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  140. So many babies with the same names: search, typical, grandmother - Genealogy
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  149. Finding information and/or additional ancestors for Chicago Schultz/Wetzel/Hahn ancestors. help would be: German, American - Genealogy
  150. Calling all Genealogy Gods.....: find, search, certificate, free
  151. Photo of a Victorian Pig?: eyes, find, search, skin - Genealogy
  152. Which DNA test: find, world, percentage, family tree - Genealogy
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  167. Overloaded by software and web options -so many options: find, search, family tree - Genealogy
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  170. Old Family Photos with animals or small children?: search, white, grandmother - Genealogy
  171. This one won't be on find, search, database - Genealogy
  172. Maps of Surname Distributions **Warning* you may lose days to **: American, search - Genealogy
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  177. Write a book?: find, search, world, grandmother - Genealogy
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  179. What do you enjoy about genealogy?: Indians, find, search, grandmother
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  182. There's knowing something... and having it hit you over the head: eyes, blood - Genealogy
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  184. DNA test?: find, search, world, percentage - Genealogy
  185. Why aren't the West Africans mixed like the Ethiopians, Somalians and Eritreans?: facial, eyes - Genealogy
  186. Guess girls ethnicity: American, African, Eastern, genes - Genealogy
  187. Im if my DNA ethnicity test results are true. How can you make sure its really accurate? read?: native, find - Genealogy
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  189. Interesting or Rare Features?: native, eyes, dark, Caucasian - Genealogy
  190. Not AGAIN! (rant): eyes, find, search, family tree - Genealogy
  191. Diversity within Philippines- tagalogs and their resemblance to minority groups like aetas: find, world - Genealogy
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  193. What are the Black Irish?: eyes, search, skin, dark - Genealogy
  194. Ever uncover something scandalous?: eyes, find, search, world - Genealogy
  195. Would you change your last name if it was...: German, white, surnames - Genealogy
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  197. Personal family feeling vs preserving family historical documentation: find, search, skin - Genealogy
  198. How many of your ancestors were living in 1500?: Indians, American, family tree - Genealogy
  199. Are you your own cousin?: American, find, world, blood - Genealogy
  200. Foulks Folks Family of Saluda County, South Carolina - Genealogy