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  1. Hostage Situation: Troy, Ferndale, New Haven: home, move, office - Michigan (MI)
  2. sale of residnece - transfer tax deduction: real estate, house - Michigan (MI)
  3. Which side of the Menominee River is better to live MI or WI: car registration - Michigan
  4. Bay City, MI area...: Saginaw: hotels, home, wedding - Michigan
  5. Granholm's Construction Plan: Lansing, Republic: foreclosed, homes, buy - Michigan (MI)
  6. Got a mortgage approved... but where to live?: Detroit, Dearborn: foreclosed, houses - Michigan (MI)
  7. Kerkorian bid could be good for Chrysler: Detroit, Auburn Hills: sales, buyers - Michigan (MI)
  8. Allergies in Marquette/UP?: tree, worst, spring - Michigan (MI)
  9. Buckeye to Wolverine: Detroit, Southfield, Pontiac: neighborhoods, good schools, income - Michigan (MI)
  10. Good Apartment Around Pontiac???: Waterford, Rochester: apartment complexes, home, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  11. Moving to MI good areas between Battlecreek & Jackson(ish): Marshall: real estate, rentals - Michigan
  12. good fishing?: Detroit, Whitmore Lake, Dexter: rent, live, property - Michigan (MI)
  13. Moving to Kalamazoo what are the bad sides to live: Portage: apartment complex, rent - Michigan (MI)
  14. Michigan to ban trans fat. (Yuck!): home, schools, prices (MI)
  15. Beginner Hiking/Backpacking Opportunities?: Detroit, Flint: camps, design, horses - Michigan (MI)
  16. Looking for Home Cavalier King Charles: how much, live in, price - Michigan (MI)
  17. Realtor in Northern Michigan: Big Rapids: sales, real estate, home (MI)
  18. Plummetting home prices?: Royal Oak, Berkley, Clawson: buy, subdivision, live in - Michigan (MI)
  19. Colleges in Northern and Western MI: Ann Arbor, Marquette: student loans, schools, university - Michigan
  20. Property Taxes Lansing / Jackson area?: mobile home, school districts, assess - Michigan (MI)
  21. North Carolina gives $260 Million tax break for an air-conditioned warehouse: Ann Arbor: transplants, hotel - Michigan (MI)
  22. Finding a one-way U-Haul truck rental: Grand Rapids: apartment complex, how much, new house - Michigan (MI)
  23. what about lansing: East Lansing, Okemos, Waverly: home, job market, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  24. what is CFR land?: disposal, codes, property - Michigan (MI)
  25. looking for on long lost relative in Wyandotte: people, information - Michigan (MI)
  26. Coloma, MI - Paw Paw Lake: Warren, Benton Harbor: for sale by owner, hair salon, real estate - Michigan
  27. Macomb Co. Apartments that Accept Rottweilers?: moving, trailer, to relocate - Michigan (MI)
  28. Down and out in Michigan.: Madison Heights: sales, real estate market, rental (MI)
  29. Tawas or Oscoda MI: St. Joseph, East Tawas: house, find a job, income - Michigan
  30. Rochester, MI. Housing prices.: Ann Arbor, Troy: foreclosures, mortgages, house - Michigan
  31. Notice: High Tension Power Lines coming to Oakland County.: home, living - Michigan (MI)
  32. Tell me about CCS: Detroit: transfer, high school, community college - Michigan (MI)
  33. How long is your commute?: Grand Rapids, Farmington Hills: house, I.T. jobs, living in - Michigan (MI)
  34. finding a real estate broker questions...: sale, houses, buying - Michigan (MI)
  35. Need on downtown Taylor: Warren, Dearborn: city hall, houses, restaurant - Michigan (MI)
  36. Looking for on Higgins Lake: job market, living, swimming - Michigan (MI)
  37. I relocatd out of MI... s my story: Ypsilanti, Grant: real estate, renting - Michigan
  38. Fremont, Michigan: apartment, to rent, trailer (MI)
  39. Utilities in Royal Oak: live, price, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  40. Important UP: football - Michigan (MI)
  41. Oldest Cities in the U.S.: Detroit, Warren: transfer, live in, stats - Michigan (MI)
  42. Vacation areas in MI: Detroit, Southfield: rentals, motel, houses - Michigan
  43. the best plcace to live near WSU: Detroit, Warren: apartments, rent - Michigan (MI)
  44. Baby Eagles Nest in the U.P.: living in, kids - Michigan (MI)
  45. The Palace of Auburn Hills...: mover, between, people - Michigan (MI)
  46. Bad credit and need an apartment in Kalamazoo Area: apartments, rental - Michigan (MI)
  47. Can tell me about Spring Arbor?: Jackson, Parma: schools, university - Michigan (MI)
  48. cheriy hill village?: Ann Arbor, Westland, Canton: for sale, apartments, townhouse - Michigan (MI)
  49. Help! law which protect tenant who lost job and have to breaking lease: apartment complex - Michigan (MI)
  50. MI House buying - price trends for past few years: Grand Ledge: houses, closing - Michigan
  51. Accounting/Finance Sector - Work?: Ann Arbor, Troy: employment, transfer, shop - Michigan (MI)
  52. Grand Haven/Spring Lake area: Traverse City, Memphis: crime rates, home, good schools - Michigan (MI)
  53. Milford, MI: Detroit, Canton, Novi: renting, houses, wedding - Michigan
  54. Michigan News, It's legal, but try telling that to a trooper.: Royal Oak: design, speeding tickets (MI)
  55. Apartments in Kalamazoo: Battle Creek, Portage, Mattawan: apartment complex, lease, get credit - Michigan (MI)
  56. current property taxes?: Grand Rapids, Traverse City: crime, find a job, to live in - Michigan (MI)
  57. Health Care Field: Grand Rapids: community college, wages, live in - Michigan (MI)
  58. Real Estate Market -- Is acreage selling in MI right now?: Grand Rapids: for sale by owner, foreclosure - Michigan
  59. Pfizer donates R&D facility in Holland to MSU for Bio-Economy Center: purchase - Michigan (MI)
  60. Re Stating a History: Tekonsha: live, best, area - Michigan (MI)
  61. History of Tekonsha, Michigan ???: Marshall: living in, best, park (MI)
  62. Where can I buy: Howell, Brighton: consignment, Home Depot, live in - Michigan (MI)
  63. Commercials for Wyoming: Sheridan: living in, price, affordable housing - Michigan (MI)
  64. Optimistic in Michigan: Warren, Sterling Heights, Livonia: live, prices, manufacturing (MI)
  65. Douglas/Saugatuck/Port Sheldon: Holland, Grand Haven: to rent, place to live, to move - Michigan (MI)
  66. Leslie Feedback: Jackson: house, employment, high school - Michigan (MI)
  67. autistic child: Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti: schools, live in, education - Michigan (MI)
  68. allergies: Grand Rapids: live, mold, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  69. Cheaper to build up or out?: houses, living, floor - Michigan (MI)
  70. Lansing...or West MI...?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: schools, live, restaurants - Michigan
  71. Comparing greater GRapids areas: Detroit, Grand Rapids: low crime, homes, good schools - Michigan (MI)
  72. Heating costs in the UP: Hancock: how much, house, live - Michigan (MI)
  73. Google Exec excited about Michigan: Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor: sales, tax, live (MI)
  74. Manistique......: motels, employment, casino - Michigan (MI)
  75. moving to jonesville ?: Hillsdale, Manistique: to rent, new house, theatre - Michigan (MI)
  76. Have to move to MI/OH border tips?: Ann Arbor: to rent, insurance - Michigan
  77. western michigan university: Kalamazoo, Portage, Allegan: to rent, home, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  78. Does what I am looking for exist?: Ann Arbor, Dearborn: apartments, rental - Michigan (MI)
  79. Holland Michigan?: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Grandville: houses, neighborhood, to buy (MI)
  80. job anywhere in northern michigan: Grand Rapids, Wyoming: job market, college, live - Michigan (MI)
  81. Historic homes in SE MI and Wayne MI: Ann Arbor, Livonia: for sale, crime - Michigan
  82. benzonia curious - Michigan (MI)
  83. Family friendly city on west side?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: real estate market, house, buy - Michigan (MI)
  84. one from sandusky: living, job, offer - Michigan (MI)
  85. onaway michigan: Southgate, Cheboygan, Rogers City: houses, movie theater, to live in - Michigan (MI)
  86. Michigan Ranked 18th in the country for foreclosure increases 2005 - 2006: Wyoming: foreclosures, houses (MI)
  87. Commuting : Ann Arbor to Dearborn: Royal Oak: construction, live in, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  88. L'Anse: Baraga: unemployment rate, schools, college - Michigan (MI)
  89. new in muskegon with no friends: Grand Haven: home, elementary school, living in - Michigan (MI)
  90. Pipestone Lake?: Benton Harbor, Dowagiac, Watervliet: schools, swimming, area - Michigan (MI)
  91. you do not need realtors to buy a home: Detroit: sale, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  92. the colbert report: Flint, Saginaw: to move, studio, free - Michigan (MI)
  93. Apartments in Marquette, MI: Grand Rapids, Ishpeming: apartment complex, to rent, house - Michigan
  94. cost of living in MI (& weather): Detroit, Lansing: sales, apartments - Michigan
  95. Moving To Possibly The Kalamazoo Area: Portage, Hillsdale: insurance, low crime, construction - Michigan (MI)
  96. Canton, Michigan: Ann Arbor, Westland, Plymouth: real estate, mortgage, house (MI)
  97. Mi Economy: Detroit, Wayne, Caro: home, job market, schools - Michigan (MI)
  98. Weekend Getaway: Warren, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo: hotels, home, live in - Michigan (MI)
  99. Planning vacation to UP... looking for suggestions: Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie: where to stay, how much - Michigan (MI)
  100. What's Your Favorite Thing About Michigan?: Detroit, Ann Arbor: buying, university, camping (MI)
  101. Moving to Mount Pleasant, MI: Clare, Harrison: low income, for sale, apartment complexes - Michigan
  102. Most conservative parts of Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids: sale, amusement park, new home (MI)
  103. Medical student moving to MI, need a rent home for the family.: Detroit: real estate, rentals - Michigan
  104. michigan health: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing: for sale, foreclosures, house - Michigan (MI)
  105. Budget Cuts May Mean Michigan Schools Will Close Early: Lansing: 2014, insurance (MI)
  106. Favorite trait about Michigan: Detroit, Ann Arbor: homes, university, quality of life (MI)
  107. Sales tax to 9.5%: Atlanta: buying, income, prices - Michigan (MI)
  108. What Michigan needs: Grand Rapids, Dearborn, Republic: condos, university, wages (MI)
  109. What's the scoop on Gaylord?: Saginaw, Traverse City: ski resorts, real estate, low crime - Michigan (MI)
  110. Is life better in the UP or LP?: Traverse City, Ontonagon: crime, house - Michigan (MI)
  111. How is everyone in MI dealing with the economy???: Detroit: appointed, sale - Michigan
  112. people moving out of MI?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: condo, find a job, living - Michigan
  113. tell me about Battle Creek, MI: Detroit, Kalamazoo: low crime, mortgages - Michigan
  114. Michigan Looking up!: Detroit, Royal Oak, Southgate: for sale, foreclosure, leasing (MI)
  115. Where to live? 26 y/o professional, single, come from a small town: Ann Arbor: apartment, how much - Michigan (MI)
  116. Quick vote...what is our ugliest city?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: live, inclusive - Michigan (MI)
  117. onaway michigan: Southgate, Wyandotte, Petoskey: low income, fit in, sales - Michigan (MI)
  118. Moving from Dearborn Heights: Looking for more space: Detroit, Warren: new house, subdivision - Michigan (MI)
  119. vandalism to my house, how to prevent?: Shelby: insurance, attorney - Michigan (MI)
  120. Who typically pays the closing costs in Michigan?: Ann Arbor: sales, real estate market (MI)
  121. Relocating to AZ Tucson Area From MI: Flint, Grand Blanc: rent, crime - Michigan
  122. good place to live in michigan: Detroit, Kalamazoo: homes, public school, camp - Michigan (MI)
  123. Moving South? It's not all it's cracked up to be: Detroit: transplants, crime rates - Michigan (MI)
  124. Michgan State vs. Grand Valley State: Grand Rapids, Lansing: houses, transfer, safe area - Michigan (MI)
  125. So, I must be crazy for sticking around, right?: Grand Rapids: real estate market, crime - Michigan (MI)
  126. Northern Michigan theme park.: Houghton, Houghton Lake: waterpark, hotel, casino (MI)
  127. U.P. (Calumet): Houghton, Hancock: real estate, sex offenders, low crime - Michigan (MI)
  128. Practice Nurse in MI: Ann Arbor, Livonia: appointed, home, employment - Michigan
  129. Michigan Government: Detroit, Livonia, Petoskey: crime rate, how much, transfer to (MI)
  130. Lets put optimisim back in Michigans corner.: Detroit, Grand Rapids: apartment complexes, houses (MI)
  131. No need to scare the Michigan newcomers...: Detroit, Wayne: for sale, foreclosure (MI)
  132. UP Real Estate Taxes: Marquette, Houghton: house, high school, calculation - Michigan (MI)
  133. New Michigan 2% Service Tax: Detroit: sales, salons, insurance (MI)
  134. Police, I'm seeing more on the roads?: Flint, Lansing: crime, moving - Michigan (MI)
  135. Moving to marquette: Detroit, Escanaba: for sale, how much, house - Michigan (MI)
  136. Drunk Driving Laws and fines: A problem and answer: Highland Park: insurance, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  137. What's Wrong With The Soo: Detroit, Marquette: live, price, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  138. View of MI: Detroit: real estate, mortgage, how much - Michigan
  139. Circuit City firing experienced employees - replacing with cheap ones.: Lansing: for sale, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  140. Charlevoix Michigan: Petoskey: for sale, to rent, houses (MI)
  141. Grosse Pointe- !: Detroit, Troy: houses, buyer, theatre - Michigan (MI)
  142. about Bloomfield Hills.: Waterford: real estate, houses, buying - Michigan (MI)
  143. 2% service tax will backfire on state funds: Republic: sales, house - Michigan (MI)
  144. Nice Restaurants?: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Livonia: homes, school, college - Michigan (MI)
  145. Is Muskegon/Muskegon Hieghts worth investing in?: Norton Shores, Muskegon Heights: rent, crime - Michigan (MI)
  146. Homes selling for less than cars in Michigan.: Detroit, Flint: neighborhoods, buying (MI)
  147. so, where's everyone going?: Charlotte, Grand Ledge: real estate, crime, homes - Michigan (MI)
  148. Novi?: Detroit, Livonia, Farmington Hills: new home, neighborhoods, schools - Michigan (MI)
  149. Fencing in new subdivisions: Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights: mortgage, home builders, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  150. Talk to me about the Lansing/Grand Ledge/Potterville/Charlotte area!: Ann Arbor: for sale by owner, rental - Michigan (MI)
  151. Comerica leaving Michigan behind.: Detroit, Wayne: house, unemployed, buying (MI)
  152. Moving to MI...from IL: Detroit, Grand Rapids: for sale, apartment, to rent - Michigan
  153. What can be done for Jackson: Lansing, Howell: for rent, condo, crime - Michigan (MI)
  154. Grand Haven/spring Lake: Detroit, Grand Rapids: school, living in, moving - Michigan (MI)
  155. Mortgage company: Roseville, Birmingham: real estate, bad credit, loans - Michigan (MI)
  156. Japanese Cars: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint: rental car, rental, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  157. How are Avondale schools vs. Rochester?: Warren, Sterling Heights: house, school district, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  158. Port Huron, MI: Detroit, St. Clair, Croswell: to rent, house, job market - Michigan
  159. House Flipping: for sale, real estate, renting - Michigan (MI)
  160. How much should I lowball guys?: Detroit, Pontiac: sales, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  161. So how about that gas hike today....: Detroit, Lansing: home, layoffs - Michigan (MI)
  162. Race relations in Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids: real estate market, crime, loans (MI)
  163. Possibility of mining in the U.P. Is it a good or bad thing.: Lansing: lease, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  164. on U.P. crime: Detroit, Grand Rapids: low income, to rent, crime rate - Michigan (MI)
  165. Moving from MI to Melbourne,Australia?: real estate, apartment - Michigan
  166. Eastern Michigan U.: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti: transplants, apartment, rent (MI)
  167. Moving to Kalamazoo. I need a teaching job: Holly, Paw Paw: how much, find a job - Michigan (MI)
  168. Michigan Property Taxes are BAD: Detroit, Grand Rapids: sales, real estate, condo (MI)
  169. Grosse Pointe?: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Livonia: apartments, crime, houses - Michigan (MI)
  170. Bigfoot in Bay County?: Bay City, Holland: theater, construction, college - Michigan (MI)
  171. Moved/Moving to Michigan: Rochester Hills, Wayne: real estate market, foreclosure, how much (MI)
  172. Lansing neighborhoods to avoid: East Lansing, Okemos: crime, houses, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  173. What's REALLY wrong with Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids: real estate, house, buying (MI)
  174. Areas to avoid in SE michigan?: Detroit, Warren: sales, condo, home sales - Michigan (MI)
  175. Evidently, Michigan isn't short on funds!: condo, unemployment rate, to buy (MI)
  176. Recently work in Wyoming?: cities, job, economic development - Michigan (MI)
  177. News, Feds Investigate Campus Rape, Death.: Ypsilanti: university, education, student - Michigan (MI)
  178. Sancar: Detroit: real estate, rental, houses - Michigan (MI)
  179. Michigan rockets up 15 spots in Kauffman Foundation Technology Rankings: tax, stats (MI)
  180. Boyne City Housekeeper: home, income, live - Michigan (MI)
  181. onaway area: moving, information - Michigan (MI)
  182. Eau Claire Lakes..: rental, place, summer - Michigan (MI)
  183. Royal Oak landmark to close: sale, stores, rating - Michigan (MI)
  184. Article on The Onion: daily - Michigan (MI)
  185. Help for friends in Hazel Park: live, dinner, limit - Michigan (MI)
  186. WZZM Confidence Poll: Grand Rapids: station, job, state - Michigan (MI)
  187. Employment agencies in Marquette?: positions - Michigan (MI)
  188. sugar Island: property, paid, place - Michigan (MI)
  189. Higher education in Michigan: Lansing, Ann Arbor: middle-class, credit, universities (MI)
  190. Best Cell Coverage in West/Central Michigan: Grand Rapids: university, live (MI)
  191. Are there (Old)Volkswagen in Northville???: Thai, interest - Michigan (MI)
  192. Looking for Vacant Land: requirements, selling, good - Michigan (MI)
  193. Cost of living: Detroit: insurance, salary, living in - Michigan (MI)
  194. searching for a job: university, accounting, jobs - Michigan (MI)
  195. MIS / IT is what % of total budget.: percentage, staffing - Michigan
  196. heard of Laingsburg,Mi? (near Corrunna, Mi): neighborhood, place - Michigan (MI)
  197. Warrant: felony, payment, probation - Michigan (MI)
  198. Working in Pontiac Michigan?: apartment, high crime, neighborhoods (MI)
  199. St. Joes: Detroit, Ann Arbor: live, move to, retire - Michigan (MI)
  200. from SW MI going to AZ or GA need advice: Gwinn: good schools, safe - Michigan