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  1. good allergist: Dayton, Centerville: allergies, food, teach - Ohio (OH)
  2. looking for a good endocrinologist (thyroid): Cincinnati, Dayton: date, doctors, recommendations - Ohio (OH)
  3. Baker Road: Huber Heights, Fairborn, Riverside: house, school, county - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  4. Our Interview with Dayton Most Metro: Oregon: neighborhood, bill, stations - Ohio (OH)
  5. Weekend Activities in Dayton?: Cincinnati, Findlay: houses, neighborhoods, theater - Ohio (OH)
  6. The best suburb of Dayton.: Kettering, Middletown: homes, neighborhoods, schools - Ohio (OH)
  7. need new house buying: neighborhood, schools, closing - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  8. Ohio School District Report Cards '08-'09: Dayton: education, news - (OH)
  9. Need to find nice 1 story condos for rent that allow pets?: Beavercreek: apartments, lease - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  10. Looking for my Brother!: Dayton, Kettering: high school, gated, move - Ohio (OH)
  11. troy too far to drive from wright patt?: Dayton, Huber Heights: crime rates, houses - Ohio (OH)
  12. Have BA but not in education, how to become a teacher?: Dayton: schools, university - Ohio (OH)
  13. Upper Riverdale: Dayton: to buy, move to, areas - Ohio (OH)
  14. Preschool in Vandalia: Dayton: day care, live, pool - Ohio (OH)
  15. Morning Traffic on I-75: Dayton, Beavercreek: buying a house, buying, construction - Ohio (OH)
  16. Moving to Dayton/Wright Patterson AFB: Kettering, Huber Heights: apartments, rentals, condos - Ohio (OH)
  17. Handmade Holidays Downtown 12/4-12/5: Jefferson: live, club, entertainment - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  18. more Dayton area questions from a hopeful...: Columbus, Kettering: cul-de-sac, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  19. Apartments in Walkable Areas in South Suburbs of D8N?: Dayton: apartment complexes, to rent - Ohio (OH)
  20. builder in dayton??: custom home, new construction, design - Ohio (OH)
  21. Dayton Fishing. Best Bait Shops: Englewood, Holland: live, cost of, place - Ohio (OH)
  22. 126 or 167 Green Street South of Dayton Ohio?: residential, properties - (OH)
  23. IluvDYT is Nickolaseposter: Dayton: news, address, fun - Ohio (OH)
  24. Looking for schools with special education in Beavercreek or Xenia?: Cincinnati: houses, buying - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  25. hair salons: Dayton: schools, classes, town - Ohio (OH)
  26. Will Beavercreek ever build another high school?: Cincinnati, Kettering: transfer, purchasing - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  27. Which wd be best bank to open an A/C ?: Dayton: credit, salary - Ohio (OH)
  28. spring valley township vs. Dayton/Mad River School District area: Huber Heights: sale, houses - Ohio (OH)
  29. Attractions in the Dayton Region: shop, relocating to, best - Ohio (OH)
  30. Issue 2 and 3: Dayton, Hamilton, Middletown: crime rates, construction jobs, construction - Ohio (OH)
  31. Marco's, Donatos, Cousin Vinny's: Columbus, Dayton: prices, best, park - Ohio (OH)
  32. Patterson Village: Dayton, Beavercreek, Oakwood: apartment complex, neighborhood, public schools - Ohio (OH)
  33. NEWCOMERS to the DAYTON REGION: read & answer so we can assist you:: Beavercreek: low crime - Ohio (OH)
  34. apples? Cider?: Dayton, Miamisburg, Lebanon: farm, building, place - Ohio (OH)
  35. South Park: schools and youth sports; 4 quick questions: Dayton: neighborhood, elementary schools - Ohio (OH)
  36. Oakwood's website.: Dayton: moving, outside - Ohio (OH)
  37. O.k. - Let's talk Dayton public schools: Green, Montgomery: home, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  38. Citizens 4 Change, Dayton: Miamisburg, Republic, Gettysburg: neighborhoods, public schools, taxes - Ohio (OH)
  39. Maps and Stats of Dayton Neighborhoods: Springfield, Huber Heights: house, school, university - Ohio (OH)
  40. Gary Leitzell or Rhine McClin?: Dayton, Centerville: foreclosure, lawyers, home - Ohio (OH)
  41. Moving to Dayton Area: Kettering, Huber Heights: short sale, apartment, foreclosures - Ohio (OH)
  42. Fall Colors: Columbus, Dayton, Kent: to eat, best, places - Ohio (OH)
  43. Five Rivers Metro Parks: Dayton: about - Ohio (OH)
  44. First Montgomery Co. Five Guys Restaurant coming to Centerville/Washington Twp.: Fairfield: lenders, tenants - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  45. Taxes in Miamisburg area (Montgomery County): real estate, buying a home, buying - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  46. Pig Roast Suggestions: Kettering, Bellbrook: house, live in, restaurant - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  47. auto storage??: Dayton: fit in, store, airport - Ohio (OH)
  48. Orthodontist: Dayton, Mason, Butler: high school, good, looking for - Ohio (OH)
  49. Neighborhoods and the Economy: Columbus, Cincinnati: fit in, apartments, foreclosure - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  50. CONSTRUCTION in DYT???: Dayton: maintenance, land, parks - Ohio (OH)
  51. New Mayor: Cleveland, Dayton: move to, offices, small businesses - Ohio (OH)
  52. Benson drive??: Dayton, Northridge, Grandview: area, around, blocks - Ohio (OH)
  53. Opthamologist recommendation needed: Dayton, Beavercreek, Vandalia: office, area, travel to - Ohio (OH)
  54. Citizens 4 Change New Update: Dayton: tax, place to live, safer - Ohio (OH)
  55. Urban Excursion Oct 2nd: Dayton: pricing, suburban, metro - Ohio (OH)
  56. advice on Wheatley Ave in Dayton?: apartment complexes, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  57. Dayton Driving Test and Licensing: Huber Heights, Beavercreek: neighborhood, legal, centers - Ohio (OH)
  58. Rta: Dayton, Vandalia: transportation, area, demographics - Ohio (OH)
  59. plumber recommendation needed: Dayton, Tipp City: house, plumbing, heating - Ohio (OH)
  60. Coffee roasters?: Dayton, Bellefontaine, Yellow Springs: house, to buy, price - Ohio (OH)
  61. Ethnic Food in Dayton: Columbus, Cincinnati: home, neighborhood, restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  62. Senior Home Health Care Services in Dayton Ohio: Independence: living, adjudication - (OH)
  63. living in Centerville? I am moving as a senior in high school after my parents divorce from Boise, Idaho..: Dayton: movie theaters - Ohio (OH)
  64. Eric L. Smith: Trotwood: school, living, station - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  65. youth soccer/athletic clubs in Dayton area: Huber Heights, Beavercreek: club, association - Ohio (OH)
  66. Our Dayton Public Schools!: Valley View: school district, educational, ranked - Ohio (OH)
  67. Dayton Car Dealers: Beavercreek, Centerville, Ross: sales, landscaping, buyer - Ohio (OH)
  68. Internet access in Dayton?: Oregon: employment, pros and cons, place to live - Ohio (OH)
  69. August temperatures for shipping pets: Cincinnati, Dayton: live, humidity, offer - Ohio (OH)
  70. Churches: Dayton, Vandalia, Tipp City: school, childcare, program - Ohio (OH)
  71. Wilberforce....: Fairborn, Xenia, Yellow Springs: for sale, home, school district - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  72. Flat water kayaking club starts in Dayton: rentals, company - Ohio (OH)
  73. Irish student wants advice on living & working in Dayton OH for the summer: university - Ohio
  74. Teaching jobs near Dayton?: Beavercreek, Centerville: school districts, property tax, assess - Ohio (OH)
  75. Searching for peers: Dayton: area, cities, free - Ohio (OH)
  76. Dayton Ranks #1 in Economic Development: Youngstown, Green: real estate, crime, new construction - Ohio (OH)
  77. Health Fair: Dayton, Huber Heights: community college, live, professionals - Ohio (OH)
  78. Homearama: Dayton, Beavercreek, Beaver: real estate, homes, club - Ohio (OH)
  79. Walking Neighborhoods: Cincinnati, Dayton, Oregon: loft, condo, safe - Ohio (OH)
  80. Looking for nice ob-gyn: Dayton, Kettering: renting, house, suburb - Ohio (OH)
  81. new construction communities?: Dayton, Springfield, Kettering: sales, real estate, home builders - Ohio (OH)
  82. TG friendly employment: Dayton: construction, live, restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  83. what's the average utility bill in kettering apartments: Centerville, Van Buren: how much, construction - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  84. help me: Dayton: real estate, broker, attorney - Ohio (OH)
  85. STNA/CNA Classes.: Dayton, Springfield, Fairborn: homes, school, community college - Ohio (OH)
  86. Restaurant Week!: Dayton, Centerville, Vandalia: house, price, food - Ohio (OH)
  87. Off-leash Dog Areas: Dayton, Kettering, Centerville: college, live, swimming - Ohio (OH)
  88. History of Dayton: Xenia: warehouse, building, places - Ohio (OH)
  89. Roads: Dayton, Middletown, Salem: lease, construction, maintenance - Ohio (OH)
  90. Looking for a Vet for my Great Dane.: Vandalia: people, interest - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  91. Dayton Diggers--metal detecting/bottle digging: Springboro, Hillsboro: house, buy, club - Ohio (OH)
  92. Eaton, Oh. Places to live?: Dayton, Fairfield: low income, apartments, rental homes - Ohio (OH)
  93. Wash and Fold Laundry Services: prices, best, area - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  94. Regionalism. Should Dayton work with or without the suburbs?: Vandalia: health, metro - Ohio (OH)
  95. Internship at WPAFB: Dayton, Kettering: rentals, how much, townhomes - Ohio (OH)
  96. Recommendations for adult counselor: insurance, university, professionals - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  97. Accomdation near Miamisburg Immediatly: extended stay, rent, motel - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  98. gold key home builder?: Dayton, Beavercreek: neighborhood, schools, price - Ohio (OH)
  99. Waterproofing basement: deal, foundation, working - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  100. rec center: Centerville, Miamisburg, Spring Valley: price, limits, fitness - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  101. The rich history of our communities!: Dayton: live, road, people - Ohio (OH)
  102. Horseback riding lessons: Dayton, Kettering, Huber Heights: live in, gas, teach - Ohio (OH)
  103. In Home Childcare: Dayton: day care, utilities, living in - Ohio (OH)
  104. Nail Salons in Beavercreek or Centerville: post office, best, job - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  105. Kettering: Columbus, Dayton, Fairfield: low income, apartments, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  106. Ohio Supreme Court strikes down requirement for city workers to live in the city where they work: Dayton: schools - (OH)
  107. On Our Way to Dayton...: Columbus, Cincinnati: transplants, for sale, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  108. Let's cast aside our differences!: Dayton, Dent: unemployed, income, tax - Ohio (OH)
  109. Moving from Alaska to Dayton: Columbus, Cincinnati: real estate, apartments, condos - Ohio (OH)
  110. My truth about Dayton: Columbus, Cincinnati: real estate market, apartments, to rent - Ohio (OH)
  111. Need help moving to Springboro, Centerville, West Chester, Mason, OH: Cincinnati: neighborhood, school district - Dayton, Ohio
  112. Looking for a hometown with a downtown!: Dayton, Kettering: real estate, apartments - Ohio (OH)
  113. Moving downtown??? HELP!: Dayton, Oregon, Jefferson: fit in, for sale, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  114. The Smartest Move Downtown Dayton could make...: Columbus, Cincinnati: cul-de-sac, low income - Ohio (OH)
  115. Dayton Law Student Apartment Advice Needed: Kettering, Beavercreek: apartments, to rent, lofts - Ohio (OH)
  116. Got our orders!: Dayton, Fairfield, Fairborn: to buy, theater, construction - Ohio (OH)
  117. Ever lived in Chicago? If so, help me with Dayton: Cincinnati: transplants, salons - Ohio (OH)
  118. The Official Dayton Development: Kettering, Beavercreek: house, university, mall - Ohio (OH)
  119. Most walkable neighborhood?: Dayton, Kettering, Huber Heights: real estate, apartments, crime - Ohio (OH)
  120. Political Considerations when moving to Suburban Greene County: Dayton, Kettering: appointed, fit in - Ohio (OH)
  121. What, exactly, is The Greene?: Columbus, Dayton: real estate, apartment complexes, condominiums - Ohio (OH)
  122. Dayton Paranormal Activity and Ghost Stories: Vandalia, Englewood: lease, house, middle school - Ohio (OH)
  123. Go and No-Go Neighborhoods: Dayton, Springfield: crime, houses, living - Ohio (OH)
  124. Hispanics in Oakwood?: Dayton, Northridge, Wayne: lawyers, houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  125. A little bit of good news never hurts: Dayton: new home, tax - Ohio (OH)
  126. Why the midwest is gonna boom again.: Columbus, Cleveland: middle-class, violent crime - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  127. Why I'm leaving Dayton.: Columbus, Beavercreek: home, unemployment rate, good schools - Ohio (OH)
  128. Why is the 6th largest city in Ohio so dangerous (Dayton): Columbus: crime rate, how much - (OH)
  129. Shroyer Road? Dayton Public Schools?: Kettering, Xenia: apartments, crimes, house - Ohio (OH)
  130. Social Networks for young couples: Dayton, Centerville: coupons, house, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  131. Moving to Wright-Patt: Columbus, Dayton, Kettering: real estate, apartments, renting - Ohio (OH)
  132. What if I-675 were completed all the way around Dayton???: Columbus: real estate, construction - Ohio (OH)
  133. High School Soccer?: Beavercreek, Kent, Riverside: fit in, homes, safe area - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  134. Huber Heights neighborhood: Dayton, Middletown, Vandalia: big house, living, shop - Ohio (OH)
  135. Vandalia's School beat out Oakwood in Social Studies: Dayton, Huber Heights: school districts, college - Ohio (OH)
  136. Five Dayton Neighborhoods With The Most: Kettering, Huber Heights: upper-class, crime - Ohio (OH)
  137. Welcome to Dayton! :-): Columbus, Cincinnati: hotel, school, live - Ohio (OH)
  138. Comparing suburban school districts by ACT & SAT Scores: Montgomery: best schools, university - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  139. Could downtown use a new skyscraper?: Dayton, Beavercreek: condo, to live, restaurant - Ohio (OH)
  140. COL in Beavercreek area? Schools?: Columbus, Cleveland: apartment, custom home, neighborhood - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  141. Need Opinion on Springfield Ohio!!: Columbus, Cincinnati: crime, daycares, homes - Dayton, (OH)
  142. Diversity in Oakwood, ohio: Dayton, Kettering: buying a home, neighborhoods, buying - (OH)
  143. Best location for a new mall?: Dayton, Fairfield: high school, closing, living - Ohio (OH)
  144. Apartments near U Dayton: Kettering, Beavercreek: apartment complex, rentals, condo - Ohio (OH)
  145. Public transport for the airport??: Dayton, Beavercreek: rent, hotel, limousine - Ohio (OH)
  146. Looking Around Dayton: Columbus, Cincinnati, Kettering: crime, hotel, new home - Ohio (OH)
  147. College graduate with job in Dayton where to live?: Green: for sale, apartments - Ohio (OH)
  148. Kindergarten in Dayton: Kettering, Beavercreek, Centerville: apartments, to rent, houses - Ohio (OH)
  149. NCR Moving to Georgia?: Columbus, Dayton: credit card, neighborhoods, universities - Ohio (OH)
  150. Auto Auctions?: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati: rental car, sales, apartment complexes - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  151. Moving to Dayton--suggestions?: Beavercreek, Fairborn, Oregon: sale, apartments, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  152. Downtown Dayton - The Urban Alternative to the Suburbs: Columbus: best suburbs, apartment - Ohio (OH)
  153. What Dayton area cities will see the most growth in 2010's?: Kettering: house, to buy - Ohio (OH)
  154. Dayton in the Top Five of Forbes' Emptiest Cities List...: Green: rental, houses - Ohio (OH)
  155. Thoughts on Beavercreek? Relocating..: Columbus, Cincinnati: sales, apartment complex, lease - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  156. Nice/Wealthy suburbs North of Dayton up to Marysville?: Columbus: sales, apartments - Ohio (OH)
  157. Hey, how about a C-D Dayton Forum meet-up???: Columbus: neighborhood, high school - Ohio (OH)
  158. LOS REYES...Awesome Mexican Food!!!: Dayton, Fairborn: appointed, living in, restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  159. Olympics in Dayton?: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati: live, design, stadium - Ohio (OH)
  160. Why do you live in Dayton? (or it's suburbs): Columbus: foreclosed, to rent - Ohio (OH)
  161. BRAC effect: Cincinnati, Dayton, Kettering: transfer, safe neighborhoods, construction - Ohio (OH)
  162. Where is the best?: Dayton, Hamilton: house, buy, camper - Ohio (OH)
  163. Relocating to Ft Wayne, IN or Cinci/Dayton OH??: Cincinnati: real estate, apartment - Ohio
  164. DAYTON as a serious 2024 Olympic Candidate City!: Cleveland, Cincinnati: city hall, cost - Ohio (OH)
  165. Is Vandalia too far to drive from Wright Patt area B?: Dayton: houses, construction - Ohio (OH)
  166. Map of Dayton neighborhoods and Priority Board areas.: Lorain, Xenia: big house, live - Ohio (OH)
  167. Restaurant suggestions: Cincinnati, Dayton, Kettering: restaurants, club, food - Ohio (OH)
  168. Nice areas near WPAFB: Cincinnati, Dayton: new house, neighborhoods, top schools - Ohio (OH)
  169. I actually miss Dayton.: Columbus, Kettering: hotel, home, job market - Ohio (OH)
  170. Help us spread the good news!: Dayton: places, working, communities - Ohio (OH)
  171. Wapakoneta, Ohio club to host the FatCat Festival of Rock: Columbus: purchase, food - Dayton, (OH)
  172. Kayakers: trip, local, weekend - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  173. What do you expect out of the new mayor?: Dayton: communities, residents - Ohio (OH)
  174. The first 120 days since we began: Dayton: city hall, how much, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  175. News, Leno to give free show in hard-hit Dayton, Ohio.: Wilmington: layoffs, jobs - (OH)
  176. Water and Trash bill: Columbus, Centerville: apartment complex, live, moving to - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  177. is the link to our Citizens 4 Change Interview: Dayton: metro, resident - Ohio (OH)
  178. Message of Hope Gospel Concert-Dayton/Trotwood: Louisville, Jackson: Episcopal, communities, American - Ohio (OH)
  179. Bent Tree Condos and AmHurst: Riverside: apartments, about - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  180. The Foodbank of Dayton!: work, great, people - Ohio (OH)
  181. Five Oaks: Dayton: citizen, change, today - Ohio (OH)
  182. Dayton Youth Program!: Mentor, Trotwood, Powell: school, deal, park - Ohio (OH)
  183. Dry Cleaner open on Sunday in or around Dayton? - Ohio (OH)
  184. Pics of Dayton: cities, photos, job - Ohio (OH)
  185. Road test in dayton,ohio-greene county: location, route, about - (OH)
  186. Groomer needed: good, recommend - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  187. Hook 'em Horns!: Kettering: college, food, location - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  188. Citizens4change REAL people = REAL results: Dayton: schools, safer, mayor - Ohio (OH)
  189. On Merrimac Avenue Needed: lease, neighborhood, tenants - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  190. unity through political action: Dayton, Montgomery: neighborhoods, mayor, county - Ohio (OH)
  191. A great end to 2009! (Citizens 4 Change) Dayton: food, donated - Ohio (OH)
  192. waynesville ohio: Union: union, family, looking for - Dayton, (OH)
  193. Citizens 4 Change 34 days until Kickoff: Dayton: home, safe, great - Ohio (OH)
  194. other horse lovers on: riding, ride, good - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  195. The Dayton Arcade: to a series: bankruptcy, food - Ohio (OH)
  196. New Jobs and ways we can bring them in!: Dayton: manufacturing, cities - Ohio (OH)
  197. Hairstylist in or near Huber?: live in, moving, dentist - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  198. looking for good specialist in dayton (ear, nose and throat): Cincinnati: experiences - Ohio (OH)
  199. Kettering burglaries: Dayton: news, police, common - Ohio (OH)
  200. The Wesley Center: Dayton: place to live, place, work - Ohio (OH)