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  1. What are the chances the Raptors will win the NBA championship this year?: 2014 - Toronto
  2. How to move to America as a Quantity Surveyor/Cost Manager from the UK: credit - Toronto
  3. Commuting Hamilton to Brampton: school, living, transport - Toronto
  4. Fort York Visitor Centre: 2014, garage, architecture - Toronto
  5. Where to go: best, areas, market - Toronto
  6. Want to travel & work worldwide.: employment, public school, college - Toronto
  7. Aga Khan Museum: credit, land, rating - Toronto
  8. Where to settle outside of Toronto with young family: house, good schools
  9. Common for an American to move to Canada for work?: 2015, employment - Toronto
  10. apply for jobs in toronto from uk: to move, residency
  11. Does renovation will help increase the rate of the property?: real estate, appliances - Toronto
  12. Being deemed inadmissible to Canada??: home, move to, job - Toronto
  13. best diploma couces in canada: college, nursing, registered - Toronto
  14. Need help on Canadian citizenship test: 2015, practice, friends - Toronto
  15. Racism in Keswick?: 2014, apartment, house prices - Toronto
  16. Toront named the best city to live: 2015, violent crime - Toronto
  17. Where can I get great tasting cake on a budget?: price, shop - Toronto
  18. brooklin, on: house, purchasing, live - Toronto
  19. What do you consider cheap/regular/expensive rent?: apartments, condo - Toronto
  20. Living in Oshawa - UOIT .. help: apartment, condo - Toronto
  21. Where to live in Toronto? (Need workshop space): for sale, real estate
  22. Can an employer find out you were fired?: insurance, school - Toronto
  23. Toronto Weekend Ideas: fit in, hotel, college
  24. 5 years branch banking experience in India, looking for jobs in Canada: to live, moving - Toronto
  25. Recent Gun Crime in Toronto!!: upper-class, 2014, crime rate
  26. Bringing car to Toronto from the US: lease, insurance
  27. Toronto Outskirts: air quality, rated, best
  28. Winter blues? Or do things just get more apparent during the winter months in this city?!: condos - Toronto
  29. Websites to find apartments in Toronto?: for sale, landlords, moving to
  30. Burlington Area - Looking for homes to rent/buy: 2013, house prices - Toronto
  31. Need Help. going southbound 404 this morning?: insurance, cars - Toronto
  32. RCC Institute of Technology: school, job, reputation - Toronto
  33. wrong VIN number on new vehicle purchase: 2015, insurance - Toronto
  34. Working from home opportunities: daycares, income, living - Toronto
  35. Personal Injury Lawyer - help needed: car, best, reviews - Toronto
  36. Recommend a diverse neighborhood for a young 30 years old single in GTA (not in downtown): 2014 - Toronto
  37. Phone/internet/tv bundles: home, purchase, movies - Toronto
  38. Childless People in Toronto?: apartment, buying a house, neighbourhoods
  39. Are Toronto nice or too hot?: house, place, average
  40. Tickets for concerts at Molton Amphitheatre: live, place, venue - Toronto
  41. NYC or Sao Paulo - How about TAM...: 2015, go bankrupt - Toronto
  42. Moving to Toronto, where to stay(save place, condos, transit): rental, violent crime
  43. Richmond Hill: apartment, rent, home - Toronto
  44. My roommates gf never goes the f home!: to rent, house - Toronto
  45. In 2015 the Italian neighborhoods in Toronto?: school, college, suburb
  46. Rentals close to North York area: apartments, condos, living - Toronto
  47. Young Couple moving to T.O from MTL: apartments, rentals - Toronto
  48. 905ers ... if you do not live in Toronto, do not tell people you do!: condo
  49. dutch and german people?: live, clubs, membership - Toronto
  50. Bless this house!!: for sale, lofts, neighborhood - Toronto
  51. Renting a house? Help!: to rent, townhouse, neighborhood - Toronto
  52. 10 Most Expensive Homes in Toronto..: appointed, for sale, real estate
  53. Airport Traffic / Parking, and Checkpoint: hotels, safe area, versus - Toronto
  54. Is Jane & st Clair a safe place to work at?: apartment, rent - Toronto
  55. York university My year abroad: high crime, townhouses, schools - Toronto
  56. The Toronto Tunnel and the CBC...: work, police
  57. Best sushi in Toronto: home, live, restaurant
  58. Toronto & Starbucks: deposit, money, charge
  59. Help-Moving to Toronto next year: apartments, rental, condos
  60. anniversary trip: hotel, home, employment - Toronto
  61. how does someone in there 20's with only a diploma move from the US to Toronto?: find a job
  62. Etobicoke or Scarborough: which feels more disconnected from Toronto?: condo, credit
  63. Passport Requirements: military, license, single - Toronto
  64. townhouses in toronto for rent?: apartment, rentals, condos
  65. Is Jane & st Clair safe for a girl to do a part time?: high school - Toronto
  66. where do single eastern european girls hang out in GTA?: live, moving to - Toronto
  67. ID street trees: streets - Toronto
  68. Preschool programs Mississauga: activities, child care, park - Toronto
  69. Buying condos in Toronto financial district: real estate, renting, roofing
  70. The Toronto Immigrant Survival Guide: cheapest, racism, best time
  71. How do I go to university in Europe?!?!?: home, high school - Toronto
  72. I want Advice for US-Canada movers?: 2013, apartment - Toronto
  73. Meeting new people in GTA (Peel Region): activities, parks - Toronto
  74. Moving from Toronto to St Catherines: real estate, rental, how much
  75. Can I interest you in a contest?: neighbourhood - Toronto
  76. Where are the people of Ajax moving to?: house, live in - Toronto
  77. Best area to live close to Sherbrooke, QC: house, neighborhoods - Toronto
  78. benefits for kids?: day care, home, pre-school - Toronto
  79. Can you re-apply for Permanent Residence if you moved and let it expire?: move to - Toronto
  80. Is it wise to relocate to Toronto?: 2013, rental
  81. moving from uk to Canada: sales, real estate, 2014 - Toronto
  82. Electric itemsw: work, America, difference - Toronto
  83. Guys mad cuz they can't get laid??: home, movies - Toronto
  84. tips based on your experience moving to Canada?: 2015, to rent - Toronto
  85. TTC Airport Rocket: taxi, bus, station - Toronto
  86. Toronto is a great city, BUT.....: 2013, condo, high school
  87. humber college north off campus housing: apartment, rent, to live - Toronto
  88. Need help on furnace replacement: buy, professionals, oil - Toronto
  89. bike accident king street advice needed: car insurance, home, bankruptcy - Toronto
  90. 8 days left in our lease...: apartment, rental, crime - Toronto
  91. Where do I find English language classes in the Hamilton area for non-immigrant?: YMCA - Toronto
  92. Need help finding a hotel to stay for 2 nights?: rentals, university - Toronto
  93. Traffic in the GTA: Not that Bad: 2014, day care - Toronto
  94. work from home opportunities?: quality of life, cost, moving to - Toronto
  95. Toronto-Detroit-Chicago by train: 2014, subdivision, move
  96. Signed a lease, but haven't paid deposit (first and last month rent) - is it still for me to get out?: real estate - Toronto
  97. Applying for jobs in Toronto, getting contacted locally: 2015, apartments
  98. Blue Jays Pre-Game: 2014, crime, neighborhoods - Toronto
  99. Subletting In Toronto—How To Avoid Scam?: real estate, sublets
  100. Canada Jobs: best, permit, apply - Toronto
  101. What's is like for dating in Toronto as a black girl?: high school, university
  102. Job offer to move from Moncton to the Golden Horseshoe: transport company, rental - Toronto
  103. Recommended banks and hostels in Toronto?: budget, travel, moved
  104. what do i need !!: to buy, friendly, station - Toronto
  105. Websites to use to find apartments?: for sale, rental, appliances - Toronto
  106. Car insurance: rental car, rental, living in - Toronto
  107. Can you get a work permit from within Toronto?: home, vacation
  108. How are catholics treated in the south?: catholic schools, to move - Toronto
  109. Is it easy to find a date and make friends in Toronto?: best city, to live
  110. Harper calls Muslim face-covering veil ‘anti-woman,’ unacceptable: 2015, racism - Toronto
  111. Moving to Toronto from the US (Boston): apartments, movers
  112. Low Budget Hidden Gems For A Visitor: city hall, theatre - Toronto
  113. I'm again, with 3 days to make it all happen: apartments, rentals - Toronto
  114. Banks with Free Checking Accounts?: rent, credit card, home - Toronto
  115. It is official: GTA has more than 6 million people: 2015, to live - Toronto
  116. Houston or Toronto or Dubai - Italian expat just moved to Houston: apartments, rent
  117. How to become a probation officer: 2015, school, university - Toronto
  118. What was Toronto like in the 80s and 90s?: rent, condos
  119. good way to squeeze in all of Toronto attractions?: gated, living in
  120. Toronto ranks 4th in Cities of Opportunities: 2014, city hall
  121. Why is rent low in Toronto?: 2015, apartment, renter
  122. Is it worth it to move to Toronto?: apartment, rental
  123. Advice for US student (about to graduate) on making his career in Toronto?: credit, university
  124. Again, The Economist ranks Toronto as the 4th most livable city in the world: 2014, crime rates
  125. Union Pearson Express Ready To Open: 2015, how much, hotel - Toronto
  126. Living in Toronto/Scarborough --> No Pets/No Smoking ?? WTF??: apartment, rental
  127. How much time should we allow traveling to the Ed Mirvish Theatre from Niagara?: city hall, neighborhoods - Toronto
  128. worried about the winter: 2014, houses, water heater - Toronto
  129. Eastern European enclaves in GTA?: neighborhood, living in, restaurants - Toronto
  130. Relo to Toronto from Iowa - Neighborhoods near York U?: apartment, lease
  131. Canadian citizen in the U.S. moving back to Toronto: 2015, apartments
  132. Recent American College Grad, Itching to Move to Toronto on the Pronto: 2013, job market
  133. Got a job offer in America but I'm a CDN citizen. How do I make this happen?: rent, how much - Toronto
  134. Daytime napping at YYZ?: how much, hotels, purchase - Toronto
  135. Depressed in Toronto?: living in, vs, place
  136. Sympathy for Rob Ford: tornado, live in, residential - Toronto
  137. Toronto for a young,small USA family ?: real estate, apartment
  138. Ajax, Pickering.....or?: house, living in, price - Toronto
  139. Toronto housing market bubble: real estate market, apartments, to rent
  140. Why is airport code for Toronto YYZ?: 2014, codes
  141. Comparable Ontario Community vs The Town of Tonawanda NY: middle-class, neighbourhoods - Toronto
  142. Toronto Mayoral Debates and the Future of Transit: fit in, 2014
  143. Torontonians to be three Gardiner Expressway options: 2015, law
  144. What is Smarttrack?: 2014, transfer, construction - Toronto
  145. What US City best compares to Toronto?: to rent, living in
  146. Scarborough area to settle: middle-class, 2013, apartment - Toronto
  147. Toronto mayoral election: 2014, college, live in
  148. Slang term used in the Niagara Falls, Ontario region?: shops, American - Toronto
  149. Will Sea Level Rise Affect Toronto?: 2014, to buy, business
  150. about driving in Toronto: school, living in, move to
  151. Pan American Games Toronto: appointed, 2015, how much
  152. National Geographic names the 501 Queen streetcar as the top trolley ride in the world: 2013, live - Toronto
  153. Did the chinese and Indian communities in Toronto grow side by side with each other?: real estate, rental
  154. Dowry is Toronto so unimportant to the rest of the world?: college, quality of life
  155. More impressive Torono skyline entrance: Don Valley Parkway/Gardiner Expressway East VS. Gardiner Expressway West: home, dangerous - Toronto
  156. Toronto is the best city to live in the world for 2015. You guys agree?: condo, how much
  157. Toronto City Council just approved nearly 7,000 new condo units this week... all of them in downtown Toronto: real estate market, 2014
  158. Seneca or Sheridan ?: transfer, schools, colleges - Toronto
  159. Is Toronto more like Chicago or Vancouver?: apartment, condo
  160. Pros and cons of Toronto?: real estate, 2015, condo
  161. What exactly makes Toronto expensive?: apartments, for rent, condos
  162. Should I get winter tires?: to buy, living, prices - Toronto
  163. Eglinton Crosstown LRT: live, price, store - Toronto
  164. relocation to Toronto from US: best cities, for rent, condo
  165. Auto insurance rates in GTA are a disgrace: 2014, rental - Toronto
  166. Work in Mississauga and live in Toronto?: how much, houses
  167. How do YOU pronounce it?: hotel, taxi, live - Toronto
  168. Another black woman..: low income, renting, high school - Toronto
  169. Apartments for rent in Brampton?: safe neighborhoods, utilities, safe - Toronto
  170. Liberty Ornamental Iron: manufactured, suite, kitchen - Toronto
  171. Where to live in the GTA when your work is all over the place?: renting - Toronto
  172. Top 10 tallest buildings proposed for Toronto: 2015, skyline, towers
  173. Toronto's Ten Tallest Buildigs Under Construction: 2015, buildings, urban
  174. Moved to Brampton - referrals for a phone/internet provider and a good locksmith: service - Toronto
  175. Technical event or business meet today?: development, solution - Toronto
  176. How much is Bell's 3 service package?: taxes, price, bill - Toronto
  177. play centres: club, moving to, places - Toronto
  178. safety test about used car: car registration, buy, price - Toronto
  179. Vulnerable Sector Screening for Employment: 2013, live in, moving - Toronto
  180. Safety of the Gilbert Avenue, Fairbank area: apartment, safe area - Toronto
  181. New apartment for rent: condo, neighborhood, move to - Toronto
  182. Tuition teacher: primary school, moving to, courses - Toronto
  183. Mechanic in Brampton?: price, good - Toronto
  184. Toronto: Fall-Friendly Patios
  185. Volunteering (Mississauga, GTA): places, volunteer, outside - Toronto
  186. want to sell my artworks in toronto: buyer, market
  187. Soon to be Computer Information Systems college grad from Buffalo, NY, looking to relocate: university - Toronto
  188. VoIP Provider: recommended, about, friend - Toronto
  189. Elliott and Associates Corporate Advisory Services europe tokyo paris asia: 7 TIPS FÖR ATT LINDRA EKONOMISK STRESS 2015: live - Toronto
  190. 2004 Jaguar Vanden Plas HID not working: place - Toronto
  191. Alex Noudelman, Best location to live in Toronto.: home, office
  192. MECHENICAL vs ELECTROMECHENICAL: engineering, technician - Toronto
  193. Another day, another terrorist attack against Canada revealed...: place, district - Toronto
  194. reports of today's sports executive excellence....: 2015, live, America - Toronto
  195. Music Lover Looking For Friends in Toronto: living, company
  196. Looking for a job in Toronto as a foreigner: look for a job, moving to
  197. Preschools in Mississauga: square, near, good - Toronto
  198. Global Business Management: Centennial College vs. Humber: recommended - Toronto
  199. Water Damage: Need: apartment, school, living - Toronto
  200. Renters insurance for an apartment: price, basement, good - Toronto