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  1. Elementary schools: El Paso, Portland, Port Aransas: best neighborhood, real estate, neighborhoods - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  2. Hospitals: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio: ob-gyn, health insurance, how much - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  3. Would I have luck finding a job in special education in Corpus Christi?: teachers - Texas (TX)
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  5. Current Water and Gulf Status?: Port Aransas: quality, news, what does - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  6. Beaches with restrooms?: Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Mustang: condo, hotels, beach - Texas (TX)
  7. What are the job prospects for a social worker in Corpus Christi?: apartments - Texas (TX)
  8. Oil prices could impact Texas housing market later this year: Houston: sales, 2015 - Corpus Christi, (TX)
  9. Utility bills in Corpus?: Austin, Corpus Christi: wood floors, apartment complex, lease - Texas (TX)
  10. Italian American Community In Corpus Christi Texas: best time, places to stay - (TX)
  11. Where in CC??: Ennis, Mustang: apartment complex, lease, insurance - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  12. Gifted and Talented Middle Schools: Corpus Christi: live, design, relocating - Texas (TX)
  13. Fourth of July in CC/N. padre Island....: San Antonio, Corpus Christi: 2015, hotel - Texas (TX)
  14. What are the pro and cons of living in Corpus Christi Texas?: low income - (TX)
  15. Healthcare suggestions for the CC area?: Houston, Corpus Christi: dermatologist, insurance, office - Texas (TX)
  16. Padre Island N'tl Seashore (PINS) on Full Moon: Austin: shop, swimming - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  17. There's A Storm A Comin': Odessa, West: how much, beaches, activity - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  18. Short vacations in the area: Corpus Christi, Port Aransas: hotels, restaurants, shop - Texas (TX)
  19. Looking for a private school and daycare in Corpus or surrounding area: Rockport: rentals - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  20. locksmith that can copy key without original: Austin: rental, condo - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  21. Moving to corpus christi: Portland, Midway: rentals, house, employment - Texas (TX)
  22. Price of Oil - Houston & Giant: 2015, prices - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  23. Do local pubs have trivia night ?: Austin: places, good - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  24. Restaurant recommendations for thanksgiving: Corpus Christi, Port Aransas: hotel, restaurants, price - Texas (TX)
  25. Discount rain barrels: Corpus Christi: install, friendly, money - Texas (TX)
  26. neighborhoods in corpus christi: Alto: to rent, house, safe neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  27. Cell service on Padre Island: Mansfield, Mustang: house, living in, costs - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  28. From NJ. Thinking about relocating to CC: Dallas, San Antonio: job market, school districts - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  29. Corpus Christi Commercial Property: lease, insurance, homes - Texas (TX)
  30. South Padre weather this long weekend: Victoria, Harlingen: shops, bars, beach - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  31. Retirement Community.. gated w activity center, pool: Port Isabel: gated communities, island - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  32. Moving for school: Corpus Christi, Ennis: flat fee, apartments, lease - Texas (TX)
  33. Ocean drive: Corpus Christi, West, Howe: spring break, friendly, bike - Texas (TX)
  34. Port Aransas ferry operational status: Center: sales, how much, school - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  35. House rentals and apartments: Dallas, Corpus Christi: real estate, renter, insurance - Texas (TX)
  36. Corpus Christi Pollution - Where are the refineries & which way does the wind blow?: Portland: crimes - Texas (TX)
  37. Fireworks on beach in Port Aransas?: Mustang: island, allowed, based - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  38. Amazing Food Places: Corpus Christi, Hamlin: neighborhood, pharmacy, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  39. How often does corpus christi get affected by natural disasters?: Houston: insurance, buying a home - Texas (TX)
  40. Do restaurants take advantage of the Water Boil situation?: San Antonio: health, deal - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  41. Electric for new home: Houston: purchasing, new construction, military - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  42. Corpus Christi middle or High school students from the late 1970s? Recognize this girl?: Huntsville: 2015 - Texas (TX)
  43. Great gyms in CC?: Howe: home, to live in, prices - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  44. The Cosmopolitan at CC downtown: for sale, apartments, lease - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  45. Cell service carriers? Who has what?: Portland, Nevada: live in, work, hospital - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  46. selena: Austin, Howe, Miami: hotel, moving to, tickets - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  47. Family relocation (Portland, Sinton, Rockport, Ingleside, Gregory): Orange, Mathis: homes, prices - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  48. Good time to visit the Aransas Wildlife Refuge?: Port Lavaca, Rockport: health, area - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  49. Where to wash a truck or RV?: car wash, island - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  50. Moving form los angeles to corpus christi: Austin: section 8, hair salon - Texas (TX)
  51. Relocating to Corpus...: Houston, San Antonio, Austin: spring break, for sale, real estate market - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  52. Local African-American man in green suit, large hat: Houston, Corpus Christi: food, bike - Texas (TX)
  53. Breezes: Portland: apartments, houses, neighborhood - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  54. Dyslexic school support in Corpus Christi Tx: Houston, San Antonio: best schools, move to - Texas (TX)
  55. Why are there no screened pools?: homes, construction, price - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  56. visit to corpus christi: Austin: movies, middle school, college - Texas (TX)
  57. Where to donate car for tax writeoff: Corpus Christi: tax return, living - Texas (TX)
  58. Corpus Christi Downtown Farmer's Market: Center, Howe: home, to buy, high school - Texas (TX)
  59. Flooding?: San Antonio, Laredo, Hillsboro: vacation, areas, places - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  60. Has done substitute teaching?: school, work, hired - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  61. Does know what happened to the Corn crop?: Happy: live, gardening - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  62. Water boil advisory continues for Corpus Christi‏: Cove: live in, assess - Texas (TX)
  63. Bacteria levels at beaches?: Port Aransas: safe, beach, children - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  64. Where was the Sonic on Everhart?: restaurant, shopping center, parking - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  65. Rockport Get Away?: appointed, shops, beach - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  66. Antenna TV in Corpus Christi: Dallas, Fort Worth: home, movies, live - Texas (TX)
  67. Restaurant and fishing suggestions needed for Port Aransas trip Sept.: prices, law - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  68. Wallet hub's best cities: Corpus Christi, Detroit: crime, unemployment, bankrupt - Texas (TX)
  69. The old woolco location: Mart: house, shop, eat - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  70. Buying new home before selling our home in Corpus: sale, 2015 - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  71. Eviction during foreclosure: foreclosures, lease, how much - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  72. must move a.s.a.p: lease, landlord, moving to - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  73. Moving to corpus area. Apt searching: Kingsville, Driscoll: apartments, rent, school district - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  74. Looking for a picture: live, building, tower - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  75. Texas A&M questions?: Corpus Christi: transfer to, business, careers - (TX)
  76. know of good storage places?: Aransas Pass: live, price - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  77. Corpus Christi to get $10 billion Exxonmobil plant: Houston, Brownsville: real estate, 2015 - Texas (TX)
  78. turner industries: Corpus Christi, Portland: purchase, salary, military - Texas (TX)
  79. Corpus Christi Terminus ad quem?: Laredo, Brownsville: 2014, airport, moving - Texas (TX)
  80. New Google Street View Time Machine: 2014, neighborhoods, school - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  81. Where are the nice new suburban areas?: Houston, Corpus Christi: low crime, custom home - Texas (TX)
  82. Wichita, Kansas Versus Corpus Christi, Texas: Houston, Dallas: sales, real estate, apartment - (TX)
  83. Rockport flood insurance: property, area, what does - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  84. An interesting video on ethics of fracking.: Earth: 2014, inspectors - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  85. walking to a beach in corpus christi questions??: Port Aransas, South Padre Island: hotel, mall - Texas (TX)
  86. Fun Places To take Kids to eat in corpus christi?: Lexington: house, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  87. recommendation needed for dryer vent cleaning?: Corpus Christi: townhouse, island, town - Texas (TX)
  88. Moving to Corpus Christi Need Apartment Help!: to rent, college - Texas (TX)
  89. Does one do Bridge Loans in Corpus Christi TX: real estate, mortgage - Texas
  90. Looking at property in Portland, TX Old Section: Ingleside, Aransas Pass: for sale, real estate - Corpus Christi, Texas
  91. Which dry cleaners do you go to?: tax, charge - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  92. 5 star hotels or resorts on South Padre Island?: Galveston: beach, food - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  93. Filipinos in Corpus Christi?: Houston, Combine: for sale, lease, condos - Texas (TX)
  94. Need computer repair in Corpus Christi: shop, best, business - Texas (TX)
  95. Corpus: Mosquitoes, Vibe, Summer?: Houston, San Antonio: school, living, price - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  96. Why did I have to learn of this via Seattle PI???‏: Mesquite: 2014, live - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  97. Homes for sale along Ocean Drive-will they ever sell?: Corpus Christi: real estate, insurance - Texas (TX)
  98. The Cut Area NW of Downtown: Corpus Christi, Rockport: wood floors, apartments - Texas (TX)
  99. Looking for Place to Rent for January 2018: Corpus Christi, Portland: apartments, rental - Texas (TX)
  100. fence builder recommendations?: fencing, price, reviews - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  101. Humid and windy: coastal - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  102. Beachfront hotel recommendations: Austin, Corpus Christi, Spring: rent, best hotel, condos - Texas (TX)
  103. Does remember phoning ahead your Whataburger order?: taxi, live - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  104. Seashore Learning Center: schools, teaching, quality - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  105. I uncovered old Tokens: Corpus Christi, Post: insurance, high school, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  106. Portland, TX: unemployment rate, construction, closing - Corpus Christi, Texas
  107. Mustang Club Downtown Corpus Christi: better, information - Texas (TX)
  108. Uneasy at work, Help ASAP!: home, school, closing - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  109. Took position at in Kingsville or CC?: apartments, rentals - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  110. Help me decide where to open shop?: Houston, Austin: hotel, live in - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  111. Good apartment complexes: Corpus Christi, Center: apartment complex, price, safe - Texas (TX)
  112. Today is Selena's death anniversary: Van: driving, news, music - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  113. CBS show the Mentalist show mentioned Corpus several times: Austin: to move, vehicle - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  114. Hogan Homes?: buying, building, high quality - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  115. Rockport Beach - What's Wrong With This Picture?: Corpus Christi, West: live, title - Texas (TX)
  116. Grew up and left, came back for visit: Mesquite: lofts, high school - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  117. Victoria, TX - what to do in area: Corpus Christi: shops, food - Texas
  118. Corpus Christi police are very interesting: Van: apartment complex, crime, houses - Texas (TX)
  119. Corpus vs Mobile, Alabama: Corpus Christi: living, cost of living, move to - Texas (TX)
  120. Who around s Tricare and Dental??: Corpus Christi, Portland: university, live in - Texas (TX)
  121. Need a housekeeper in Port Aransas: house, live, ratings - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  122. Corpus Christi TX vs. Houston TX: Mesquite, Galveston: chapel, buying a house, employment - Texas
  123. Bad Turn Worse: Corpus Christi, Portland, Taft: co-op, credit, high school - Texas (TX)
  124. Looking for Downtown Coffee shop open on weeknight during business trip: Corpus Christi: crime, houses - Texas (TX)
  125. Moving to CC...need: Arlington, Corpus Christi: for rent, houses, landlords - Texas (TX)
  126. Hotels Downtown?: Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi: waterpark, luxury, taxi - Texas (TX)
  127. Relocating to Texas in May/June...TX folks, what's the best public school district within 20 minutes of the coast?: Houston: spring break - Corpus Christi
  128. Help. Found cracks on the ceiling: hardwood floors, new house - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  129. Black Swans in Corpus Christi Laguna Madre: Van: to live, prices - Texas (TX)
  130. Place to enjoy bay views at this time of year in the evening/night time?: beach - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  131. Corpus area home builders: home builders, subdivisions, live - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  132. What is the controversy about the recycling program?: Home Depot, purchase - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  133. Alternative Building Materials - Straw Bale and Cob: Houston, San Antonio: house, to buy - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  134. play badminton?: Dallas, Corpus Christi: club, moving, places - Texas (TX)
  135. Tropical Tidbits: Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi: 2014, lease, mobile home - Texas (TX)
  136. Houses for rent under 1500 a month in Portland Tx: Ingleside: real estate, rentals - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  137. Corpus Christi -Resort: San Antonio, Austin, San Diego: neighborhoods, purchasing, living in - Texas (TX)
  138. portland for young professional: San Antonio, Corpus Christi: apartments, to rent, live - Texas (TX)
  139. Fishing, sports crew?: San Antonio, Aransas Pass, Port Aransas: moving to, ferry, golf course - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  140. Odom's Dining Room: house, neighborhood, garden - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  141. Laid back beach bars in Corpus Christi?: Rockport, Marlin: hotel, home - Texas (TX)
  142. Columbus replica ships expected to be demolished: Corpus Christi: 2014, architecture - Texas (TX)
  143. New Carrol High School: Midway: 2015, house, living - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  144. Visiting Aug 8th thru 10th: San Antonio, Corpus Christi: house, theater, school - Texas (TX)
  145. How do say Calallen?: house, live, farmer - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  146. Texas near coast: San Antonio, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi: apartment, to rent, how much - (TX)
  147. visiting - things to do with young kids?: Austin, Port Aransas: houses, restaurant - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  148. Good Running Route in Corpus Christi?: Ennis, Portland: hotel, homes, safe area - Texas (TX)
  149. Which area is best for families?: Dallas, Corpus Christi: where to stay, homes, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  150. Peaches? Farm fruit (somewhat local)? + CC Farmers' Market notes: Fredericksburg: buying, price - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  151. Best Beaches for Kids around Corpus?: Corpus Christi, Spring: spring break, rent, condos - Texas (TX)
  152. Would Corpus Christi be a fit?: Houston, Harlingen: violent crime, houses, find a job - Texas (TX)
  153. Rockport needed: Aransas Pass, Post, West: crime, house, schools - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  154. Are there snowbirds in CC?: Corpus Christi, Rockport: rentals, condo, vacation home - Texas (TX)
  155. School District Questions: Portland, Howe, Gregory: 2015, renting, house - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  156. Prejudice/racism in South Texas: Houston, Dallas: 2015, houses, college - Corpus Christi, (TX)
  157. Dining in Corpus: Corpus Christi, Mesquite, Anna: appointed, hotels, house - Texas (TX)
  158. Gasoline Prices shot up 16 cents overnight!!: San Antonio, Corpus Christi: construction, store, beach - Texas (TX)
  159. moving to the area, visiting in a few weeks: Corpus Christi: real estate, 2014 - Texas (TX)
  160. Thinking of moving instead of Austin: San Antonio, Corpus Christi: 2014, apartments - Texas (TX)
  161. so possibly moving from ny: Houston, San Antonio: sublet, apartment complex, rentals - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  162. Thinking about relocation to Rockport - Corpus Area need knowledge: Fort Worth: real estate, condos - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  163. Swim In Ocean: Corpus Christi, Rockport, Port Aransas: house, safe, beach - Texas (TX)
  164. Why don't I hear more about Corpus Christi?: Houston, Dallas: transplants, home - Texas (TX)
  165. I'm a nurse, wife and mother of 2 moving to CC area, have ?s!: Corpus Christi: sale, rentals - Texas (TX)
  166. Time of the shrimp boats!: Houston, Corpus Christi: lease, insurance, hotel - Texas (TX)
  167. Corpus Christi area Home-shopping: neighborhoods and getting the lay of the land: Austin: best neighborhood, spring break - Texas (TX)
  168. Why are Gasoline prices so HIGH !!!: San Antonio, Austin: live, store - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
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  174. Bill Gates: The Deadliest Animal in the World: Dallas, Corpus Christi: 2015, live - Texas (TX)
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  177. Corpus Christianorum for Science and Reason - Texas (TX)
  178. Corpus Cristi, Texas: sales, employment, average - Corpus Christi, (TX)
  179. Gulf spill a concern still? Water sports in CC?: oil, quality - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
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  182. classes???: colleges, area, lessons - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  183. We are looking for a maid: live in, close to, airline - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
  184. Air Conditioner Repair: fair, recommendation, person - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
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  188. Oak Lawn area safe? - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
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  190. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in Corpus Christi: Rockport: island, town, typical - Texas (TX)
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  194. Corpus Christi Treasure Bubba Jacob passes away: coastal, pizza - Texas (TX)
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  196. Throwback 70's, 80's and 90's: apartments, movie theater, high school - Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)
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