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  106. American is an upper ethnic identity just like Slavic, Arabic, Mediterranean, Germanic and Right?: Native Americans, world - Genealogy
  107. Oldest ancestor's grave you have visited?: Germans, find, search, white - Genealogy
  108. Do you agree that diaspora people begin to look like the host country's people after several generations?: facial, eyes - Genealogy
  109. Married, Divorced with children, Divorced name.: find, search, world, grandmother - Genealogy
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  112. find, search, charge, free - Genealogy
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  114. Lots of small matches (30-40 cMs): find, search, world, population - Genealogy
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  119. Genealogy in the current climate: Native Americans, find, search, family tree
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  123. Help Reading GEDmatch results??: German, native, find, search - Genealogy
  124. Someone living is saying I have them in my Geni tree, to remove them because I don't have their permission to list them: find, search - Genealogy
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  128. Canceling find, search, family tree, charge - Genealogy
  129. Would informal DNA stories interest you and perhaps the (DNA) public?: find, search - Genealogy
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  131. AncestryDNA French Italian: German, find, search, percentage - Genealogy
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  144. Foreign Ancestry - site access or data access?: American, find, search - Genealogy
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  146. genealogy searching for free- wanting to avoid being directed to Ancestry each time.: native, find
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  151. Our Ancestors would not like DNA testing: find, search, family tree - Genealogy
  152. disapointed with my dna results.: German, American, find, search - Genealogy
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  155. who Reads Hebrew?: eyes, find, skin, family tree - Genealogy
  156. Genetic Genealogy: find, charge, government, father
  157. Uncle got his DNA results: Indian, native, Irish, British - Genealogy
  158. know this re reduction of surnames.: German, American, find - Genealogy
  159. MyHeritage region relabling: Greece and Italy: germanic, search, world, percentage - Genealogy
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  161. Does know if DNA testing is popular in other countries: American, find - Genealogy
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  163. Gedmatch and law enforcement update: find, search, database, free - Genealogy
  164. FTDNA law enforcement matching is automatically opted in when matching is turned on. Have you checked your account?: find, search - Genealogy
  165. The National Archives Washington DC: eyes, find, search, world - Genealogy
  166. 1/2 sib or 1st cousin?: find, search, skin, family tree - Genealogy
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  176. If you have Iberian DNA: find, percentage, family tree, Spanish - Genealogy
  177. Adding a tree to find, search, grandmother, public - Genealogy
  178. If someone not related looks like you: facial, eyes, white - Genealogy
  179. Handwriting/Spelling help and search tips?: find, Mexican, pure, certificate - Genealogy
  180. explain mine...: native, world, Mexican, family tree - Genealogy
  181. Ancestry updated their messaging system, no more sent box, messages show read: find, world - Genealogy
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  184. Nebula Genomics: search, skin, percentage, family tree - Genealogy
  185. Matchbox Facebook Groups: German, find, search, database - Genealogy
  186. When it's obvious there's a NPE in someone s tree...: search, grandmother - Genealogy
  187. Paternal DNA match: find, skin, family tree, father - Genealogy
  188. U.S. proposes fee hikes for genealogical records: eyes, find, search - Genealogy
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  198. in your tree living in Washington state in 1904?: search, public, history - Genealogy
  199. If your looking for on ancestors from upstate New York: history - Genealogy
  200. GEDmatch changed their upload opt in/ opt out policy: database, DNA, results - Genealogy