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  98. Private online storage and sharing?: facial, find, search, family tree - Genealogy
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  102. Be careful what you wish for: eyes, find, search, estate - Genealogy
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  104. White people with Asian last names: eyes, find, search, world - Genealogy
  105. Insane, imbecile, deaf, dumb, blind?: eyes, find, search, typical - Genealogy
  106. ASK you know about WWII: German, eyes, find, white - Genealogy
  107. can Mongoloid races endure arctic conditions more than others?: facial, native, search - Genealogy
  108. Most white Americans seem like 'mutts': German, pure, free, grandmother - Genealogy
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  115. 1926 Carpenter baby? Binghamton, NY: find, search, surnames, father - Genealogy
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  117. How would a person go about getting their indian number?: German, Native Americans - Genealogy
  118. Best Family Tree Software?: search, charge, free, program - Genealogy
  119. funeral photo?: eyes, find, search, free - Genealogy
  120. What exactly is white?: Indian, find, skin, dark - Genealogy
  121. find, search, world, family tree - Genealogy
  122. What Documents Were Required When Our Ancestors Immigrated?: American, find, search - Genealogy
  123. Does this make me part Mexican, or part Native American?: Indian, white - Genealogy
  124. FamilySearch: American, find, historical, records - Genealogy
  125. Does this sound crazy or am I right about this?: Germans, American - Genealogy
  126. Are you/ have you digitized family photos?: find, search, skin - Genealogy
  127. Can you guess her ethnicity?: Indians, germanic, native, eyes - Genealogy
  128. Has done data entry for ancestry or familysearch?: German, free, LDS - Genealogy
  129. How far has gone back?: American, eyes, find, search - Genealogy
  130. Tracing ancestry in India: Indian, find, search, world - Genealogy
  131. Are the African Ancestry dna tests worth it or a waste of money?: American, find - Genealogy
  132. What type of name is Linkish?: German, find, search - Genealogy
  133. Mapping your family history: American, find, search, world - Genealogy
  134. about going back literally to your roots: Indian, American - Genealogy
  135. My theory on Africans, Native Americans, and African Americans: Indian, find, search - Genealogy
  136. basic genealogy: find, family tree, grandmother, father
  137. Has had DNA testing done for genealogy purposes?: native, find, search
  138. Too Many John Bradys in NYC!!!: find, search, world, certificate - Genealogy
  139. Not sure of my heritage: native, find, search, world - Genealogy
  140. Cemeteries neglected/destroyed: find, white, certificate, charge - Genealogy
  141. Names/Naming Traditions you wish would return?: find, search, grandmother - Genealogy
  142. Appalachian people who look Mongolian?: facial, German, Native Americans, eyes - Genealogy
  143. Public Death Records: find, search, blood, certificate - Genealogy
  144. What moving away meant back then: American, find, search, world - Genealogy
  145. would you change your last name?: American, find, search, white - Genealogy
  146. Can Google search family trees on world, skin, Mormon - Genealogy
  147. Migration patterns: Indian, eyes, search, free - Genealogy
  148. A from the genealogy challanged: find, blood, certificate, population
  149. Wow-inducing newspaper announcement: Native Americans, search, skin, dark - Genealogy
  150. The wife of ____________ had a baby: eyes, world, dark - Genealogy
  151. Ancestry View Famous Relatives Feature: find, search, world, accuracy - Genealogy
  152. What gender is this name and what do you think of it?: American, eyes - Genealogy
  153. have Cherokee ancestry from Arkansas?: Indian, Native Americans, search, Mormon - Genealogy
  154. Native American Records?: Indian, eyes, search, blood - Genealogy
  155. What is the difference in Race/Ethnicity/nationality???: native, find, world - Genealogy
  156. Why are Spanish and other included: Native Americans, Caucasian, white, population - Genealogy
  157. What stage are you at?: find, search, certificate, free - Genealogy
  158. How did you find out if you were Native American?: eyes, blood - Genealogy
  159. How many people are on your family tree?: American, find, search - Genealogy
  160. getting started: find, search, world, family tree - Genealogy
  161. Puerto Rican and Cuban Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates?: find, search, free - Genealogy
  162. know what's generally available at the LDS centers?: American, find, search - Genealogy
  163. What Indian tribe do you belong to?: Germans, natives, eyes - Genealogy
  164. Geni Genealogy Site: find, search, world, family tree
  165. Census Records: find, search, world, free - Genealogy
  166. Different ethnicities in Russia?: eyes, world, skin, Caucasian - Genealogy
  167. How Do You Feel About People Changing Their Names?: German, American, find - Genealogy
  168. Maiden Name: find, search, grandmother, last name - Genealogy
  169. Living long enough to see your 4xgr. grandkids.: find, world, grandmother - Genealogy
  170. Genealogy From a Psychic/Medium?: facial, find, free, father
  171. New relative connections?: eyes, find, search, world - Genealogy
  172. 1940 census- I can't wait!!!!: find, search, percentage, database - Genealogy
  173. do i look more jewish or puerto rican: eyes, typical, Spanish - Genealogy
  174. How do you find out genealogy about someone who wanted to keep their past hidden?: certificate, grandmother
  175. Healing & Genealogy,: find, search, world, accuracy
  176. African fossils put new spin on human origins story: German, native, eyes - Genealogy
  177. Have I hit a dead end? (Maternal Grandfather): find, search, skin - Genealogy
  178. What are the odds of finding photos?: search, database, free - Genealogy
  179. Body of water, mountain, hill, or other land mass named for your family?: American, father - Genealogy
  180. Don Cheadle: native, eyes, skin, dark - Genealogy
  181. Questions About the D.A.R.: American, find, family tree, public - Genealogy
  182. Who are the British, really?: germanic, native, eyes, find - Genealogy
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  184. Ever found an Oops in your family tree?: eyes, find - Genealogy
  185. Who Do You Think You Are - Season 3: find - Genealogy
  186. why do so many people post in the Genealogy forum about race?: facial, native
  187. Get ALL the records you can....: find, search, family tree, white - Genealogy
  188. Ancestors You Are Most Proud Of: Indian, find, world, grandmother - Genealogy
  189. Your ancestors brush with history: Indian, American, find, Mexican - Genealogy
  190. Missourians...Where did they go?: German, eyes, find, white - Genealogy
  191. find, search, world, family tree - Genealogy
  192. Honor your veteran ancestors ...: veterans, nation - Genealogy
  193. Looking for Emil Gross's Family Anchestors: grandmother, father, Jewish, related - Genealogy
  194. Ancient Black Americans, DDEN HISTORY (VIDEO INSIDE): related - Genealogy
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  198. Clark Family from Stoughton/Randolph, MA: father - Genealogy
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