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  1. I haven't seen..: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Rochester Hills: apartment, crime, schools - Michigan (MI)
  2. Menominee County: Troy, Marquette, Escanaba: appointed, home, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  3. Beaver Island.: Ludington, Charlevoix: homes, camping, live - Michigan (MI)
  4. Move to Lansing Area: Detroit, Ann Arbor: low income, apartments, rent - Michigan (MI)
  5. Desperate...Looking to rent large vehicle/Tahoe: Plymouth: rentals, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  6. Sunsets near Muskegon / Grand Haven: Marquette, Ludington: rentals, campground, cabin - Michigan (MI)
  7. Frederic, Michigan. Interested in a rental property but don't know the area. Like to hear your thoughts.: Gaylord: low income (MI)
  8. Dj and Salsa Dance Instructor moving to Holland Michigan: Grand Rapids: find a job, live in (MI)
  9. diversity: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Holland: neighborhood, living, safety - Michigan (MI)
  10. MANY years ago in Monroe: do you remember Drouillards restaurant: manufactured, best - Michigan (MI)
  11. Austin, TX to Lake Orion/Browning Drive area?: Pontiac, Rochester: homes, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  12. Favorite Places in Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids: homes, vacation, park (MI)
  13. News, Adopted Michigan Man Finds Birth Mother At Workplace.: Grand Rapids: store, working (MI)
  14. Friendly midwest: houses, live, moving - Michigan (MI)
  15. To buy or not to buy?: Detroit, Grant: rent, buying a home, buying - Michigan (MI)
  16. Moving back to Michigan: Grand Rapids, Holland: transplants, home, living in (MI)
  17. St Joseph Twp Snow Removal Costs: companies, driveway, drive - Michigan (MI)
  18. looking for jobs in copper harbor: Houghton, Hancock: find a job, to buy, place to live - Michigan (MI)
  19. U of M News, Michigan Hires West Virginia's Rodriguez.: Ann Arbor: live, rich (MI)
  20. Need about Westland, !!: Detroit, Ann Arbor: appointed, real estate, rental - Michigan (MI)
  21. Holland Michigan: Grand Rapids, Atlanta: low income, rental, crime (MI)
  22. best place to live: Detroit, Grand Rapids: best city, home, schools - Michigan (MI)
  23. Mesotherapy - Would appreciate advice - GOOD or BAD: Chelsea: live in, food - Michigan (MI)
  24. It's For the Children: Detroit, Dearborn: hotels, Home Depot, buy - Michigan (MI)
  25. Edison safe? Kalamazoo: Richland: wood floors, crime, home - Michigan (MI)
  26. More Signs Of Hope: Fowlerville, Fowler: manufacturing, firm, places - Michigan (MI)
  27. Schooling and Jobs in Dearborn: job market, school district, food - Michigan (MI)
  28. Why are Rape stats so high?: Kalamazoo: lease, sex offenders, violent crime - Michigan (MI)
  29. Need advice: Detroit, Southfield, Pontiac: apartment complexes, neighborhood, community college - Michigan (MI)
  30. WOO HOO - Moving UP Soon: Menominee, Houghton: real estate, homes, school districts - Michigan (MI)
  31. If you're looking to relocate OUT of Michigan: lease, health insurance (MI)
  32. Michigan Up: Marquette, Ironwood, St. Ignace: apartments, for rent, houses (MI)
  33. construction and manufacturing lost: Grayling: foreclosures, loan, house prices - Michigan (MI)
  34. Can't Tell If This Is Good Or Bad: Detroit: taxes, to live - Michigan (MI)
  35. Retirement property southern Michigan: Jackson: crime, home, buying (MI)
  36. Employee Benefits: insurance, credit rating, day care - Michigan (MI)
  37. Boyne resorts in March ???: Grand Rapids, Traverse City: waterpark, condominiums, hotel - Michigan (MI)
  38. Looking for affordable but excellent maid: Birmingham: houses, charge, cleaning - Michigan (MI)
  39. NEED OPINIONS! New Boston area vs Superior township: Ann Arbor: crime, home - Michigan (MI)
  40. best city to live in for shopping: Detroit, Ann Arbor: shopper, food - Michigan (MI)
  41. help!: Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Royal Oak: real estate, apartments, condos - Michigan (MI)
  42. Stepkids Adoption: Clare: house, cost, legal - Michigan (MI)
  43. What's up With Livonia Schools?: Canton, Plymouth: top schools, moving, campus - Michigan (MI)
  44. Immigrant Communities in Michigan studying to move out: Dearborn, Petoskey: buy, school (MI)
  45. snow photos (bigger photos): Kalamazoo, Mattawan: car, best, quality - Michigan (MI)
  46. Michigan is like a bee hive: Republic: taxes, place, jobs (MI)
  47. Dumpster Dive and Urban Exploration in Farmington Hills, MI: Jackson: apartments, appliances - Michigan
  48. Kalamazoo More Shootings: Grand Rapids, Saginaw: homes, neighborhood, college - Michigan (MI)
  49. UP stylist jobs: Marquette: minimum wage, to live in, price - Michigan (MI)
  50. WWII William E. Brereton: Wayne: live, area, cities - Michigan (MI)
  51. Nursing/Hospitals in Michigan: Kalamazoo, Battle Creek: house, buying, school (MI)
  52. Insights: Ann Arbor, Howell, Tecumseh: real estate market, apartment complexes, house - Michigan (MI)
  53. Today's Primary: felons, tech jobs, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  54. Teaching math in MI ?: Detroit, Dearborn: Home Depot, find a job, transfer to - Michigan
  55. Moving from Sacramento.. Need opinions on Suburbs of Southfield: Farmington Hills: rent, houses - Michigan (MI)
  56. 20 years later, What cities come back: Detroit, Grand Rapids: unemployed, live in, vs. - Michigan (MI)
  57. Lansing by Sparrow hospital on Saginaw St: Detroit, East Lansing: foreclosures, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  58. Is the Flint River clean now that industry has gone?: Saginaw: closing, move - Michigan (MI)
  59. Beaver Island & Fisherman's Island State Park: Grand Haven, Ludington: rent, camping - Michigan (MI)
  60. Property Values: taxes, bill, counties - Michigan (MI)
  61. looking for a place for meditation: Detroit, Ann Arbor: to rent, motels, live in - Michigan (MI)
  62. Rives Junction, MI: Jackson: houses, school district, live - Michigan
  63. how long before michigan is flushed?: Detroit, Adrian: unemployment rate, construction, prices - Michigan (MI)
  64. Missing Michigan: home, landscaping, to live in (MI)
  65. petoskey pointe project?: money, area, winter - Michigan (MI)
  66. need to find work in pelston: Petoskey, St. Ignace: employment, construction, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  67. Looking for Christian community near Troy: Detroit, Sterling Heights: to live in, to move, suburbs - Michigan (MI)
  68. Moving to the Negaunee area: Marquette: places to live, places, dogs - Michigan (MI)
  69. Rural Relocation Resources: Portage, Ludington, Manistee: living in, moving to, friendly - Michigan (MI)
  70. Filing State Taxes Part-time: incomes, live in, dates - Michigan (MI)
  71. looking for land to buy for fun now and home later.: Manistique: house - Michigan (MI)
  72. property taxes: for sale, countertops, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  73. moving to wyandotte- autistic child which school district: Detroit, Taylor: home, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  74. Michigan camping: Traverse City, Ludington, Sandusky: amusement park, cabins, beach (MI)
  75. Driving in winter: turn with the skid or not?: school, closing - Michigan (MI)
  76. Seeking information on Clio: Flint, Frankenmuth: apartment complex, rent, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  77. move to UP with a special needs toddler: Detroit: school district, live in - Michigan (MI)
  78. Unemployment: insurance, homes, transfer - Michigan (MI)
  79. Visiting Vassar, help: Saginaw, Bay City: real estate, to rent, sex offenders - Michigan (MI)
  80. florist in dearborn,michigan: Garden: live, gardens, cheapest - Michigan (MI)
  81. What does know about Monroe Michigan: Detroit, Ann Arbor: rentals, transfer (MI)
  82. MSU-Fact's about Michigan's economy: Midland: school, living, costs (MI)
  83. Michigan needs Economic Gardening: Detroit, Ann Arbor: movers, how much (MI)
  84. Live Michigan Cams: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Traverse City: university, live in, weather (MI)
  85. Living between Mt. pleasant & Lansing: East Lansing, Midland: to rent, condos, houses - Michigan (MI)
  86. Relocating to Romulus area: Detroit, Ann Arbor: appointed, real estate, apartments - Michigan (MI)
  87. Is going to Massachusetts for Christmas?: Bay City, Springfield: college, work - Michigan (MI)
  88. for the Folks in Bloomfield Hills, MI: Detroit, Royal Oak: restaurant, night club - Michigan
  89. DNR Scandal Rocks State!!!: Lansing: layoffs, costs, license - Michigan (MI)
  90. Part Time Legislature? Your Thoughts: Kalamazoo: sales, income, property tax - Michigan (MI)
  91. Can tell me about Zeeland MI?: Grand Rapids, Holland: neighborhoods, to live in - Michigan
  92. Buying Land: Kalamazoo, Mattawan: real estate, how much, house prices - Michigan (MI)
  93. One fun thing that I remember about Mich,: Boyne City, Charlevoix: motel, live in - Michigan (MI)
  94. Need on Seasonal work...: Saginaw, Traverse City: homes, living, price - Michigan (MI)
  95. Why Live in West Michigan.: living, family friendly, best (MI)
  96. New Resident Package: Troy: transplants, 2014, relocation company - Michigan (MI)
  97. Grosse Pointe Area/Schools: Detroit, Harper Woods: home, theatre, school districts - Michigan (MI)
  98. Dallas to Detroit Route: Nashville: construction, safer, cities - Michigan (MI)
  99. MARVIN - What do I need the 1st time I call?: insurance, how much - Michigan (MI)
  100. On Lake Huron!: Grand Rapids, Midland, Holland: homes, live, moving - Michigan (MI)
  101. U.S. News & World Report America's Best High Schools: Flint: home - Michigan (MI)
  102. Caimpaign for a Part-time Legislature!: Battle Creek: sales, vehicle registration, attorney - Michigan (MI)
  103. ? abt Relocating & Racism: Detroit, Grand Rapids: neighborhood, university, gated - Michigan (MI)
  104. Homes keep dropping: Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor: for sale, foreclosure, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  105. Moving to Jackson/Battle Creek: Grand Rapids, Lansing: low income, apartment complexes, leases - Michigan (MI)
  106. Romney says Michigan in one state recession: Detroit, Grand Rapids: best cities, foreclosures (MI)
  107. What's Canton like?: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Novi: custom home, neighborhood, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  108. Michigan Housing Values to Drop 13% this year...: Detroit: bank owned, sales (MI)
  109. do you think i would like living in michigan if i'm from southern cali: Detroit: affordable apartment, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  110. Are there other Northeastern L.P.ers out there???: Detroit: section 8, sales - Michigan (MI)
  111. Michigan's budget has a $350 Million surplus, what to do?: Detroit: costs, suburbs (MI)
  112. Wildlife in Michigan??: Jackson, Charlevoix, Atlanta: house, live, yard (MI)
  113. Winter heating bills skyrocketing high in Michigan: apartment, how much (MI)
  114. Where do you like to camp in Michigan and why?: Traverse City: school, camping (MI)
  115. Michigan is excluding foreigners,isn't it cool?: law, legal (MI)
  116. What are Michiganders doing to make ends meet?: Ann Arbor, Caro: best cities, sale (MI)
  117. Mitt Romney and Michigan: Caro, Republic: foreclosure, lawyers, house (MI)
  118. Living in Northern MI, is it that hard ?: Detroit, Traverse City: apartment, renting - Michigan
  119. Moving to Michigan from Sydney, Australia: Detroit, Flint: apartment, mortgages, buying a house (MI)
  120. Cost to build in Mt. Pleasant?: Detroit, Ludington: how much, new home, college - Michigan (MI)
  121. The Upper Peninsula Has Been Found!: Lansing, Marquette: vacation home, buying, live - Michigan (MI)
  122. Now I am Scared to move to Michigan: fit in, how much (MI)
  123. 2007 The Worst Year! What About You.: Lansing: real estate, how much, vacation home - Michigan (MI)
  124. How About Positive: Detroit: home, employment, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  125. Jackson: what I *don't* get.... can you enlighten me,: Ann Arbor: low income, section 8 - Michigan (MI)
  126. Michigan's Future Energy: Lansing, Muskegon: appointed, real estate, home (MI)
  127. A small love affair with Michigan: Detroit, Flint: fit in, homes, university (MI)
  128. What is Bay City Like?: Saginaw, Midland: real estate, home, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  129. Is Marquette really that bad???: Ann Arbor, Houghton: to rent, crime, motel - Michigan (MI)
  130. How to solve America's water problems (hint: come to MI!): Saginaw: how much, buy - Michigan
  131. Sterling Heights vs Troy/Bloomfield: Detroit, Grand Rapids: houses, purchase, best school districts - Michigan (MI)
  132. Teen Help in Gaastra, MI: live, centers, office - Michigan
  133. My husband and I are Re-Locating to Charlevoix MI, I have questions!!!: Traverse City: real estate market, apartment - Michigan
  134. Homesteading in the UP: Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie: ski resorts, sale, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  135. Bad areas around Jackson?: Lansing, Ann Arbor: best cities, apartment complexes, rent - Michigan (MI)
  136. Kalamazoo Real Esatate and schools: Battle Creek, Portage: renting, low crime, new home - Michigan (MI)
  137. Who is going home to MI for Christmas?: Detroit, Ann Arbor: wedding, school - Michigan
  138. Moved back to Michigan from Seattle: Detroit: sales, foreclosure, insurance (MI)
  139. Michigan Primary: Republic: buying, statistics, design (MI)
  140. Drummond Island needed - I may be moving there: Detroit: rental, house - Michigan (MI)
  141. Traverse City: Marquette, Petoskey, Charlevoix: rent, insurance, hotels - Michigan (MI)
  142. Lansing Michigan: Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor: best cities, apartments, insurance (MI)
  143. Help - What's wrong with Cheboygan ???: Alpena, Petoskey: real estate, attorneys, homes - Michigan (MI)
  144. Want to move from NC to Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids: fit in, vacation home (MI)
  145. What was your average and Highest heating bill?: Kalkaska: apartment, appliances - Michigan (MI)
  146. What is a Michigan Christmas?: sales, houses, movies (MI)
  147. It was nice to be back.: Detroit, Livonia: power lines, buy, theater - Michigan (MI)
  148. Who will be President?: Adrian, Caro: how much, attorney, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  149. Michigan or North Carolina?: Lansing, Ann Arbor: real estate, foreclosures, renting (MI)
  150. Chuck Hughes - October 24, 1971: Detroit, Walker: high school, college, living in - Michigan (MI)
  151. The Good Side of Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids: amusement parks, hotels, Home Depot (MI)
  152. Moving out or moving back: house, good schools, camp - Michigan (MI)
  153. Michigan Driving Law: Detroit, Ludington: insurance, how much, felony (MI)
  154. need a job: Detroit, Grand Rapids: rent, credit, student loans - Michigan (MI)
  155. Another reason michigan sucks and why I am moving!: Atlanta: home, job market - Michigan (MI)
  156. Lofts Or Apartments In Marquette: Ishpeming, Holly: real estate, apartment complexes, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  157. First Major Storm of the season...: Detroit, Grand Rapids: home, live in, metro - Michigan (MI)
  158. No insurance ticket: Detroit, Adrian, Hillsdale: DMV, cost of, law - Michigan (MI)
  159. Need To Vent: Fountain: hotel, house, buy - Michigan (MI)
  160. Where can I buy fresh fish?: Detroit, Dearborn: sale, house, where to buy - Michigan (MI)
  161. Rentals in Traverse City a good idea?: Petoskey, South Haven: short sale, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  162. Michigans economy: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing: home, tech jobs, transfer (MI)
  163. Downtown Living: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Livonia: middle-class, lofts, condos - Michigan (MI)
  164. Truck driving could be the salvation for people who find jobs: Grant: home, school - Michigan (MI)
  165. Looking to move to Michigan from California: Grand Rapids, Kentwood: for sale, real estate (MI)
  166. Careful what you wish for - we are jumping back into the fire...: Detroit: sales, rent - Michigan (MI)
  167. Vacation property in Northern Michigan: Detroit, Traverse City: for sale, real estate, vacation home (MI)
  168. Vacation: Marquette, Cadillac, Lapeer: fit in, rent, motel - Michigan (MI)
  169. Teaching jobs in U.P.?: Jackson, Marquette: fit in, cheap house, buy - Michigan (MI)
  170. Whitehall and Montague needed: Muskegon, Ludington: low crime, house, purchasing - Michigan (MI)
  171. Historical unemployment in Michigan: Detroit, Caro: real estate, mortgages, house (MI)
  172. Union City / Coldwater Area?: Kalamazoo, Battle Creek: real estate market, buying a house, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  173. Trailer Park regulations in SE michigan area(Macomb CO): Taylor: for sale, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  174. Teaching Jobs in Northern MI?: Traverse City, Kalkaska: school district, place to live, move to - Michigan
  175. Where to live in Lansing?: Grand Rapids, Saginaw: for sale, foreclosure, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  176. Universities: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Utica: fit in, apartments, credit - Michigan (MI)
  177. Michigan only state to loose population: Grant, Atlanta: real estate, how much, new home (MI)
  178. Will be moving to the Detroit area (June 2008): Ann Arbor, Livonia: fit in, for sale - Michigan (MI)
  179. Searching for a good place to live? Try Michigan.: Wolverine: crime, custom home (MI)
  180. Relocating from Toronto: Detroit, Sterling Heights, Troy: sales, foreclosures, houses - Michigan (MI)
  181. Debating moving from Southern California to Michigan, had Shelby Township in mind. What do you think?: Detroit: for sale, apartments (MI)
  182. What does know about Monroe Michigan: transfer (MI)
  183. Help!!!!!!!!!!: Burton, Grand Blanc, Davison: low income, apartment, income - Michigan (MI)
  184. Questions about Cheboygan/Petosky/Harbor Springs ?: low crime, schools, shop - Michigan (MI)
  185. Im moving to Grayling: rental, house, rental property - Michigan (MI)
  186. Did your property taxes go down?: house, neighborhood, appraise - Michigan (MI)
  187. hey all - Michigan (MI)
  188. Michigan-People's Choice Tax Repeal Petition: opinions (MI)
  189. Towns and School Advice: Rockford, Lowell: low crime, homes, good schools - Michigan (MI)
  190. Need a place to rent: medical, student, looking for - Michigan (MI)
  191. Michigan: Illegal immigrants can't get driver's licenses: drivers, central (MI)
  192. Meijer comming to gaylord?: house, construction jobs, construction - Michigan (MI)
  193. Awww what a story!: union - Michigan (MI)
  194. Snow removal Service: Westland: company, parents, black - Michigan (MI)
  195. Midtown full time jobs?: near, good - Michigan (MI)
  196. Need RE Accident in Lansing TODAY: vehicle, driving - Michigan (MI)
  197. Looking for housing in Jackson County: rentals, limit, newspapers - Michigan (MI)
  198. Harbor Springs residents- why a new school superintendent ?: Grayling: public schools, retired - Michigan (MI)
  199. Does the DNR Need a New Accountant?: taxes, licenses - Michigan (MI)
  200. News, Jobs a top concern in Michigan.: Howell, Republic: single, party (MI)