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  1. Moving to Miamisburg Area: Dayton, Kettering: new house, neighborhoods, construction - Ohio (OH)
  2. buddie familar with Dayton? Your idea and suggestions'll be very important for my choice to move to dayton or not!: Kettering: real estate - Ohio (OH)
  3. Moving to New Lebanon have school issue.: Dayton, Trotwood: daycare, house - Ohio (OH)
  4. Centerville Area: more than big boxes?: Dayton, Beavercreek: to rent, houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  5. Dayton Bus Lines: Kettering, Fairfield, Beavercreek: rent, Home Depot, taxes - Ohio (OH)
  6. Help! Relocating to Dayton From Cali, Have Questions: Kettering, Fairfield: renting, to buy - Ohio (OH)
  7. Possibly moving to Dayton, OH area... apartment questions.: Kettering, Beavercreek: real estate, apartment complexes - Ohio
  8. Areas in Dayton: Kettering, Beavercreek, Centerville: apartment complexes, rental, condo - Ohio (OH)
  9. looking for daycare in kettering: Beavercreek, Green: daycares, schools, transport - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  10. Daily bus service from Dayton to Cincinnati: Hamilton, Middletown: live, cost - Ohio (OH)
  11. Dayton, ohio: good, urban, gallery - (OH)
  12. Dayton - moving & need help - identifying areas: Kettering: apartment complex, for rent - Ohio (OH)
  13. Moving to Dayton How are Huber Heights schools?: Kettering, Beavercreek: house, layoffs - Ohio (OH)
  14. work at Wright Patterson in Dayton?: Cleveland, Huber Heights: transplants, lofts - Ohio (OH)
  15. Heritage Glen of Miamisburg: Montgomery: apartments, HOA, houses - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  16. huber heights: Dayton, Kettering: real estate, house, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  17. Vandalia-Butler 1989 Reunion ?: home, live, best - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  18. Need help living close to Troy, OH Dayton, Springfield Area: RV parks, to rent - Ohio
  19. Animal friendliness in Oakwood??: Dayton: house, neighborhood, contractor - Ohio (OH)
  20. first hand experience with Dayton Historic Neighborhoods?: Oregon, Grafton: fit in, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  21. Best Gymnastics School in Dayton Area??: Huber Heights, Vandalia: drive, good, academy - Ohio (OH)
  22. New Grad: Need help finding a job in Dayton.: sales, find a job - Ohio (OH)
  23. Moving to Dayton area, looking for: Beavercreek, Green: neighborhood, high schools - Ohio (OH)
  24. Thanks Dayton: new home, best, area - Ohio (OH)
  25. Dayton Internet Options: house, buy, moving - Ohio (OH)
  26. Moving to North Dayton area: Columbus, Toledo: living, restaurants, shop - Ohio (OH)
  27. Good (gentle) dentist in Dayton/HH/Vandalia?: Kettering, Fairfield: health insurance, friendly - Ohio (OH)
  28. Fresh ingredients in/near Dayton?: Hamilton, Kettering: buying, live, restaurant - Ohio (OH)
  29. Dayton area apartment suggestions?: Kettering, Beavercreek: real estate, apartment complexes, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  30. Need on suburbs of Dayton, esp. schools: Oregon, Oakwood: new home, school district - Ohio (OH)
  31. Caresource in Downtown Dayton?: home, construction, income - Ohio (OH)
  32. Dayton - Jefferson Twp: crime, schools, stats - Ohio (OH)
  33. Is the Sub house still on Salem AVe.: Dayton: middle school, area - Ohio (OH)
  34. Dayton left out??: Cleveland, Toledo, Akron: map, factories, history - Ohio (OH)
  35. s on huber heights/dayton?: Cincinnati, Troy: house, transfer, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  36. Special report on Dayton gangs: crime, shop, safe - Ohio (OH)
  37. More Dayton area questions...: Cleveland, Kettering: houses, neighborhood, to buy - Ohio (OH)
  38. Job in Dayton: Kettering, Beavercreek, Oakwood: for sale, apartment complexes, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  39. Cheap Dayton Hotel/Motel near Kettering: extended stay, hotels, safe area - Ohio (OH)
  40. Romantic Dining in Dayton?: Kettering, Fairborn: hotels, live in, romantic restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  41. Cimarron Woods: apartments, live, price - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  42. Dayton fares better than nation in home values!!!!!: sales, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  43. about Lower Riverdale area in Dayton: Findlay, Fairborn: real estate, crime - Ohio (OH)
  44. about weight watchers points: calculator, value, program - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  45. Valley View HS - Germantown: home, high school, property taxes - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  46. local charity serivces listing for the poor?: Dayton: area, community - Ohio (OH)
  47. Bent Tree & Pine Run Townhomes in Huber Heights,OH: Dayton: apartments, for rent - Ohio
  48. Day Spa: Cincinnati, Dayton, Centerville: farm, massages, place - Ohio (OH)
  49. Looking for a Dentist: Huber Heights, Clayton: office, work, between - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  50. Springboro traffic to Wright Patt?: Cincinnati, Dayton: apartment, house, taxes - Ohio (OH)
  51. Good apartments close to Kettering Medical Center: Dayton, Oakwood: apartment complexes, renter - Ohio (OH)
  52. Dayton or Cincinnati, or in between?: Columbus, Kettering: cul-de-sac, lofts - Ohio (OH)
  53. Where does a single professional woman live South of Dayton??: Cincinnati: apartments, for rent - Ohio (OH)
  54. Moving Back after 35 years- yea!!: Springfield, Kettering: crime rate, homes, neighborhoods - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  55. Volunteer opportunity suggestions: Dayton, Kettering, Warren: sales, house, find a job - Ohio (OH)
  56. Looking for fairs/festivals with a craft theme.: Columbus, Dayton: homes, schools - Ohio (OH)
  57. single mother needs advice!!: felons, employment, school - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  58. North Dayton 'Burbs???: Kettering, Fairfield, Huber Heights: apartments, rentals, crime - Ohio (OH)
  59. 4th most abandoned city: Dayton, Warren: rental, home, layoffs - Ohio (OH)
  60. Moving to Dayton.: Cleveland, Springfield, Kettering: appointed, apartment complex, rental - Ohio (OH)
  61. Moving to the Area: Dayton, Huber Heights: houses, best schools, living - Ohio (OH)
  62. Place to buy kerosene?: Dayton, Kettering: Home Depot, rain, sell - Ohio (OH)
  63. Jobs for a Criminology/Spanish major: Dayton, Patterson: find a job, transfer, university - Ohio (OH)
  64. Heat Pump: Cincinnati, Dayton: hardwood floors, new home, construction - Ohio (OH)
  65. The I am so happy that this forum exists: Toledo: status - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  66. Finding an apartment in dayton ohio: Fairfield, Beavercreek: apartments, for rent, condos - (OH)
  67. Dayton forum??: Springfield: traffic, urban, spring - Ohio (OH)
  68. public transportation between columbus and dayton?: Kent: renting, how much - Ohio (OH)
  69. Good resource to find jobs in Dayton?: find a job, construction - Ohio (OH)
  70. Best internet/cable service?: Oakwood: live in, price, bill - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  71. Dayton vs other cities in OH, IL, IN to live in: Columbus: homes, store - Ohio
  72. Downtown Ice Arena: Dayton: legal, parking, money - Ohio (OH)
  73. Looking to retire...: Dayton, Kettering, Xenia: apartment, rentals, how much - Ohio (OH)
  74. canoists/kayakers/fisherman: Dayton, Warren: rentals, live, dangerous - Ohio (OH)
  75. Can't Believe it!: Cincinnati, Dayton: great, people, questions - Ohio (OH)
  76. Places to marry in Springfield OH?: Dayton, Kent: wedding, arboretum, best - Ohio
  77. Tourist Activities: Cincinnati, Dayton, Green: house, live, shop - Ohio (OH)
  78. jefferyt - dayton apartments (park layne): Oregon, Wayne: live in, nightlife, metropolitan - Ohio (OH)
  79. Ethnic neighborhoods in Dayton?: Cleveland, Toledo: school, college, living - Ohio (OH)
  80. Flooding in Dayton ???: Columbus, Cincinnati, Findlay: transplants, buy, to live in - Ohio (OH)
  81. Chinatown near Dayton: Columbus, Cincinnati, Fairfield: living in, groceries, stores - Ohio (OH)
  82. 700 Block of WHITMORE AVE /Dayton OH: Columbus: house, neighborhoods, to buy - Ohio
  83. Dayton top 10 foreclosure mkt: foreclosures, lenders, home - Ohio (OH)
  84. Spanish Church Dayton Area??: Cincinnati, Hamilton: school, housing, offices - Ohio (OH)
  85. Home Builders (Cincy/Dayton)?: Hamilton, Lebanon: construction, schools, home inspector - Ohio (OH)
  86. downtown dayton: Kettering, Beavercreek, Fairborn: schools, good, avoid - Ohio (OH)
  87. Dayton,Trotwood ohio: Florida: tax, living, low cost - (OH)
  88. Dayton Bomber, Blue Jacket fans?: teach, soccer, skiing - Ohio (OH)
  89. Property Disclosure Law in the City of Dayton: sales, foreclosures - Ohio (OH)
  90. Dayton gas prices: average cost, suburbs, average - Ohio (OH)
  91. Area Near Five Oaks Park in Dayton, OH?: crime, house - Ohio
  92. Cable/Internet Providers in the Dayton Area: Kettering: sale, buy - Ohio (OH)
  93. Relocating to Dayton - recommendations for Banks or S&L or CU's?: Centerville: mortgage - Ohio (OH)
  94. Apartments In Dayton: Centerville, Miamisburg, Springboro: apartment complexes, restaurants, mall - Ohio (OH)
  95. Questions about Oakwood: Dayton, Centerville, Miamisburg: affordable houses, neighborhood, theatre - Ohio (OH)
  96. Dayton--more associated with Columbus or Cincy: Cleveland, Cincinnati: home, casinos, live - Ohio (OH)
  97. Dayton Shopping; What'll survive: Columbus, Toledo: shopping centers, airport, health - Ohio (OH)
  98. Dayton weather . . .: Washington: how much, home, places to live - Ohio (OH)
  99. Dayton - Dog parks: Xenia, Green: moving to, bike, best - Ohio (OH)
  100. Colorado to Dayton: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati: condos, crime rates, how much - Ohio (OH)
  101. questions about centerville: apartments, rentals, day care - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  102. Dayton: Columbus, Russia: for sale, buying, public schools - Ohio (OH)
  103. Couple of nurses looking to move to Dayton area: Kettering: schools, places to live - Ohio (OH)
  104. Quick Weekend getaway - Dayton Area: Cincinnati: neighborhood, restaurants, bars - Ohio (OH)
  105. Dayton / Wright-Patt Areas: Springfield, Kettering, Huber Heights: real estate, apartments, renters - Ohio (OH)
  106. I've been in Dayton for over a month now...: Columbus: rent, job market - Ohio (OH)
  107. Dayton: Cincinnati, Centerville: apartments, crime, schools - Ohio (OH)
  108. Thinking of buying a fixer-upper in Dayton.: Cincinnati, Kent: resale, town - Ohio (OH)
  109. Good Apartments in Troy, Ohio Just outside of Dayton: Cincinnati: rentals, townhomes - (OH)
  110. Areas around Dayton?: Kettering, Fairfield, Huber Heights: fit in, real estate, crime - Ohio (OH)
  111. Dayton- Delphi Closing?: live in, stats, manufacturing - Ohio (OH)
  112. Dayton View Triangle: Salem, Grafton: for sale, sex offender, crime - Ohio (OH)
  113. Moving to Dayton: Cincinnati, Oregon, Park Layne: apartment complexes, for rent, houses - Ohio (OH)
  114. East Dayton Area: Kettering, Beavercreek, Fairborn: sale, houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  115. East Dayton Neighborhood: Xenia, Wyoming, Wayne: crime rates, homes, construction - Ohio (OH)
  116. How is the Economy of Dayton??: Columbus, Cincinnati: sales, buying a house, find job - Ohio (OH)
  117. Piggy Backing on the Dayton ..... home schoolers in the area?: Kettering: homes - Ohio (OH)
  118. Cheap housing in dayton: Youngstown, Vandalia: apartment, violent crime, houses - Ohio (OH)
  119. Drivers in Ohio: Dayton best, Columbus worst: Cleveland, Cincinnati: construction, dangerous - (OH)
  120. Kettering thoughts: Dayton, Beavercreek, Centerville: fit in, 2014, low crime - Ohio (OH)
  121. Moving to Dayton.. Help?: Columbus, Kettering: hardwood floors, apartment, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  122. relocating from Denver to Centerville: Dayton, Beavercreek: houses, neighborhoods, school district - Ohio (OH)
  123. What brand of car do you like best driving in Dayton area?: Columbus: how much, buy - Ohio (OH)
  124. Moving to Dayton: Cincinnati, Kettering, Huber Heights: crime, homes, safest neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  125. Small rural towns north of Dayton???: Springfield, Xenia: for sale, houses, YMCA - Ohio (OH)
  126. from Dayton?: Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo: crime, houses, unemployed - Ohio (OH)
  127. Important How many authentic Mexican restaurants are in Dayton area?: Huber Heights: coupons, home - Ohio (OH)
  128. Transferring to Dayton - South Park: Kettering, Oregon: apartment, HOA - Ohio (OH)
  129. Racial problems for biracial child?: Huber Heights, Beavercreek: for sale, houses, buy - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  130. Not nearly the hellhole I expected: Columbus, Cleveland: apartments, rent, lofts - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  131. Dayton opinions: Kettering, Beavercreek, Trotwood: apartments, loft, low crime - Ohio (OH)
  132. Other nice bar in Kettering besides the Pub at the Greene?: Columbus: live, restaurants - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  133. reloacting to Miamisburg, OH from Philadelphia suburb.: Cleveland, Cincinnati: apartment, condo - Dayton, Ohio
  134. Anxious Brit moving to Dayton - advice,: Columbus, Cincinnati: real estate, apartment complexes - Ohio (OH)
  135. Dayton Ohio: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati: ski resorts, crime, closing - (OH)
  136. Best area of Dayton for a $40,000 house and Dayton growth prospects for 5 years coming: Springfield: crime, credit - Ohio (OH)
  137. Hotels -- Dayton Area???: Cincinnati, Fairfield: restaurants, price, stores - Ohio (OH)
  138. behind dayton mall: Fairfield, Green, Union: credit, hotel, construction - Ohio (OH)
  139. Noise from Dayton Wright Bros Airport?: Miamisburg, Vandalia: rental homes, house, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  140. Dayton air museum???: Cleveland, Kettering, Warren: house, transfer, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  141. Moving to Kettering: Dayton, Springfield, Beavercreek: low income, apartment complex, loft - Ohio (OH)
  142. dayton vs. cincinnati: Centerville, Mason, Oregon: house, neighborhoods, buy - Ohio (OH)
  143. Places to live in Dayton, OH: Kettering, Huber Heights: apartments, rentals, lofts - Ohio
  144. Huber Heights update??: Dayton, Kettering, Beavercreek: renters, buying a home, transfer - Ohio (OH)
  145. Dayton OH, Steel Ave.: Xenia, Oregon: for sale, real estate market, foreclosed - Ohio
  146. Dayton Investment Property: Belmont, Patterson: section 8, sale, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  147. Young Professional Moving to Dayton: Toledo, Kettering: apartment complexes, rentals, lofts - Ohio (OH)
  148. Centerville: Dayton, Fairfield, Beavercreek: for sale, HOA, townhomes - Ohio (OH)
  149. About Dayton: Huber Heights, Beavercreek, Fairborn: crime, new home, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  150. Englewood, Clayton area... the good, the bad and the ugly?: Dayton: homes, transfer - Ohio (OH)
  151. Oakwood's excellent Schools: Dayton, Kettering: credit, house, transfer to - Ohio (OH)
  152. DUI in Centerville Ohio: Toledo, Dayton: insurance, low crime, credit - (OH)
  153. Our trip to dayton: Fairfield, Fairborn: where to stay, amusement parks, hotels - Ohio (OH)
  154. Californian Seeking Advice Suburbs of Dayton: Columbus, Cleveland: best suburbs, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  155. University Row/ Dayton View/Upper Dayton View?: Cincinnati, Kettering: fit in, for sale by owner - Ohio (OH)
  156. Do I need a garage in Dayton?: houses, safe area - Ohio (OH)
  157. Good Amish furniture place near Dayton?: Hamilton, Fairfield: to buy, cabinets, live in - Ohio (OH)
  158. SE Michigan vs Miamisburg, OH: Columbus, Cleveland: fit in, crime, houses - Dayton, Ohio
  159. I-75 Dayton construction: Montgomery, Butler: hotel, college, dangerous - Ohio (OH)
  160. Dayton Ohio: Does it still suck there?: Kettering, Springboro: house, college - (OH)
  161. Huber Heights: Columbus, Dayton, Beavercreek: for sale, real estate, house - Ohio (OH)
  162. Relocation to Dayton: Kettering, Centerville, Oakwood: apartments, to rent, hotel - Ohio (OH)
  163. Moving from Canada to Kettering,Ohio area: Columbus, Cincinnati: low income, spring break - Dayton, (OH)
  164. is dayton a good area?: Springfield, Beavercreek: apartments, transfer, school - Ohio (OH)
  165. Moving to Dayton Area: Kettering, Beavercreek: for rent, condos, low crime - Ohio (OH)
  166. Dayton restaurants: Kettering, Fairfield, Beavercreek: house, college, live in - Ohio (OH)
  167. African American moving to Miamisburg: Cleveland, Dayton: home, transferring to, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  168. Would it be crazy to leave California for Dayton?: Columbus: apartment, condo - Ohio (OH)
  169. Ideas for Dayton: Oregon: lofts, condos, crimes - Ohio (OH)
  170. Dayton Hotel Recommendation: Kettering, Fairfield, Beavercreek: extended stay, apartment complexes, rental - Ohio (OH)
  171. Dayton now makes poor list: Columbus, Cleveland: home, incomes, stats - Ohio (OH)
  172. What to do near Dayton: Cincinnati, Fairfield: loft, theater, university - Ohio (OH)
  173. Time Warner Cable Dayton -- NBC??? HELP!: Cincinnati, Toledo: live, station - Ohio (OH)
  174. Need help with school systems in the Vandalia area: Columbus: houses, neighborhoods - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  175. Dayton: Kettering, Grafton, Patterson: apartments, lofts, high crime - Ohio (OH)
  176. Where should I live in Dayton..: Huber Heights, Trotwood: crime rate, how much, homes - Ohio (OH)
  177. Help... Troy Ohio: Columbus, Dayton, Kettering: real estate, to rent, home - (OH)
  178. Where to live in Dayton, Ohio: Kettering, Beavercreek: apartments, for rent, house - (OH)
  179. Moving to Oakwood (Dayton)...Comments?: Columbus, Cincinnati: fit in, section 8, apartments - Ohio (OH)
  180. what are the bad parts of dayton?: Riverside, Oregon: foreclosures, crime - Ohio (OH)
  181. Chicago to Dayton?: Columbus, Cincinnati, Kettering: apartment, lofts, condos - Ohio (OH)
  182. Brits Moving To Dayton: Clayton, Englewood: real estate, car insurance, how much - Ohio (OH)
  183. Thinking About Moving to Yellow Springs: Columbus, Cincinnati: crime, credit, homes - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  184. Dayton: shop, places to eat, things to do - Ohio (OH)
  185. Coming to Dayton- Tips?: homes, neighborhoods, living in - Ohio (OH)
  186. huber heights sex offenders: live, around - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  187. Moraine: Dayton: road, parallel - Ohio (OH)
  188. Hydro in Dayton?: home, neighborhood, living - Ohio (OH)
  189. Looking for Property Manager in/near DAYTON: home, university - Ohio (OH)
  190. Does know of someone who does latch hook braids/ dreds in Dayton or there-abouts?: Richmond: close to - Ohio (OH)
  191. New Choices Community School in Dayton: experiences - Ohio (OH)
  192. Realtor for Riverside, Ohio: sales, home sales, area - Dayton, (OH)
  193. Vectren gas customers: SCAM ALERT: Dublin: bill, natural gas, money - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  194. Free legal advice: Dayton: telephone - Ohio (OH)
  195. Dayton Ohio: Home Depot, centers, Lowes - (OH)
  196. Centerville Commute: Columbus - Dayton, Ohio (OH)
  197. The director and cast of 'Live Fast, Die Young' coming to Dayton: cinema - Ohio (OH)
  198. Home and Garden Show: Cincinnati, Dayton: landscaping, live, professionals - Ohio (OH)
  199. Caresource In Dayton: building, skyscraper, town - Ohio (OH)
  200. Dayton Neighborhoods?: Grafton: college, town, downtown - Ohio (OH)