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  1. Apartments planned in Augusta's medical district: 2013, business, build - Georgia (GA)
  2. West or North Augusta: Savannah, Martinez: apartments, mover, hotel - Georgia (GA)
  3. 1140 Broad Street: 2013, business, building - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  4. Lincolnton???: Martinez, Evans, Grovetown: transplants, 2014, renting - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  5. Augusta Mall: Atlanta, Dallas: 2013, crime rate, homes - Georgia (GA)
  6. What location do you think Gander Mountain will choose?: sales, 2013 - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  7. Augusta making great leaps: Atlanta, Savannah: 2013, vs, rail - Georgia (GA)
  8. Columbia County,GA named #1 place to find a job by CNN: Atlanta: 2013, houses - Augusta area, Georgia
  9. New Hotel Construction: Savannah, Sparta: 2013, places, town - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  10. Augusta Committee members approve $2.5 million loan: Air Force, existing - Georgia (GA)
  11. 44 acre mixed-use development expanded to 69 acres: Atlanta, Martinez: 2013, apartments, movie theater - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  12. Augusta, Georgia Photos: Atlanta: 2013, construction, school - (GA)
  13. Will The Green Jackets Thrive In North Augusta?: neighborhood, safety - Georgia (GA)
  14. What is Augusta population city proper?: Hephzibah, Blythe: cities, county, boundaries - Georgia (GA)
  15. what you all think of Hardie Davis running for mayor of Augusta: 2014 - Georgia (GA)
  16. Michael Kors sign up in the mall and jobs posted online: 2013, lease - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  17. Mixed-use development coming to West Augusta: Atlanta, Savannah: subdivision, mall, suites - Georgia (GA)
  18. Will Verizon ever offer FIOS in Columbia County?: house, plans - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  19. Augusta Lock Sports: condo, legal, sushi - Georgia (GA)
  20. Safe and Nice Housing Close to Medical College of Georgia: Summerville: apartment complexes, safe area - Augusta area, (GA)
  21. Evans & Not-so-strict communities: Martinez, Blue Ridge: houses, landscaping, neighborhoods - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  22. Moving to Augusta-Working in Beech Island: Martinez, Evans: salon, low crime, house - Georgia (GA)
  23. Fake Grovetown: Evans, Gordon: 2013, crime, daycares - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  24. Moving To Augusta area.....need help: Evans, Grovetown: 2013, renters, house - Georgia (GA)
  25. Two Pro Ladies Basketball Teams Set to Tip Off in Augusta: Atlanta: 2013, home - Georgia (GA)
  26. Evans HOA's: Martinez, Martin: fit in, houses, subdivision - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  27. Are West Lake & Jones Creek the BEST SubDs in Evans & Martinez: Gordon: low crime - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  28. New Construction Homes: Martinez, Evans, Grovetown: custom home, neighborhoods, buying - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  29. Cable company in columbia county!!: college, courses, good - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  30. PCS to Fort Gordon: Grovetown: 2014, to rent, low crime - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  31. Possibly relocating, would love a city with a beach, good jobs and near Augusta.: Savannah: college - Georgia (GA)
  32. Push to bring Army Cyber Command to Fort Gordon: transplants, 2013 - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  33. New hotel could be coming downtown: Springfield: 2013, apartments, purchase - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  34. Arts in the Heart to bring over 70,000 to Broad street: 2013, ranking - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  35. Augusta's redevelopment plan: Columbus: transfer, neighborhood, construction - Georgia (GA)
  36. Aiken named one of the best counties in SC to find a job: 2013 - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  37. Transplants from Atlanta featured on HGTV in Augusta: 2013, homes - Georgia (GA)
  38. Badminton in Augusta / Evans: club, area, place - Georgia (GA)
  39. Is Fred Russell retiring next year? Music to Augusta ears: Jackson: 2013, live - Georgia (GA)
  40. Augusta National Golf Club:building a $8.3 Million Parking Lot In Augusta: Washington: 2013, apartment complex - Georgia (GA)
  41. Name this Augusta restaurant: home, best, payment - Georgia (GA)
  42. Help!!!: Gordon: apartments, rentals, homes - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  43. christmas lights: credit card, neighborhoods, purchase - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  44. Dentist Recommendation in Augusta / Evans: work, community, great - Georgia (GA)
  45. GRU proposes new Hospital For Columbia County: Atlanta: 2014, university - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  46. Recent transplant: Savannah: living in, moving to, title - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  47. HOA in Evans GA: real estate, rent, attorney - Augusta area, Georgia
  48. A Better Next Year: Gordon, Fargo: sales, 2014, foreclosures - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  49. Savannah Lakes Village Information: for sale, HOA, homes - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  50. Cycling Championships coming to Columbia County: 2013, metro, town - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  51. Southgate plaza getting remodel: stores, company, remodeling - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  52. Looking for an Endocrinologist: moving to, endocrinologists, health - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  53. City Bus Service coming to Fort Gordon: chapel, closing - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  54. The New Starbucks Plant: 2014, construction, jobs - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  55. What's Up With Real Estate in Appling?: Martinez, Evans: for sale, houses - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  56. Parents read!: top schools, stations, teachers - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  57. New development on Fort Discovery: lease, condominiums, company - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  58. Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center attracting national exposure: Atlanta: 2014, best hotels - Georgia (GA)
  59. Paine College unveils 2014-2019 strategic plan: Atlanta: buy, schools, universities - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  60. Large events/festivals create excitement in Sept/Oct: Gordon, Harlem: 2013, live - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  61. Raw Milk in Augusta, GA: Evans: sale, best, locations - Georgia
  62. Augusta ranks second top digital city governments - Georgia (GA)
  63. Interstate 20 widening in South Carolina: Thomson, Lexington: 2013, construction, transportation - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  64. Augusta receives another award for rebuilding inner city and South Augusta: Gordon: 2013, zoning - Georgia (GA)
  65. School Mergers Closer to Fruition?: Butler: 2013, schools, park - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  66. Good neighborhood to rent - moving to Augusta: Summerville: violent crime, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  67. Hotel Proposed Near Convention Center: construction, place, express - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  68. $75 a day and retire?: Atlanta: living in, move to, retirement - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  69. Mason announces plans to run for mayor: Atlanta: 2014, businesses - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  70. Time magazine story includes the ASU/MCG merger: 2013, universities - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  71. Grovetown walmart?: office, building, doctors - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  72. Dr. Azziz spends 50 minutes addressing GRU's name, future and consolidation(video): schools, university - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  73. Growth of military cyber security could benefit Fort Gordon: 2013, news - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  74. Move to Augusta -: Atlanta, Savannah: how much, house - Georgia (GA)
  75. Confused about the petition to remove adult guardianship from my aunt at the probate court?!: Washington: rent - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  76. Evans, GA schools help: Martinez, Martin: transplants, real estate, homes - Augusta area, Georgia
  77. Lincoln County added to the Augusta MSA: Jefferson: 2013, how much - Georgia (GA)
  78. Deal or no deal Augusta/CRSA businesses: sale, 2013 - Georgia (GA)
  79. Football back at Paine College: 2013, hires - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  80. CSRA Alliance Could Bring Hundreds of Jobs to Fort Gordon: quality of life, living - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  81. Nowait restaurant technology coming to Augusta: Pitts: house, tech job, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  82. Moving to Augusta in June, best locations in metro?: Savannah: for sale, rent - Georgia (GA)
  83. Mix use sport park coming to Augusta Corp.Park: Jackson: corporate, place - Georgia (GA)
  84. which DT look betterAiken or Augusta: Savannah: crime, places to live, price - Georgia (GA)
  85. Augusta: The progressive city??: Macon, Richmond Hill: best city, 2013, tech job - Georgia (GA)
  86. PCSing to FT Gordon: Martinez, Evans: houses, to buy, schools - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  87. Gun shots in Old Towne: house, transfer, place to live - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  88. Faircloth home: Baldwin: new house, subdivisions, live in - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  89. black friday sale: buy, prices, best - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  90. Christmas Radio Station?: car, best, road - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  91. Moving to Augusta/Enterprise Lofts: Savannah, Summerville: home, theater, school - Georgia (GA)
  92. Laney-Walker revitalization project includes neighborhood parks: new home, authority, housing - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  93. What is the best area in Augusta to live in?: Hephzibah: apartments, to rent - Georgia (GA)
  94. Marlin and Rays...: appointed, 2013, price - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  95. Moving to Augusta -- advice on safe area: Columbus, Summerville: 2015, to rent - Georgia (GA)
  96. does know anything about warrenton ga ?: home, buying - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  97. Augusta Regional experienced increase in foreign travel: Atlanta: bus, airport - Georgia (GA)
  98. Augusta Market on the River is back: Evans: 2013, quality of life - Georgia (GA)
  99. Carl sanders hwy area good or bad or what ?: Atlanta: to live in, move to - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  100. Will be in Augusta April 5th-7th for AAU Super Regionals, what to do?: Atlanta: home - Georgia (GA)
  101. New movie theater at Village at Riverwatch?????: area, kids - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  102. How do we bring in more family friendly and kid oriented places into the CSRA: Atlanta: Home Depot - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  103. relocating questions: Martinez, Evans, Grovetown: rent, low crime, homes - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  104. University receives largest donation in history of GA Public Schools: Harrison: 2014, budget - Augusta area, Georgia
  105. San Francisco firm to plant solar panel farm near Augusta: Atlanta: 2013, tenant - Georgia (GA)
  106. Thomson growth: university, retailers, hospital - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  107. Moving to Augusta in May Need Help with Elementary Schools: Martinez: suburbia, county - Georgia (GA)
  108. Village at Riverwatch in North Richmond: 2013, apartments, movie theater - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  109. Future of Lower Broad: Commerce, Reynolds: 2015, apartments, hotels - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  110. Five plans drafted for Army Cyber Command center at Fort Gordon: 2013, move to - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  111. Augusta mall is the most upscale mall in South Carolina: Atlanta: house, construction - Georgia (GA)
  112. Bass pro?: Evans, Grovetown, Greenville: real estate, outlet mall, homeowner - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  113. New apartments will be built near Comcast: Dillard: appointed, apartment complex - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  114. New Augusta Canal trail near Savannah River: Dawson: 2014, landscaping - Georgia (GA)
  115. Washington Crossing will become a lifestyle center: Savannah, Collins: 2013, home - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  116. Evans, GA schools help: Martinez, Grovetown: home builders, neighborhoods, best school - Augusta area, Georgia
  117. Next hotspot in the Augusta MSA: Atlanta, Savannah: new home, income, rooftop - Georgia (GA)
  118. Bass Pro Shops will not open up store in Columbia County,: 2013, buy - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  119. Mills campus= major growth for Harrisburg: Summerville: neighborhood, school, university - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  120. Augusta Exchange: Martinez, Temple, Martin: 2014, hotel, homes - Georgia (GA)
  121. 400 jobs and Hyatt Place hotel could becoming DT: Reynolds: 2013, to buy - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  122. When will JBA be replaced: lofts, theater, university - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  123. Augusta poised for growth in 2014!: Atlanta, Richmond Hill: 2015, apartments, transfer - Georgia (GA)
  124. Metro Augusta ranks second in high-tech job growth: Atlanta, Boston: houses, construction - Georgia (GA)
  125. which area in the Augusta Metro..: Evans, Grovetown: for sale, 2014, new home - Georgia (GA)
  126. move to Augusta area: Savannah, Nashville: fit in, for rent, house - Georgia (GA)
  127. Outlet mall announcement coming by end of Jan: apartments, hotel - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  128. Cabela's in the VAR: Atlanta, Greenville: 2015, tenants, movie theater - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  129. What do you think should be done with the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Property: Atlanta: real estate, university - Augusta area, (GA)
  130. Columbia County wants its own hospital: Atlanta, Evans: 2014, university, outlet mall - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  131. CookOut on peach orchard rd?: Atlanta, Statesboro: appointed, college, restaurants - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  132. Development on Grovetown exit: Thomson: real estate, 2013, apartments - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  133. Urban Veranda Concept presented for Broad street: Bethlehem: campus, parking - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  134. Peach Orchard Rd Redevelopment: Washington, Palmetto: power lines, landscaping, shopping centers - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  135. North Augusta to reveal 'Project Jackson' details: Savannah, Calhoun: sale, homes - Georgia (GA)
  136. VAR site plan includes NCG Cinemas & Home Goods: Martinez: appointed, movies - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  137. Columbia County new business: Evans, Grovetown: 2013, Home Depot, neighborhood - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  138. Columbus knocks Augusta out as second largest city in Georgia: Atlanta: to live, stats - (GA)
  139. Jame Brown Statue: Atlanta, Jackson: live, celebrity, money - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  140. Whole Foods is coming to West Augusta: Savannah, Perry: 2014, hotel - Georgia (GA)
  141. Augusta Ga vs. Savannah: Atlanta, Columbus: movies, schools, living - Georgia (GA)
  142. South Augusta New Music Venue: Atlanta, Savannah: 2013, amusement park, condominiums - Georgia (GA)
  143. Need advice ASAP to compare schools/neighborhoods: Evans, Grovetown: new home, vs. - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  144. The Village At Riverwatch Impact On Carolina: Washington, Palmetto: movie theater, tax - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  145. What Will It Take.......: Atlanta, Savannah: insurance, how much, homes - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  146. High-rises in Augusta: condos, university, floors - Georgia (GA)
  147. Artspace in Augusta: Atlanta, Summerville, Butler: condo, hotels, homes - Georgia (GA)
  148. Live Augusta... Be a downtowner: Atlanta, Savannah: lofts, crime rate, homes - Georgia (GA)
  149. Augusta with a family: Atlanta, Sandy Springs: homes, buy, bankruptcy - Georgia (GA)
  150. Site preparation beginning for the VAR: real estate, apartments, tenants - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  151. Moving from Des Moines to Augusta: Atlanta, Savannah: amusement parks, crime rates, home - Georgia (GA)
  152. Augusta should gain jobs in 2013: business - Georgia (GA)
  153. WOW! adding 120 jobs to Augusta call center: 2013, business - Georgia (GA)
  154. Country home builders of aiken: neighborhood, quality, spring - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  155. area help: mobile home, taxes, brick - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  156. Augusta-Richmond County recognized by the National Association of Counties: moving, room - Georgia (GA)
  157. MetroMonitor: Augusta lagging in economic recovery: business - Georgia (GA)
  158. Hit Show Swamp Murders Films in Augusta: 2014, park - Georgia (GA)
  159. Recommendation needed for good contractor: house, contractors, payment - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  160. delete - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  161. Augusta ranked #2 most budget friendly city: 2014, apartment, living - Georgia (GA)
  162. Looking for more teammates (Co-Ed Softbal - Grovetown): softball, free - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  163. School board agrees to sell old Davidson building downtown: 2013, attorney - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  164. looking for how much it will cost to build a 2 story garage with loft. all we have left is the slab bc the previous gara - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  165. Tobacco Road (film): history, unique - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  166. ARC government & constitutional debt limit: budget, slum, county - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  167. Moving to Ft. Gordon Area: Martinez, Evans: apartment, lease, homes - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  168. best hospital to work for: employment, hospitals, good - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  169. Brand new wifeSavers ground broken!: 2014, Walgreens, green - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  170. Augusta has two of the top 12 schools in Georgia: high schools, rankings - (GA)
  171. New Downtown BID For Beefed Up Patrols: crime rate, taxes - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  172. Augusta logistics company buys 10 acre warehouse - Georgia (GA)
  173. Finding an address - Augusta, Blythe, Thomson areas: living in, phone number - Georgia (GA)
  174. Augusta consolidation: growth - Georgia (GA)
  175. Window repair: rating, company, places - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  176. Augusta Fail James Brown: 2013, development, people - Georgia (GA)
  177. 15th Street Mural Could Change, But Say It Should Not: weather - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  178. Augusta Top 10 most affordable cities for seniors: Atlanta: 2013, business - Georgia (GA)
  179. news on the skatepark in Evans?: year, status - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  180. Dump/recycled items: fencing - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  181. a move to augusta tell me points that make it a good move: apts - Georgia (GA)
  182. leak speculates thousands of job could be coming to Augusta,Fort Gordon: jobs - Georgia (GA)
  183. City to revisit 2009 transit study before taking action on expansion plans: 2013, government - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  184. Aiken Mall: 2013, property, business - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  185. Spotlight on Sustainability: Sustainable development plan brings new life to Augusta, GA: 2013 - Georgia
  186. Augusta recognized as one of the '2013 Top Places to Live' - Georgia (GA)
  187. Fort Gordon 21 bases evaluated for force reduction: 2013, metro - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  188. Augusta crime rates disappeared from both pages ?: crime rate, worst cities - Georgia (GA)
  189. New mixed-use projects in the CBD/Medical District: Atlanta: 2013, living - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  190. Whats Going on This Week (11/17/2013): Evans, Brooks: home, theatre, live - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  191. Artspace: Savannah, Butler: real estate, 2013, apartment - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  192. June 3 is Aiken Mall Foreclosure: 2013, foreclosures, loan - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  193. Augusta region nets $4 million in first month of TSPLOST: 2013, tax - Georgia (GA)
  194. Augusta ranked in list of top digital city governments: 2013, best - Georgia (GA)
  195. More 762 Numbers On the way: 2013, area code, metro - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  196. Paine College to break ground on 200 room dorm: hotel, schools - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  197. Leadership, planning keys to North Augusta growth: 2013, metro - Georgia (GA)
  198. Apartment/hotel/motel??? Cheap temporary place to live??: daycare, school - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  199. Urban Outfitters call center to employ 400 people: Atlanta, Martinez: 2013, business - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  200. Military futureveteran moving to Augusta Area: Martinez, Evans: neighborhoods, college, live - Georgia (GA)