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  1. Rain and Temps in the 40s on Christmas!: live in, effect - Michigan (MI)
  2. marketing jobs: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing: home, employment, school - Michigan (MI)
  3. Freep runs funny pun on Pure Michigan ad campaing...: Detroit: license plate, place (MI)
  4. Merry Christmas: home, high school, safe - Michigan (MI)
  5. Living in Lake city near Jennings in the late 60,s: McBain: house, store - Michigan (MI)
  6. Business Owners...will you cancel your Health Insurance?: daycare, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  7. Relocating: Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Ypsilanti: renting, day care, how much - Michigan (MI)
  8. E-Z Pass for Michigan drivers: Detroit, Caro: versus, bill, discounts (MI)
  9. Bubye Michigan!: home, snow, year (MI)
  10. Calling from one area of Michigan to another... free?: Detroit: home, live (MI)
  11. Saginaw, MI: number one!: Detroit, Flint: crime, how much, houses - Michigan
  12. ideas for a short Michigan springbreak: Grand Rapids, Muskegon: spring break, hotels, high school (MI)
  13. leasing disagreement: evictions, attorney, tenants - Michigan (MI)
  14. Moving out of Michigan and to New Zealand while still a minor: legal (MI)
  15. A neat little show on Christmas Eve: Traverse City: how much, home - Michigan (MI)
  16. U of M Dearborn - Engineering Reputation: Ann Arbor, Wayne: credit, transfer to - Michigan (MI)
  17. Michigan weather around Mid-March: Flint, Lansing: appointed, waterparks, how much (MI)
  18. Name this song: Detroit, Saginaw, Bay City: for sale, buy, store - Michigan (MI)
  19. Michiana Shores to South Bend Commute: Niles, Buchanan: employment, schools, to live in - Michigan (MI)
  20. Berrien school district or New Buffalo,which is a better, safer choice?: Buchanan: houses - Michigan (MI)
  21. Michigan Ice breaker: shop, eat, photos (MI)
  22. Can Recommend the Best Place for a Beginning Skier?: Kalamazoo: live in, pine - Michigan (MI)
  23. Michigan's, U of Alabama's Mark Ingram wins Heisman: Flint, Lansing: how much, schools (MI)
  24. AT&T Long Lines Communication Vault/Bunkers: for sale, purchase - Michigan (MI)
  25. Amber Elk Ranch in Ludington: shop, place, admission - Michigan (MI)
  26. Michigan made stickers: promotional, sell, people (MI)
  27. Looking for a woman I met...: Flint: live, dangerous, shop - Michigan (MI)
  28. looking for a good barber around the westland/canton area: barbers, moved - Michigan (MI)
  29. Property on Sugar Island value?: how much, homes, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  30. What's up with Michigan's REAL ID ?: airport, license, renewal (MI)
  31. Detroit traffic versus Chicago: Lansing, Ann Arbor: mover, how much, employment - Michigan (MI)
  32. Outdoor Ice Skating Around Lansing: live, suburban, park - Michigan (MI)
  33. Which Michigan cities have the nicest and cheapest old buildings?: Detroit: for sale, houses (MI)
  34. weekend in Marquette: Ishpeming, Negaunee: stores, eat, things to do - Michigan (MI)
  35. Bought land on Gun lake: Manistee, Free Soil: house, high school, live - Michigan (MI)
  36. pet-friendly rentals in/near Houghton/Hancock area: Quincy: apartment, homes - Michigan (MI)
  37. Looking for a reputable southease Michigan seawall builder: Cheboygan: how much, home (MI)
  38. Unemployment Benefits Extension and Marvin: deposit, phone number, good - Michigan (MI)
  39. Pet Friendly Rental in Marquette: Ishpeming: rentals, transferring to, living - Michigan (MI)
  40. Cheap Houses in Lansing: East Lansing, Martin: real estate, renting, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  41. Need on year-round living along Sunrise Coast: Saginaw, Alpena: how much, house - Michigan (MI)
  42. News, 'Lost' threesome find their way into Lake Huron.: Burt: vehicle, distance - Michigan (MI)
  43. Eastern Michigan U.: Ypsilanti: for sale, rentals, condos (MI)
  44. Michigan & Finding Good Paying Jobs?: Canton, Newaygo: for sale, mortgage, house (MI)
  45. Pics of Upper Michigans Glory: target, current, love (MI)
  46. Drive from Chicago to Baldwin, MI: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo: house, live, restaurants - Michigan
  47. 2011 US Canoe Assoc National Championship will be on Muskegon River: Lansing: store, association - Michigan (MI)
  48. Royal Oak, MI: Detroit, Ann Arbor: how much, houses, school districts - Michigan
  49. A sad day: house, school, inspection - Michigan (MI)
  50. Would like to relocate to bigger city: Grand Rapids, Lansing: fit in, find a job - Michigan (MI)
  51. Finding a job in western MI area between GR and TC: Detroit: unemployed, school - Michigan
  52. Youth in Revolt: Brighton: to live, shop, trailer - Michigan (MI)
  53. Help! Seeking moving advice from who have been: fit in, rent - Michigan (MI)
  54. Reinvestment Programs at Work in Michigan: Southfield, Waterford: for sale, rental, home (MI)
  55. What is Marshall MI like?: Lansing, Kalamazoo: skateboarding, crime, home - Michigan
  56. private sector partnership may create jobs in Saginaw: Flint: companies, federal - Michigan (MI)
  57. Forgot to call MARVIN for a week and three weeks are under reveiw.: office - Michigan (MI)
  58. Town Commons in Howell: townhouses, neighborhood, purchasing - Michigan (MI)
  59. award winning school areas: Detroit, Ann Arbor: home, school district, college - Michigan (MI)
  60. News, Decades later, small Michigan city builds homes to atone for discrimination against blacks.: Detroit: lofts (MI)
  61. East Lansing and Surrounding Areas: Detroit, Okemos: real estate, apartment complexes, renters - Michigan (MI)
  62. Grand Rapids - Chop house dress code?: restaurant, business - Michigan (MI)
  63. Pet Friendly Rental In Negaunee Needed ASAP (U.P.): Marquette: rentals, landlords - Michigan (MI)
  64. $460B Medicare cut is backed by AARP: Detroit: insurance, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  65. Property Taxes in Holland and Traverse Bay: Traverse City: real estate, house - Michigan (MI)
  66. Sign a easement: land contract, company, working - Michigan (MI)
  67. Happy Thanksgiving!!: living in, snow, state - Michigan (MI)
  68. Michigan's Term Limits Mistake: Detroit, Lansing: house, bankrupt, taxes (MI)
  69. New Safety Net For The Jobless On Drawing Board: Detroit: mortgage, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  70. Holiday Happenings in Michigan! - Post events from your area happening this holiday season: Petoskey: house (MI)
  71. Michigan Very Small Towns and Villages (< 1000 residents): Allen: antiques, central (MI)
  72. Help with polyester resin?: to buy, live in, prices - Michigan (MI)
  73. State rankings by population density: Wyoming, Grant: vs., estimate, land - Michigan (MI)
  74. Internet Providers Extorting in Michigan: Detroit: how much, house, buying (MI)
  75. Festivals in SW Michigan?: Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo: area, Irish, town (MI)
  76. EB benefits and selling crafts: Grant: consignment, lawyer, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  77. Elvis found in Alpena Michigan: living, accents, famous (MI)
  78. Mott Community College Flint: Grand Rapids, Lansing: crime, credit, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  79. North Flight EMS in Traverse City: company, husband - Michigan (MI)
  80. Health care reform: insurance, unemployed, deductible - Michigan (MI)
  81. What, eight MHSAA sports divisions days?: layoffs, high school - Michigan (MI)
  82. Land contract: St. Helen: leasing, homeowners insurance, loan - Michigan (MI)
  83. East Lansing Churches?: Riverview, Holt: college, health, catholics - Michigan (MI)
  84. Michigan Ghetto Mindset: mortgages, houses, school (MI)
  85. Purchasing a handgun in MI: Caro: home, transfer, buying - Michigan
  86. Arts , Beats , and Eats: Detroit, Flint: parking, summer, agreement - Michigan (MI)
  87. Moving to Mich to work in Pontiac hospital. Where to live?: Waterford: extended stay, 2014 - Michigan (MI)
  88. What is Battle Creek Michigan like?: Kalamazoo, Three Rivers: high crime, house, neighborhoods (MI)
  89. Autism job posting: Grand Rapids: public schools, special needs, teacher - Michigan (MI)
  90. You drink & you drive, you lose?: Rochester, Bloomfield Hills: hotel, home - Michigan (MI)
  91. Need information on Traverse City: Grand Rapids: real estate, houses, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  92. My comparison: Gaylord vs. Harper Woods: Detroit, Traverse City: apartment, to rent, sex offenders - Michigan (MI)
  93. Just how bad is it?: Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor: rent, felony, house - Michigan (MI)
  94. Supporting Michigan This Christmas?: Detroit, Dearborn: home, buy, live (MI)
  95. Who will you vote for in the 2010 governor election?: Lansing: condo, credit - Michigan (MI)
  96. Turkey Day:Whats everyone Doing: house, college, living in - Michigan (MI)
  97. Houses aren`t selling in Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids: bank owned, for sale, how much (MI)
  98. Marquette -another award !: credit, home, tax - Michigan (MI)
  99. Michigan residents ready to make changes to rebuild state: Detroit: sales, unemployment (MI)
  100. Decent paying jobs , anywhere: Republic: middle-class, sale, health insurance - Michigan (MI)
  101. Warren/ St Clair Shores Relocation: Detroit, St. Clair Shores: best city, subletting, apartment - Michigan (MI)
  102. Is Marquette gay friendly ?: wedding, school, university - Michigan (MI)
  103. Moving from Gaylord, MI to Chicago, IL or Orlando, FL or another area.: crime, home - Michigan
  104. Employment Woes in Michigan...: Detroit, Dearborn: health insurance, lawyers, houses (MI)
  105. A for frustrated in Michigan: Detroit, Lansing: insurance, student loans (MI)
  106. Auto insurance reform is now within reach: Detroit, Kalkaska: 2014, credit score - Michigan (MI)
  107. Michigan CPS, guardianship and options for children involved?: Caro: insurance, sex offenders (MI)
  108. Sign from above?: how much, camping, paint - Michigan (MI)
  109. take a minute and read this....: buying, closing - Michigan (MI)
  110. Must sees in the U.P: camping, live, car - Michigan (MI)
  111. is Toronto a brain drain destination?: Caro: unemployment, public schools - Michigan (MI)
  112. Just remeber, in five years, you're going to be blown away .: Detroit: home, income - Michigan (MI)
  113. Michigan weather humor...: Holly: home, landlords, living in (MI)
  114. News, Mich. caseworkers worry about threats from clients.: Lansing: foreclosure, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  115. Statewide smoking ban passed!: Detroit, Cheboygan: live in, restaurants, law - Michigan (MI)
  116. Where to live in about a year and a half.: Detroit: apartments, rent - Michigan (MI)
  117. Marquette is on the move !: Wyoming, Harvey: real estate, movers, credit - Michigan (MI)
  118. A very old movie about Michigan.: Harrison: homes, vacations, summer (MI)
  119. Pontiac Superdome is sold for only $583K: Detroit, Jackson: waterpark, houses - Michigan (MI)
  120. good wines made in Michigan?: Traverse City, Paw Paw: buy, school, price (MI)
  121. Gen Y in Michigan: Staying in Grand Rapids: Detroit, Lansing: lawyers, find a job (MI)
  122. News, 'Hello, Ohio!' (Psst! Boss, in Michigan): Grand Rapids: living in, arena (MI)
  123. growing up in traverse city: Kalkaska, Kingsley: for sale, real estate, big home - Michigan (MI)
  124. NASCAR Owner Disses Michigan...: Detroit, Jackson: unemployed, campgrounds, live (MI)
  125. What can one do?: Traverse City, Boyne City: how much, schools, camps - Michigan (MI)
  126. How's Your Snowfall....: Detroit, Saginaw, Houghton: home, neighborhood, live - Michigan (MI)
  127. I'm back in Michigan...: Detroit: how much, houses, school (MI)
  128. Don't Knock Michigan: homes, employment, college (MI)
  129. Looking for Insight on Losing Home Due to Unemployment: foreclosure, rent - Michigan (MI)
  130. Jobs Gained, Jobs Lost In The State: Detroit, Kalamazoo: credit, unemployment benefits - Michigan (MI)
  131. Thoughts for Michigan: Detroit, Lansing, Allen: how much, houses, theater (MI)
  132. News, California, Michigan in dire straits.: Lansing, Republic: attorney, to buy, statistics (MI)
  133. So How Do You Think This Major Problem With Toyota Will Play Out for the Big Three?: Detroit: fit in, sales - Michigan (MI)
  134. recieved their state return: tax, deposit, budget - Michigan (MI)
  135. Pure Michigan Living: Detroit, Kalamazoo, Blissfield: crime, credit, shop (MI)
  136. Michigans Economic Future: how much, houses, job outlook (MI)
  137. Summoned: credit report, home, bankruptcy - Michigan (MI)
  138. Michigan made store?: Detroit, Alpena: to buy, closing, prices (MI)
  139. recommend Flint area community with great schools: Detroit, Saginaw: insurance, crime - Michigan (MI)
  140. Grand Rapids vs Portage: Kalamazoo, Muskegon: home search, safe neighborhood, schools - Michigan (MI)
  141. Beware 48th District Court: Ann Arbor: crime, felons, houses - Michigan (MI)
  142. Michiganders, Opinions?!?!: Wyoming, Jackson, Monroe: home, employment, good schools (MI)
  143. Jeff Foxworthy picks on Michigan: Detroit, Pellston: big house, landscaping, weddings (MI)
  144. No alchohol sales tonight, tomorrow (Christmas): buying, live, law - Michigan (MI)
  145. Should Unemployed People Work For Free?: health insurance, house, unemployment benefits - Michigan (MI)
  146. moving out of Michigan: house, employment, taxes (MI)
  147. Threat ORANGE at DTW: Detroit, Ann Arbor: home, price, airport - Michigan (MI)
  148. Can't decide between South Haven and Grand Haven for week in July.: Muskegon: rentals, houses - Michigan (MI)
  149. Are we in a recession or a depression?: Detroit, Baraga: foreclosures, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  150. Damn! SNOW!: Grand Rapids, Boyne City: ski resorts, buy, public schools - Michigan (MI)
  151. What has become of the Downriver area as of lately?: Detroit: real estate, how much - Michigan (MI)
  152. So Are We Michiganders or Michiganians?: Detroit: live, stations, news (MI)
  153. Mmmm...Snow!!!: Honor: how much, home, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  154. Looking for the Northampton, MA of Michigan....: Detroit, Ann Arbor: real estate, co-op (MI)
  155. What mad U-M such a special university?: Ann Arbor, St. Louis: public school, universities - Michigan (MI)
  156. selling a house on my own but ???: for sale by owner, buyers - Michigan (MI)
  157. Best Working Class Small Towns in Michigan: Detroit, Highland Park: fit in, condos (MI)
  158. Need help with a Northern Michigan Getaway!!: Cheboygan, Newberry: rental, hotel (MI)
  159. What is South Haven Like?: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo: real estate, home, dorms - Michigan (MI)
  160. Have of You Considered Spending Winters Only ?: Detroit: condos, home - Michigan (MI)
  161. He Coasted on Fumes Into Saginaw: apartment, loan, employment - Michigan (MI)
  162. Exiled high schooler to be looking to move to Michigan: Detroit: rentals, insurance (MI)
  163. New Year's eve ideas: Detroit, Grand Rapids: spring break, hotels, house - Michigan (MI)
  164. How often do you commute to Ontario?: Detroit: buying, casino - Michigan (MI)
  165. Wedding/Reception Venues: Traverse City, Charlevoix: receptions, hotel, homes - Michigan (MI)
  166. Apartment rents and Home rents not coming down?: Detroit, Dearborn: section 8, sale - Michigan (MI)
  167. 4 dreamers have plan to energize state: Detroit, Newaygo: home, schools, subsidized - Michigan (MI)
  168. Missing Michigan: Detroit, Lansing, Traverse City: new house, unemployment, places to live (MI)
  169. Why Should most Small Businesses stay in Michigan?: go bankrupt, construction (MI)
  170. A for men: Dearborn: house, restaurants, price - Michigan (MI)
  171. What Town Near Flint That Is Like A German Village?: Frankenmuth: sale, college - Michigan (MI)
  172. How safe is this area of Flint?: Grand Blanc: best neighborhood, violent crime - Michigan (MI)
  173. When will Michigan come back?: home, unemployment benefits, buying (MI)
  174. Normal Michigan City Water Bills?: Detroit, Kalamazoo: renting, new house, to buy (MI)
  175. Flint, MI - cheap homes: Detroit, Grand Rapids: condo, crime, attorneys - Michigan
  176. Utilities are a problem in the Midwest: Caro: sales, to rent - Michigan (MI)
  177. How is Kalamazoo: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor: foreclosure, crime, how much - Michigan (MI)
  178. how long till michigans economy turns around: Newaygo, Republic: mortgage, loan - Michigan (MI)
  179. Catholic family of 6 looking for rural area 45 miles or less from airport and water: Detroit: houses, buy - Michigan (MI)
  180. Am I crazy to buy a house in MI right now?: Madison Heights: hardwood floors, rent - Michigan
  181. What's with Michigan's ugly license plates?: Detroit: living, design, yard (MI)
  182. Moving to Michigan - Looking for House with Acreage: Grand Rapids: for sale, neighborhood (MI)
  183. Moving to Michigan: Ludington, Mason, Frankfort: apartment, houses, transfer (MI)
  184. Michigan Christmas song: living, move, top (MI)
  185. interracial couples in Marquette: Harvey: co-op, buying, college - Michigan (MI)
  186. Remember This Commercial?: Detroit: home, living, store - Michigan (MI)
  187. Marquette skiers - what's in your quiver?: Ontonagon, Big Bay: home, buy - Michigan (MI)
  188. Carleton MI - Michigan
  189. I love this: Strange Sanctuary Old Factories Offer New Hope for Wildlife: magazine - Michigan (MI)
  190. Culpeper? - Michigan (MI)
  191. Apartments in Midland and Bay City: rent, landlords, to move - Michigan (MI)
  192. Pure Michigan Commercial Feat. Steve Yzerman & Tom Izzo (11.18.09): title, news (MI)
  193. you knew this?: unemployment benefits, money, business - Michigan (MI)
  194. Flint has roller derby?: Grand Blanc: birthday party - Michigan (MI)
  195. reversal colostmy doctor: best, reviews, doctors - Michigan (MI)
  196. Heres a UP author - Nancy Barr - Michigan (MI)
  197. Does Downtown Sagnaw have realistic hope for the future?: Detroit: for sale, buildings - Michigan (MI)
  198. Sno drift Rally, Atlanta Michigan: cabin, best, close to (MI)
  199. Looking for a reputable and reasonably priced dentist in the Grand Rapids area.: Wyoming: office - Michigan (MI)
  200. Norway, Michigan (UP): fishing, boating, visit (MI)