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  88. with John Bradshaw?: pain, therapy, child, long - Mental Health
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  93. Older autistic brother still living at home...: selfishness, syndrome, problems - Mental Health
  94. I'm 30 and have never had a girlfriend and currently have no friends. What do you make of me?: depressed, smoke - Mental Health
  95. worker in DC in despair: depressed, quit, antidepressants, sleep - Mental Health
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  102. Emotional support...: sleep, pain, deal, feeling - Mental Health
  103. The mental health issues of Casey Anthony: depression, schizophrenia, narcissism
  104. Drug Addiction -- How do I know he's telling the truth or lying?: alcoholic, stop - Mental Health
  105. I'm 56 years old and have NO friends.: alcoholism, sleep, naturally - Mental Health
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  109. westerntraveler is going away for a while in a while.needs your support: depression, recovery - Mental Health
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  120. Lost my job: depressed, sleep, insurance, pain - Mental Health
  121. How would you define being shut-down?: ambition, pain, emotional - Mental Health
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  126. What's up with (drug) counlesors that have...: depressed, smoke, addicted - Mental Health
  127. Where to live (in the US) if have social anxiety?: hot, thoughts - Mental Health
  128. reverse SAD -- love of cloudy days and dislike sunny days: depressed, medication - Mental Health
  129. Is taking Klonipin for over 20 yrs bad?: Ativan, psychiatrist, menopause - Mental Health
  130. 1 year no smoking: nicotine, quit, vision, cigarette - Mental Health
  131. White Knight Syndrome or Savior Syndrome: depressed, quit - Mental Health
  132. about Asperger's?: sociopath, symptoms, Aspergers, deal - Mental Health
  133. Homesickness and Depression: depressed, medication, pain, system - Mental Health
  134. Why is Ambien a prescription drug?: addict, pill, sleep, Benadryl - Mental Health
  135. Strongly advised to eat more but I can't!: diet, thyroid, supplements - Mental Health
  136. Waves of desperation... what to do?: sleep, bipolar, symptoms, effect - Mental Health
  137. Celexa withdrawal -- struggling.: depressed, addict, antidepressants, tapering - Mental Health
  138. Oh shoot. I think I need to take meds. Bummer. Should I?: medication, yoga - Mental Health
  139. Can someone who has never been there help you as a therapist?: addict, medication - Mental Health
  140. How to live life without cigarettes?: nicotine, quit smoking, addicted, pill - Mental Health
  141. Antidepressant withdrawal. Help?: pill, tapering, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  142. Insomnia Problem: depressed, quit, addict, thyroid - Mental Health
  143. First Ever Vaccine Autism Court Award: detox, trigger, cancer, symptoms - Mental Health
  144. Celexa: depressed, quit, addicted, pill - Mental Health
  145. Seasonal affective disorder: depressed, quit, medication, psychological - Mental Health
  146. Depersonalization & Derealization: psychiatric, vision, medication, trigger - Mental Health
  147. Do I have a social disability?: pill, sociopath, anxiety, problems - Mental Health
  148. Im get tried and want to fall asleep and times pass out: smoke, thyroid - Mental Health
  149. I quit smoking but....: nicotine, pill, vision, medication - Mental Health
  150. Depression/Suicidal thoughts due to the Economic recession: depressed, quit, spouse - Mental Health
  151. Insomnia Meds? give me advice.: diet, addicted, thyroid, Lunesta - Mental Health
  152. Why do most young White women still smoke: diet, smokers, cigarette - Mental Health
  153. Difference btw Unhappy and Depression: depressed, pill, medication, bipolar - Mental Health
  154. Conditions, disorders, and other excuses: syndrome, take, behavior, get - Mental Health
  155. Starting to really lose interest a lot of things in life and life in general.: depressed, smoking - Mental Health
  156. costco run/panic attack: trigger, therapy, take, long - Mental Health
  157. ADD is destroying my can I recover?: depressed, diet, medication - Mental Health
  158. medication to help ease aggression w/severe dementia: Ativan, psychiatrist, spouse - Mental Health
  159. News Story: Study linking vaccine to autism was fraud: insurance, psychological, trigger - Mental Health
  160. Doctor prescribed me anxiety medication and now I don't want to take it. :(: depression, addict - Mental Health
  161. Family to be getting distant and I cannot figure out why...: pain, deal - Mental Health
  162. What am I going to do???: depressed, quit, antidepressants, medication - Mental Health
  163. try SAM-E for winter blues?: depression, diet, thyroid, trigger - Mental Health
  164. Emotional Issues with Sobering Up: depression, smoke, addict, sleep - Mental Health
  165. Depression in women - Sperm deficiency: antidepressant, Lexapro, Paxil - Mental Health
  166. Dealing with mild depression: depressed, diet, quit, antidepressants - Mental Health
  167. Ambien problems: depressed, addict, Lunesta, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  168. Alzheimer's -improvement with coconut oil: diet, effect, therapy, sinus - Mental Health
  169. Anti-depressants don't work - study: depressed, diet, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  170. My depressing story: depressed, quit, MRI, sleep - Mental Health
  171. The merits of therapy: depression, addict, pill, medication - Mental Health
  172. Ironic -- About suicide: depressed, addict, therapy, emotional - Mental Health
  173. Afraid to leave my room.: depression, medication, bipolar, symptoms - Mental Health
  174. Addiction - who's responsible?: nicotine, smoke, addicted, psychological - Mental Health
  175. Quitting smoking: nicotine, diet, stop smoking, addict - Mental Health
  176. Why is anger looked at as a serious mental issue?: depression, sleep - Mental Health
  177. Do you think Americans depend too much on Antidepressants?: depression, diet, psychiatric - Mental Health
  178. Short term memory loss or learning disability?: depressed, bipolar, insurance - Mental Health
  179. Massive depression and anxiety in a friend (really - not with me :) ): depressed, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  180. need advice on relaxation: depression, smoke, vision, medication - Mental Health
  181. Loneliness as harmful and smoking and obesity: depression, smokers, appetite - Mental Health
  182. Longing for the past-mental health: sleep, confronting, anxious, anxiety
  183. Seroquel, Zonegran and Insomnia?: depression, schizophrenia, dementia, medication - Mental Health
  184. Fear of Dying: depression, psychiatrist, sleep, insurance - Mental Health
  185. Dealing with dementia: depression, voices, medication, problems - Mental Health
  186. Coming off of Paxil: nicotine, quit smoking, pill - Mental Health
  187. Mental issues: I feel inferior ALL the time: medication, cancer, therapy - Mental Health
  188. SAD - does suffer from this? What works?: depression, pill - Mental Health
  189. B vitamins and depression: diet, pill, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  190. Should I see a psychiatrist?: psychiatric, medication, symptoms, effect - Mental Health
  191. Wife checked herself into the er-mental reasons-what to expect?: psychiatrist, medication, bipolar - Mental Health
  192. News, ADHD risk may be tied to pesticide exposure before birth.: pregnant, child - Mental Health
  193. Freebie: Free Help & Support for trying to quit smoking.: cigarette - Mental Health
  194. Scientists explore new link between genetics, alcoholism and the brain: system, cortex - Mental Health
  195. Lucinda Basset's Attacking Anxiety + Depression DVD's?: deal, body, tell - Mental Health
  196. Sober/Clean living house ? - Mental Health
  197. how to get a CLC - Mental Health
  198. Savella (Milnacipran) or SNRI's for Depression and/or Generalized Anxiety Disorder: effect, thoughts - Mental Health
  199. News, Picky Eaters May Have Disorder.: diet, adult - Mental Health
  200. today at work my head shook everytime i had eye contact with someone: sleep, anxious - Mental Health