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  89. I am really envious of you guys.: find, search, skin - Genealogy
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  104. I am the 3rd, should I name my son the 5th?: certificate, father - Genealogy
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  107. s on how to proceed?: find, search, family tree, grandmother - Genealogy
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  123. find, search, family tree, Mormon - Genealogy
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  129. do real Native Americans ever try to marry other unmixed NA?: Indian, eyes - Genealogy
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  132. What would you do next?: American, find, search, family tree - Genealogy
  133. tips for researching genealogy: German, find, skin, charge
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  136. Is the site worth it? Need .: German, American - Genealogy
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  138. ever go down the rabbit hole ?: eyes, find - Genealogy
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  147. What is the best genealogy software available?: find, search, family tree
  148. How to find birth parents of an adopted grandparent - another corrupt Catholic Church adoption: American, search - Genealogy
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  161. Crow native Americans?: Indian, find, search, skin - Genealogy
  162. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?: eyes, find, search, world - Genealogy
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  164. Just found out I'm related to New England colonists, what should I know?: Indian, Native Americans - Genealogy
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  166. Lower Class people.............: native, find, search, white - Genealogy
  167. Are people more likely to identify with the ethnicity of their paternal line (surname)?: German, American - Genealogy
  168. Scotch-Irish culture: pure, free, grandmother, French - Genealogy
  169. How can I see if a person was on leave in the navy during ww2?: find, search - Genealogy
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  178. Hypothetic pertaining to accuracy: find, search, world, dark - Genealogy
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  189. and Hispanic/Latin DNA tests: native, find, percentage - Genealogy
  190. Halm Family, Chicago, IL: family tree - Genealogy
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  194. Phila. Coroner's Records: search, certificate, father, research - Genealogy
  195. ftdna is allowing free transfers from ancestry and my23andme dna - Genealogy
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