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  1. apartment searching in toledo: Bowling Green, Green: loft, unemployed, good schools - Ohio (OH)
  2. Where to buy in Toledo?: Oregon, Sylvania: apartments, foreclosures, crime - Ohio (OH)
  3. What is Up With the Toledo Blade?: apartments, how much - Ohio (OH)
  4. Do You Have Faith That Toledo Can Turn Things Around?: Oregon: foreclosed, rental - Ohio (OH)
  5. Best College-Prep Private schools in Toledo, Bowling Green and in between?: Lucas: license, teacher - Ohio (OH)
  6. Tony Pako's: Toledo: homes, neighborhood, buy - Ohio (OH)
  7. NEED BUS TO INAUGURATION/Toledo: Green, Marietta: rental, house, cinema - Ohio (OH)
  8. Harvard Terrace area of Toledo: Bowling Green, Delaware: apartment, for rent, condos - Ohio (OH)
  9. Visiting Toledo for N.A.M.E.S.: Huron, Monroe: hotels, restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  10. Toledo Mayor Recall Petition / Take Back Toledo: Wilson: 2013, how much - Ohio (OH)
  11. The Police Situation in Toledo...: Akron, Dayton: unemployment rate, public schools, university - Ohio (OH)
  12. Should I move to Toledo or Bowling Green??: Findlay, Perrysburg: apartments, rent - Ohio (OH)
  13. Countertops in Toledo??: Sylvania: home, live in, shop - Ohio (OH)
  14. Toledo to Findlay and In Between: Maumee, Port Clinton: amusement park, live, arena - Ohio (OH)
  15. Son Interning In Toledo Over Summer: sublease, apartments, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  16. Lucas County Commissioner and Toledo Mayoral Candidate Reneges on Pledge: contractors, minimum wage - Ohio (OH)
  17. Is the Toledo Museum of Art still drawing in large numbers of people?: Waterville: purchases - Ohio (OH)
  18. Moving by toledo: Fremont, Perrysburg, Ballville: best schools, contractors, camping - Ohio (OH)
  19. Toledo Public Transportation: home, buses, authority - Ohio (OH)
  20. Springfield Schools / Holland, Ohio: Toledo, Sylvania: appointed, houses, best school districts - (OH)
  21. Moving to Toledo - radon issues / the Meadow issues?: Sylvania: houses, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  22. Job offer in bowling green: Columbus, Toledo: Home Depot, school, college - Ohio (OH)
  23. Undesirable neighborhoods in Toledo, OHIO: Ottawa Hills, Ottawa: for rent, condos, crime rate
  24. need good dermatologist in toledo: Salem: moved, hear - Ohio (OH)
  25. Looking for Christian or homeschooling families around Toledo?: Kent, Sandusky: transfer, homeschool - Ohio (OH)
  26. Apartments in Toledo: Kenwood: for sale, rent, homes - Ohio (OH)
  27. need house to rent in perrysburg/bowling green area: Toledo: for sale, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  28. Relocating from Akron to Toledo: Springfield, Stow: insurance, house, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  29. Sylvania- how is it?: Toledo: crime, schools, universities - Ohio (OH)
  30. Perrysburg, Ottawa Hills, Maumee for a family: Cleveland, Toledo: real estate, houses - Ohio (OH)
  31. Need help choosing a city near Toledo: Springfield, Oregon: real estate, houses - Ohio (OH)
  32. Toledo New Subdivisions: Sylvania, Perrysburg, Maumee: home builders, association, builders - Ohio (OH)
  33. need telecom job in TOLEDO: how much, job market, closing - Ohio (OH)
  34. Fremont/Toledo area: Cleveland: home, college, live - Ohio (OH)
  35. Moving from Los ANgeles to toledo.. HELP!: Columbus: Home Depot, job market - Ohio (OH)
  36. Country Clubs in Toledo: Heath: how much, costs, club - Ohio (OH)
  37. Wolcott House Museum in Maumee: Waterville: how much, train, activity - Toledo, Ohio (OH)
  38. Need Help with Attorney!: Toledo: best, child, time - Ohio (OH)
  39. Is it a good idea to live in an all electric apartment in toledo ohio?: Oregon: apartments - (OH)
  40. Need MI/OH!: Toledo, Findlay: homes, neighborhood, property tax - Ohio
  41. Toledo Area Photos?: Dayton: apartments, to live, pictures - Ohio (OH)
  42. Perrysburg Apartments: apartment complex, rental, appliances - Toledo, Ohio (OH)
  43. BOOOO! Ben Konop, liar! BOOOO!: neighborhood, mayor, camera - Toledo, Ohio (OH)
  44. Waterparks in Toledo area?: Sandusky, Sylvania: waterpark, hotel, beaches - Ohio (OH)
  45. Looking for my birth mother: Toledo: living in, military, small town - Ohio (OH)
  46. Best cafe/walking areas in Ottawa Hills?: Toledo, Perrysburg: rental, houses - Ohio (OH)
  47. Inquiry about bus service in Toledo, Ohio: Washington: extended stay, apartments - (OH)
  48. s a step in the right direction...: Toledo: office, driving - Ohio (OH)
  49. Mayor Mike Bell (Well what do you think?): Toledo, Monroe: credit, houses - Ohio (OH)
  50. the new casinos: Toledo, Florida: hotel, income, wealthy - Ohio (OH)
  51. Indoor tennis.: Toledo, Perrysburg, Maumee: YMCA, club, shop - Ohio (OH)
  52. Over 30 Crowd: Toledo, Maumee, Ada: live, club, bars - Ohio (OH)
  53. Downtown Toledo - Madison Avenue a safe nice area?: Maumee: insuring, condo - Ohio (OH)
  55. About UT additional fees!: health insurance, find a job, tax - Toledo, Ohio (OH)
  56. New Route 24 - Ft Wayne to Toledo: Bowling Green, Green: subdivision, safety - Ohio (OH)
  57. Where do all the 30 something intellectuals hang out in Toledo: Cleveland: house, theater - Ohio (OH)
  58. Flippant About Parking Tickets: Toledo, Sylvania: houses, transfer, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  59. Toledo Mudhens: Cleveland, Washington, Huron: live, restaurants, shops - Ohio (OH)
  60. Summer Construction from BG to Toledo: Findlay: metro, building, drive - Ohio (OH)
  61. Great Green Houses in Northwest Ohio/Toledo: Findlay, Sylvania: coupon, credit - (OH)
  62. Golf Clubs in Greater Toledo: Findlay, Franklin: how much, where to buy, price - Ohio (OH)
  63. Toledo: Ottawa Hills vs. Sylvania vs Perrysburg for families: Cleveland: homes, best schools - Ohio (OH)
  64. Nurses Can't Find Jobs in Toledo...: Columbus, Cleveland: health insurance, home - Ohio (OH)
  65. Need Perrysburg housing.: apartment, rentals, house - Toledo, Ohio (OH)
  66. Aerial Photography of Wauseon Ohio area: Fulton: county, landscape, farmland - Toledo, (OH)
  67. Toledo-detroit commute: cities, drive, limit - Ohio (OH)
  68. Have a great meal in toledo: living, restaurants, food - Ohio (OH)
  69. Where is the best place to live for a PhD student in Toledo?: Springfield: apartments - Ohio (OH)
  70. Downtown Toledo - how safe?: dangerous, areas, place - Ohio (OH)
  71. can I drive with an international driving license in Toledo?: regulations, foreign - Ohio (OH)
  72. Toledo Home/Apartment Selection: Bowling Green, Green: apartments, condos, crime - Ohio (OH)
  73. Toledo What About Alvison Rd: foreclosures, crime, cheap house - Ohio (OH)
  74. Neighborhood In Toledo: Perrysburg, Maumee, Jamestown: apartments, townhouses, living in - Ohio (OH)
  75. Moving to Toledo Next Year: Columbus, Cleveland: rent, how much, job market - Ohio (OH)
  76. Area around Bowling Green?: Toledo, Perrysburg: school, university, living in - Ohio (OH)
  77. Where is the best place to live near Bowling Green?: Perrysburg: to rent, school - Toledo, Ohio (OH)
  78. New Toledo Developments: Sylvania, Perrysburg, Perry: real estate, condos, crime - Ohio (OH)
  79. Toledo-area Realtor recommendations: house, buyer, relocating to - Ohio (OH)
  80. Employment Outlook in Toledo: Perrysburg, Perry: apartments, foreclosures, lawyers - Ohio (OH)
  81. Toledo area - have about area around N Summit: Galena: houses, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  82. Is Ann Arbor-Toledo commute: Beverly: live in, friendly, office - Ohio (OH)
  83. toledo - for a young smart twenties guy: Bowling Green, Wooster: school, college - Ohio (OH)
  84. Need precise on locations in Toledo,: Maumee, Lexington: real estate, apartment - Ohio (OH)
  85. Bowling Green Apartment Help: Toledo, Perrysburg: affordable apartment, city hall, for rent - Ohio (OH)
  86. Bowling Green Music Education Help: Columbus, Toledo: public schools, university, live - Ohio (OH)
  87. about toledo admission: student loans, campus, building - Ohio (OH)
  88. Looking at places close to MCO / University of Toledo Health Science Campus: Heath: apartments - Ohio (OH)
  89. Toledo Taxes: Oregon, Sylvania: live, moving, water bill - Ohio (OH)
  90. Schools in Holland, Ohio: Toledo, Springfield: home, buy, school districts - (OH)
  91. karaoke bars in Toledo: Maumee, Heath: yard, building, summer - Ohio (OH)
  92. need about moving to toledo: Sylvania, Franklin: crime, buying a house, buying - Ohio (OH)
  93. Grocery stores in Toledo - recommendations?: Findlay, Bowling Green: sales, house, college - Ohio (OH)
  94. Westridge Apartments in Toledo?: Sylvania, Ottawa Hills: leasing agent, low crime, how much - Ohio (OH)
  95. Toledo (and vicinity) Traffic: construction, moving to, cars - Ohio (OH)
  96. Toledo, are you ready for this?: Maumee: sales, rental, buying - Ohio (OH)
  97. Southeast Toledo Houses?: Oregon, Perrysburg, Maumee: rental, low crime, to buy - Ohio (OH)
  98. Of course, Toledo WOULD get a snow shower on the first day of Spring!: Cleveland: high school - Ohio (OH)
  99. Job is moving me to Toledo: Columbus, Perrysburg: neighborhood, to buy, gated - Ohio (OH)
  100. Toledo tourist: Maumee: house, neighborhood, restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  101. visiting toledo: dangerous, bars, area - Ohio (OH)
  102. looking for a place in the toledo area: Sylvania, Perrysburg: apartment, house - Ohio (OH)
  103. Bowling Green/Toledo....: Franklin: house, theatre, college - Ohio (OH)
  104. Toledo Herald?: Lucas: neighborhood, high school, live - Ohio (OH)
  105. NW Ohio --- Horse people?: Toledo, Findlay: rentals, home, purchase - (OH)
  106. Toledo...where are you?: Perrysburg, Perry: to buy, activity, cities - Ohio (OH)
  107. TOLEDO AREA - Best Upscale Family Neighborhood: Sylvania, Perrysburg: crime, big home - Ohio (OH)
  108. What's Toledo Really Like?: Columbus, Cleveland: low income, for sale, foreclosures - Ohio (OH)
  109. 1 night in Toledo - where is a must eat resturant?: Beavercreek: neighborhood, restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  110. Moving to Toledo for residency - need advice for housing: Springfield: apartments, for rent - Ohio (OH)
  111. Port Clinton and vicinity?: Cleveland, Toledo: to rent, condo, house - Ohio (OH)
  112. Maumee or Perrysburg??: Columbus, Toledo, Bowling Green: house, neighborhoods, public schools - Ohio (OH)
  113. Looking NW Ohio: Cincinnati, Toledo, Beavercreek: crime, houses, find a job - (OH)
  114. gay-friendly area south of Toledo?: Bowling Green, Green: apartment, rent, crime - Ohio (OH)
  115. Beware of Toledo Police: Columbus, Cleveland: houses, unemployment, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  116. in Olde Town: Toledo, Perrysburg: renting, high crime, houses - Ohio (OH)
  117. Toledo Apt for UT Grad Student: Sylvania, Perrysburg: real estate, apartment complex, rent - Ohio (OH)
  118. Toledo's New Arena: Cleveland: legal, floor, family friendly - Ohio (OH)
  119. Gambling problems.: Toledo, Beavercreek, Rossford: house, casinos, income - Ohio (OH)
  120. Help! Need on towns southeast of Toledo!: Columbus, Cleveland: amusement park, low crime - Ohio (OH)
  121. Port Clinton,: Cleveland, Toledo, Sandusky: real estate, rentals, crime rates - Ohio (OH)
  122. Welcome Toledo Forum!!: Findlay, Swanton, Holland: home, to move, population - Ohio (OH)
  123. Sylvania HELP!: Toledo, Maumee, Franklin: upper-class, crime, house prices - Ohio (OH)
  124. s on Oregon, Ohio?: Toledo, Springfield: low crime, houses, neighborhoods - (OH)
  125. Bowling Green , Ohio: Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo: best cities, to rent, crime - (OH)
  126. Areas of Toledo?? For apartment search: Cincinnati, Sylvania: apartments, neighborhood, school - Ohio (OH)
  127. Maumee River Crossing in Toledo: Green, Defiance: neighborhoods, dangerous, car - Ohio (OH)
  128. katie holmes: Toledo, Sylvania, Ottawa Hills: high school, live, suburb - Ohio (OH)
  129. Toledo: Columbus, Cleveland, Bowling Green: crime, loan, houses - Ohio (OH)
  130. best pizza in the Toledo area?: Sylvania, Arlington: home, live, to eat - Ohio (OH)
  131. A casino in Toledo: crime rates, how much, home - Ohio (OH)
  132. We are thinking of a move to toledo: Columbus, Cincinnati: crime rates, houses - Ohio (OH)
  133. Sexually Harassed: Toledo: apartment complex, rent, lawyer - Ohio (OH)
  134. University of Toledo: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati: school, pharmacist, restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  135. Which are the best areas of Toledo?: Oregon, Sylvania: low crime, home - Ohio (OH)
  136. Birckhead Place Historic District...Toledo: Maumee, Monroe: for sale, renters, houses - Ohio (OH)
  137. Teenage Trafficking in Toledo - Warning!: Fayette, Ney: crime, how much, house - Ohio (OH)
  138. Is Sylvania Ave. at Lewis a Good Neighborhood?: Toledo, Franklin: cheap apartment, foreclosures - Ohio (OH)
  139. Outdoor wedding locations in Toledo area: Oregon, Maumee: chapel, price, gardens - Ohio (OH)
  140. Toledo: Sylvania, Perrysburg, Maumee: real estate, apartment, low crime - Ohio (OH)
  141. Thinking of moving to Perrysburg, OH. Need advice: Columbus, Cleveland: condos, low crime - Toledo, Ohio
  142. help..about toledo: Sylvania, Perrysburg: apartment complex, violent crime, townhouses - Ohio (OH)
  143. How Is Bowling Green?!: Columbus, Cleveland: appointed, apartment complexes, rent - Toledo, Ohio (OH)
  144. When and how will Toledo's economy pick back up?: Columbus: home, find a job - Ohio (OH)
  145. needed: Sylvania, Perrysburg, Maumee: apartment complex, rental, low crime - Ohio (OH)
  146. Toledo/Northwest Ohio Forum: Cleveland, Akron: condo, home, living - (OH)
  147. What is better, Bowling Green or Findlay: Columbus, Toledo: apartment complexes, lease - Ohio (OH)
  148. Children's Wonderland in Maumee?: Toledo, Sylvania: house, restaurant, storage - Ohio (OH)
  149. moving to East Toledo. How it is there?: Oregon: crime, townhouses - Ohio (OH)
  150. Is Toledo REALLY that bad.: Cleveland, Cincinnati: apartment, crime rate, house - Ohio (OH)
  151. I'll be a new Toledo Law student this fall: Sylvania: apartments, for rent - Ohio (OH)
  152. Why no Toledo forum?: Cleveland, Akron: moving, authority, suburbs - Ohio (OH)
  153. Grand Rapids Ohio Memories: Toledo, Findlay: to rent, how much, house - (OH)
  154. Bad areas in Toledo?: Cleveland, Maumee: crime, safe area, high school - Ohio (OH)
  155. West Toledo: Sylvania, Bedford, Georgetown: cul-de-sac, for sale, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  156. Marblehead: Cleveland, Toledo, Sandusky: for sale, real estate, rent - Ohio (OH)
  157. LaGrange neighborhood in Toledo: Reading: rental, house, purchasing - Ohio (OH)
  158. Relocating To Toledo: Maumee, Oakwood, Monroe: apartments, to rent, townhouses - Ohio (OH)
  159. toledo apartments..nice or ghetto?: Columbus, Cleveland: low income, section 8, apartment complex - Ohio (OH)
  160. How safe is this area in Toledo?: Bowling Green, Green: crime rate, house - Ohio (OH)
  161. Moving to Toledo area...good schools/subdivisions for young family?: Springfield: houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  162. Best Restaurant in Toledo?: Sylvania, Maumee: house, closing, restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  163. University of Toledo?: Bowling Green, Green, Ottawa Hills: apartments, house, school - Ohio (OH)
  164. Toledo Ohio Autism Resources?: Cleveland, Springfield: health insurance, school districts, living - (OH)
  165. nice cities near Toledo?: Dayton, Findlay: real estate, crime rate, safe area - Ohio (OH)
  166. Good Things About Toledo - ONLY positive comments,: Beavercreek: condos, home - Ohio (OH)
  167. Moving to Toledo - Questions: Springfield, Oregon: leasing, student loans, new house - Ohio (OH)
  168. THings to do in OHio and surrounding area??: Columbus, Cleveland: waterparks, buy - Toledo
  169. Toledo area - Narrowed down to 2 apts! Help!: Perrysburg, Maumee: apartments, for rent - Ohio (OH)
  170. I am comming to Toledo! help!: cheap apartment, transfer to - Ohio (OH)
  171. Moving to Toledo, Ohio???: Columbus, Cleveland: best city, real estate, apartment - (OH)
  172. Brand New Urban Apartments in Downtown: Cleveland, Toledo: apartment complex, rental, loft - Ohio (OH)
  173. Moving to Lucas County- s about school districts: Toledo, Springfield: house, college - Ohio (OH)
  174. Shaker Heights (Cleveland) to Ottawa Hills (Toledo): Columbus, Akron: homes, theater - Ohio (OH)
  175. tell me about Toledo: Columbus, Cincinnati: apartments, house, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  176. really bad areas in Bowling Green?: Cleveland, Toledo: apartment complexes, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  177. Bars and Clubs in Toledo: Bowling Green, Green: limo, college, to live - Ohio (OH)
  178. Questions on Toledo: Columbus, Cleveland, Bowling Green: appointed, high crime, job market - Ohio (OH)
  179. What will Toledo, Ohio look say 10, 15 or 20 years ?: Maumee: real estate, lease - (OH)
  180. Toledo - Southwyck Mall Demolition: Maumee, Bedford: real estate, credit, asbestos - Ohio (OH)
  181. Can a Toledoan break down the city for me?: Springfield: foreclosures, crime - Ohio (OH)
  182. Looking for Great Parks from Findlay to Toledo: Zanesville, Riverside: construction, college - Ohio (OH)
  183. Moving to Toledo - live at Centurion House or Westridge Townhomes?: Sylvania: apartment complexes - Ohio (OH)
  184. Sylvania: Japanese Language: universities, children, outside - Toledo, Ohio (OH)
  185. Favorite Chrysler Dealers in the Greater Toledo Area: Lima: shop, metro - Ohio (OH)
  186. Which Discount Club do you like better in Toledo? - Ohio (OH)
  187. bowling green thrift store yard sale flea: sales, thrift stores - Toledo, Ohio (OH)
  188. Waterville, OH more ?: school, shop, relocating - Toledo, Ohio
  189. Devilbiss: business, photographs, records - Toledo, Ohio (OH)
  190. Toledo area taxes...: Sylvania, Perrysburg, Perry: to buy, live, pay - Ohio (OH)
  191. Findlay to Toledo Men's Softball Teams Looking for a Pitcher?: area, drive - Ohio (OH)
  192. Tourism program at Bowling Green State University: school, teachers - Toledo, Ohio (OH)
  193. Great Home for Sale in Sylvania Ohio: realty, pictures - Toledo, (OH)
  194. Toledo (Oregon) PowerPlant called a fish killing machine: Maumee: metro, area - Ohio (OH)
  195. Do You Think That It Will Take Toledo Longer to Bounce Back...: unemployed - Ohio (OH)
  196. Looking for a 1 month sublet in Maumee, Heatherdowns, or near UT: Toledo: apartment, house - Ohio (OH)
  197. Need 4 Seats/ Bus to Inauguration/Toledo: buses, near, family - Ohio (OH)
  198. Toledo-area Realtor recommendations: new home, purchasing, moving - Ohio (OH)
  199. Seeking information on EAST Milton, Ohio: about, current, document - Toledo, (OH)
  200. University of Toledo may add a Solar School: engineering, medicine - Ohio (OH)