Gangster than Detroit?: home, movies, pictures - Michigan (MI)
  86. Obtaining copy of your criminal record?: Marshall: employment, law, safety - Michigan (MI)
  87. The Big Tall Wish About The New President Discussion: insurance, loans - Michigan (MI)
  88. Just got a job offer in Saginaw - need on Saginaw: Midland: crime rate, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  89. Houghton for a Single Woman: Marquette, Owosso: real estate, house, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  90. Should the Fed Tell Car Maker...: sales, home - Michigan (MI)
  91. Are you pro Unions or not...: Detroit: insurance, wages, live in - Michigan (MI)
  92. Things to do and places to see in Flint: Burton: neighborhoods, live - Michigan (MI)
  93. Michigan Lakefront Wedding on Private Residence: Detroit, Muskegon: rental, chapel, hotels (MI)
  94. hello, Michigan I allot of people are leaving just how many?: Petoskey: condo, homes (MI)
  95. moving to east lansing in July 09: Okemos, Owosso: for sale, real estate, apartments - Michigan (MI)
  96. Rough Winter -- And Where Are The Salt Trucks?: Lansing: car insurance, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  97. hey Everyone I got busy kittens one Know good toys: buy, food - Michigan (MI)
  98. Michigan Refugees? How many are leaving Michigan I seen two on Main Blog: Freeland: mortgages, credit (MI)
  99. Will you leave if Big 3 fail?: Detroit: for sale, rental, houses - Michigan (MI)
  100. I think I'm going to move to Michigan.: Detroit, Grand Rapids: cheap house, job market (MI)
  101. 4 bed 2 bath home off lake for 24k: Lakeview, Wolverine: for sale, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  102. Man Freezes to Death After City Limits Electricity: to live, law - Michigan (MI)
  103. Who can I contact to check on elderly relative?: Monroe: transporting, allergy - Michigan (MI)
  104. Military is moving us to the UP in Michigan: Marquette: real estate, apartments (MI)
  105. best recession/depression businesses to start: condos, relocation company, house - Michigan (MI)
  106. ..It's Official, Winter is: house, college, earthquakes - Michigan (MI)
  107. Why Is Kalamazoo so boring for a teenager? (mostly in the winter season): Detroit: home, theatre - Michigan (MI)
  108. From Gitmo to Jackson? Other ideas?: appointed, houses, live - Michigan (MI)
  109. Trouble calling M.A.R.V.I.N. ??: unemployment, tax - Michigan (MI)
  110. Lansing vs Grand Rapids roads: Detroit, Flint: how much, houses, live in - Michigan (MI)
  111. Best Counties for Gardening in Michigan?: Wayne, Traverse City: buy, living, garden (MI)
  112. Michigan State University in East Lansing: Ann Arbor, Montgomery: high crime, dorm, safe area (MI)
  113. Michigan unemployment rate officially tops 10 percent: Saginaw, Midland: estate, vehicle, area (MI)
  114. Land contract - in Michigan: sale, real estate, mortgage (MI)
  115. Moving to Michigan: Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, Southfield: best towns, apartments, rentals (MI)
  116. my pet peeve on this forum: house, employment, buy - Michigan (MI)
  117. Sure way to fix MI economy: how much, unemployed, taxi - Michigan
  118. Northern Michigan does not recognize the National Holiday today:(: Grand Rapids: spring break, house (MI)
  119. Wind turbine jobs: Kalamazoo: unemployment, to buy, schools - Michigan (MI)
  120. Big3 Bailout Debate Pointless?: Detroit: loans, homes, buying - Michigan (MI)
  121. Michigan Population numbers, lets look at facts: Detroit: middle-class, transplants (MI)
  122. want to abandon ship ??: Traverse City: find a job, live - Michigan (MI)
  123. Aurora Borealis: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo: camping, living, activity - Michigan (MI)
  124. Alpena Relocation: Detroit, Flint, Traverse City: sales, houses, buying - Michigan (MI)
  125. Surprised by feral hogs in Michigan: Kalamazoo, Saginaw: living, legal, agriculture (MI)
  126. Michigan campers!: Ludington, Scottville: rent, motorhomes, job market (MI)
  127. How much will a septic and a well run in Livingston county?: Hart: foreclosure, homes - Michigan (MI)
  128. Saginaw area: schools, jobs, towns - Michigan (MI)
  129. Michigan Sex Offenders: Saginaw, Alma: how much, felony, living (MI)
  130. RANT! Starting this year with a bang: Detroit, Flint: unemployment, income - Michigan (MI)
  131. News, Granholm Administration Fails to Meet Needs of Unemployed Workers.............: Lansing: insurance, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  132. What to see in Traverse City (Winter): Martin: waterpark, house - Michigan (MI)
  133. Have u ever put it in the ditch?: Detroit, Flint: insurance, home - Michigan (MI)
  134. Dearborn Home Sale - (Job offer out of state): Dexter: for sale, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  135. The Peoples State: Lansing: income, income tax, live in - Michigan (MI)
  136. Ingredients for trifle: home, where to buy, live in - Michigan (MI)
  137. Hillsdale: The Town I loved, the Town that Died: Detroit: for sale, apartment complex - Michigan (MI)
  138. UofM Moving Ahead Regardless: Ann Arbor: to buy, luxury, school - Michigan (MI)
  139. Livingston County ......Hartland?: Ann Arbor, Howell, Saline: sex offender, mortgage, house - Michigan (MI)
  140. Snow on my deck: 2013, driver, porches - Michigan (MI)
  141. Am I absolutely nuts to consider moving to Michigan?: Detroit: real estate, foreclosed (MI)
  142. I'm sick of bad news...thinking of camping: Marquette, Brighton: rentals, hotel - Michigan (MI)
  143. Local dden gem or hotspot: Detroit, Lansing: apartment, waterpark - Michigan (MI)
  144. Michigan hits highest unemployment in nation.: homes, unemployment rate, salaries (MI)
  145. real snow!: Saginaw, Ludington: home, schools, college - Michigan (MI)
  146. Pool on which car manufacture goes belly up first: Auburn Hills: sales, hotel - Michigan (MI)
  147. Losing my home: short sale, foreclosures, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  148. Big jobs announcement coming Monday, Hemlock Semiconductor: Grand Rapids, Saginaw: construction, school - Michigan (MI)
  149. In a strange twist of events, Bush to bail out the automakers: Republic: bill, rated - Michigan (MI)
  150. What City/County is the most scenic in Michigan? (In your opinion): Detroit: living, garden (MI)
  151. Young, artistic city in Michigan.: Detroit, Grand Rapids: apartment, mover, home (MI)
  152. GM Considers Bankruptcy, bailout dies.: Detroit, Republic: crime, credit, loan - Michigan (MI)
  153. Insurance: lease, loan, attorneys - Michigan (MI)
  154. Mattress buying in West Michigan: Lansing, Kalamazoo: sales, home, live (MI)
  155. Big 3 Bailout...yes or no?: Detroit: foreclosures, loans, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  156. Another CA family moving to MI. Fenton?: Detroit, Flint: apartment, rental - Michigan
  157. Moving to Lansing Area Need Advice: Grand Rapids, East Lansing: for sale, apartment complexes, foreclosures - Michigan (MI)
  158. Too much emphasis: credit, public school, colleges - Michigan (MI)
  159. Kayakers - favorite rivers? favorite wildlife story spotted from river?: Kalamazoo: rent, houses - Michigan (MI)
  160. One mans analogy: Caro: loans, homes, buy - Michigan (MI)
  161. job search: Detroit: home, find a job, schools - Michigan (MI)
  162. Jobs for Michigan Survivors: Detroit, Warren: sales, home, find a job (MI)
  163. Being in Michigan, would you rent or try and sell your home?: foreclosures, renter (MI)
  164. How bad is the economy in north Michigan?: Grand Rapids, Traverse City: real estate, condos (MI)
  165. Congressman Paul of Texas?: Flint, Clinton: credit, cabinet, live - Michigan (MI)
  166. looking to move to auburn hills. hows the crime: Warren: apartment, renting - Michigan (MI)
  167. For the uninformed against the smoking ban:): Traverse City: how much, home - Michigan (MI)
  168. Lansing Area: Grand Rapids, Saginaw, East Lansing: apartment complexes, condo, low crime - Michigan (MI)
  169. My glass-half-full view of economy: credit, loans, hotel - Michigan (MI)
  170. It Happened: Traverse City: rental, best, rental property - Michigan (MI)
  171. 85 Million Project for Downtown Battle Creek: Detroit, Grand Rapids: casinos, living in, best - Michigan (MI)
  172. Nothing will change until....: Detroit: sales, renters, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  173. The Wonders of Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids: appointed, credit, houses (MI)
  174. Interesting ideas for GM: Pontiac, Cadillac: sales, mortgage, credit - Michigan (MI)
  175. Woman goes Wind!: St. Ignace: homeowners association, how much, house - Michigan (MI)
  176. Did forget: Republic: foreclosure, credit, loans - Michigan (MI)
  177. American Girl Dolls: where to buy, shops, vacations - Michigan (MI)
  178. washing your car in Michigan: home, living in, to move (MI)
  179. Northern Michigan: Traverse City, Escanaba, Iron Mountain: to rent, crime, job market (MI)
  180. Colleges: Ann Arbor, Wayne, Allendale: apartments, theater, top schools - Michigan (MI)
  181. Detroit Lions -- rooting for 0-16?: Atlanta: house, live - Michigan (MI)
  182. only GOOD news on this post: Rochester Hills, Marquette: loan, how much - Michigan (MI)
  183. Woodward Dream Cruise 2008 I need one of ..: company, images - Michigan (MI)
  184. good recreational Michigan River forums?: fishing, hunting, recreation (MI)
  185. Homstead Exemption: credit, homes, living in - Michigan (MI)
  186. Is The Flint River Frozen Solid Today?: live, photos - Michigan (MI)
  187. News, Family that's 300 years to GM hopes for future.: Lansing: cars, building - Michigan (MI)
  188. is a cool page on Facebook.....check it out!!!: photos, video - Michigan (MI)
  189. Gm? - Michigan (MI)
  190. Saginaw- River area Genessee & Federal south of 675: Franklin: building, selling - Michigan (MI)
  191. Taxpayer Loans: airplanes, money, work - Michigan (MI)
  192. I see Cheboygan got rid of Micky Castigne - Michigan (MI)
  193. Michigan's Risk of Going Bankrupt: credit, default (MI)
  194. Happy Thanksgiving: best, jobs, news - Michigan (MI)
  195. gods country: phone, churches, time - Michigan (MI)
  196. going from Houghton to MQT airport?: where to, near - Michigan (MI)
  197. THank you for the good news: Livonia, Saginaw: bus, parks, build - Michigan (MI)
  198. Mature Apple Trees Wanted to Start Orchard: Jackson: cost, county - Michigan (MI)
  199. We are not out of the woods: Detroit: layoffs, school - Michigan (MI)
  200. Welding job in Lansing: vehicles, build, steel - Michigan (MI)