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  1. As far as the Health program for the States is concerned: I leave it...: doctor, medical - Great Debates
  2. Abolitionism - should we let it happen??: ethics, drugs, solution - Great Debates
  3. News: Dad: Search For Victims They Way Gov. Searched For JFK Jr.: Kennedy, Obama - Great Debates
  4. 10 Million to Late: dollars, rating, Seattle, money - Great Debates
  5. Do we fail to appreciate the extraordinarily peaceful nature of the modern world?: drugs, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  6. Seward's Folly Small Government Alaskans: party, elect, federal government - Great Debates
  7. Cost of american wars: Iraq, illegal, Afghanistan, Obama - Great Debates
  8. The self fullfilling Prophecy of Economics: employment, wages, Obama, parties - Great Debates
  9. When will commercial real estate drop off a cliff?: insurance, companies, economy - Great Debates
  10. -Someone Who Understands About Health Care Costs: how much, insurance, money - Great Debates
  11. Women and DUIs: states, claim, single, articles - Great Debates
  12. Texas sues the EPA over limits on carbon dioxide emissions: economy, elections - Great Debates
  13. Magic Jack comes out with a device that will enable free cell phone calls... is this right?: illegal, companies - Great Debates
  14. Earthquake Survival without water: deaths, alcohol, own - Great Debates
  15. The loss of industry: generations, ethic, school, economy - Great Debates
  16. Body is found in landing gear - Delta Airlines: New York, security, bomb - Great Debates
  17. Bad Grades and Political Candidates: education system, vote, President - Great Debates
  18. English Used as International Business Language: companies, languages, world, work - Great Debates
  19. Does the future need us?: generation, suspect, how much, economy - Great Debates
  20. Freedom of The Press---: free speech, bias, carry, elect - Great Debates
  21. There are others out there!: conspiracy, Nebraska, school, elect - Great Debates
  22. Costs of securing the Super Bowl --: unemployment rate, suspect, military - Great Debates
  23. Is it time to end the quarterly profits business model?: ethical, companies - Great Debates
  24. Are single parents just as successful in raising their child?: death, independence - Great Debates
  25. Using research to back up your own political stance.: Rush Limbaugh, Reagan, statistics - Great Debates
  26. Should The US Raise The Retirement Age?: unemployment, radical, county - Great Debates
  27. Sadly, how times have changed.: generation, drugs, accuse, FBI - Great Debates
  28. What's In a Name?: interview, regular, racist, high school - Great Debates
  29. Why are Americans so afraid to give money?: economy, financial, carry - Great Debates
  30. Why Are So Many Americans Degenerates? A: Severe Income Inequality: generation, Mexican - Great Debates
  31. Are you ready to live without Social Security?: Congress, wage, healthcare - Great Debates
  32. Ecological Intelligence: Do Humans Have What it Takes to Survive?: global warming, healthcare - Great Debates
  33. Crimes that you do not commit.: Iraq, Taliban, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  34. Demonizing the Poor: unemployment, wages, salary, generation - Great Debates
  35. Black men vs. Black women..........different speech patterns: education, Arizona, female - Great Debates
  36. Hunting Shows on TV good or bad for the sport?: fence, dollars - Great Debates
  37. Shattering The Meat Myth: Humans Are Natural Vegetarians: rating, claim, support - Great Debates
  38. best countries to live in the world 2010: unemployment rate, salary, healthcare - Great Debates
  39. The Ugly Truth About SS & Medicare & What to DO About it?: Iraq, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  40. Babies on drugs: illegal, cocaine, school, abuse - Great Debates
  41. Religion and Teen Pregnancy: interview, ethics, abortions, high school - Great Debates
  42. If our system is so bad...: Congress, drugs, health care, statistics - Great Debates
  43. A solution to homelessness, and our social ills?: unemployment, wage, illegal - Great Debates
  44. How would you end social security?: solution, financial, retirement, money - Great Debates
  45. Taxation: school, financial, money, government - Great Debates
  46. Welfare System HAS to change: Congress, salary, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  47. In a criminal trial, should the prosecution have the right to appeal?: Iran, illegal - Great Debates
  48. Should we bring back poor farms?: health care, crime, economic, financial - Great Debates
  49. American empire: wages, suspect, cost, compared - Great Debates
  50. Markets without Exploitation - would it work?: minimum wage, companies, cost - Great Debates
  51. Are people born gay?: speech, claim, homosexuals, Austin - Great Debates
  52. Is Fudging Results Widespread In Science?: global warming, ethical, drugs, statistics - Great Debates
  53. Suicide: ethical, illegal, heroin, solution - Great Debates
  54. Why does American society produce so many degenerates?: drugs, speech, examples - Great Debates
  55. Home Security Options: arsenal, legal, death, invasion - Great Debates
  56. Is Medicare reform fundamentally impossible within the US political system?: John Kerry, generations - Great Debates
  57. 16 year old has sex with 13 year old. Now a sex offender? The unintended consequence of our laws.: interview, illegal - Great Debates
  58. Dark Ages Approach: generation, legal, radical, ideology - Great Debates
  59. How do we salvage our Children?: generation, ethics, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  60. The wall between managment and workforce...can it be torn down?: death, how much - Great Debates
  61. Must They Be Tortured?: compared, Pennsylvania, carry, Florida - Great Debates
  62. Why aren't all newborns a paternity test?: legal, cost, money - Great Debates
  63. Why does America consume so much drugs?: fast food, Mexican, heroin - Great Debates
  64. Be prepared for a whole new exsistence? (Or non-exsistence): generation, marijuana, KKK - Great Debates
  65. Does fear of having a homosexual boy = teen pregnancies?: Hispanics, rating, economic - Great Debates
  66. How to save SS?: wages, generation, illegal, premium - Great Debates
  67. What do you think about Food Inc and food in usa?: fast food, wage - Great Debates
  68. What is your purpose in life?: soldier, children, pay, taxes - Great Debates
  69. Larry Flint, challenging authority: free speech, crime, county, money - Great Debates
  70. From Excellent Credit to Bad in a INSTANT: Congress, illegal, boycott - Great Debates
  71. Should being open-minded be the default position?: biased, compared, religion - Great Debates
  72. Kiss your pasty white skin goodbye: Brown, laws, attractive - Great Debates
  73. Are you Afraid of Animals?: deaths, Canada, county, pitbull - Great Debates
  74. What role does the absent father play?: school, versus, problems - Great Debates
  75. Age of consent, what should it be: statistics, regular, crime - Great Debates
  76. Dating and living outside of your race: generation, Mexicans, drug - Great Debates
  77. Ground Zero Workers Won Suit: Did They Have A Case?: Iraq, interview - Great Debates
  78. Daylight Saving or time wasting?: Indiana, March, how much, Denver - Great Debates
  79. Capitalism and Morality - Can they coexist?: unemployment, wages, ethical - Great Debates
  80. Are people getting away with being inconsiderate?: enemies, generation, lawyer - Great Debates
  81. Is An American Life More Important Than The Life of a Foreigner?: Iraq, brainwash - Great Debates
  82. Criminalizing the trivial: ethic, illegal, lawyers, weapons - Great Debates
  83. Taxes Immoral?: Congressmen, wages, legal, lobbyists - Great Debates
  84. How Do Americans Measure 'Quality Of Life'?: employment, Walmart, retirement - Great Debates
  85. Help! Need a debate topic for my research paper!: illegal aliens, health care - Great Debates
  86. When fun becomes work. When hobby becomes obligation.: death, wisdom, cost - Great Debates
  87. Demonizing.....: economic, Montana, million, employees - Great Debates
  88. Freedom and Restriction of Expression and Speech: illegal, regular, suspect - Great Debates
  89. Do you feel you 'have' to be around your own race to bond?: accuse, racism - Great Debates
  90. illegal steroids- where are the bodies?: drugs, regular, regime, suspect - Great Debates
  91. Women lose 90% of their eggs by the time they are 30, should we change our social standards?: salary, regular - Great Debates
  92. What is the most meaningful job in the world to you?: economy, education - Great Debates
  93. Is there really such a thing as being as an ex-gay and can gays really recruit others to be gay?: interview, lawyers - Great Debates
  94. Are homeschooled children missing out on social interaction?: regular, private school, examples - Great Debates
  95. Pre-Employment drug screening. How many believe marijuana should be excluded? Fact vs. Myth: illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  96. Should Pedophiles Be Castrated or Microchipped?: suspected, death, solution, crime - Great Debates
  97. Will Gays and Fathers EVER have equal rights?: legal, regular, crime - Great Debates
  98. Reluctant to complain out of Paranoia!: lawyer, insurance, state, document - Great Debates
  99. If You Were Stupid?: dollar, education, pregnant, stimulus - Great Debates
  100. like me working 2 jobs feel guilty?: unemployment rate, examples, Seattle - Great Debates
  101. why is this generation of kids bad?: wage, generations, drug - Great Debates
  102. Warren Buffett on Health Care: Corporate Profit, Congress, salaries, Obama - Great Debates
  103. Facebook: high school, status, kids, family - Great Debates
  104. What would happen if governments were not allowed to borrow money?: Congress, Mexicans - Great Debates
  105. Why do more Women go to College than Men?: minimum wage, Reagan, crimes - Great Debates
  106. Is mixing of the races really an ideal situation?: Iran, Iraq, Israel - Great Debates
  107. Top Ten technologies of the past decade: regime, highway, revolution - Great Debates
  108. National Spending Priorities: Congress, salaries, generation, global warming - Great Debates
  109. Youth is wasted on the young.... what is this supposed to mean?: wisdom, cost - Great Debates
  110. High minority area = high crime/drug area. How/Why?: generations, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  111. Refusal to use data--I don't understand this...: interview, polls, statistics - Great Debates
  112. Do recent immigrants work harder (in low wage jobs) than native born Americans?: multiculturalism, fast food - Great Debates
  113. Homeless.... Lazy? Or serioulsy suffering?: unemployment rate, statistics, regular, money - Great Debates
  114. Church and State issue: school, county, state government, states - Great Debates
  115. Is it ethical to use ad blocking?: Putin, legal, lawyers - Great Debates
  116. 55 Saves Lives? A good idea to bring back?: interstates, gallon, statistics - Great Debates
  117. Advanced extraterrestial civilizations: Obama, citizen, working, own - Great Debates
  118. Why do people from...broklyn, Chicago, Detroit...: crime rate, high school, compared - Great Debates
  119. Whats so wrong with saying I don't know an Evolution debate: activist, school - Great Debates
  120. Liberals: Why DO you trust government?: unemployment, drug, lawyers, healthcare - Great Debates
  121. News: H&M and Wal-Mart destroy and trash unsold goods: fast food, holidays - Great Debates
  122. If you had a trillion dollars, what would you do?: Iraq, enemies - Great Debates
  123. Declining Economy Vs Declining Crime: unemployment, illegal, CNN, violent crime - Great Debates
  124. Should more emphasis be placed on multilingualism?: salary, generations, independent - Great Debates
  125. Stop trying to sell me crap!!!!!: regular, suspect, economy, programs - Great Debates
  126. Students Wear Shirts With Twin Tower Images: Christmas, border, free speech - Great Debates
  127. Manned Space Flight Just Doesn't Seem To Be Worth The Cost.: generation, Kennedy - Great Debates
  128. Reverse Discrimination: employment, death, racism, brainwash - Great Debates
  129. Many single people can't support themselves, is it their fault?: wages, generation - Great Debates
  130. With all the technology and wealth that exist today, why haven't we been able to create a social Utopia?: wisdom, terror - Great Debates
  131. soda the next tobacco?: fast food, gallon, drugs, death - Great Debates
  132. America and Tiger Woods: illegal, crimes, money, state - Great Debates
  133. The Christ vs. The Buddha - who was the more noble man?: extremist, Jesus - Great Debates
  134. Should states be required to provide safe parking for truck drivers?: government, federal - Great Debates
  135. Should America annex Mexico??: Mexican, Minnesota, cost, dollar - Great Debates
  136. Tiger or Big Companies - Who is at fault?: illegal, how much, party - Great Debates
  137. Is there such a thing as a Jewish American Culture?: generations, Israel - Great Debates
  138. Hollywood and Roman Polanski: drug, states, support, prison - Great Debates
  139. Why have there been no terrorist attacks?: Congress, Iraq, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  140. Lawabiding Gun owners vs Idiots with a weapon.: illegal, drugs, statistics - Great Debates
  141. Cursing, Profanity Everywhere: generation, Canada, how much, school - Great Debates
  142. Towards a Crumbling Civilization....?: military, leader, retired, government - Great Debates
  143. Should porn be allowed at the public library?: death, wisdom, KKK - Great Debates
  144. Do you know real Pro-lifers?: death, Amish, Obama, speech - Great Debates
  145. If a woman secretly has an abortion....: abortions, school, pregnant - Great Debates
  146. Why do Liberals seem to prefer cities and Conservatives prefer the country?: ethic, ideologies - Great Debates
  147. What about white collar (corporate) crime?: drugs, attorney, FBI, health care - Great Debates
  148. What's the Meaning of Life?: world, document, news, famous - Great Debates
  149. Was there technologically advanced humans on earth thousands of years before us?: elect, state - Great Debates
  150. To me, this is one of the scariest trends...: Congress, legal, poll - Great Debates
  151. What motivates and energizes your life?: death, California, billion, world - Great Debates
  152. hypothetical: Would you sell heroin if there was no chance of getting caught or injured: drugs, death - Great Debates
  153. Why are Latinos/Hispanics such AWFUL drivers?: Mexicans, highway, racist - Great Debates
  154. The biggest flaw in a two party system: Ron Paul, Congress, Iraq - Great Debates
  155. Does the eldest child get it worst?: high school, depression, world - Great Debates
  156. Why Do Americans Have Such Problems Learning Their Own Language?: generations, school - Great Debates
  157. Income Tax Avoidance: A Justification: ethical, illegal, independent, fence - Great Debates
  158. Same -sex -marriages: illegal, FBI, gay people, FBI - Great Debates
  159. Should we just accept that the banks need to be bailed out now and then?: Congress, solutions - Great Debates
  160. Couldn't build that today...: interstate, highway, cost, economy - Great Debates
  161. Drug use in America OUT OF CONTROL: generation, ethic, illegal - Great Debates
  162. The Macedonia Debate...Let's hear your opinion...: Canada, borders, revolution - Great Debates
  163. Children out of wedlock: legal, financial, state, pregnant - Great Debates
  164. Alcohol Policy: attorney, brainwashing, lobby, crime - Great Debates
  165. Blind Politics and Everyday Life: Congressmen, politicians, terrorists - Great Debates
  166. Florida set to take in Haitians: unemployed, how much, Jesus, education - Great Debates
  167. Divide over Guns in US Culture: illegal, statistics, weapons, Missouri - Great Debates
  168. What hapens to music?!: elect, state, world, working - Great Debates
  169. How do you feel about keeping a relationship with an unethical relative?: illegal, drug - Great Debates
  170. Do you want real change, or do you just want your side to win?: Congress, enemy - Great Debates
  171. What is a College Education Worth?: lawyer, health care, stats, Brown - Great Debates
  172. Is a large middle class a goverment construct?: revolution, economy, financial - Great Debates
  173. Does life have a meaning: wage, support, mortality, million - Great Debates
  174. Has the US labor market changed for good?: NAFTA, wages, suspected - Great Debates
  175. Opinion on the american dream: wage, drugs, fence, retire - Great Debates
  176. Are Women becoming the slaves of the 21st Century?: employment, salary, Brown - Great Debates
  177. Life in U.S.Ten Years in the Future: revolution, 9/11, rating - Great Debates
  178. Should there be penalties when news organizations lie: health care, ratings, party - Great Debates
  179. Slavery? Illegal Immigrants? Really?: Mexicans, money, government, paycheck - Great Debates
  180. Mandatory re-testing for drivers?: statistics, Minnesota, school, elections - Great Debates
  181. Depression Medication...: drugs, death, cost, school - Great Debates
  182. Where has the child gone?: enemy, death, how much, military - Great Debates
  183. Is addiction made up?: drugs, weapon, death, terror - Great Debates
  184. 'Negro' Race Choice On Census Form Sparks Outrage: generation, illegal aliens, ideology - Great Debates
  185. Does being raised in the suburbs make kids more likely to do drugs: heroin, statistics - Great Debates
  186. Will China ever have a democratic: Congress, lawyers, revolution - Great Debates
  187. What do you make of this map?: revolution, Sacramento, high school - Great Debates
  188. Illegal immigration in the united states: crime, government, support, voted - Great Debates
  189. Men now working as escorts?: legal, compare, Nevada, money - Great Debates
  190. Is Pat Robertson an idiot?: Olbermann, million, Christ, great - Great Debates
  191. How can The Domincan Republic and Haiti be so different and it's on the same island?: government, state - Great Debates
  192. Culture Clash: How Far is Too Far?: free speech, ideology, private school - Great Debates
  193. Were you taught about death as a child?: regular, Kennedy, how much - Great Debates
  194. Social security: fast food, Afghanistan, soldier, Jesus - Great Debates
  195. Haiti - Reality: unemployment, Iran, Iraq, Israel - Great Debates
  196. Why Does It Take So Long For Countries to Evolve?: Iraq, Israel - Great Debates
  197. Abortion and Population: stats, abortions, states, million - Great Debates
  198. Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power: terrorism, elect, percentage, city - Great Debates
  199. Best way to force, convince, or sub-consciously manipulate obnoxious renting neighbors to move. - Great Debates
  200. Google Book Search Settlement: controversial, laws, million, world - Great Debates