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  1. What happenes to the defendant in an auto accident law suit?: insurance, medical - Minnesota (MN)
  2. I'm going to sell my lake home in 2010: Minneapolis, Minnetonka: short sales, foreclosures - Minnesota (MN)
  3. Was today beautiful or what?: house, neighborhood, store - Minnesota (MN)
  4. Husband's job opportunity in Minniapolis...from England!!: Minneapolis: homes, property taxes - Minnesota (MN)
  5. Where to purchase banana leaves?: university, live in, stores - Minnesota (MN)
  6. A Poem...: winter, apply, event - Minnesota (MN)
  7. about the weather: Minneapolis, Rochester: income, quality of life, live in - Minnesota (MN)
  8. Ob/Gyn Recommendations in St. Cloud: live, to move, area - Minnesota (MN)
  9. Moving 2 Granite Falls Mn area: Willmar, Marshall: transplants, for sale, rental - Minnesota (MN)
  10. 2nd Speeding Ticket WB on I94 (Insurance rates up?): Minneapolis: car, office - Minnesota (MN)
  11. Finding a Church Home in South West Twin Cities: Minneapolis: to live, relocating to - Minnesota (MN)
  12. Rental homes - information: Minneapolis, St. Paul: houses, buy, living - Minnesota (MN)
  13. (Brainerd Lakes Region): Minneapolis, Breezy Point: foreclosures, condo, houses - Minnesota (MN)
  14. Need help with finding a place to rent for a baby shower??: St. Paul: how much - Minnesota (MN)
  15. Black Flies: live in, cabin, eat - Minnesota (MN)
  16. Odd but is it legal to eat Lynx in Minnesota?: transporting, live (MN)
  17. Should I Stay in minnesota or move to Florida?: hotels, unemployment benefits - Minnesota (MN)
  18. Moving to Owatonna 2/2009: Minneapolis: home, buy, school - Minnesota (MN)
  19. Location of horse farms in Minnesota?: Shakopee, Hastings: living in, airport, farm (MN)
  20. News, Driver fired after snowplow falls through ice.: Thief River Falls, Crookston: how much, trailer - Minnesota (MN)
  21. good places to see wildlife?: Mankato, Monticello: driving, near, time - Minnesota (MN)
  22. cold and snow in northern Minnesota: Duluth, Dakota: garden, safe, property (MN)
  23. Home schooling in Minneapolis or Denver: Edina: co-ops, homes, transfer - Minnesota (MN)
  24. Who Uses what for Heat? City ordinances????: Duluth: rental, insurance - Minnesota (MN)
  25. Dakota versus Washington county: Minneapolis: buy, tax rates, living in - Minnesota (MN)
  26. Nice suburbs around the twins?: Minneapolis, St. Paul: best suburbs, to rent, house - Minnesota (MN)
  27. Weme, Gonvick, Clearbrook, Olga areas: Bagley: shop, place, year - Minnesota (MN)
  28. Importing Cats to MN: live, moving to, best - Minnesota
  29. Small Town living: Minneapolis, Thief River Falls, Warren: to move, health care, places to go - Minnesota (MN)
  30. Does happen to know where at the msp airport I would catch a bus?: Jeffers: taxi - Minnesota (MN)
  31. Activities for pre-schoolers & Moms in NE suburbs: Forest Lake, Welcome: home, school district - Minnesota (MN)
  32. Iron Range?: Hibbing, Chisholm: construction, live, moving - Minnesota (MN)
  33. SAFE neighborhoods near University of St. Thomas: Minneapolis: safe area, law school - Minnesota (MN)
  34. about offering Beef for sale: costs, cheapest, best - Minnesota (MN)
  35. Moving to MN and looking for good lacrosse school districts: Eden Prairie: best school districts, to live in - Minnesota
  36. Commute times to Moorhead......: Detroit Lakes, Lake Park: townhome, living in, moving - Minnesota (MN)
  37. Le Sueur, Henderson ..area opinions wanted: Mankato: land, areas - Minnesota (MN)
  38. St John's University: Dakota: school, living, campus - Minnesota (MN)
  39. Looking for pretty area to move? Winona, RW, or ???: Red Wing: real estate, violent crime - Minnesota (MN)
  40. Old barge: Duluth, Bethel: live, area, location - Minnesota (MN)
  41. Minnesota vs Wisconsin...: Duluth: real estate, car registration, insurance (MN)
  42. north shore vacation with 3yo: Duluth, Rochester: coupons, rent, campsites - Minnesota (MN)
  43. Advice needed for student moving to Mankato: North Mankato: apartment complexes, rent - Minnesota (MN)
  44. Minnesota State University: St. Cloud, Mankato: apartment, dorms, school (MN)
  45. What is Lino Lakes like?: Plymouth, Blaine: neighborhoods, to buy, schools - Minnesota (MN)
  46. Commute time from St. Paul to southern suburbs: Apple Valley, Lakeville: houses, to live in - Minnesota (MN)
  47. Social Clubs for Empty Nesters: Stillwater: live, gardening, activity - Minnesota (MN)
  48. Swine Flu in Mn: Duluth: live, moving, estimated - Minnesota (MN)
  49. Moving to Twin Cities area: Brooklyn Park, Eden Prairie: lease, student loan, buying a house - Minnesota (MN)
  50. what is this principle about?: Breckenridge: bankrupt, high school, lawsuits - Minnesota (MN)
  51. Are there RN jobs in Kittson County, MN??? to relocate there!: Hallock: health insurance - Minnesota
  52. Fixer Upper vs. Townhome investment?: Minneapolis, Duluth: for sale, foreclosures, renter - Minnesota (MN)
  53. public schools in St cloud/Sartell: Sauk Rapids, Welcome: school districts, colleges, place to live - Minnesota (MN)
  54. Relocating to Minnetonka for the summer: Minneapolis, St. Paul: apartment complex, townhome, neighborhoods - Minnesota (MN)
  55. moving from kc,mo to bemidji looking for preschools: Walker: crime, movie theater - Minnesota (MN)
  56. Looking for opinions on apartments in Rochester: rental, crime - Minnesota (MN)
  57. Did/does Bob Dylan have a Minnesota accent?: Ely: gated, rain (MN)
  58. Minnesota's economy affecting the casinos ?--NOT MUCH: St. Paul: sales, foreclosures (MN)
  59. Principle Under Investigation In Eagan ?: Chandler: buy, school, kindergarten - Minnesota (MN)
  60. How to get rid of association president?: condo, lawyer - Minnesota (MN)
  61. 2 Part Realtor/Property: Mankato, Fairmont: hardwood floors, for sale, countertops - Minnesota (MN)
  62. St. Cloud State compared to U of M: Mankato, Wells: sales, insurance - Minnesota (MN)
  63. Are there association neighborhoods with lake homes: Rochester, Mankato: apartment, rent - Minnesota (MN)
  64. Town/village to tour: Minneapolis, Faribault: store, farm, distance - Minnesota (MN)
  65. the difference between black people in minnesota and kentucky: best, demographics - Minnesota (MN)
  66. QUALITY of Education @ State U's vs. U of M: St. Cloud: schools, metro - Minnesota (MN)
  67. Moving to Cities and Need Advice!: Madison: apartment, to rent, safe area - Minnesota (MN)
  68. Mobile homes: inspector, living in, floor - Minnesota (MN)
  69. Education Quality State MnSCU, U of M system: schools, universities - Minnesota (MN)
  70. Rogers vs Andover vs Champlin: high schools, moving, budget - Minnesota (MN)
  71. Great Place to live within 15 minutes of Minnetonka?: Bloomington, Plymouth: to rent, condo - Minnesota (MN)
  72. what are the interesting place to see in minnesota?: Duluth: apartments, rental - Minnesota (MN)
  73. Hey Dan in GF--annual is there snow on the way post!: move - Minnesota (MN)
  74. Top Tens: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth: university, living, mall - Minnesota (MN)
  75. Need Advice on a good high school for child with Aspergers: Crystal: school district, to move - Minnesota (MN)
  76. elysian re-zoning: house, live, property - Minnesota (MN)
  77. schools in area of anoka, ramsey, Maple Grove, Elk River and Andover: houses - Minnesota (MN)
  78. Construction jobs: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth: foreclosures, new construction, contractors - Minnesota (MN)
  79. stay for one month: Willmar: sublets, rentals, place to live - Minnesota (MN)
  80. Does do nice things during Christmas for the less unfortunate?: live, food - Minnesota (MN)
  81. Eden Praire MInnesota: Plymouth, Eden Prairie: home, living, cost of living - Minnesota (MN)
  82. What does everyone think about rising cable prices?: buying, landlords - Minnesota (MN)
  83. Live In WI Work In MN - Tax Issues: taxes, exemption - Minnesota
  84. Austinite looking for Vikings sweatshirt: stores, recommend, screen - Minnesota (MN)
  85. Look at the moon tonight: home, company, summer - Minnesota (MN)
  86. Holiday in Minnesota: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth: purchase, live in, mall (MN)
  87. how to get internship in pharmacy: internships, places, offer - Minnesota (MN)
  88. Do you think Ashwin Madia could be president?: career, accent - Minnesota (MN)
  89. Still no liqour in Lakeside: Duluth: live in, difference, liquor - Minnesota (MN)
  90. fall weather: Duluth, Rice, Rice Lake: summer, driving, great - Minnesota (MN)
  91. Afton and Stillwater: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Woodbury: lawyers, new home, to buy - Minnesota (MN)
  92. Disabled Tenant Rights: low income, apartment, lease - Minnesota (MN)
  93. hotel rec near Mayo Clinic: Rochester: hotels, restaurants, price - Minnesota (MN)
  94. The people are very nice!: Buffalo: live, mall, place - Minnesota (MN)
  95. Snow coverage in Western Minnesota?: Chanhassen, Marshall: live in, areas, cities (MN)
  96. Notable Minnesotans: universities, millionaire, free (MN)
  97. Good apartments and good neighbour's in Minnesota: Minneapolis, Bloomington: rentals, condo (MN)
  98. Official Move to Chaska: movie theater, moving, suburb - Minnesota (MN)
  99. How are the schools in Stillwater?: St. Paul, Woodbury: homes, versus, moving to - Minnesota (MN)
  100. Contractor has insurance check and we fired him: mortgage, contractors - Minnesota (MN)
  101. what are the indian grocery shops in mn?: Minneapolis: apartments, hotels - Minnesota (MN)
  102. Experience draining pipes for winter?: house, island, place - Minnesota (MN)
  103. Minnesota speeding tickets: Minneapolis, Duluth, Foley: insurance, house, wages (MN)
  104. It's So Cold In Minnesota......: Frost: apartment, lawyers, live in (MN)
  105. Odyssey Academy charter school: Brooklyn Center: house, middle school, camp - Minnesota (MN)
  106. can give a idea of mover & packers web sites: for sale, apartments - Minnesota (MN)
  107. Relocating from Sacramento to Minnesota: Minneapolis, St. Paul: rentals, neighborhoods, restaurants (MN)
  108. Go Vote: worst, 2008, features - Minnesota (MN)
  109. Roseville standoff ends; suspect dies: Dent: house, live, mall - Minnesota (MN)
  110. Help: B-Day Hangout/Get-Together: Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park: how much, live, bars - Minnesota (MN)
  111. New years resolution?: credit, eat, health - Minnesota (MN)
  112. Programs for children with special needs?: Minneapolis, St. Paul: home, school district, costs - Minnesota (MN)
  113. Opinion about lasik eye surgery: Plymouth: insurance, theatre, price - Minnesota (MN)
  114. Schools for Gifted Children: Burnsville, Spring Lake Park: homes, magnet schools, college - Minnesota (MN)
  115. Why Do We All Hate Al Franken?: income, income tax - Minnesota (MN)
  116. Need help to choose city/town to live around Granite Falls, MN: St. Paul: transplants, real estate - Minnesota
  117. Roseau, MN???: Bemidji, Warroad: apartments, rental homes, houses - Minnesota
  118. What are your feelings about people parking in handicap spots with a permit?: fit in, buses - Minnesota (MN)
  119. Greenway Bike Path Robberies: Minneapolis, Edina: crime, neighborhoods, buy - Minnesota (MN)
  120. Tornadoes in Warroad, MN????: Anoka, Cambridge: high school, tornado, earthquakes - Minnesota
  121. Tax burden in Minnesota: Duluth, Hermantown: section 8, condo, crime (MN)
  122. I-90 sights: Rochester, Winona, Fairmont: live, moving, farm - Minnesota (MN)
  123. West Central MN: Alexandria, Sauk Centre: homes, job market, construction - Minnesota
  124. Mississippi River Towns/Life in MN south of metro: Rochester: best towns, rent - Minnesota
  125. Best town in minnesota: Minneapolis, St. Paul: low crime, schools, university - Minnesota (MN)
  126. Tell me about Minnesota: Duluth, Minnetonka: 2013, how much, homes (MN)
  127. St. Paul: Minneapolis, Bloomington, Edina: houses, safe area, school district - Minnesota (MN)
  128. What kind of a place in Mankato ?: Duluth, Faribault: transfer to, school - Minnesota (MN)
  129. Travel Nursing: Dakota: houses, living, moving - Minnesota (MN)
  130. Would I make it on 32k?: Minneapolis, Rochester: apartment, lease - Minnesota (MN)
  131. Can someone tell me the different between New England and Upper Midwest: houses, live in - Minnesota (MN)
  132. Greater Minnesota vs. Burbs: always this vile?: living in, approval (MN)
  133. New Hampshire and Minnesota: living in, farms, tree (MN)
  134. Best MN Bank for Online Billpay'er: Minnetonka, Wells: credit, price, deposit - Minnesota
  135. Reading about Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, German descendents' cultures in Minnesota...: St. Paul: weddings, theatre (MN)
  136. Minnesota Picture: Duluth, Grand Rapids: house, neighborhood, price (MN)
  137. Is this adress correct?: Duluth, Two Harbors: property tax, living in, zip code - Minnesota (MN)
  138. Your feelings about WI: Viking: hotels, neighborhoods, camp - Minnesota (MN)
  139. Should teachers be aloud to promote their personal political beliefs in the classroom?: credit, high school - Minnesota (MN)
  140. Rural Minnesota Eateries..: Duluth, Cloquet, Sauk Centre: house, theater, school (MN)
  141. Driving in the snow?? Moving to MN? need snow advice!!: Minneapolis: apartment, to rent - Minnesota
  142. Does notice the typical Minnesotan has a certain look and manner?: sales, house (MN)
  143. Thinking of Moving to Minnesota: Rochester, Stewartville: apartments, rentals, crime (MN)
  144. Minnesotan's Beer Choice!: Ada: refrigerators, dorm, garage (MN)
  145. Marijuana. Legalization? Acceptance?: sales, pharmacy, sales tax - Minnesota (MN)
  146. I Want Out of !: Minneapolis, Rochester: real estate, sex offenders, low crime - Minnesota (MN)
  147. Minnesota: Mall Capital of America: Minneapolis, Burnsville: for sale, movies, live (MN)
  148. recommend a suburb?: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Eagan: homes, neighborhoods, school districts - Minnesota (MN)
  149. Help with TV questions: home, to buy, moving - Minnesota (MN)
  150. New Homes in AppleVally/Rosemount: St. Paul, Bloomington: low income, sale, foreclosures - Minnesota (MN)
  151. House for sale or sold one lately?: Minneapolis, Rochester: cul-de-sac, foreclosures - Minnesota (MN)
  152. Bemidgi?: Duluth, Bemidji, Park Rapids: houses, theater, college - Minnesota (MN)
  153. Young, artistic city in Minnesota.: Minneapolis, Duluth: lofts, home, live (MN)
  154. Bemidji State University: Minneapolis, Duluth, Moorhead: hotels, home, unemployment - Minnesota (MN)
  155. Weather in Duluth vs Minneapolis: health insurance, how much, find a job - Minnesota (MN)
  156. Tell me why I'll love MN!: Minneapolis, St. Paul: rent, co-op, homes - Minnesota
  157. Internet - Why's there no choice: Duluth, Apple Valley: home, neighborhood - Minnesota (MN)
  158. Staples, MN?: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Brainerd: apartments, rental, home - Minnesota
  159. First time homebuyer in Mpls, have questions: Orr: sale, real estate - Minnesota (MN)
  160. Utilities in MN: Duluth, Cloquet: condo, co-op, houses - Minnesota
  161. Top rated cities in the US...MN got 9 of them!!: Minneapolis: school, income - Minnesota
  162. Minnesota as a Canadian Province?: Red Lake, Biwabik: fit in, income, taxes (MN)
  163. Cultural Snacks for Minnesota: Minneapolis, Minnetonka: bars, suburb, teacher (MN)
  164. Marshall.......: Minneapolis, Plymouth, Mankato: appointed, best town, home - Minnesota (MN)
  165. MN woman, attending game w/ husband, kids has sex w/ stranger: to buy, bankrupt - Minnesota
  166. Best neighborhoods for an ethnic educated couple with small children in the twincities suburbs??: Minneapolis: low income, crime - Minnesota (MN)
  167. Why is everything closed?: sales, to buy, living in - Minnesota (MN)
  168. Brookdale Mall: Minneapolis, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Center: section 8, sales, apartments - Minnesota (MN)
  169. MN House budget targets state's lowest-income families for cuts...put your loved ones on the map!: Dent: sales, foreclosure - Minnesota
  170. english natives living in usa: Minneapolis, St. Paul: sales, cliquey, home - Minnesota (MN)
  171. How long does it take to get accustomed to the dry Minnesota air?: home, place to live (MN)
  172. Mall of America: Minneapolis, Bloomington, Prior Lake: hotels, home, to buy - Minnesota (MN)
  173. ALERT!! Northern MN: Minneapolis, Duluth: high school, college, camp - Minnesota
  174. Why Are There Too Many Somali Community Organizations in Twin Cities and Other Cities in Minnesota?: neighborhood, live in (MN)
  175. Another brit hopefully moving to Minneapolis: Eagan, Minnetonka: renters, amusement park, mortgage - Minnesota (MN)
  176. Would I like Minnesota?: Minneapolis, St. Paul: crime, how much, buying a home (MN)
  177. Is Rochester a friendly city?: Duluth: how much, home, living - Minnesota (MN)
  178. HELP! Wedding Planning on a small budget!!: Minneapolis, Champlin: rentals, receptions - Minnesota (MN)
  179. Where do Minnesotans go when they move?: Chandler: spring break, sale (MN)
  180. Northern Minnesota: St. Paul, Duluth, Cloquet: for sale, co-op, houses (MN)
  181. What is WRONG with this place?: house, college, dangerous - Minnesota (MN)
  182. Looking of elementary online school: elementary schools, teacher, summer - Minnesota (MN)
  183. North Central MN SuperFund: Bemidji: homes, health, area - Minnesota
  184. So, a deer walks into a bar....: Sebeka: traffic, video - Minnesota (MN)
  185. Norwood-Young America Schools: Carver: public schools, county, town - Minnesota (MN)
  186. Looking for Home Cleaner....EP, MN: area, offer, better - Minnesota
  187. Greater Twin Cities lakes allowing power boats: for sale, homes - Minnesota (MN)
  188. Seller's non-disclosure MN: home, buyer, contractor - Minnesota
  189. Hello Mn. turkey farmers: Faribault: foods, working, interest - Minnesota (MN)
  190. Ex-Air Force Nurses in MN.: retired, state, union - Minnesota
  191. Advocate for Public Safety/ Recidivism/ Tax Solutions - Second Chance Day on the Hill: home - Minnesota (MN)
  192. Christian K-12 Schools Close to Minnetonka: kids, recommendations, looking for - Minnesota (MN)
  193. Ceramic Hair Perm,: Minneapolis: salons, Asian, popular - Minnesota (MN)
  194. Urgent-Good Apartment/condos near elemantary school: homes, elementary school, moving - Minnesota (MN)
  195. Yankke - Minnesota (MN)
  196. we shall remain conferences: campus, reservations, dates - Minnesota (MN)
  197. Brooklyn Park - Oxbow Creek Development: home, neighborhood, safe - Minnesota (MN)
  198. YMCA in Hudson: health, fitness, good - Minnesota (MN)
  199. Title Company?: home, closing, place - Minnesota (MN)
  200. Relocating to Rochester, MN for the Short-term: apartments, to rent - Minnesota