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  72. Help: lease, legal advice, corporation, pay - Business
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  74. small business owners use Turbo tax?: accountant, contractor, deductions
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  81. Posted this in the business forum time ago/update: sales, non-profit
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  92. coffre power wheelchair 10/89 - SN1178: buy - Business
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  104. trash out debris clean up: house, CA - Business
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  107. starting a small Interior Painting Business: health insurance, debt, licenses, budget
  108. The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P) Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: 2015, financial - Business
  109. Chancellor says Britain is open for business: credit, 2015, corporation
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  111. Car Washes: sales, financial, profit, real estate - Business
  112. Starting Violin/Viola Private Lessons: pay, prices, people - Business
  113. Ice Distribution - seasonal business; how to diversify during winter months?: lease, sales
  114. Could someone recommended a good business book that was authored by someone who's of Jewish descent?: credit, investor
  115. A contractor paying a subcontractor: insurance, licenses, paycheck, deduct - Business
  116. What information can insurance carrier request?: credit report, commission, small business, agent
  117. buying Sodium Lauryl Sulfate online: house - Business
  118. I jumped the gun and priced my services too low: budget, service - Business
  119. always curiou show products get invented: sales, profit, investors, sell - Business
  120. How to find a good accountant for my small business?: CPA, non-profit
  121. Maketing mailing list of 1000 stores, contact all at once or smaller group?: wholesale, consignment - Business
  122. notarizing sales contract: cost, bank, apartment, calls - Business
  123. Independent contractor in need of capital. Should I take from 401k?: incorporate, business credit
  124. What are good passive income ideas I could use?: stocks, pay - Business
  125. Pleast take a moment to complete our survey...: credit, pay, buy - Business
  126. Is business slow?: health insurance, financial, pay, deductible
  127. Need a CC for my business purchases: credit card, visa, amex
  128. Patents for Intellectual Property: attorney, trademark, patent, money - Business
  129. Possibly Hobby turn to Side Business Tax: sales, transaction, license
  130. Has Bought an Established Subway Restaurant?: fees, wholesale, sales - Business
  131. Boeing To Layoff Up To 8,000: startup, real estate, layoffs, wage - Business
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  133. Why don't companies care about customer service?: profit, pay, wage - Business
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  136. Can a corporation issue pseudo-stock to reward/incentivize executives?: suing, profit, pay - Business
  137. Public Pensions: health insurance, sales, court, 2015 - Business
  138. Facebook topping Exxon's market cap... does this make sense??: corporation, finance - Business
  139. Grocery delivery service - legal issues: commission, sales, lawsuit, 2013 - Business
  140. pet sitting business.. first incident and might need to file an insurance claim... need assistance!: attorney, buying
  141. Why do corporations pay their employees less and treat them poorly...: commission, small business
  142. planning to start a business this year??: commission, sales, agents
  143. Tuna Fish: Not USA Owned Anymore: small business, corporations, organization, pay
  144. Manager says, give customers your Social Security number and D.O.B. or your fired!: lawsuit, transaction - Business
  145. How tough is the restaurant business?: lend, borrowing, insurance, lawyer
  146. How do I go about to open up a retail store?: fees, loan - Business
  147. outsourcing jobs to other countries??: profit, organization, pay - Business
  148. Costco to Raise Its Minimum Wage. Workers will begin making at least $13 an hour this month: fees, small business
  149. Rodan and Fields. Legit or another MLM?: insurance, sales, agent - Business
  150. Too many Costly Consumer Products.: credit, lending, loans, insurance - Business
  151. How to research network marketing and MLM / multi-level marketing opportunities.: fees, insurance - Business
  152. Business owner wants to expand.. lease in my name?: credit, insurance, small business
  153. Loan for new business: credit, lender, borrow, small business
  154. Buying a convienence store: credit card, lease, bank fee, liability insurance - Business
  155. Free business advices and services from states??: commission, small business, market research
  156. Walmart. The beginning of the end?: sales, 2015, financial, profit - Business
  157. Circuit City is coming back: writing, buy, cost, average - Business
  158. How do people get into a position to become entrepreneurs?: loans, retirement plan - Business
  159. Does every Walmart have a McDonald's inside?: franchises, military, city - Business
  160. Is waking up early a good skill to aquire for entrepreneurs?: financial, advertise - Business
  161. Looking for Semi-passive income ideas.. ATM route: license, stocks, payment - Business
  162. Self Employed taxes: mortgage, health insurance, small business, sales
  163. What sort of taxes real estate LLCs pay??: fees, mortgage, borrow - Business
  164. looks like I have been robbed: credit card, small business, wholesale, pay
  165. Restaurant Dreams: lease, small business, lawyer, writing
  166. Flea Market Vendor - Theft Responsibility?: lease, collection, sales, court - Business
  167. A Killer Name For this Company?: 2015, organization, pay, register - Business
  168. Small business idea: insurance, stock, pay, register
  169. Disputed credit card charge: sales, 2015, profit, payment - Business
  170. How do most business owners get money out of their business: incorporated, proprietorship
  171. Experience with being an artisan and farmers markets: incorporate, wholesale, sales - Business
  172. Walmart to close stores and layoff workers: sales, company, closing - Business
  173. Worth hiring someone to help increase website traffic?: small business, transaction, profit
  174. DIY Repair Shop: liability insurance, profit, liabilities, income - Business
  175. Tax Deductions For Small Businesses: insurance, CPA, profit
  176. I've wanted one of for 20 years, Domino's invented it: 2015, pay - Business
  177. big4 accounting firms and minorities: lawyer, CPA, accountant, salaries - Business
  178. Receiving a 1099K form. Need advice.: fees, sales, transaction, pay - Business
  179. Promoting a public relations/speechwriting business: proprietorship, small business, pay, startup
  180. Penny's May Be The Best Retailer In America....But?: sales, financial, purchase - Business
  181. How much funding should one seek for a startup?: credit card, judgement, financial - Business
  182. Business Startup Crowdfunding: loans, 2015, profit, stock
  183. News, Walmart Closing 154 US Stores.: finance, profit, payment, wage - Business
  184. Looking for app ideas to help you at work. Bad existing software?: build - Business
  185. Registering business? One partner in USA and other in Canada.: startup
  186. Rich countries rejected an international plan to let the UN help fight tax evasion: credit, 2015 - Business
  187. Non-Medical Home Care Start up: fees, liability insurance, agent, startup - Business
  188. Tax Inversions Hinder Economy, Boost Large Caps: credit, fees, corporation - Business
  189. Martin's Potato Roll route? Good or bad: buy, owners, Boston - Business
  190. When it comes to marketing your small business online...: services, owners, agencies
  191. Which Publisher is more reliable ?: companies, costs, interest, online - Business
  192. My Latest Predictions In The Business Sector: sales, profit, purchase
  193. $5.6 Billion---a drop in the bucket for Big Banks !: 2015, currency, check - Business
  194. Business proposal salon in europe(vienna)
  195. Documents involved in a sales of services: payment, starting, required - Business
  196. If you are a Travel Agent: license, requirements, company, package - Business
  197. How to Find RFPs for Advertising/Marketing: 2015, financial, pay - Business
  198. service contract ideas and how to go about it ???: work, property, people - Business
  199. Ahold Delhaize: Royal Ahold to Acquire Delhaize Group: 2015, stores, Maine - Business
  200. FATCA Takes Effect Next Month: credit, 2015, financial, income - Business