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  1. Get ready for next Commissioner election: college, tax, office - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  2. Augusta Featured in CBS TV Show: Atlanta: buying, law, bus - Georgia (GA)
  3. Good schools key to economic development: Columbus, Gordon: sales, house, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  4. Neighborhoods for young family: Martinez, Evans: real estate, 2015, homes - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  5. Gander Mountain Closing: Greenville: bankruptcy, price, shops - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  6. tide snoballs coming to thomson: Grovetown: home, school, prices - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  7. Pelican's SnoBalls opens in Grovetown: city hall, wedding, prices - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  8. Designs show plans for new parks across Columbia County: Evans: subdivision, quality of life - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  9. New subdivision off of Hereford Farm Rd: Calhoun: neighborhood, builder - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  10. Hotel Possibly Coming to Tobacco rd: Gordon: hotels, restaurants, stores - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  11. Augusta compared to Chattanooga/Augusta questions: Atlanta, Martinez: homes, homeschool, subdivisions - Georgia (GA)
  12. The masters is around the corner: rent, home, restaurants - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  13. Augusta Entertainment Complex wins top venue honor: sales, costs - Georgia (GA)
  14. Lamar, Marion Buildings emptied and set for future: Evans, Calhoun: real estate, houses - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  15. Phone scammers are at it again: credit card, taxes, area codes - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  16. North Augusta making their own plans for cyber growth: Washington: lease, hotel - Georgia (GA)
  17. 1102 Restaurant/Bar Catches Fire: area, town, gasoline - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  18. Opportunity to move to Augusta or Hartford, CT: Martinez, Evans: 2015, home - Georgia (GA)
  19. about 2 constructions sites....: apartment complex, home, luxury - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  20. Local postmaster couldnt care less about misdelivery: house, neighborhood - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  21. Lighting upgrade planned for Gordon Highway: Calhoun: landscaping, maintenance, moving - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  22. Columbia County's Performing Arts Center to begin construction this fall: Evans: new home, theatre - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  23. Augusta's next commission election: budget, money, areas - Georgia (GA)
  24. Boral Bricks might expand in Augusta as Meridian: Roswell: employment, manufacturing - Georgia (GA)
  25. Wjbf why so many mistakes?: live, delivery, stations - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  26. Questions on your area from a West Coaster looking to retire in Augusta: Atlanta: for sale - Georgia (GA)
  27. Aldi and lidl coming to grovetown??????????: sales, neighborhood, prices - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  28. As the csra continues to grow...........: Evans, Thomson: activity, residential, land - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  29. Augusta redevelopment efforts could include tiny homes: Bethlehem: condo, houses - Georgia (GA)
  30. New innovation zone seeks tenants for development: home, rooftop - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  31. Study finds Augusta one of the worst places to be single: Atlanta: rooftop, young professionals - Georgia (GA)
  32. Unisys adding more jobs in Augusta: Fargo: low income, section 8, affordable apartments - Georgia (GA)
  33. Home construction dips in 2016 as costs increase: Evans, Grovetown: 2015, apartment - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  34. ASCO expands Aiken facility, creates 86 jobs: Commerce, Emerson: credit, oil, gas - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  35. Augusta, Columbus Back In Revised Casino Bill: Atlanta, Savannah: house, casinos - Georgia (GA)
  36. Move create South Augusta Development Authority advance: move to, government - Georgia (GA)
  37. City leaders look at Regency Mall as create cyber corridor: Atlanta: purchase, theater - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  38. Project Apollo could bring up to 150 jobs to Aiken County: Commerce: credit, tax - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  39. Augusta’s cyber industry has billion dollar a year says CSRA Alliance consultant: Atlanta: construction - Georgia (GA)
  40. Can't inmates paint the railings?: cost of, gangs, safety - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  41. Downtown breweries, distilleries still a few months away: sales, loan - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  42. Weatherman Micah Ramsey said...: good, surprise - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  43. U.S. News & World Report 2017 rankings for top high schools: magnet school, county - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  44. Too much technology?: mall, cars, best - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  45. Could Augusta support a minor league soccer team: Evans: university, to move - Georgia (GA)
  46. Why so many out of town lawyers........: lawyer, law - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  47. Augusta Innovation Zone: Atlanta, Dallas, Millen: real estate, 2015, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  48. Augusta commission votes to support fixing the Lock and Dam: Savannah: mayor, building - Georgia (GA)
  49. Standard steel and wire works coming to thomson-mcduffie: moving, warehouse - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  50. Local businessman to redevelop former Marshall Square property: Evans: club, bill - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  51. Cheapest place in the CSRA to buy lumber?: Home Depot, prices - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  52. Augusta ranked one of the worst cities to start a career: Atlanta: houses, college - Georgia (GA)
  53. Something good about Augusta Georgia: house, airplane, area - (GA)
  54. Major Announcement coming from EDTS, chamber tomorrow: Commerce: live, offices - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  55. Hundreds of acres in Harlem could be rezoned for housing development: Thomson: homes, school - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  56. A shock to who want internet privacy.: Washington: suite, health - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  57. Augusta to take part in ‘What Works Cities’ program: neighborhood, tax - Georgia (GA)
  58. Land clearing on Windsor Spring: zoned, residential, near - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  59. Sams to undergo major renovation: buy, shop, Walmart - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  60. bass pro rumored to be going into gander mountain building and expanding it: sale - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  61. Augusta nonprofit says it didn’t know donations went to white nationalist: 2014 - Georgia (GA)
  62. Augusta Traffic Do's and Don'ts: Washington, Lumpkin: appointed, construction, law - Georgia (GA)
  63. University Hospital to acquire Trinity Hospital: condo, employment, purchase - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  64. Forbes: How Augusta Is Becoming A Model For Tech Innovation In Small Cities: Atlanta: apartments - Georgia (GA)
  65. Just got back from the U.K.: Atlanta: prices, eat - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  66. Augusta tax digest up by 2 percent: real estate, assessors, reassessment - Georgia (GA)
  67. Thieves hit Apple Store at Augusta Mall: retailers, sold - Georgia (GA)
  68. Richmond County has highest property tax burden in metro area: crime rate, home - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  69. Remember Sans Souci Apts & beer-logged pool days in mid-80s?: apartments, to buy - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  70. National Hills: houses, clubs, parking - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  71. Airport????: Atlanta: price, military, arena - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  72. Discussing exciting future for the region: apartment, hotels, theater - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  73. Richmond County leads the state in manufacturing projects: Atlanta, Augusta-Richmond County: purchase, authority - Georgia (GA)
  74. Building a Home in Lincolnton: Martinez, Evans: 2013, house, buy - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  75. Will trader joes ever come to the area?: taxi, street - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  76. Transformation of Graniteville will continue in 2017 and beyond: Atlanta, Garden City: apartments, loft - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  77. New apartment community, Legacy at Walton Green, set to break ground: Between: 2014, apartment complex - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  78. Sean Wight: A Downtown Visionary: home, restaurants, money - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  79. Downtown Improvement Project renderings released: Atlanta, Calhoun: sales, theater, sales tax - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  80. 55+ communities in Augusta/Aiken area: Evans: home, neighborhood, to buy - Georgia (GA)
  81. BI-LOs in Southgate Plaza and Waynesboro now Harvey’s Supermarkets: Jackson: prices, shop - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  82. Survey shows increase in millennials moving to Augusta: Atlanta, Savannah: university, metro area - Georgia (GA)
  83. Metro Augusta poverty level at %19: 2014, unemployment rate, salary - Georgia (GA)
  84. Augusta job growth numbers when compared to peer cities: Augusta-Richmond County: 2015, chapel - Georgia (GA)
  85. Martinez Good For Families?: Washington: for sale, real estate, low crime - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  86. Chick fil a and aldi: town - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  87. Really from the heart?: credit, tax, bills - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  88. National Plaza, Augusta, Georgia: Augusta-Richmond County, Washington: leases, buy, cost of - (GA)
  89. DDA January Report released: Atlanta, Washington: real estate, lease, brokers - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  90. Looks like 2017 will be a big year for Downtown Augusta: Calhoun: real estate, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  91. Tobacco/Windsor Road intersection: house, tenants, land - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  92. Gamechangers reveal big plans for Augusta: Atlanta, Savannah: rental, house, school - Georgia (GA)
  93. Area job market growth to be flat in 2017, predicts AU professor: Savannah: 2014, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  94. Business climate improving in Augusta: moving, authority, relocating to - Georgia (GA)
  95. Aiken begins accepting development proposals for key downtown block: lease, buy - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  96. Christmas Station?: live in, radio, place - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  97. Augusta Innovation Zone bringing technology and revitalization to downtown: lofts, rooftop - Georgia (GA)
  98. Downtown Development Authority says they're running out of places for new businesses on Broad Street: Atlanta: for sale - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  99. How could this happen?: insurance, loan, buying - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  100. Future of New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam opens possibility for more Augusta recreation: Columbus: house - Georgia (GA)
  101. Vehicle destroys “Haunted Pillar” in downtown Augusta: live, agriculture - Georgia (GA)
  102. Denny's coming to 30907: Washington: hotel, restaurant, zip code - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  103. driving thru Augusta: Savannah: club, best, golf - Georgia (GA)
  104. Growing pains in the CSRA-10,000-100,000 expected to move to Augusta Metro by 2020: Evans: layoffs - Georgia (GA)
  105. King Mill being eyed for mixed-use residential development: Atlanta: live, authority - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  106. Gander Mountain closing: Snellville, McDonough, Grovetown: sales, credit, bankruptcy - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  107. Plant Vogtle rentals long term: Waynesboro, Hephzibah: apartments, houses, neighborhood - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  108. 2016 Augusta Metro population estimates: Augusta-Richmond County, Macon: 2015, crime, construction - Georgia (GA)
  109. Weekend in Augusta-what to visit?: Martinez, Evans: low crime, hotel, new home - Georgia (GA)
  110. Village at Riverwatch in North Richmond: Brooks: real estate, apartment complex, lease - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  111. Trader Joe's: Garden City: neighborhood, live, prices - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  112. County vs County: Hephzibah, Butler, Morgan: chapel, school districts, gardens - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  113. New Downtown and inner-city Augusta/ North Augusta going to another level (Garden City: new construction): Atlanta: crime, new home - Georgia (GA)
  114. Petersburg Shoppes, Augusta (Columbia County), Georgia: Savannah, Martinez: transfer, neighborhood, pharmacy - (GA)
  115. Foundry Place Update-Laney Walker/Bethlehem redevelopment: Atlanta, Decatur: leasing, houses, neighborhood - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  116. The fort to be steering troops away from south Augusta: Grovetown: hotel, homes - Georgia (GA)
  117. Aldi opens in Grovetown. South Augusta is off at this time: neighborhoods, construction - Georgia (GA)
  118. $30,000 salary for Augusta: Atlanta, Savannah, Grovetown: real estate, foreclosures, rent - Georgia (GA)
  119. Film industry growing in Augusta: Atlanta, Savannah: rental car, sales, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  120. Gander Mountain may stay open: sales, leasing, purchase - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  121. Grovetown puts temporary halt on housing developments so infrastructure can catch up Putting a pin in development: Atlanta: apartment complex, new home - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  122. Could an Augusta-Columbia metroplex form one day?: Atlanta, Savannah: appointed, living - Georgia (GA)
  123. Columbia County Unveils Plans for Urban Center: Evans: real estate, moving to - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  124. More new schools on the horizon for Columbia County as population booms: Grovetown: real estate, neighborhoods - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  125. Augusta Cyber Industry News: Atlanta, Columbus: how much, new home, employment - Georgia (GA)
  126. Vacation rental: for sale, rentals, hotels - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  127. Burning a hole in their pockets: Tucker: taxes, budget, vehicle - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  128. Coliseum Authority closing in on new arena location, now to build 12,000 seat arena: Reynolds: sales, 2014 - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  129. Augusta University Riverfront campus: Gordon, Reynolds: condos, theater, construction - Georgia (GA)
  130. Augusta ranked 72nd best city to live: Atlanta: living, estate - Georgia (GA)
  131. “Columbia County.” What’s in a Name?: Columbus: living, zoning - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  132. Phase 2 of Augusta Common continues to gain traction: Savannah, Jackson: hotel, homes - Georgia (GA)
  133. AU Medical Center officials Friday to celebrate Grovetown land purchase to build Columbia County’s first hospital.: Louisville: 2014, home - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  134. How much will the Augusta skyline change btw 2017-2018?: Augusta-Richmond County: condominium, hotel - Georgia (GA)
  135. Checkout humiliation in mall store: sale, credit card, home - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  136. Largest Starbucks in metro Augusta set to open: foreclosure, house - Georgia (GA)
  137. Your predictions for Augusta-Aiken in 2017: Atlanta, Augusta-Richmond County: employment, purchase, tenants - Georgia (GA)
  138. Chipotle coming to Downtown/Washington road?: Martinez, Evans: construction, restaurants, food - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  139. Fast food market slows down: Monroe, Gordon: high school, live, restaurants - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  140. Hardie Davis wants to rebrand South Augusta as SOGO: Gordon: real estate, magnet school - Georgia (GA)
  141. Sprouts Farmers Market coming to Augusta: Atlanta: how much, organic, live in - Georgia (GA)
  142. Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center to coming in Augusta: Atlanta: house, construction - Georgia (GA)
  143. The Millennial Generation: Atlanta, Garden City, Dallas: apartments, lofts, loan - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  144. Former Augusta mayor says he’s not eying return to post: Garden City: brokers, garden - Georgia (GA)
  145. Kroger to close 15th Street store: Atlanta, Washington: sales, neighborhood, university - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  146. Whole Foods closing: Savannah, Greenville: real estate, lease, neighborhood - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  147. Commissioner working on changing name of Calhoun Expressway: Atlanta, Washington: university, gated - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  148. Mayor Hardie Davis talks about future of Augusta for the next year: Jackson: crime, how much - Georgia (GA)
  149. New highway assistance program coming to Metro Augusta: Atlanta, Newton: maintenance, safety - Georgia (GA)
  150. Augusta CVB and Greater Augusta Arts Council working on action plan: White: neighborhoods, live - Georgia (GA)
  151. 25 Most Giving Cities In The U.S.: money, area - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  152. Young Gamechangers bring Big Ideas to Center Stage in Augusta on December 16: Atlanta: real estate - Georgia (GA)
  153. Adventure crossing property?: land, deal, sold - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  154. Enough about Jamestown Community Center: neighborhood, taxes, move - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  155. City seeks to improve its culture, “sense of place,” by augmenting public art: Greenville: university - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  156. Millennial boom expected for downtown Augusta: Summerville, Bethlehem: dorms, neighborhood, new construction - Georgia (GA)
  157. Foundry Project Still facing Questions: tenants, university, to live in - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  158. Request to enable special tax districts goes before Augusta committee: Atlanta: appointed, real estate - Georgia (GA)
  159. Pastors’ group forms to target blight in Bethlehem: Jackson, Martin: houses, neighborhood - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  160. City Finalizes Details on Cyber Parking Deck: land, good - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  161. Walter Sprouse named to North America's Top 50 Economic Developers: authority, design - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  162. Augusta Day at the state capitol: Atlanta: campus, deal, business - Georgia (GA)
  163. Carvana Makes its Way to Augusta: Atlanta, Macon: 2013, home, buying - Georgia (GA)
  164. Historic building on corner of Broad and Eleventh Streets sold for $780k: real estate - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  165. Columbia County voters approve bond: Grovetown: sales, sales tax, design - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  166. ISO Cat 2 or 3s to Ride Fort Gordan course with: road, time - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  167. Edgefield County Growth and Revitalization: store, homeowner, friendly - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  168. Dish network receives huge fine: refund, money, pay - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  169. New Enterprise Mill owner wants to bring back excitement: Atlanta: sale, real estate - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  170. Augusta University one of two Ga. schools to consider immigrants without legal status: Atlanta: attorney - Georgia (GA)
  171. New North Augusta plan looks at downtown growth other areas of the city: Jackson: cars - Georgia (GA)
  172. Lyft ridesharing service begins in Augusta today: Columbus, Macon: legal, airport - Georgia (GA)
  173. Investment group acquires part of Fibrant plant: retired, office - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  174. A worrying but plausible rumor.: law, activities, money - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  175. Major upgrade planned for Daniel Village Shopping Center: neighborhood, tenants - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  176. Augusta may revise rules for small breweries, distilleries: Savannah, Sandy Springs: loan, zoning - Georgia (GA)
  177. Whatever happened to............?: hydrant, area, company - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  178. Illegal signs along the roads: phone number, county, place - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  179. Officials say critical mass is building in downtown Augusta: Reynolds: real estate, lease - Georgia (GA)
  180. What will happen to historic Mother Trinity CME Church?: Atlanta: 2013, house - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  181. Augusta Land Bank proposes new program to fight blight: Bethlehem: leasing, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  182. 2nd Chick Fil A rumored for South Augusta: restaurants, land - Georgia (GA)
  183. Savannah River Brewing Company opens to public: Monroe: home, businesses - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  184. Augusta Ranked one of Unhappiest Cities in America: Cleveland: home, prices - Georgia (GA)
  185. DOT's new interstate patrol service begins Tuesday in Augusta: Atlanta: maintenance, safety - Georgia (GA)
  186. City leaders talk options to clean up abandoned properties: Jackson: house, option to buy - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  187. SantaCon Charity Pub Crawl December 9th, 2016: buy, tickets, money - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  188. State, city, and other local leaders collaborate to bring more business to Augusta: kitchen - Georgia (GA)
  189. More students are graduating from Richmond County schools: high schools, moving - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  190. Former EMA director Tucker announces intentions to run for county commission chair: work - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  191. Augusta-area housing inventory shrinking: sales, buyers, price - Georgia (GA)
  192. Proposed improvements to Twiggs Street in the Laney Walker/Bethlehem District: Savannah: landscaping, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  193. Augusta airport keeps up with passenger growth: Atlanta: 2015, taxi - Georgia (GA)
  194. Downtown growth most in decades, say city officials: Gordon: fit in, sales - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  195. she misunderstood.: shop, time, plastic - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  196. Movie being shot in Jefferson County: Atlanta, Wrens: home, university, living - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  197. Burlington, Chipotle, MOD Pizza headed to Augusta Exchange: Atlanta, Jersey: 2014, leasing agent - Georgia (GA)
  198. Peanuts laundry and............: Thomson: car wash, Walmart, building - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  199. Augusta Regional Airport Director looking to grow the airport: Dallas: rental car, rental - Georgia (GA)
  200. Wi-Fi on school buses, new trade center to improve Richmond County schools: construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)