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  49. I need to vent and let this out. For my own mental health, because i feel my life is full of shadows.: quit, counteract
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  65. is it or impossible to change the past?: thoughts, feeling, take - Mental Health
  66. back again, im still curious about my problems, if you got advice thanks: depressed, quit - Mental Health
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  68. Coping with Anxiety: depression, thyroid, psychiatrist, medication - Mental Health
  69. Female teachers pedophiles: child, long, adult, get - Mental Health
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  71. does this sound like with BPD?: depressed, paranoid, personality disorder - Mental Health
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  80. is it wrong to have bad thoughts?: narcissistic, deal, hot - Mental Health
  81. of you feel that there are no good medications for bipolar disorder?: depressed, psychiatric - Mental Health
  82. feeling lots of turbulence within me.: addict, yoga, symptoms - Mental Health
  83. I'm pretty slow witted.: psychiatrist, effect, anxiety - Mental Health
  84. with mental handicaps who are unaware: deal, thoughts, intelligence - Mental Health
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  91. News, Artist Chihuly on Mental Illness: 'I Don't Have Neutral Very Much': depression, bipolar - Mental Health
  92. Is there a way to put yourself on a section 8 waiting list out of state?: depression, schizophrenia - Mental Health
  93. re psych, or mental Health... ??: naturally, therapy, thoughts
  94. ritalin: medication, taking, get - Mental Health
  95. very magical and touching christmas, read this if you're struggling: schizophrenia, medication - Mental Health
  96. well guys, this music basically sums up what PTSD is like.: quit, personality disorder - Mental Health
  97. I was awaken by the screams of my mother in the middle of the night: sleep, effect - Mental Health
  98. First visit to a new Psychiatrist: nicotine, quit, addict, insurance - Mental Health
  99. Why i be happy?: depressed, diet, trigger, pain - Mental Health
  100. How to do, if you are socially apprehensive?: effect, thoughts, emotions - Mental Health
  101. Family is a mess can use advice: schizophrenia, psychiatrist, spouse - Mental Health
  102. Depression from getting rejected: smoke, personality disorder, pounding, borderline - Mental Health
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  104. How to get help: depression, MRI, sleep, insurance - Mental Health
  105. Is there a way to put yourself on a section 8 voucher waiting list before been approved for SSI?: personality disorder, borderline - Mental Health
  106. I see no reason to be nice to people when my needs aren't being met.: miserable, get - Mental Health
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  108. News, Autism, bipolar and schizophrenia share genetic similarities: depression, problems, causes - Mental Health
  109. Thyroid, Depression, Mental Health: antidepressants, medication, hypothyroidism, symptoms
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  111. Psychiatrists just try to keep you on medicine: depression, thyroid, sleep - Mental Health
  112. getting unfairly blamed for mass shootings: depressed, schizophrenia, psychiatric - Mental Health
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  115. Friends who hoard: quit, emotional, hoarding, compulsive - Mental Health
  116. I was diagnosed as a High Mach with Sociopathic Tendancies: depression, narcissistic - Mental Health
  117. Depression. Yeah, it's hard to talk about.: depressed, diet, thyroid - Mental Health
  118. I usually don't have s nor do thinking: naturally, child - Mental Health
  119. have insomnia?: depression, smoke, dementia, pill - Mental Health
  120. I'm 19 years old and the of turning 20 kind of scares me.: vision, anxious - Mental Health
  121. I ****ing hate my life SO bad. Why couldn't I be the perfect ***** ?: stop, take - Mental Health
  122. How do I remove a psychological condition from your records?: depressed, paranoid - Mental Health
  123. What to do about disability discrimination. My flareups were triggered by severe financial stress.: deal, disturbing - Mental Health
  124. i need advice, feeling down and having a hard time: pain, suicide - Mental Health
  125. Living with an anxiety disorder: depression, quit, pill, antidepressant - Mental Health
  126. I feel like my dad is too hard on me and overprotective. What do you guys think? advice?: emotional, anxiety - Mental Health
  127. how to deal with a narcistitic psychopath: narcissist, personality disorder, trigger - Mental Health
  128. For dealing with Dementia/Alzheimers family: cancer, effect, coffee - Mental Health
  129. Depression Revisted: depressed, diet, addicted, pill - Mental Health
  130. What to look for when choosing a therapist?: depression, thyroid, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  131. Anti-inflammatories for Anxiety?: psychiatrist, pill, psychological, pain - Mental Health
  132. Your thoughts?: medication, bipolar, anxiety, deal - Mental Health
  133. Newly sober, in recovery and facing social/professional obstacles: diet, addict, medication - Mental Health
  134. Does alcohol make much less aggressive as opposed to more?: depression, schizophrenia - Mental Health
  135. Is it appropriate for a psychiatrist to do this?: depression, psychiatric, medication - Mental Health
  136. Are there really forests in North Carolina where a person can just wander away and never be found again?: quit, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  137. What has been the most stressful day of your life?: deal, father - Mental Health
  138. Feeling increasingly hopeless about my life: depressed, psychiatrist, pill, medication - Mental Health
  139. Daily wine & Benadryl really calm my anxiety: depressed, dementia, alcoholism - Mental Health
  140. Lack of a job has got me suicide: depressed, MRI, pill - Mental Health
  141. When your therapist sucks.: depression, quit, medication, bipolar - Mental Health
  142. Terrified of general anesthesia and I have a surgery in 2 weeks: pill, sleep - Mental Health
  143. Do you meditate?: depressed, thyroid, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  144. Coming off paxil cold turkey: depression, psychiatrist, antidepressants, sleep - Mental Health
  145. Struggling with everything: depressed, insurance, effect, emotional - Mental Health
  146. Is Bipolar a Fake Illness?: depression, thyroid, medication, naturally - Mental Health
  147. Anxiety: depressed, smoke, addict, pill - Mental Health
  148. : addict, medication, sleepy, Valium - Mental Health
  149. Why its Absolutely not right to sleep with taken men: quit, symptoms - Mental Health
  150. Depressed, might have to move: quit, insurance, anxiety, deal - Mental Health
  151. Is this a narcissistic supply trap or no?: sleep, coffee, child - Mental Health
  152. Very nostalgic: pain, deal, alcoholic, thoughts - Mental Health
  153. No discipline for weight loss: diet, addict, sleep, naturally - Mental Health
  154. get irritated or offended when they're told they need help ?: medication, recovery - Mental Health
  155. What is your perception of people with bipolar disorder?: depression, psychiatrist, medication - Mental Health
  156. People are mean as hell towards me (Work, depression): quit, spouse, anxiety - Mental Health
  157. Women using online dating have unrealistic expectations: depressed, therapy, body - Mental Health
  158. Will my girlfriend likely break up with me if I call myself bad names?: child, long - Mental Health
  159. Moved 3,000 miles from home- want to go back! Depression and anxiety issues.: emotional, miserable - Mental Health
  160. MUST QUIT COFFEE, join me on the DT train?: depression, diet, addict - Mental Health
  161. Can't Trust Psychiatrists!: depression, quit, schizophrenic, psychiatric - Mental Health
  162. Mother with munchausens: depressed, diet, paranoid, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  163. Having a Partner with Bipolar Disorder: depression, psychiatrist, sleep, recovery - Mental Health
  164. should i keep my father in my life? i know this is my second posting on: personality disorders, prejudice - Mental Health
  165. Finding that one thing that keeps you level , then losing it.: depression, quit - Mental Health
  166. explain to me what makes life worth living...: depression, pill, selfishness - Mental Health
  167. Calming natural nerves: schizophrenia, sleep, pain, child - Mental Health
  168. i dont know what to do with myself, need advice: therapy, emotional - Mental Health
  169. Plagued By Runaway Sexual Fantasies: addict, trigger, effect, obsession - Mental Health
  170. Alzheimer Disease: MRI, Alzheimers, dementia, medication - Mental Health
  171. I'm tired all the time (depression?): depressed, thyroid, alcoholism, sleep - Mental Health
  172. My new job is a total nightmare, but I don't have options, but I'm ready to take drastic action now, help?: depression, quit - Mental Health
  173. Recovering alcoholic: quit, addict, dementia, alcoholism - Mental Health
  174. Trying to stop this anxiety/depression spiral that I'm in...: Diazepam, - Mental Health
  175. Link Between Thyroid Function and Depression: depressed, psychiatric, medication, hypothyroidism - Mental Health
  176. how long does it take to overcome addiction to heroin and meth?: addicted, psychiatric - Mental Health
  177. Concussions are scary: vision, trigger, effect, therapy - Mental Health
  178. Responding to public child humiliation?: effect, emotional, stop, parent - Mental Health
  179. Feeling very tired, is that a sign of depression?: depressed, thyroid, pill - Mental Health
  180. Feeding into delusions, or giving comfort?: diet, psychiatric, voices, symptoms - Mental Health
  181. I'm disappearing: depressed, quit, pill, sleep - Mental Health
  182. Why so many people with emotional issues days?: depressed, psychiatric, pill - Mental Health
  183. Am I a jerk for being sick of listening to my depressed friends complain constantly?: medication, effect - Mental Health
  184. If pedophilia is a mental disorder: psychological, alcoholic, thoughts, feeling - Mental Health
  185. Breaking things in relationships out of anger, is that normal?: emotional, deal - Mental Health
  186. Meltdown at 30 After Mom Sends Package of Childhood Memories as B-Day Present?: depression, trigger - Mental Health
  187. Afraid of girls: dementia, sleep, anxiety, memory loss - Mental Health
  188. Kodokushi or 'lonely death': naturally, system, suicide, coffee - Mental Health
  189. Why does American society treat people with aspergers like 3rd class citizens?: prejudice, system - Mental Health
  190. Special hat for schizophrenia: vision, symptoms, compulsive, eat - Mental Health
  191. More depressive thoughts when i am alone: depressed, therapy, paranoia - Mental Health
  192. Taking Ritalin is making me sick.: insurance, anxiety, take - Mental Health
  193. Be the happiest schizophrenia: take - Mental Health
  194. Set in your ways vs Obsessive compulsive vs lunatic?: sleep, recovery, suicide - Mental Health
  195. 15 Ways to Change Your Thoughts/Life: eat - Mental Health
  196. Mental health & substance/booze addiction?: depressed, parent, get
  197. Risperdal News: effect - Mental Health
  198. Why I think about Death a lot.: personality disorder, bipolar, trigger - Mental Health
  199. Developing interpersonal communication skills: thoughts, take, long, get - Mental Health
  200. Friend with fear of food tampering/poisoning - Mental Health