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  1. help!!!!: rental, buying, middle school - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  2. Crime in the streets of Augusta, Evans, Martinez?: Atlanta, Columbus: for sale, crime rate - Georgia (GA)
  3. Looking to lease/rent farm or pasture land: house, buy - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  4. Augusta to host international event in 2010: clubs, design, association - Georgia (GA)
  5. Dallas to Augusta: job market, college, living in - Georgia (GA)
  6. What do you consider 'Augusta'?: Atlanta, Augusta-Richmond County: living in, club, centers - Georgia (GA)
  7. Visitor's Perspective: Nashville, Washington: loan, landscaping, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  8. Trying to find a pet friendly rental for at least 3 months......: Martinez: apartments, month to - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  9. Regency Aquarium?: Atlanta: mall, land, rated - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  10. augusta Forum: apartment complex, construction, gated - Georgia (GA)
  11. Augusta the electric vehicle capital of the world: Washington: fit in, credit - Georgia (GA)
  12. What are your thoughts on the trolley?: Savannah: how much, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  13. RN on the Run: Atlanta, Martinez: real estate, 2015, foreclosures - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  14. Garden Border?: Martinez, Martin: live in, concrete, lawn care - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  15. Community groups trying to out do each other to make Augusta better!: Evans: garden - Georgia (GA)
  16. Median income in 2009: Columbus, Savannah, Macon: low income, neighborhoods, high - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  17. Evans neighborhood: houses, neighborhoods, schools - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  18. Drive Time To Ski Areas: Sky Valley: ski resorts, rentals, how much - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  19. Spalsh park opens in West Richmond: townhomes, costs, airport - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  20. where to live within 35-40 mins of Doctor's Hospital: Martinez: insurance, house - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  21. Moving to Aiken SC: Ellenton: apartments, renting, place to live - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  22. Job Hunting: high school, college, centers - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  23. India-based automaker president in Augusta: Martinez, Martin: car, market, winter - Georgia (GA)
  24. Nice Neighborhoods Near Vogtle Plant??: Waynesboro, Hephzibah: crime, to live in, restaurants - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  25. Urban city neighborhood: Martinez, Evans, Martin: best school districts, living, moving - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  26. Hephzibah 180k homes: Martinez, Summerville, Martin: low crime, safe neighborhoods, top school - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  27. Best Mobile Phone service (North Augusta area)?: live in, shop - Georgia (GA)
  28. Cheap Children's Stores?: Martinez, Martin: house, buy, school - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  29. Edgefield, Lincolnton, Clarks Hill, McCormick: crime rate, schools, live - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  30. Apartments (again): Washington, Georgetown: apartment complexes, college, campus - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  31. Condo/Townhome in the city: Summerville, White: for sale, apartments, rentals - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  32. Young couple moving from Michigan: Grovetown, Hephzibah: loft, new home, neighborhoods - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  33. I need a Job: Grovetown: fit in, find a job, buy - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  34. City Buses: Washington: school, college, place to live - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  35. Apartment's close to Paine College (downtown area): Jackson: apartment complex, homes - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  36. Bass Pro Shops put on hold: White: credit, theater, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  37. New Area code?: Columbus, Harlem: suburbia, metro, cell phone - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  38. Time running out!!!: Atlanta, White: condos, tenants, cinema - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  39. Dentist: Savannah, Douglas: shop, to eat, ferry - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  40. Moving to Aiken: real estate, homes, to live - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  41. Augusta curious???: Atlanta, Evans, Thomson: crime, neighborhoods, high schools - Georgia (GA)
  42. Do you live in GA or SC and are unemployed? Well metro Augusta is the place to move!: unemployment rate - Georgia
  43. athens vs. augusta: Atlanta, Savannah, Macon: lofts, violent crime, chapel - Georgia (GA)
  44. What is the correct spelling of Old Town?: neighborhood, tax - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  45. Moving to Fort Gordon.....: Martinez, Evans: crime, buying a house, buying - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  46. A Second Master Plan?: Atlanta, Gordon: renters, houses, neighborhoods - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  47. Shopping for New Washer and Dryer!: sales, appliances, buying - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  48. PCSing to Fort Gordon: Atlanta, Grovetown: subdivision, builder, town - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  49. Reptile-friendly renting near Ft Gordon?: apartment, to rent, loft - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  50. Westobou Festival: theater, military, budget - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  51. Westobou gets coverage in Atlanta Journal Constitution: theatre, market - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  52. Augusta vs Charleston: Atlanta, Martinez, Martin: crime rate, mortgage, home - Georgia (GA)
  53. Ohio state/Cavs fans? Where to watch games in Augusta?: Dublin: school, colleges - Georgia (GA)
  54. Daycare around West Augusta Pkwy or Wheeler Road: daycares, area - Georgia (GA)
  55. 180-200k new home construction in West Augusta: Waynesboro, Hephzibah: safe area, high school - Georgia (GA)
  56. Republican Rule or Democratic Rule: Which Is Best For Augusta?: Atlanta: appointed, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  57. Thoughts on Pepperidge: Martinez, Evans, Grovetown: high crime, homes, neighborhood - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  58. Augusta's first ''green'' hotel opens!: Gordon: hotels, suites, parking - Georgia (GA)
  59. Teacher looking to relocate to Atlanta area: Columbus, Savannah: house, look for a job - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  60. Flower shops in Evans or closeby?: Washington, Martin: for sale, design, farmers market - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  61. Saint Sebastian to close Walton Way for four months: Calhoun: appointed, university - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  62. Augusta from Savannah: Martinez, Evans: skateboarding, homes, transfer - Georgia (GA)
  63. What food item is most associated with Augusta?: hot, pizza - Georgia (GA)
  64. Subdivision in Grovetown: Gordon, Ivey, Avera: appointed, attorney, home builders - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  65. Utilities in Grovetown area: Evans: subdivisions, living in, natural gas - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  66. 240 new jobs: Savannah: construction, floors, installation - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  67. Miller Theatre work to begin downtown: Atlanta: buyers, theater, quality of life - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  68. Candlelight Jazz Series on the Riverwalk: cheap, entertainment, town - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  69. CSRA Rental Property Managers: Martinez, Evans: lofts, broker, how much - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  70. Do you believe in regionalism?: Savannah: authority, design, natural gas - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  71. roundabout interchange coming to the city!: Waynesboro: housing, medical, park - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  72. Red Hat Event in AUGUSTA in October 2009: hotel, suites - Georgia (GA)
  73. Weekend Getaway: Savannah, Tybee Island: rentals, condos, camping - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  74. New retail openings!: construction, restaurant, mall - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  75. South Augusta: Savannah, Manchester, Hephzibah: new home, neighborhoods, school - Georgia (GA)
  76. Augusta?: Martinez, Martin: low crime, job market, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  77. Easter Brunch Ideas - Augusta,GA: restaurants, club, buffet - Georgia
  78. Work on I-20/520 and Saint Sebastian moving fast.: Atlanta, Savannah: transportation, metro - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  79. PCSing from FT Hood to FT Gordon/What about Harlem?: Evans: for rent, houses - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  80. Evans traffic: Atlanta, Washington: house, neighborhood, theater - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  81. Places to buy computer parts: Atlanta, Tiger: radio, best, metropolitan area - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  82. American Tire opening 81,000 sq. ft. facility: Hephzibah, Gordon: rental, hotels, subdivisions - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  83. Dernatology in Augusta: Atlanta, Macon: dermatologists, professionals, move to - Georgia (GA)
  84. Things to do and other questions...: Evans: YMCA, gym, move - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  85. Whites condos downtown: office, station, parking - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  86. Employment in Augusta, GA: Grovetown, Hephzibah: appointed, job market, middle school - Georgia
  87. places to eat in Evans/Martinez: Jackson: corporate, dinner, steakhouse - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  88. Masters guest flock downtown: Washington: hotels, restaurants, nightlife - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  89. Driving to Augusta from Myrtle Beach: title, offer, mileage - Georgia (GA)
  90. People who moved to Augusta from Atlanta: Martinez, Evans: neighborhoods, middle school - Georgia (GA)
  91. Downtown improving with CADI!: Reynolds: transporting, lofts, movers - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  92. Regency Mall?: crime, shopping centers, appraise - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  93. Moving to Augusta in June 09: Savannah, Martinez: houses, theatre, school - Georgia (GA)
  94. decent strip clubs in or near Augusta?: Atlanta, Jefferson: bars, quality - Georgia (GA)
  95. Traveling to Augusta for the very first time tomorrow: Savannah: condos, house - Georgia (GA)
  96. The Augusta Exchange: Gordon, Damascus: buy, bankruptcy, new construction - Georgia (GA)
  97. How many ppl from Atlanta live in Augusta?: Martinez, Hephzibah: houses, to buy - Georgia (GA)
  98. Taxes: GA vs SC: sales, home, purchasing - Augusta area, Georgia
  99. Aiken Prep School?: good, young, people - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  100. Questions About Moving to North August, SC: low crime, neighborhood - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  101. Historic Augusta neighborhoods growth & development: Summerville, Bethlehem: real estate, new home, moving - Georgia (GA)
  102. Men want city to wear pride!: buy, theatre, zoned - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  103. Augusta Topics: real estate, neighborhoods, schools - Georgia (GA)
  104. Do you think I-20 can handle the extreme growth?: Atlanta: 2015, hotels - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  105. Augusta hosts one of largest tax day Tea parties in state: Atlanta: theater, school - Georgia (GA)
  106. City expands Wi-Fi access: Calhoun, Washington: university, live, moving - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  107. Moving to Augusta, looking for IT job (J2EE, JAVA, .NET, Sharepoint): recruiters - Georgia (GA)
  108. see? Augusta looks diffrent and changes everytime I visit: area, building - Georgia (GA)
  109. Evans utilities: Hephzibah, Gordon: to rent, how much, house - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  110. Steve Harvey at Augusta mall tonight: radio, town, downtown - Georgia (GA)
  111. Augusta becoming GA's other financial city: Columbus, Savannah: credit, construction, ferry - Georgia
  112. Oak Lake off S. Belair or Brookfield West off Furys Ferry?: Martinez: sale, real estate - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  113. Naive about Augusta: Atlanta, Savannah, Gordon: construction, tax, moving to - Georgia (GA)
  114. Doggie Day Care (Aiken, SC): price, moving to, charge - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  115. They're tearing down every project it: Martinez, Evans: section 8, apartment complex - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  116. Help me find a 2009 Masters Tournament Calendar!!: for sale, area - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  117. Lofts in or near downtown: White: for sale, apartments, rentals - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  118. North Augusta Neighborhoods/Areas: Evans, Reynolds: for sale, movers, high crime - Georgia (GA)
  119. Could Augusta get another large movie theatre, but on the southside !!: Hephzibah: loan, movie theaters - Georgia (GA)
  120. Quit hogging it all Augusta.: Greenville: condos, construction, restaurants - Georgia (GA)
  121. Augusta: Atlanta, Martinez, Evans: for sale, low crime, townhomes - Georgia (GA)
  122. Is the I-20/I-520 spaghetti junction construction that bad?: Nashville: home, live in - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  123. Forbes 2009 America's Top 100 best cheap cities: Atlanta, Greenville: home, theater, quality of life - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  124. More Condos coming downtown!: Atlanta: for sale, lofts, tenants - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  125. Fun clubs/bars downtown & around Augusta: loft, live - Georgia (GA)
  126. VAR lifestyle center: Evans, Greenville, White: condos, tenants, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  127. How does Augusta change during Masters week?: Atlanta, Washington: where to stay, hotel - Georgia (GA)
  128. relocation to Augusta area. Need advice TONIGHT!: Martinez, Evans: custom home, safest area - Georgia (GA)
  129. Working downtown? Apt/loft near by: White: for sale, apartment, rentals - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  130. Augusta Westend hotel!!!!: Atlanta, Greenville: hotels, restaurant, prices - Georgia (GA)
  131. Medical District: construction, school, university - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  132. thinking of moving to suburb of augusta: Atlanta, Macon: houses, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  133. Plant Vogtle, Could Augusta Get An Inland Port Soon?: Savannah: transporting, houses - Georgia (GA)
  134. Future resident of Augusta: Washington, Hephzibah: house, established neighborhood, to buy - Georgia (GA)
  135. Dekalb county relocating to Richmond county: Martinez, Decatur: new home, neighborhoods, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  136. My first impression of Augusta: Martinez, Evans: hotel, house, construction - Georgia (GA)
  137. Where the tecnies and artists tend to be in Augusta? And what do you like about living in Augusta?: Evans: condo, townhome - Georgia (GA)
  138. $2 million rennovation on Colony Plaza in South Richmond: Martinez, Gordon: sales, hotels - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  139. Five Guys in West Augusta opened yesterday: Evans, Washington: home, restaurants - Georgia (GA)
  140. When will Augusta be a major city?: Atlanta, Nashville: construction, live in - Georgia (GA)
  141. Augusta GA vs Columbia SC: Greenville, Lexington: neighborhoods, theatre, schools - Georgia
  142. A Hyatt in downtown Augusta?: Reynolds: hotels, construction, land contract - Georgia (GA)
  143. Food Lion on Columbia Road?: Martinez, Grovetown: houses, neighborhoods, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  144. Augusta/Richmond County: From Canals To Computers: hotel, station - Georgia (GA)
  145. Hottest area of Augusta in 09-10: Martinez, Evans: homes, dorms, construction - Georgia (GA)
  146. Hispanic area of the city: Atlanta, Dalton: neighborhood, school, metro - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  147. How many lanes on 520 & 20: Atlanta: construction, mall, rated - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  148. Outer Suburban county: Martinez, Evans, Thomson: low crime, homes, neighborhoods - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  149. Living in Jacksonville-Moving to Augusta: Savannah, Martinez: low crime, home, job market - Georgia (GA)
  150. Harrisburg part of downtown: Bethlehem: new home, neighborhoods, purchase - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  151. Tampa to Augusta: Atlanta, Savannah, Evans: renting, loft, townhouses - Georgia (GA)
  152. Augusta booming despite tough economy: Atlanta, Jefferson: sales, condos, construction - Georgia (GA)
  153. 1300 job could come to Aiken!: Atlanta, Sparta: design, car, land - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  154. Cal Ripken Jr wants multi-use stadium construction to start in fall 09: Savannah: home, transfer - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  155. Mercedez Benz of Augusta opens $5 million showroom: Washington, Greenville: hotel, employment - Georgia (GA)
  156. New store coming to Augusta Exchange: car, business, building - Georgia (GA)
  157. First Friday: landscaping, utilities, live - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  158. Moving to Augusta, In search of best elementary schools: Martinez: for rent, houses - Georgia (GA)
  159. Augusta - What am I missing?: Atlanta, Savannah: apartments, loft, house - Georgia (GA)
  160. Augusta but where? Coming from Kansas City: White: apartments, rentals - Georgia (GA)
  161. Relocation from Las Vegas 2010: Evans, Hephzibah: homes, transfer, established neighborhood - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  162. New MCG dorms: construction, school, university - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  163. relocating-can we make it on $2,000 month?: Martin: credit, house, transfer - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  164. Augusta a hotspot right now!: Savannah, Griffin: unemployment rate, construction, pharmacy - Georgia (GA)
  165. Family of five moving to Augusta: Martinez, Evans: appointed, insurance, new home - Georgia (GA)
  166. I-20/I-520 almost done!: Thomson, Grovetown: construction, closing, costs - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  167. Big projects to push Augusta growth: Atlanta, Savannah: transplants, 2015, construction jobs - Georgia (GA)
  168. What kind of impact would the completion of Palmetto Parkway have on the CSRA?: pros and cons, zoning - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  169. LA Sunset Tan opening locations in Augusta: Martinez, Evans: salons, shops - Georgia (GA)
  170. When will Metro Augusta reach 600,000: Atlanta, Savannah: 2015, homes, school - Georgia (GA)
  171. Riverwatch pkwy traffic? Working downtown: Martinez, Cleveland: homes, buy, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  172. Earth Fare in Augusta: Savannah, Macon: homes, organic, live in - Georgia (GA)
  173. Shopping in Augusta?: Evans, White: movie theater, construction, live in - Georgia (GA)
  174. Grocery store opening downtown end of June: condo, foods - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  175. First Friday April 3, 2009. See you downtown!: live, restaurants, cars - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  176. Apartments in Augusta for Augusta State Student: Atlanta: fit in, for rent - Georgia (GA)
  177. What's a good local food place, something unique to Augusta for a quick visit?: Savannah: house, camp - Georgia (GA)
  178. White Water Course to open in one month: Savannah, Calhoun: best city, to rent - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  179. SRS to get 3,000 jobs and $1.6 Billion: Savannah, Macon: unemployment rate, live, housing market - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  180. Help! Friend moving to Augusta.: Atlanta: rentals, lofts, college - Georgia (GA)
  181. Good North Augusta doctors. . .: ob-gyn, allergies, live - Georgia (GA)
  182. Update on The White's Building: for sale, condos, loan - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  183. Augusta gets $6.2 million in stimulus: ferry, roads, bridge - Georgia (GA)
  184. west eagle greens: apartment, place to live, price - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  185. North Augusta--Accountants: tax, good, service - Georgia (GA)
  186. 07-08 metro population gains: Grovetown, Hephzibah: estimates, counties, town - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  187. Memories of Augusta Businesses of yesteryear: area, bakery - Georgia (GA)
  188. Habaneros mexican grille opens in thomson: live in, food, area - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  189. June Unemployment for Augusta area Counties.: images, numbers, include - Georgia (GA)
  190. Best Steak in Augusta?? - Georgia (GA)
  191. Augusta mall vs Haywood mall: Greenville: vs., better, green - Georgia (GA)
  192. Power 107: station, radio - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  193. Augusta Song: great, time, about - Georgia (GA)
  194. Best Maid Service in Augusta: house, office, companies - Georgia (GA)
  195. Fellow photographers in Augusta: better, photographer - Georgia (GA)
  196. recycle microwaves?: accepts - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  197. James William Russell Garner: live, money, area - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  198. Greenville magazine highlights Augusta.: road - Georgia (GA)
  199. Help? Aiken/NAugusta rentals?: Ideal: transfer, school, living in - Georgia (GA)
  200. Been to The pendleton King Dog Park? - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)