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  1. Commute times from Edina to St. Paul: Minneapolis, Bloomington: apartments, school - Minnesota (MN)
  2. What State Parks have you visited?: about, important, present - Minnesota (MN)
  3. Alma maters, Current Students, future students, faculty or staff...: St. Cloud: school, universities - Minnesota (MN)
  4. Bachelor Party in Owatonna: Minneapolis, St. Paul: rent, limo, taxes - Minnesota (MN)
  5. New resident, name change and getting a driver's license: Minneapolis: DMV, legally - Minnesota (MN)
  6. offered a place in grand rapids: Duluth, Brainerd: Home Depot, employment, college - Minnesota (MN)
  7. help!: house, high school, living - Minnesota (MN)
  8. Mass Communication Requirements at SCSU?: St. Cloud: university, programs, state - Minnesota (MN)
  9. live in Jonathan?: townhouses, restaurants, stores - Minnesota (MN)
  10. Bull Moose Rut: Trail: annual, trip, typical - Minnesota (MN)
  11. Jobs on the Range/Ely: Duluth, Virginia: health insurance, employment, to live - Minnesota (MN)
  12. busiest mn lakes: Minnetonka, Brainerd, Bemidji: for sale, homes, live - Minnesota (MN)
  13. Props to Tim's Auto Repair in Ely!: business, cities - Minnesota (MN)
  14. Superman: St. Cloud: construction, rating, worker - Minnesota (MN)
  15. Moving to Moorhead: school, college, tax - Minnesota (MN)
  16. Where are the fall colors in Mn.??: Winona, Owatonna: chapel, university - Minnesota (MN)
  17. A Minnesota Renaissance Festival / Faire Vendor: design, single, selling (MN)
  18. MN - Representing on Project Runway: Minneapolis, Shakopee: designer, cities, culture - Minnesota
  19. Canoes and rivers: Duluth, Winona, Stillwater: camps, live in, moving - Minnesota (MN)
  20. Child Care in Morris: daycare, childcare, town - Minnesota (MN)
  21. Need story Help....: house, island, children - Minnesota (MN)
  22. Favorite Minnesota State Park??: Duluth, Maplewood: camping, live, activity (MN)
  23. 2009 Forclosures: Significantly worse for Minnesota.: Minneapolis, Maple Grove: foreclosures, new home, unemployment benefits (MN)
  24. Scandinavian influence: Minneapolis, Grant: buying, university, shop - Minnesota (MN)
  25. City girl moving to the country needs help understanding propane costs: Minneapolis: rental car, renter - Minnesota (MN)
  26. insight on Hudson, WI?: St. Paul, Northfield: sales, apartments, to rent - Minnesota (MN)
  27. Blessing of the Animals: Minneapolis, St. Cloud: apartment, homes, neighborhoods - Minnesota (MN)
  28. Minnesota State Parks Geocaching Wildlife Safari: New Ulm: home, camping, activity (MN)
  29. Help with rent: Isanti: salons, apartment, to rent - Minnesota (MN)
  30. Campgrounds: Wilder: camping, cost, electric - Minnesota (MN)
  31. University of Minnisota staff or faculty post: Orr: universities, cost - Minnesota (MN)
  32. Need Information .........: home, live, island - Minnesota (MN)
  33. How are the house rentals and foreclosures in Saint Cloud?: Minneapolis: short sales, renters - Minnesota (MN)
  34. Resellable food sage packaging???: restaurant, safe, kitchen - Minnesota (MN)
  35. Rochester, MN - Jobs and the like: Duluth, Inver Grove Heights: real estate, crimes - Minnesota
  36. New home communities in Byron, MN besides Somerby?: Minneapolis, Rochester: for sale, real estate market - Minnesota
  37. Two Harbors MN: Duluth: living in, commute to, tree - Minnesota
  38. New Life: crime, find a job, neighborhoods - Minnesota (MN)
  39. UK Doctors Prescriptions: Minneapolis: insurance, pharmacist, price - Minnesota (MN)
  40. Black Mankato Hair salons?: Minneapolis, St. Paul: hair salon, live, shop - Minnesota (MN)
  41. Modular Homes???...: Duluth, Hutchinson, Bemidji: how much, home builder, theater - Minnesota (MN)
  42. Fun, cute town for Thanksgiving s: Minneapolis, St. Paul: to rent, nightlife, activities - Minnesota (MN)
  43. Transportation Hubs in Rochester: Minneapolis, St. Paul: school, bus, airport - Minnesota (MN)
  44. Rochester, MN: Landmarks and important buildings?: St. Paul, St. Francis: hotel, house, theatre - Minnesota
  45. soccer training: high school, live in, club - Minnesota (MN)
  46. Recommendations for a good obgyn doc: Eagan, Lexington: insurance, nurse, doctors - Minnesota (MN)
  47. St Cloud without commercial Service: Grand Rapids: live in, airports, rating - Minnesota (MN)
  48. Duluth sub-forum added: Moorhead: live in, shop, title - Minnesota (MN)
  49. Round Lake, MN-- job losses: Minneapolis: taxes, standard of living, housing - Minnesota
  50. Joe Cates: Duluth: public school, yard, county - Minnesota (MN)
  51. Small Town Feel w/ in 45 miles of Rochester Children's Hospital?: Austin: middle-class, insurance - Minnesota (MN)
  52. Moving to the Twin Cities area help us decide where!).: Eagan: rentals, low crime - Minnesota (MN)
  53. Best Areas to by Home around Downtown MPLS: Minneapolis, St. Louis Park: crime, new home - Minnesota (MN)
  54. Wage garnishment: insurance, credit, employment - Minnesota (MN)
  55. Translation of Sieur du Lhut?: Duluth: high school, college, title - Minnesota (MN)
  56. Minnesota similar to Maine?: Duluth, Brainerd: taxes, living, restaurants (MN)
  57. Apts in St Cloud?: Minneapolis, St. Cloud: apartment complex, rental, townhomes - Minnesota (MN)
  58. Kindergarten Cutt-off date?: public schools, living in, assess - Minnesota (MN)
  59. AT&T Coverage in Fergus Falls up to Fargo?: Dakota: to buy, moving to - Minnesota (MN)
  60. Best way to Hayward from St. Cloud?: Cambridge, Grant: MBA, traffic - Minnesota (MN)
  61. Moving to owatonna,mn...seeking advice or suggestions: Duluth: living, relocating to - Minnesota (MN)
  62. Relocating to Winona: Minneapolis, Rochester: crime rate, home search, schools - Minnesota (MN)
  63. from Milaca?: Princeton, Foley, Onamia: houses, school district, live - Minnesota (MN)
  64. wage garnishment: credit card, bankruptcy, wages - Minnesota (MN)
  65. When the car breaks through: pollution, winter, water - Minnesota (MN)
  66. Goodhue County Issues: St. Paul, Lakeville: how much, homes, subdivision - Minnesota (MN)
  67. Congratulations Minnesota Twins!: Rosemount, Viking: layoffs, health, best (MN)
  68. Moving to Saint Paul area...: Coon Rapids: for rent, how much, schools - Minnesota (MN)
  69. Real Estate Commision Rate: Rochester, Fergus Falls: condo, houses, realty - Minnesota (MN)
  70. From Florida to Minnesota!: Crookston, East Grand Forks: to rent, home, job market (MN)
  71. Skijoring: Ely: metro area, area, company - Minnesota (MN)
  72. Delta Place?: Hopkins: metro area, treatment - Minnesota (MN)
  73. NCAA Leanings - State of Minnesota: Mankato, Bemidji: colleges, live in, student (MN)
  74. Mayor of Effie still hasn't made the news???: neighborhood, high school - Minnesota (MN)
  75. Unemployment Benefits extension in Minnesota: area, requirements, letter (MN)
  76. Renting an apartment without SSN at Mankato ?: apartment complex, rentals - Minnesota (MN)
  77. Allergies in Minnesota: camping, summer, kids (MN)
  78. Want to know more about Lino Lakes, MN - School's...: Blaine: school district, live in - Minnesota
  79. Working In ALbertville: Elk River, St. Michael, Monticello: to rent, house, school district - Minnesota (MN)
  80. Flying to St. Paul to look for house in 2 weeks...HELP.: Eagan: houses, neighborhoods - Minnesota (MN)
  81. ISD's in rural MN: St. Cloud, Willmar: houses, employment, school districts - Minnesota
  82. What makes Deleno school so good and......: Buffalo, St. Michael: high school, rated - Minnesota (MN)
  83. Where are the jobs in the Twin Cities?: job market, buy - Minnesota (MN)
  84. Need a Walkable SW Neighborhood near Twin Cities (Bloomington, Shakopee, ): Minneapolis: neighborhoods, live in - Minnesota (MN)
  85. Gopher: university, association, road - Minnesota (MN)
  86. Low Commission Realtors in Minneapolis/St. Paul: mortgage, selling a house - Minnesota (MN)
  87. Landlord RETALIATION HELP: Ely: for sale, apartment, rentals - Minnesota (MN)
  88. migraines due to weather changes???: St. Paul, Edina: allergies, living, deal - Minnesota (MN)
  89. MN Mold Project: home, living in, law - Minnesota
  90. U of MN: Duluth: transfer, school, community college - Minnesota
  91. Rochester: Public Transportation? Cabs?: rent, hotels, stores - Minnesota (MN)
  92. north woods lodges and cabins: Bemidji, Ely: camp, park, area - Minnesota (MN)
  93. Looking for best place to camp with 3 year old and dog: Hibbing: appointed, rentals - Minnesota (MN)
  94. For Single Family Homes under $500K, it is now a sellers market - technically...: Minneapolis: foreclosures - Minnesota (MN)
  95. Summer home/condo near Minneapolis: Plymouth, Winona: townhouse, buy, living - Minnesota (MN)
  96. Waconia ?: Andover, Chaska, Rosemount: appointed, schools, university - Minnesota (MN)
  97. lost it all: credit report, DMV, moving - Minnesota (MN)
  98. segregation: Minneapolis, Edina: middle-class, rent, homes - Minnesota (MN)
  99. A good place in St. Paul for a manicure, pedicure and eyebrow shaping.: salon - Minnesota (MN)
  100. ISD 196 highschools: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Apple Valley: high school, college, to move - Minnesota (MN)
  101. Rochester Sewage Fees: landlord, moving to, water bill - Minnesota (MN)
  102. looking for a house sitter?: phone number, time, different - Minnesota (MN)
  103. mall shopping: amusement park, how much, home - Minnesota (MN)
  104. Best Family Suburb/Small Town to the Twin Cities??: Minneapolis: low crime, school districts - Minnesota (MN)
  105. Southern Minnesota: weather, compare (MN)
  106. Forced Medical Treatment: health, business, roaches - Minnesota (MN)
  107. King Timmy: sex offenders, housing, budget - Minnesota (MN)
  108. Moving to Blaine: Rochester, Lino Lakes: apartments, for rent, schools - Minnesota (MN)
  109. 19 Minnesota Chrysler dealerships to close: Duluth, Stillwater: sales, closing, store (MN)
  110. Cambridge, apt rental needed: landlord, housing, rental property - Minnesota (MN)
  111. Looking for a job in St Cloud, MN: St. Cloud, Wells: find a job, schools - Minnesota
  112. When I lived in Mankato in the 1960s and 70s most residents had never been to Minneapolis/Saint Paul, why?: Minnetrista: buying - Minnesota (MN)
  113. Realator Agent Commission around Mpls: for sale, how much, houses - Minnesota (MN)
  114. Hello to all!: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Hills: middle-class, transplants, house - Minnesota (MN)
  115. Moving to Windom: Mankato, Worthington: cliquey, apartments, for rent - Minnesota (MN)
  116. MN Driving Chaska: Eagan: college, safe, vehicle - Minnesota
  117. Cabin Rental In Red Wing: Duluth, Jasper: rentals, hotel, vacation home - Minnesota (MN)
  118. Commuting from Buffalo: Plymouth, Rockford, Annandale: live, eat, vehicle - Minnesota (MN)
  119. I'd love boxes...: Maple Grove, St. Michael: live in, stores, move - Minnesota (MN)
  120. west or east : maple grove or north oaks??: Minneapolis, Golden Valley: homeowners association, home - Minnesota (MN)
  121. Hello everybody: friend - Minnesota (MN)
  122. Nursing programs: Duluth: home, school, college - Minnesota (MN)
  123. Employability/Earning in MN: Minneapolis, St. Paul: sales, daycare, find a job - Minnesota
  124. house raffle: legal, refund, tickets - Minnesota (MN)
  125. Want to ive in a blue state!!: Minneapolis, St. Paul: rental, health insurance - Minnesota (MN)
  126. Why are Minnesotan's so rude to business calls?: for sale, credit card (MN)
  127. Pawlenty Visits Fallen Soldiers.: Cottage Grove: income, cost, move - Minnesota (MN)
  128. Rochester: Friendly or Minnesota nice ?: Badger: fit in, transplants (MN)
  129. Pawlenty continues to set sights on the poor, elderly, and disabled to solve budget crisis: Ely: sales, health insurance - Minnesota (MN)
  130. First snowfall predictions?: average, winters, road - Minnesota (MN)
  131. charming towns near Rochester?: Duluth, Northfield: house, to live in, move to - Minnesota (MN)
  132. How many Minnesotans speak like this:: Minneapolis: houses, movies, live (MN)
  133. An Italian guy needs help: Minneapolis, Duluth: appointed, rentals, hotels - Minnesota (MN)
  134. Cambridge, MN: what's it like to live there?: Princeton, Isanti: for rent, homeowners association - Minnesota
  135. Unusual but Fun Places to Visit: Mankato, Buffalo: school, live, delivery - Minnesota (MN)
  136. Minnesota Unique Facts and Trivia.: Hawley, Harmony: home, move, eat (MN)
  137. Where should we go for a relaxing get away weekend out of the cities: Duluth: hotels, school - Minnesota (MN)
  138. Is the warm weather of past few weeks normal ?: Minneapolis: store, car - Minnesota (MN)
  139. Minnesota Flag: Dakota: buying, bus, eat (MN)
  140. Is Minnesota a good place to raise a family?: Minneapolis: house, safe area (MN)
  141. Shakopee up and coming?: Minneapolis, Bloomington: townhouses, safe area, movie theaters - Minnesota (MN)
  142. Best Small town airports in MN: Minneapolis, Duluth: school, college, living in - Minnesota
  143. Moving to Minnesota???: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth: to rent, condos, townhomes (MN)
  144. TV achors say it could be a cold winter, but the cost of heating has dropped. Really ?: costs, bills - Minnesota (MN)
  145. Car broke in for the 2nd time now: crime, neighborhood - Minnesota (MN)
  146. Hells Angels motorcycle club: Minneapolis, St. Paul: motel, house, live in - Minnesota (MN)
  147. What is with this weather!: living in, costs, store - Minnesota (MN)
  148. When does fall semester start in Minnesota?: Minneapolis, Duluth: construction, school districts (MN)
  149. OB/GYN or midwife recommendations in Northern Minnesota: Duluth, Bemidji: home, live in (MN)
  150. Minnesota, I come!: Victoria: rentals, houses, landlord (MN)
  151. Minnesota weather: Minneapolis, Winona, Virginia: job market, living in, to move (MN)
  152. see New In Town: New Ulm: credit, movies, living - Minnesota (MN)
  153. OK, OK, thinking of going back to MN...: Anoka, Alexandria: for sale, home - Minnesota
  154. idea when the lightrail will be completed (to St. Cloud)?: Minneapolis: construction, colleges - Minnesota (MN)
  155. Is youth football big in Minnesota?: St. Paul, Alexandria: houses, layoffs, YMCA (MN)
  156. Cabin Rentals: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth: how much, vacation home, cabins - Minnesota (MN)
  157. small town: Mankato, Winona, Austin: places to live, nicest, best - Minnesota (MN)
  158. Minnesotans thoughts and feelings on taxing junk food: insurance, buying (MN)
  159. Minnesota Top 10 cities/towns: Minneapolis, St. Paul: best cities, to live in, best (MN)
  160. Artist retiring to MN...where to live around the twin cities?: St. Paul: houses, neighborhood - Minnesota
  161. Clueless from Texas????: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Anoka: real estate, waterpark, neighborhood - Minnesota (MN)
  162. Starbuck, MN: what's it like living there?: Minneapolis, Alexandria: house, movies - Minnesota
  163. Alexandria, MN: what's it like to live there?: Duluth, Brainerd: theatre, restaurants - Minnesota
  164. Is Minnesota a good place for us? Thinking of relocating ..: Minneapolis: for sale, apartments (MN)
  165. Lake Superior surfing?: Minneapolis, Duluth, Houston: park, pay, winters - Minnesota (MN)
  166. Transfer to SCSU or University of Minnesota?: St. Cloud, Wells: house, schools (MN)
  167. Favre: Viking: dorm, college, camp - Minnesota (MN)
  168. Public schools and nice neighborhoods in St Paul Minnesota: Minneapolis: real estate, apartments (MN)
  169. Where are the street vendors?: Minneapolis, St. Paul: how much, live in, zoning - Minnesota (MN)
  170. to relocate from California to Minnesota, give me feedback!: Minneapolis: real estate, rent (MN)
  171. Who will run for governor in 2010 from GOP if Pawlenty doesn't?: high school, taxes - Minnesota (MN)
  172. Bus stop smoking distances: house, college, cost of - Minnesota (MN)
  173. New Twins stadium: sales, how much, home - Minnesota (MN)
  174. I'm moving to Marshall, MN: Mankato, North Mankato: rent, neighborhood, buy - Minnesota
  175. Looking for Bigfoot: Duluth, Two Harbors: DMV, live, restaurants - Minnesota (MN)
  176. Employers are exploiting the unemployed: for sale, buyers, school - Minnesota (MN)
  177. 37° low in International Falls on Sunday AM?: money, place - Minnesota (MN)
  178. So, what is there to see in MN? (visiting: Minneapolis: rental car, rental - Minnesota
  179. Blue Earth, Minnesota (MN)
  180. $10 at Underwater Adventures: deal, aquarium - Minnesota (MN)
  181. Eden Prairie Montessori - reviews / experiences?: school, about - Minnesota (MN)
  182. Wedding at Covington Inn: reviews, about, small - Minnesota (MN)
  183. Difference between Chanhassen and Chaska schools?: area, map, quality - Minnesota (MN)
  184. Buying a new car: how much, costs, pay - Minnesota (MN)
  185. Gilbert, MN.: home, vehicle, park - Minnesota
  186. Woodstock 40 years ago: famous, news, photographer - Minnesota (MN)
  187. Family neighborhoods and farmers markets: school, organic, garden - Minnesota (MN)
  188. prairie community service: college, office, used - Minnesota (MN)
  189. Minnesota Honors Vietnam Era Veterans Event: entertainment, community, residents (MN)
  190. Searching for information on a human killed by a bear: museum, time - Minnesota (MN)
  191. Student liife for international students: Mankato: automobile, engineering, weather - Minnesota (MN)
  192. Ice sculptures or carving: St. Paul: live in, castle, town - Minnesota (MN)
  193. Christmas time in Minnesota: best, town, downtown (MN)
  194. minnesota fire: house, event, about - Minnesota (MN)
  195. relo to Foley/St.Cloud area from the mid-Atlantic: real estate, school - Minnesota (MN)
  196. Polar Bear Plunge: Duluth: town, annual, canal - Minnesota (MN)
  197. Medical records - 1951-1952: Springfield: small town, spring, looking for - Minnesota (MN)
  198. Grand Marais MN.: restaurant, about, favorite - Minnesota
  199. Commute from Medicine Lake to the University?: buying a house, buying - Minnesota (MN)
  200. community college in mankato: apartments, how much, live in - Minnesota (MN)