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  1. Elmira, Michigan: Otsego, Gaylord: how much, living in, budget (MI)
  2. Reappraised + reassessment = Property Taxes Dropped???: city hall, assessor, house - Michigan (MI)
  3. Bank of America to invest in Michigan, downtown Detroit HQ's: Troy: moving, suburban (MI)
  4. News, Couple Arrested on Drunk Driving Charges.: Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti: children, red light - Michigan (MI)
  5. A bad list where Michigan did not make the top 10: Detroit: transfer (MI)
  6. A ..: salons, condo, home - Michigan (MI)
  7. Sale and Mortgage advice... help !!!: Sterling: short sales, real estate, foreclosure - Michigan (MI)
  8. Lower Slobbovia: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ferndale: 2015, homes, college - Michigan (MI)
  9. Virgin to Menapause: moving, relocation, health - Michigan (MI)
  10. Confused: Rockford, Wolverine: houses, construction, general contractor - Michigan (MI)
  11. Mortgage/Debt: Traverse City: apartment, foreclosure, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  12. Metro Traverse City; Blair, Kingsley: Lansing: mortgage, home, high school - Michigan (MI)
  13. Michigan Joke To Lighten The Mood: rain, Japanese, medicine (MI)
  14. Accounting: companies, places, hiring - Michigan (MI)
  15. !!!!!!!!: Houghton: vacation home, wedding, to live in - Michigan (MI)
  16. Dear gay people who live in Michigan,: Detroit, Lansing: credit card, buy (MI)
  17. Need for Licensed Daycare in Marquette?: Houghton, Negaunee: day care, homes, public school - Michigan (MI)
  18. HIP-HOP MAYOR Smackdown Part II: Detroit, Coleman: condos, moving to, residents - Michigan (MI)
  19. what do I need to get licensed as a social worker with an MSW: moving to - Michigan (MI)
  20. north michigan doing bad?: how much, moving, retiree - Michigan (MI)
  21. Well heres another Governor Grandholes Plan: house, college, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  22. leaving St. Louis, MO to move to Lansing, MI: rent, crime - Michigan
  23. michigan gone: Lansing, Gobles: health insurance, school, tax - Michigan (MI)
  24. Truth in Numbers: Lansing, Republic: sales, bankrupt, income - Michigan (MI)
  25. What Michigan needs to boost its economy and its reputation.: Detroit: health insurance, crime rates (MI)
  26. South Lyon information needed: Ann Arbor, Pontiac: home, neighborhoods, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  27. police jobs, upper peninsula: Sault Ste. Marie, Houghton: how much, universities, income - Michigan (MI)
  28. Holland Michigan Mom Groups: Grand Rapids: moving to, activities, area (MI)
  29. news, High School Prank Moves Football Game.: Saginaw: credit, between - Michigan (MI)
  30. Questions about Taylor, MI: Novi: house, neighborhood, live - Michigan
  31. Looking for a Great Dane: Shepherd: for sale, new home, prices - Michigan (MI)
  32. News, TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan Family digs up 'The Gipper': town, testing (MI)
  33. Parents moving to downriver area / Brownstown Township - concerns?: Novi: home, live - Michigan (MI)
  34. furniture companies: Grand Rapids, Kinde: residential, office, inclusive - Michigan (MI)
  35. Working in Auburn Hills... Where to Live??: Detroit, Flint: for sale, apartments - Michigan (MI)
  36. The Partridge Creek mall: Rochester: to eat, design, place - Michigan (MI)
  37. 3 Confirmed death's in Kalkaska Area...: Ann Arbor, Saline: new home, tornado, to live - Michigan (MI)
  38. What film was made in Harbor springs?: Jackson, Escanaba: title, filmed - Michigan (MI)
  39. moving to bellevue and olivet area: Lansing, Marshall: for sale, school, college - Michigan (MI)
  40. New Boom?: Detroit: mall, moving, metro - Michigan (MI)
  41. Looking for: Detroit: homes, construction, schools - Michigan (MI)
  42. New to the site...: good, cool - Michigan (MI)
  43. May be relocating to Grand Blanc: Detroit, Flint: crime, homes, school district - Michigan (MI)
  44. redwings game: vs., town, downtown - Michigan (MI)
  45. moving from alabama: Detroit, Troy, Birmingham: houses, school district, living - Michigan (MI)
  46. Contemplating Move To Lake Angelus: Need: Lake Orion: homes, schools - Michigan (MI)
  47. relocation to St. Joseph, MI?: Detroit, Benton Harbor: apartment complexes, lease, condos - Michigan
  48. Michigan make a positive top 10 list.: Lansing: construction, taxes, living in (MI)
  49. 2007 Free Press Michigan Apple Guide.: Grand Rapids, Ypsilanti: living in, young, outside (MI)
  50. Gladwin good, bad, ugly - Michigan (MI)
  51. moving back to MI?: Detroit, Kalamazoo: mobile home, job market, school districts - Michigan
  52. Moved to MI from GA: Flint, Lansing: apartment complex, theater, school - Michigan
  53. Have You Registered Your Opinions Where It Counts?: Lansing: attorney, house - Michigan (MI)
  54. Michigan Property Tax Sale: mobile home, buying, deals (MI)
  55. Looking to relocate business: Grand Rapids, Lansing: sales, apartments, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  56. anywhere in the u.p. you can: Escanaba: house, buy - Michigan (MI)
  57. Appraisals: do them now or just before you move?: homes, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  58. Tips to Sellers from a Recent Home Buyer: Detroit, Wayne: real estate market, apartment - Michigan (MI)
  59. Milford: Auburn Hills, Auburn: daycare, preschools, moving - Michigan (MI)
  60. Relocating back to Michigan after 29 years: Detroit, Holland: foreclosures, condo, mortgage (MI)
  61. Auto Factories in the South: Detroit, Grand Rapids: transplants, sales, credit - Michigan (MI)
  62. What's the deal with Ironwood?: Munising, Bessemer: for sale by owner, how much, cheap home - Michigan (MI)
  63. The island people loosing value: Roseville: for sale, homes, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  64. Northern Michigan -kind on us retirees tax wise?: Holland, Jenison: for sale, credit (MI)
  65. What's everyones postion on the Secert deals: Lansing, Republic: how much, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  66. Another one of them Traverse City/Peninsula Twp area questions: Detroit: real estate, rental - Michigan (MI)
  67. News, Illegal immigrants a financial burden on Michigan.: Lansing, Republic: unemployment, taxes (MI)
  68. have pic's of West Bloomfield/Bloomfield Hills/Troy/Shelby/Royal Oak: Rochester Hills: house - Michigan (MI)
  69. taxes in Romulus affecting sell of homes: Lansing, Southfield: sales, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  70. vacation in calumet: Houghton, Hancock, Linden: bars, suite, area - Michigan (MI)
  71. Shopping in Charlevoix: apartments, rentals, condos - Michigan (MI)
  72. Michigan Tops 10,000: living in (MI)
  73. Moving -to- Kalamazoo: Portage: cheap house, neighborhoods, buy - Michigan (MI)
  74. Looking for apple orchard to visit: Ann Arbor, Holly: house, live, health - Michigan (MI)
  75. Infomation On West Bloomfield MI: Troy, Royal Oak: crime, layoffs, neighborhood - Michigan
  76. Need Help, Moving to the area: Detroit, Warren: rent, crime, townhouses - Michigan (MI)
  77. Home was NOT appraised, and OVER inflated refinance price: short sale, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  78. New At This And Not Getting Replys Help!: Detroit, Grand Rapids: metro, areas - Michigan (MI)
  79. help!! Living In LV And Want To Move To MI Help!! With !: Detroit: for sale - Michigan
  80. detriot teacher salaries: Detroit: school, areas, systems - Michigan (MI)
  81. what would I be paying for this in marquette mi: Escanaba: for sale, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  82. Car rentals: Detroit, Livonia, Caro: price, military, metro - Michigan (MI)
  83. How is petoskey doing: Ann Arbor, Plymouth: sales, new home, buy - Michigan (MI)
  84. Ferndale nostalgia: Hazel Park: live, housing, park - Michigan (MI)
  85. Chicago to Kalamazoo Promise: Portage, Yale: low income, insurance, condo - Michigan (MI)
  86. oil will hurt michigan more: Grant: sale, how much, homes - Michigan (MI)
  87. Great Lake Pollution?: Menominee: eat, residential, ticket - Michigan (MI)
  88. News, Couple From Hell Win Halloween Lottery.: Detroit: home, living in - Michigan (MI)
  89. Lets balance the budget: Grant: home, calculator, income - Michigan (MI)
  90. about Grand Rapids or Lansing: Detroit, East Grand Rapids: apartment, houses - Michigan (MI)
  91. Want to move back, from Florida: buying a house, buying, school - Michigan (MI)
  92. News, Michigan Corn Maze Cut to Resemble Portrait of President Gerald Ford.: Kalamazoo: design (MI)
  93. Researching 1980's land forclosure HELP!: farmers, areas, farmer - Michigan (MI)
  94. hot jobs list.: Lansing: employment, school, taxi - Michigan (MI)
  95. Re-locating to Micigan. help!: Detroit, Grand Rapids: buying a home, safe area, buying - Michigan (MI)
  96. Michigan economy and impression.: Detroit, Grand Rapids: hotels, home, construction (MI)
  97. What new industries would help Michigan?: Grand Rapids, Holland: credit, homes, tax (MI)
  98. Last person that leaves michigan turn off the lights: to buy, taxation - Michigan (MI)
  99. Michigan sold out: Republic: fit in, how much, house (MI)
  100. Cadillac, Michigan: Traverse City, Greenville, Manistee: for sale, crime, houses (MI)
  101. Granholm Endorses Clinton for President: house, taxi, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  102. Crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald: St. Joseph, Richmond: houses, maintenance, live - Michigan (MI)
  103. HELP, best way to ship dogs from mich to montana?: Detroit: transporting, rent - Michigan (MI)
  104. Moving to Dearborn - Need advice!: Detroit, Ann Arbor: appointed, apartments, rent - Michigan (MI)
  105. moving to South Carolina?: high schools, live, best - Michigan (MI)
  106. Can tell me about Holland?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: homes, college, live - Michigan (MI)
  107. Could the UP Become the 51st State?: Lansing, Marquette: salons, how much - Michigan (MI)
  108. Michigan Healthcare Reform: Clinton: appointed, rent, health insurance (MI)
  109. Escanaba...What's the scoop?: Marquette, Menominee: new home, transfer, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  110. Who are you rooting for on Saturday?: Sparta: ranked, state - Michigan (MI)
  111. How bad is it now vs '82-'83: Flint, Lansing: foreclosure, loan - Michigan (MI)
  112. Moving to Mt. Morris, Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids: crime rate, houses, neighborhood (MI)
  113. is having touble paying: Lansing: for sale, car insurance, house - Michigan (MI)
  114. How many of you are looking to move out of Michigan?: Detroit: sales, real estate (MI)
  115. State of Michigan renewals!: sales, lease, vehicle registration (MI)
  116. Taking job in Southfield - where to live?: Troy, Canton: crime, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  117. Michigan economy slieds to new low: Republic: house, to buy, living in (MI)
  118. Signs Of Hope: Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor: sales, foreclosures, renting - Michigan (MI)
  119. From Texas to Michigan: Grand Rapids: insurance, house, heat pump (MI)
  120. Possibly retiring...: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Holland: real estate, crime, Home Depot - Michigan (MI)
  121. Michigan racism: Detroit, Flint, Midland: gated, live in, stats (MI)
  122. Rockwood-A Mobile Home On Every Corner: Lansing, Canton: sale, foreclosure, loans - Michigan (MI)
  123. Alaska vs U.P.: Detroit, Adrian: houses, employment, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  124. universal gas and electric pay: Detroit, Southfield: attorney, house, employment - Michigan (MI)
  125. Can tell me about West Michigan?: Grand Rapids, Lansing: for sale, crime rates (MI)
  126. Michigan secede from the USA: Detroit, Clinton: health insurance, buy, living in (MI)
  127. Moving To Michigan: Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor: real estate, houses, neighborhood (MI)
  128. New Income TAXES and now they are talking: Lansing, Ludington: sales, house - Michigan (MI)
  129. trapped?: Detroit, Ypsilanti: for sale, real estate, foreclosure - Michigan (MI)
  130. For who say that winter lasts 9 months in Michigan...: Marquette: allergies, living (MI)
  131. I Like it: Royal Oak: transfer, live in, moving - Michigan (MI)
  132. What are all the people who are losing their homes doing?: Livonia: for sale, real estate market - Michigan (MI)
  133. Well now what is the Governor and the Democrats doing?: Detroit: sales, attorney - Michigan (MI)
  134. Possibly coming back/west side of state: Grand Rapids, Traverse City: real estate, rental - Michigan (MI)
  135. Is Marquette for me: L'Anse, Big Bay: crime, coop, how much - Michigan (MI)
  136. Government Shut-Down????: Lansing: home, tax, live - Michigan (MI)
  137. Calumet - Houghton-Hancock - your thoughts?: Detroit, Laurium: insurance, home, job market - Michigan (MI)
  138. Isn't Mi bad enough: Flint, Lansing: crimes, house, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  139. Article: Turn Out the Lights, Michigan: Detroit, Grant: real estate, 2015 (MI)
  140. Housing cras threatens michigan economy: real estate market, apartments, renter - Michigan (MI)
  141. Holland, MI: Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Zeeland: sales, mortgage, houses - Michigan
  142. Moving to Lansing, MI in May 2008: Grand Rapids, East Lansing: home, job market, neighborhoods - Michigan
  143. Best way to go about purchasing a house in Michigan: Detroit: appointed, for sale (MI)
  144. Is college worth the pay-off in Michigan?: insurance, credit (MI)
  145. Kalamazoo vs. Tucson: Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Battle Creek: sales, crime rate, house prices - Michigan (MI)
  146. I have a little retirement money and am thinking about the UP: Marquette: townhouse, buying - Michigan (MI)
  147. Foreclosures affecting house values: Lansing: sale, refinance, loans - Michigan (MI)
  148. Houses for sale are OVER-priced!!: real estate, foreclosure, assessor - Michigan (MI)
  149. Real Estate Crystal Ball in Michigan: Lansing, Traverse City: for sale, 2015, mortgage (MI)
  150. Rec's for short vacation: Marquette, Traverse City: for rent, how much, hotel - Michigan (MI)
  151. work from home?: Holland: mortgage, attorneys, homes - Michigan (MI)
  152. News, Report: VW offices leaving Mich. for Va.: Detroit, Grand Rapids: construction, college - Michigan (MI)
  153. Lombardo Homes: short sale, real estate, foreclosure - Michigan (MI)
  154. Ironwood, Michigan: Caro, Bessemer, Wakefield: real estate, apartments, rentals (MI)
  155. What have you done to help Michigan's Economy?: Detroit, Holland: sales, foreclosures (MI)
  156. Maize N’ Blues: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Holly: school, university, eat - Michigan (MI)
  157. News, State edges closer to a government shutdown.: Detroit, Lansing: home, tech jobs - Michigan (MI)
  158. Congratulations to Michigan!!!!!: Monroe, Grant: real estate, foreclosures, mortgage (MI)
  159. buying home: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor: how much, house, layoffs - Michigan (MI)
  160. Need help choosing which universities to apply to.: Detroit, Ann Arbor: dorms, schools - Michigan (MI)
  161. Michigan Income tax increase 2007 retro-active: house, go bankrupt (MI)
  162. Does think there should be a web site: home, construction - Michigan (MI)
  163. what do you hate most about michigan?: Franklin: houses, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  164. do you feel better off then you did 4 years ago: house, manufacturing - Michigan (MI)
  165. Who voted for Granholm?: Republic: buy, income, income tax - Michigan (MI)
  166. Teachers FLOCK to Michigan- 4th Highest Paid: Detroit: foreclosure, renting (MI)
  167. comes the lovely mi snow: nanny, road, federal - Michigan (MI)
  168. West Michigan officials pitching flat sales tax: Wyoming, Kentwood: how much, unemployed (MI)
  169. Michigeddon!!: Detroit, Holland, Greenville: foreclosure, lease, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  170. News, Michigan’s state government partly shuts down.: Grand Rapids, Lansing: sales, homes (MI)
  171. Help!Should I buy old house or build new house in Midland area?: best neighborhood, real estate market - Michigan (MI)
  172. Where should Michigan cut spending?: Lansing: how much, closing, taxi (MI)
  173. Are casinos the answer for the economy?: Detroit, Manistee: waterparks, how much - Michigan (MI)
  174. worried about a massive number of people leaving?: Grant: real estate, new home - Michigan (MI)
  175. She just Keeps STEALING!!!!: Lansing, Republic: vehicle registration, insurance, credit card - Michigan (MI)
  176. It is time to leave: Lansing, Wyoming: spring break, sales, lease - Michigan (MI)
  177. Lets Start The Recall Process!!!!!!: Lansing, Portage: sales, brokers, how much - Michigan (MI)
  178. News, By the numbers: What the taxes will cost you.: Lansing: flat fee, sales - Michigan (MI)
  179. Michigan the place to be: Royal Oak: home, schools, taxes (MI)
  180. Who loves fall in Michigan?: Detroit, Traverse City: homes, neighborhood, to buy (MI)
  181. live in alpena?: home, high school, living in - Michigan (MI)
  182. 9 Michigan cities in the bottom 20 list for creating jobs.: Detroit: for sale, houses (MI)
  183. Corrections reform: Detroit: sex offender, violent crime, felons - Michigan (MI)
  184. St. Clair's speed bumps: install, engineers, rain - Michigan (MI)
  185. Apartment for Rent in Kalamazoo: apartments, home, school - Michigan (MI)
  186. From West Bloomfield Would Like to Talk: moving - Michigan (MI)
  187. Buying Home in Troy: good - Michigan (MI)
  188. Well I see the OVER PAID folks in Lansing: budget, pay - Michigan (MI)
  189. Daycare In Berlin Twp?: home, park, businesses - Michigan (MI)
  190. News, Border Patrol Opens New Marysville, Mich. Station.: Detroit, Port Huron: live, office - Michigan (MI)
  191. Can recommend a motel in the Auburn Hills area which caters to kids?: wedding - Michigan (MI)
  192. Medical Assistants Clin. Read: Dearborn: office, career, work - Michigan (MI)
  193. Need help with rental in Okemos: apartment complex, rentals, houses - Michigan (MI)
  194. Weird News, Lansing Police Chief Prepping City For Zombie Attack Ahead Of Halloween.: roach - Michigan (MI)
  195. Reassessment + Reappraised = Property Taxes Dropped???: city hall, home, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  196. MU football camp: live in, kids, drive - Michigan (MI)
  197. Publisher of Forbes Magazine Oct. 1. Issue Addresses Michigan and The Wolverines: manufacturing, business (MI)
  198. Looking for house in country, near Portland: Lansing: new house, budget - Michigan (MI)
  199. Begin to fix Michigan: Lansing, Republic: taxes, place, top (MI)
  200. Traverse City, lovely article: retired - Michigan (MI)