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  1. Where can i buy yellow-meated watermelon in SW Michigan: Grand Rapids: market, sell (MI)
  2. ideas on Window Treatments: house, store, move - Michigan (MI)
  3. Moving to Ohio!: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Monroe: car insurance, home, employment - Michigan (MI)
  4. How is this area in Harrison TWP?: crime, buying a house - Michigan (MI)
  5. Kalamazoo vs Traverse City: Lansing, Marquette: 2014, new home, construction - Michigan (MI)
  6. Hidden Lake neighborhood in Richland: live, moving to, rich - Michigan (MI)
  7. Bay City's Renaissance: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint: 2015, renting, student loan - Michigan (MI)
  8. moving before my ID expires: insurance, new house, live in - Michigan (MI)
  9. Apartment communities near Ford office: Canton, Novi: apartment complexes, moving to, cities - Michigan (MI)
  10. dentist questions about cavity filling and extractions: price, office - Michigan (MI)
  11. MI Lake House Rental: Traverse City, Petoskey: renters, houses, vacation - Michigan
  12. Report: Bay City Housing Crisis (for lack of a better word): apartments - Michigan (MI)
  13. Know Clarkston / Waterford Area: Pontiac, Auburn Hills: renting, house, high school - Michigan (MI)
  14. Is South Lansing all bad?: Detroit, Flint: 2013, leasing, crime rate - Michigan (MI)
  15. Young professional's move to Battle Creek area: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo: homes, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  16. Need Lansing & Jackson.: Ann Arbor: fit in, rental, house - Michigan (MI)
  17. Raising kids in Grayling, MI?: Lansing, Saginaw: real estate, oceanfront, crime - Michigan
  18. Need help and thank you in advanced: lease, attorney - Michigan (MI)
  19. Enbridge's Line 5 is a 65 year old pipeline that runs under the GREAT LAKES right now!~: 2013 - Michigan (MI)
  20. Permissable security deposit uses/charges with inherited tenant: hardwood floors, rental - Michigan (MI)
  21. Where to buy property in the thumb?: Auburn Hills, Traverse City: vacation home, school - Michigan (MI)
  22. 17. can I move out?: lease, home, living - Michigan (MI)
  23. Is this the best route … time isn't an issue: Midland: shops, clubs - Michigan (MI)
  24. Moving to Troy late fall... What to expect?: Wyoming, Lake City: maintenance, live in - Michigan (MI)
  25. Moving: Orion Twp, Independence, Oxford or Brandon Twp? Safety: Detroit: apartment complex, crime - Michigan (MI)
  26. Part-time/Weekend Employment in Lansing, MI: homes, find a job, movie theaters - Michigan
  27. 30 minutes +- from Midland, Macinaw and Grand Haven?: Bay City, Grand Blanc: hotels, buy - Michigan (MI)
  28. Closing cost estimates?: real estate, insurance, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  29. Quick trip to northern MI/possibly UP next week - things to see?: Holland: rent - Michigan
  30. Fatal Automobile Accidents in West Bloomfield,MI: area, locations - Michigan
  31. Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills & West Bloomfield: Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills: lawyers, affordable house - Michigan (MI)
  32. Eviction of Tenant - No Lease?: Grand Haven: month to, house, tenants - Michigan (MI)
  33. Moving To Traverse City From Texas: Detroit, Grand Rapids: real estate, car insurance, job outlook - Michigan (MI)
  34. Your thoughts retirement city: Bay City, Traverse City: insurance, homes, buying - Michigan (MI)
  35. Best Cities for entry level tech jobs and networking g: Detroit: teaching, metro area - Michigan (MI)
  36. Suggested safe areas < 30-45 minute commute from Jackson, MI?: Lansing: apartment complexes, rental market - Michigan
  37. Battle Creek Relocation: Kalamazoo, Portage: real estate, rentals, house - Michigan (MI)
  38. Michigan daycares - video camera system?: Dearborn: day cares, company, quality (MI)
  39. Safe place to live near Dearborn: Detroit, Livonia: 2014, apartments, renting - Michigan (MI)
  40. Downtown Kalamazoo booming following GR and AA.: Detroit, Grand Rapids: to buy, live - Michigan (MI)
  41. on Lansing, MI - Neighborhoods & General city: Detroit: crime, transfer - Michigan
  42. Michigan land contract: real estate, foreclose, insurance (MI)
  43. Driving between Marquette and Escanaba: Gladstone, Munising: to buy, elementary schools, living - Michigan (MI)
  44. Crook landlord + Naive tenant: lease, crime, home - Michigan (MI)
  45. Are there no reasonably priced homes in Canton?: Ann Arbor, Plymouth Township: real estate, foreclosure - Michigan (MI)
  46. Lansing Eastside living?: Saginaw: neighborhood, school district, legally - Michigan (MI)
  47. Grand Haven, in Robinson Twp. / Ottawa County: Grand Rapids: apartment, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  48. condo for rent: rentals, house, yard - Michigan (MI)
  49. Apartments in benton harbor and St.joseph: vacation home, landlord - Michigan (MI)
  50. Benton Harbor area: Temporary housing recommendations?: Detroit, Flint: extended stay, section, apartment complexes - Michigan (MI)
  51. Areas in Lansing that are safe: Martin, Luther: homes, neighborhoods, live - Michigan (MI)
  52. Cool article on booming Gaylord: Traverse City, Pigeon: how much, live in, store - Michigan (MI)
  53. Moving to Grand Blanc into apartment-should I take my cat from my parents home?: Detroit: house - Michigan (MI)
  54. Traverse City or bust: houses, purchase, new construction - Michigan (MI)
  55. The trouble-maker scientist for Flint: Royal Oak, Birmingham: homes, school, lawsuits - Michigan (MI)
  56. How the Big Lake (Michigan) keeps us warm in the winter, well...relatively speaking: Detroit: high school (MI)
  57. Dodge/Chrysler employees. Need help.: maintenance, price, discount - Michigan (MI)
  58. Northern Michigan Resort Towns--socially moderate or conservative?: Traverse City, Petoskey: live, safe (MI)
  59. worrying in michigan: insurance, day care, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  60. Should there be limits on political signs?: cars, area - Michigan (MI)
  61. Never been to Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids: job openings, gated, living (MI)
  62. Vacation place in Michigan: Grand Haven, South Haven: vacation home, safe area, buying (MI)
  63. Place to camp and fish: Rochester Hills, Saginaw: camping, safe, area - Michigan (MI)
  64. Need Front end/frame of 2004 - 2006 Lincoln Town Car: market, year - Michigan (MI)
  65. Ex employer trying to screw me over!: unemployment, office - Michigan (MI)
  66. Fishing/Hunting in SW Michigan: South Haven, Allegan: best, area, place (MI)
  67. battle creek: parks, area, place - Michigan (MI)
  68. about Gross Ile Schools . . .: Novi, Northville: 2014, home, buyers - Michigan (MI)
  69. things: Livonia, Farmington Hills, Southfield: to buy, shop, bars - Michigan (MI)
  70. phone: 2015, to buy, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  71. Clio?: Detroit, Warren, Flint: fit in, real estate, rent - Michigan (MI)
  72. New High Rise in Kalamazoo: Republic: 2014, apartments, daycare - Michigan (MI)
  73. Near Muskegon, safe, small community?: Grand Rapids, Holland: house prices, good schools, live - Michigan (MI)
  74. Parchment, MI: Portage, Vicksburg, Richland: neighborhood, good schools, to live in - Michigan
  75. Visiting Lansing before move: East Lansing, Okemos: best neighborhoods, houses, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  76. Moving to Battle Creek, MI??: Flint, Kalamazoo: crime rate, living in, areas - Michigan
  77. Car title transfer (private party car buying).: sales, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  78. Workers in the House: contractors, allergies, mold - Michigan (MI)
  79. Foreclosed: foreclosure, houses, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  80. Apartment broke lease terms - can I do anything?: apartments, tenant - Michigan (MI)
  81. Neighborhoods within short commute to Waterford: Sterling Heights, Fenton: house, living, restaurants - Michigan (MI)
  82. Congratulations Marquette for krafthockeyvill USA winner: Lakeview: arena, activity, businesses - Michigan (MI)
  83. Sunday eye doctor: Muskegon: hospital, emergency, local - Michigan (MI)
  84. Driving from Traverse City to Cincinnati Airport: Detroit, Flint: construction, best - Michigan (MI)
  85. The cost of living in Michigan: Livonia, Dearborn: apartment, rent, car insurance (MI)
  86. Moving to Kalamazoo/Portage. What kind of winter car/home prep is necessary?: Grand Rapids: 2013 - Michigan (MI)
  87. Moving to Detroit. Need sense of commute times.: Warren: home, employment - Michigan (MI)
  88. Recommended neighborhoods in Lansing: Saginaw, East Lansing: apartment complexes, rental homes, townhouses - Michigan (MI)
  89. Doctor masssage: Livonia, Southfield, Canton: gyms, pool, areas - Michigan (MI)
  90. Want to get into Paying delinquent Taxes, need direction...: tax lien, sales - Michigan (MI)
  91. Houghton/Hancock run/bike partner: lessons, places, sell - Michigan (MI)
  92. 10 things to do in the Land of 2 Peninsulas in July: Marquette: title, worth - Michigan (MI)
  93. Port Austin Mi.: buyer, live in, shop - Michigan (MI)
  94. Working with Michigan State VS Michigan graduates in the office: schools, universities (MI)
  95. St. Helen area: East Tawas, Tawas City, Hart: appointed, camping, closing - Michigan (MI)
  96. tribal trust land?: real estate, lease, attorney - Michigan (MI)
  97. Is warren momi safe to live?: apartment complexes, rentals, condo - Michigan (MI)
  98. Is it legal to go door to door for politcal reasoning?: Detroit: condo, homes - Michigan (MI)
  99. restraunts: Livonia, Farmington: to eat, Walmart, areas - Michigan (MI)
  100. Saginaw vs Bay City vs Midland: Grand Rapids, Freeland: 2015, apartments, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  101. Moving near Lansing to Midland: Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor: construction, school, college - Michigan (MI)
  102. Help find lost dog......: theater, live, between - Michigan (MI)
  103. Lease renewal. I signed and now my ex is fighting it.: eviction - Michigan (MI)
  104. Van Buren School to Plymouth Canton Schools: Livonia, Clare: to rent, house - Michigan (MI)
  105. Am I Being Judgmental?: Alpena: home, elementary school, university - Michigan (MI)
  106. Quiet and clean apartments in Lansing, MI?: East Lansing, Okemos: apartment complexes, lease - Michigan
  107. Scenic places in Lansing Michigan or thereabouts.: Grand Ledge, Garden: gardens, campus (MI)
  108. Chicago Relo or Nay?: Detroit, Ann Arbor: 2014, apartment, to rent - Michigan (MI)
  109. Cottage: Detroit, Traverse City, Lexington: income, to live, prices - Michigan (MI)
  110. Which is state is better for young families; Western Michigan or Northeast Iowa: Marion: pros and cons (MI)
  111. under employment: hygienist, job, offer - Michigan (MI)
  112. Inching our way back to the Soo: for sale, to rent - Michigan (MI)
  113. brighthouse cable: Detroit, Livonia, Farmington Hills: live in, stations, basement - Michigan (MI)
  114. what to farm near Marquette: Paw Paw: transporting, insurance, buy - Michigan (MI)
  115. Ecorse cops.: Detroit: 2014, renting, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  116. is the use of tire chain in MI popular during winter driving?: Detroit: 2015, buy - Michigan
  117. Might move to Flint Michigan: Detroit, Lansing: apartment, rent, crime (MI)
  118. Substitute employment in Michigan schools: 2014, fingerprints, credit (MI)
  119. East Lansing accomodation: Saginaw, Okemos, Haslett: real estate, apartments, rent - Michigan (MI)
  120. Airports; GR vs Detroit: Grand Rapids, Flint: hotel, living in, codes - Michigan (MI)
  121. Moving to Warren area from the southeast: Detroit, Sterling Heights: sublets, apartment complex - Michigan (MI)
  122. Work jobs novi livonia areas: Detroit, Farmington: taxes, vs, safer - Michigan (MI)
  123. MI move: Detroit, Warren, Flint: appointed, fit in, house - Michigan
  124. Thank you to all the global warming contributors!: Grand Rapids, Mount Pleasant: living in, move - Michigan (MI)
  125. How much snow before they salt the roads?: Detroit, Lansing: to rent, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  126. Moving to work in flint, MI: Detroit, Lansing: 2015, insurance, crime - Michigan
  127. 2 days of sun: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Gaylord: home, live in, moving - Michigan (MI)
  128. Jeep to add 2000 jobs in Toledo and Michigan: Grand Rapids, Flat Rock: 2015, layoffs (MI)
  129. Utilities in Ontoganon County: Marquette, Houghton: to buy, restaurant, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  130. That windstorm was pretty crazy, was that normal?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: house, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  131. How do you feel about roommates?: Roseville, Auburn Hills: sublet, lease, house - Michigan (MI)
  132. Michigan continues slow growth trend (but not losses): 2015, quality of life (MI)
  133. Howell vs. Brighton schools: home, to buy, construction - Michigan (MI)
  134. Where to live in SE MI?: Detroit, Ann Arbor: condo, how much, buying a house - Michigan
  135. Internet speeds and prices in U.P. Upper Peninsula: Marquette: to rent, movies - Michigan (MI)
  136. Michigan's Speed Limit to rise to 75: Detroit, Grand Rapids: insurance, live, costs (MI)
  137. Best place to live: Rochester Hills, Troy, Macomb or Royal Oak?: Detroit: middle-class, appointed - Michigan (MI)
  138. how do you pronounce Gaylord: Hartford, Grayling: home, live, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  139. Living in Flint,mi area: Detroit, Fenton: 2014, apartment complex, violent crime - Michigan (MI)
  140. Bay City: Flint, Saginaw, Midland: condos, crime, homes - Michigan (MI)
  141. Forest Industry in the UP, and in the Northern Lower Penninsula: Grand Rapids: how much, to live in - Michigan (MI)
  142. Canadian raising in Michigan?: Detroit, Port Huron: vs, metro, areas (MI)
  143. Back to the Soo for good.: Sault Ste. Marie: fit in, house, movies - Michigan (MI)
  144. Safe, Inexpensive, Temporary Housing Near Brighton: Detroit, Ann Arbor: sublets, apartment complex, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  145. Michigan politics: Lansing, Republic: manufacturing, residential, retired (MI)
  146. Moving to Michigan: Port Huron, Traverse City, Alpena: house, safe neighborhood, YMCA (MI)
  147. Areas around Warren: Detroit, Sterling Heights, Farmington Hills: real estate, rental, houses - Michigan (MI)
  148. Retirement reconnaissance trip report: Detroit, Grand Rapids: sales, real estate, health insurance - Michigan (MI)
  149. Moving to the Keweenaw next week.: Saginaw, Bay City: fit in, construction, living in - Michigan (MI)
  150. Pictured Rocks Kayaking and Camping: Detroit, Marquette: rentals, chapel, house - Michigan (MI)
  151. Got a speeding ticket in Ohio: Republic: to rent, how much, transfer - Michigan (MI)
  152. Bay City or Midland: Grand Rapids, Saginaw: houses, school district, closing - Michigan (MI)
  153. Seattle local looking to move. tornado? where to avoid?: Flint: 2015, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  154. Snyder Says He'll Drink Flint Water for 30 Days: Detroit, South Lyon: home, approval - Michigan (MI)
  155. Hey, Michigan, are you different from the rest of us?: Detroit: construction, living in (MI)
  156. I spent time in Flint, it changed me.: Detroit: crime, how much - Michigan (MI)
  157. Don't 2 universities contribute to MI's blockbuster status in higher education?: Detroit: transfer, public schools - Michigan
  158. 24 days out to Houghton Move!: Hancock: house, university, live - Michigan (MI)
  159. How do you feel about the Pure Michigan Campaign: Detroit: crime, construction (MI)
  160. License Plate renewal after State relocation: Caro: 2013, car insurance, unemployed - Michigan (MI)
  161. Marquette Cancer: 2013, living, statistics - Michigan (MI)
  162. My retired family,wants small home,seniors;leaving Oregon(??): Detroit: short sale, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  163. How Detroit and Grand Rapids ranks in the Midwest population from city hall radius: St. Louis: apartments, car insurance - Michigan (MI)
  164. Moving From Nashville to Flint/Grand Blanc for J.O.B: Detroit: low crime, house - Michigan (MI)
  165. I have never met Illegal Immigrant? Do we have that problem: Detroit: apartment, rental - Michigan (MI)
  166. Can a tenant be responsible for maintenance?: Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe: real estate, renters - Michigan (MI)
  167. New flag for Michigan?: Republic: appointed, school, universities (MI)
  168. Dearborn, MI - safe for families?: Detroit, Ann Arbor: best suburbs, apartments, renting - Michigan
  169. Inexpensive safe within 1 1/2 hours of Detroit? Acreage.: Flint, Jackson: how much, mobile home - Michigan (MI)
  170. Who will win Michigan?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: shop, metro, gay (MI)
  171. A good year for fall colors.: Detroit, Saginaw: camping, suburban, car - Michigan (MI)
  172. Traverse City police officer flies Confederate flag at anti-Trump protest: Richmond: lawsuit, design - Michigan (MI)
  173. Pawpaw fruit for sale in Michigan?: Paw Paw: buy, shop, trees (MI)
  174. Port Huron State of Mind: Detroit, Dearborn: real estate, crime, price - Michigan (MI)
  175. Does Proposal A discourage homeowners from moving: Detroit, Birmingham: sales, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  176. Mackinac Island health and walking-Plus more: rent, school - Michigan (MI)
  177. Areas to Rent within 20 Miles of MSU: Detroit, Lansing: apartments, loft - Michigan (MI)
  178. Possibly Moving to Novi from Lexington, KY: Detroit, Ann Arbor: apartments, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  179. Good & safe areas to live in MI?: Detroit, Flint: apartments, rent - Michigan
  180. Good Retirement Towns in Michigan?: Grand Rapids, Lansing: low income, apartment complexes, insurance (MI)
  181. Moving to Michigan to work in Inkster and Warren.. Where to live?: Detroit: for rent, condos (MI)
  182. Did Michigan pay higher welfare benefits to homeowners?: house, year (MI)
  183. Relocation from Alpena: Midland, Manchester, Lake City: sales, live, activities - Michigan (MI)
  184. Allergies in UP, Marquette area?: mold, moving to, kids - Michigan (MI)
  185. Moving my family with 6 month old son to Battle Creek?: Fremont: crime rates, house - Michigan (MI)
  186. Fruitport: crime, statistics, how to - Michigan (MI)
  187. Delton Michigan - looking for snow plowing services: moving to, yard (MI)
  188. Areo communications contractor on: requirements, drug, complete - Michigan (MI)
  189. Fantastic article about a small town museum in Edmore: Detroit: top, history - Michigan (MI)
  190. Childcare!!!: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Monroe: daycare, near, hours - Michigan (MI)
  191. Whistleblowers Walters & Edwards: Flint: water, social, dangers - Michigan (MI)
  192. Miss Michigan Arianna Quan: state, diversity, present (MI)
  193. Looking for fellow Detroit Flight Simmers....: area, proposed, love - Michigan (MI)
  194. Bridge card ebt food stamp: approval, date, how long - Michigan (MI)
  195. Village Townhouses in Lansing: coop, live, housing - Michigan (MI)
  196. Michigan's Gorgeous Muskegon Fall Colors: live, weather, sports (MI)
  197. Cheap homes in Kalamazoo area: for sale, high crime, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  198. Downtown Escanaba undergoing 2 major projects: construction, local - Michigan (MI)
  199. Self care or partial care for 2 horses near east lansing: school, price - Michigan (MI)
  200. Lapeer Skating Center: children, state, police - Michigan (MI)