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  27. have experience with Dopa Mucuna?: antidepressants, medication, supplements, symptoms - Mental Health
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  52. Nothing unique, just communication problems: arrogance, deal, feeling, cost - Mental Health
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  55. Not Talking About Mental Health Is Literally Killing Men: depression, suicide, chewing
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  58. Dog allowed to be with owner in health emergency?: take, long - Mental Health
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  60. Worried and irritated all the time: supplements, pressure, parent, long - Mental Health
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  63. Just find that life is pretty tough. I don't feel happy anymore.: pain, pressure - Mental Health
  64. Mental breakdown: depressed, recovery, pressure, therapy - Mental Health
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  72. Careers for people with social anxiety disorder?: diet, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  73. Not depressed, just sick of the extra housework: diet, medication, recovery - Mental Health
  74. therapist or psychiatrist: depressed, psychiatric, pill, medication - Mental Health
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  76. Getting off Benzodiazepines and feeling 24/7 sick - Mental Health
  77. This Dr .: system, therapy, deal, syndrome - Mental Health
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  79. Is there abuse in my relationship?: depressed, antidepressants, personality disorder, symptoms - Mental Health
  80. Student constantly sending messages to most of a school class: psychiatrist, anxious - Mental Health
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  82. How to help someone cope with a mistake in their past: sleep, trigger - Mental Health
  83. Skin problem: pill, vitamins, take, get - Mental Health
  84. Um i recently became homeless in rahway nj n am on very low income: take, long - Mental Health
  85. I am struggling severely. How do I keep going?: depressed, paranoid, psychological - Mental Health
  86. How to resolve anxiety disorder of College Student?: psychiatrist, medication, sleepy - Mental Health
  87. Self-Compassion: psychiatrist, system, anxiety, child - Mental Health
  88. How do people with Narcisistic personality disorder feel on the Inside?: depressed, narcissist - Mental Health
  89. Looking for a Good Mental Health Professional in Chicago Area: body, therapist
  90. When did you first notice something was wrong and how did you deal with it?: depressed, naturally - Mental Health
  91. emergency: depression, Ativan, anxiety, thoughts - Mental Health
  92. Older Guy With Memory Questions: diet, smoking, MRI, Alzheimers - Mental Health
  93. How does someone deal with sexual addiction?: insurance, trigger, effect - Mental Health
  94. I've always wanted to be a Gypsy: depression, anxiety, take - Mental Health
  95. Living with Schizophrenia: get, eat - Mental Health
  96. Anxious about work: feeling, breath, take, eat - Mental Health
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  98. Friend least I'm needed for something.: anxiety, syndrome, get - Mental Health
  99. Low dose naltrexone LDN: medication, sleep, Ambien, symptoms - Mental Health
  100. Alternatives to Anti Anxiety Drugs: depression, diet, Ativan, dementia - Mental Health
  101. fail to see the point of anything?: get, eat, make - Mental Health
  102. what's going on in my mind: thyroid, menopause, effect, juice - Mental Health
  103. People with nervous energy: depression, spouse, medication, effect - Mental Health
  104. not sure im on the right medication: depression, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  105. I'm trying to come to terms with my dysfunctional family and upbringing: spouse, effect - Mental Health
  106. Does this sound like normal childhood behavior?: deal, thoughts, parent - Mental Health
  107. How to take care of my mental health after being isolated due to COVID-19
  108. Went to see my doctor about getting off sleep meds; prescribes me bupropion and trazodone: depression, quit - Mental Health
  109. Going through a very rough time right now: dementia, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  110. help? - Mental Health
  111. How often do alcoholics have mental health problems?: depressed, quit, addicted
  112. Will alcohol and drugs help if you can’t handle life anymore?: depression, sleep - Mental Health
  113. My brother's wife secret Podcast and mental problems: depression, addicted, MRI - Mental Health
  114. Relational Aggression: depression, psychological, pain, effect - Mental Health
  115. Anti depressants: nicotine, diet, medication, Bupropion - Mental Health
  116. I don't want to binge eat anymore: smoking, psychiatrist, medication - Mental Health
  117. Why aren't they being called sick and evil?: naturally, problems, child - Mental Health
  118. Mental health for people aspiring to go into higher math or science: depression, sleep
  119. Suicide Mental Illness: depression, spouse, trigger, Ambien - Mental Health
  120. The Brain, Chronic Stress and Irrational Hoarding of Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizers: psychological, system - Mental Health
  121. People don't want me as I am, so I'm done with bending over to others: addict, suicide - Mental Health
  122. Severe MI is not treatable, so it is not treated: schizophrenia, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  123. Why Is America So Depressed?: quit, psychiatric, ambition - Mental Health
  124. I am convinced that I have been misdiagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome: depressed, gloomy - Mental Health
  125. I need a therapist but how do I get over my fear of asking for it?: insurance, therapy - Mental Health
  126. Strange claustrophobic feeling has started. What is going on?: depressed, sleep, insurance - Mental Health
  127. Working with brain fog.: depression, psychiatrist, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  128. Public Speaking Anxiety?: pressure, phobias, anxious, thoughts - Mental Health
  129. Daughter with Munchausen by proxy: sleep, psychological, wellbeing, syndrome - Mental Health
  130. Anxiety/Panic Disorder: antidepressants, medication, sleep, toxins - Mental Health
  131. OCD discussion with my doctor: psychiatrist, sleepy, deal, thoughts - Mental Health
  132. I think my husband has depression and I need help: depressed, quit - Mental Health
  133. Saw a therapist and am disappointed: diet, personality disorders, pressure, system - Mental Health
  134. Natural Ways to Help Anxiety!: psychiatrist, medication, sleep, yoga - Mental Health
  135. Becoming old and decrepid: diet, smoke, pill, sleep - Mental Health
  136. Can you mix natural mental health supplements?: medication, effect, magnesium
  137. My life is over but I don’t want to die: depression, diet - Mental Health
  138. Quitting job due to anxiety feel terrible: depressed, quit, medication - Mental Health
  139. Sober February: quit, take, body, sobriety - Mental Health
  140. Can anxiety cause a roaring noise in a person's head: yoga, symptoms - Mental Health
  141. Advice Request: stop, take, long, get - Mental Health
  142. How to help a friend with depression s of suicide.: diet, medication - Mental Health
  143. Why is depression hard to understand?: depressed, addict, thyroid, - Mental Health
  144. Strange incident that woke me up (mental): sleep, hyper, symptoms - Mental Health
  145. Single People...How Do You Deal With Lonliness?: smoking, cigarette, anxiety - Mental Health
  146. What co-morbidity is this?: antidepressants, medication, trigger, therapy - Mental Health
  147. As I get older I find I speak to my friends and family less and less: insurance, father - Mental Health
  148. Advice urgently needed from mental health professionals,: addicted, therapy, suicide
  149. Does feel like they lack common sense?: paranoid, medication, therapy - Mental Health
  150. Can't think of a reason not to, sometimes....: depression, quit, spouse - Mental Health
  151. The System is Failing Me.: months, body, get, eat - Mental Health
  152. What most people get wrong about suicide: depressed, cancer, thoughts - Mental Health
  153. Have you ever been to a Mental Health Unit?: bipolar, child, stop
  154. and Wellbutrin: depressed, quit, thyroid, - Mental Health
  155. What were the best age range in years of your life: depression, spouse - Mental Health
  156. Adult separation anxiety disorder: medication, pressure, therapy, phobias - Mental Health
  157. Is it ok to talk to yourself in private?: thoughts, emotions, memory - Mental Health
  158. Should I say something?: stop, parent, take, long - Mental Health
  159. Anxiety/Panic Attacks: Are there natrual ways to cope?: medication, hyper, therapy - Mental Health
  160. Could Psychedelic Drugs Be A Cure For Depression?: diet, addict, schizophrenia - Mental Health
  161. Natural Bipolar fixes?: addict, appetite, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  162. Feeling depressed due to turning 30 and having always been single and a virgin: naturally, pain - Mental Health
  163. Anxiety cause for hand, finger and legs?: depression, addict, thyroid - Mental Health
  164. 38 and Feeling Hopeless. Can a person be happy alone?: depressed, quit, spouse - Mental Health
  165. In the stupidest place following crisis: supplements, months, get - Mental Health
  166. i feel like i'm too worthless to be alive and like i'm waste of time for everyone: depression, sleep - Mental Health
  167. Previously a headache, now something: diet, medication, sleep, psychological - Mental Health
  168. Need online support group for parents with an adult bipolar child: tell - Mental Health
  169. Anxiety? Help: psychiatrist, antidepressant, medication, Celexa - Mental Health
  170. Free resources online? Families of loved ones- husband went off meds: insurance, therapy - Mental Health
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  172. I would like to get my social outgoing self back and become more social at my university: depressed, trigger - Mental Health
  173. Why do I feel awful after starting a new relationship? - Mental Health
  174. What You Think About Your Emotions Matters: eat - Mental Health
  175. Awkwardness of mental dysfunction: deal, feeling, child, parent - Mental Health
  176. Looking for friend named Josh who posted on mental health forums
  177. News, FDA Bans Shock Devices Used On With Mental Disabilities: long - Mental Health
  178. What mental health issue might I have?
  179. Bipolar and borderline personality disorders: depression, psychiatrist, symptoms, therapy - Mental Health