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  19. What do you think about this Psychological report and what would you say is the patient's true condition?: depressed, paranoid - Mental Health
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  25. New: smoke, stop, months - Mental Health
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  67. emotional issues and other things: depressed, diet, psychiatric, pill - Mental Health
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  71. Do you ever take someone s depression personally?: depressed, medication, deal - Mental Health
  72. Huffing: addicted, father, child, parent - Mental Health
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  75. Appointment Anxiety: sleep, insurance, pressure, system - Mental Health
  76. How does one properly handle multiple difficulties without freaking out?: medication, insurance - Mental Health
  77. have anxiety disorder?: addict, jittery, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  78. . like this?: depressed, pain, effect, deal - Mental Health
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  80. How do you feel about the holidays?: spouse, sleep, cancer - Mental Health
  81. Cancer Fears.: depressed, diet, smoke, vision - Mental Health
  82. Did actually benefited from anti-depressants and psychologists?: depressed, pill, antidepressants - Mental Health
  83. Lonely, wrong city or co-dependent or something: smoking, sleep, emotional - Mental Health
  84. Report: 1 in 5 of US adults on behavioral meds: depressed, diet, schizophrenia - Mental Health
  85. Trying to figure out why I can't seem to make friends: counteract, psychiatrist - Mental Health
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  92. Emotional Intimacy and Support: coffee, deal, problems, taking - Mental Health
  93. This story is true - and I'm reaching the end of my rope: vision, hyper - Mental Health
  94. TV and internet addiction - how to beat it: addicted, yoga, effect - Mental Health
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  96. schizophrenia due to complex PTSD and i'm refusing to take medication: depressed, diet - Mental Health
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  98. ??mental help: depressed, narcissism, bipolar, trigger - Mental Health
  99. My 1st appt w/ a therapist tonight, help: paranoid, medication, therapy - Mental Health
  100. Do you care about that are suicide? Why?: addict, personality disorder - Mental Health
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  102. I just got bad news: depression, sleep, hyper, pain - Mental Health
  103. Is the mental health career field appropriate for with mental issues?: addict, psychiatrist
  104. Do therapist get a kick back for referring someone to inpatient care?: psychiatric, therapy - Mental Health
  105. IMO people don't want others to commit suicide because....: depression, quit, medication - Mental Health
  106. Emotional Pain - Do You Ever Have it and How Do You Deal With It?: pill, trigger - Mental Health
  107. I believe my 79 year old dad has Dementia: Alzheimers, paranoid, medication - Mental Health
  108. What Can I Expect If I Visit A Pyschologist / Ph.D: psychiatrist, medication - Mental Health
  109. No one believed me, no one would help: depression, psychiatric, sociopath - Mental Health
  110. WTF happened: diet, quit smoking, addict, spouse - Mental Health
  111. The disorder called hoarding is mind blowing to me: depressed, addict - Mental Health
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  114. Negative People: yoga, deal, conscious, parent - Mental Health
  115. Bipolar in the elderly?: dementia, system, deal, miserable - Mental Health
  116. When did it dawn on you that you're no longer 'young'?: pill, deal - Mental Health
  117. Are there reliable studies out there that show what seem to be the biggest factors in people's unhappy experience?: depressed, medication - Mental Health
  118. Was I interacting with somebody with Borderline Personality Disorder?: quit, personality disorders, therapy - Mental Health
  119. I could use as to how to navigate this situation: psychotic, deal - Mental Health
  120. Narcissism on the Rise: The major cause of all our stress in recent times?: disconnected, system - Mental Health
  121. Introverts: sleep, deal, feeling, take - Mental Health
  122. Managing Stress: depression, vision, disconnected, symptoms - Mental Health
  123. Message Board Addiction: depressed, quit, addicted, medication - Mental Health
  124. Suicide and Serequel: depressed, addict, schizophrenia, - Mental Health
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  126. The Right To End One's Life.: depressed, insurance, pain, effect - Mental Health
  127. Struggling with an increasingly pointless existence, disconnected from society...: depressed, paranoid, pill - Mental Health
  128. if a loved one pulled a gun on you, would you turn them in?: depression, psychological - Mental Health
  129. Does football reinforce Social Darwinism in our cultural psychology?: addicted, psychological, disconnected - Mental Health
  130. Your Natural Disposition - What is It?: vision, hyper, emotional - Mental Health
  131. What kind of memory do you have?: depression, dementia, sleep - Mental Health
  132. Depressed and on an emotional rollercoaster my future.: psychiatrist, sleep, trigger - Mental Health
  133. I soon will have no more parents: appetite, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  134. ever had something that you want to say or talk about but you just can't: sleep, anxiety - Mental Health
  135. Inspirational and Affirming Thoughts: vision, conscious, eat, make - Mental Health
  136. How do I keep positive outlook in face of a financial ruin?: depressed, sleep - Mental Health
  137. What is wrong with me? I drop words and letters when I write. know what this means?: depression, bipolar - Mental Health
  138. Does the Internet make mental illnesses worse?: paranoid, psychiatrist, vision - Mental Health
  139. Getting over college regrets....: depressed, medication, therapy, anxious - Mental Health
  140. Moving: depression, feeling, weather, cost - Mental Health
  141. Is there somethign wrong with me or is it my sixth sense?: sleep, feeling - Mental Health
  142. They're going to want me to take drugs: depressed, psychiatrist, effect - Mental Health
  143. I just had an interview panic attack & had to leave? Mental health issue?: medication, effect
  144. have true stories on Domestic abuse/how children and innocents are affected?: pill, prejudice - Mental Health
  145. I am CRAZY: depressed, psychiatrist, vision, insurance - Mental Health
  146. What is wrong with me?: depression, pill, antidepressant, medication - Mental Health
  147. What do I do, what do I do?......have to stay awake all night: sociopath, sleep - Mental Health
  148. I keep losing important stuff and I am really starting to wonder: paranoid, dementia - Mental Health
  149. Why do people get defensive?: deal, memory, problems, stop - Mental Health
  150. Words of strong caution with depression: depressed, Ativan, medication - Mental Health
  151. Bi-Polar: depressed, addict, delusions, Fluoxetine - Mental Health
  152. do you ever feel like if you can't be what you want then life isn't worth living?: obsession, borderline - Mental Health
  153. Spending on junk. Help :(: vitamins, supplements, therapy, feeling - Mental Health
  154. killing animals as a kid: sociopathic, child, stop, take - Mental Health
  155. News, Addiction Now Defined As Brain Disorder, Not Behavior Problem.: quit, pill - Mental Health
  156. interventions: smoke, addict, schizophrenic, paranoid - Mental Health
  157. have imaginary friends?: depressed, emotional, obsession, hoarding - Mental Health
  158. Breaking Point: depressed, addicted, psychiatrist, pill - Mental Health
  159. Observing Altzheimers: depression, dementia, medication, symptoms - Mental Health
  160. Bullies and abusers ....: pain, effect, system - Mental Health
  161. taken Adderall: nicotine, depressed, diet, appetite - Mental Health
  162. Emotional eating: depressed, diet, medication, insurance - Mental Health
  163. Dealing with a father who has threatened to disinherit me and said horrible things about my wife: spouse, thoughts - Mental Health
  164. Suicide is definitely in my future: diet, therapy, take, long - Mental Health
  165. Am I drinking too much?: quit, addict, vision, detox - Mental Health
  166. For of you who don't suffer...: depressed, quit, addicted - Mental Health
  167. I'm back to being completely nuts again.: depressed, diet, Fluoxetine - Mental Health
  168. I NEED advice about drug rehab n my friend: addict, detox, system - Mental Health
  169. I hate being me: depression, pain, suicide, deal - Mental Health
  170. Keep things light and breezy!: vision, sleep, miserable - Mental Health
  171. Being a burden on others...Asking for help: cancer, emotional, deal - Mental Health
  172. I'm trying hard not to slash my throat right now: insurance, pain - Mental Health
  173. Is it mental illness if a person is happy and functional?: depression, symptoms - Mental Health
  174. Natural Methods for Reducing Obsessive Thoughts to Promote Sleep: addicted, psychological, trigger - Mental Health
  175. The Way Psychopaths Talk: paranoid, sociopath, emotional, hot - Mental Health
  176. I can't do this anymore: goal, problems, child, stopping - Mental Health
  177. How do you help someone who doesn't want it?: dementia, symptoms, pain - Mental Health
  178. Stress, I really don't get it...: depressed, sleep, cancer, pressure - Mental Health
  179. Does a mentally ill person know they have a mental illness?: depression, quit - Mental Health
  180. so much for counseling centers, therapists, mental health clinics and: depressed, smoke
  181. Nobody believes my ex-husband was abusive: spouse, personality disorder, pregnant, therapy - Mental Health
  182. Person with schizophrenia giving me mixed messages?: paranoid, anxiety, deal - Mental Health
  183. I'm in a dessperate need of hearing a nice word :(: depression, pill - Mental Health
  184. I feel so alone: depressed, medication, symptoms, deal - Mental Health
  185. Getting beaten down by life has affected my personality and women being attracted towards me.: depressed, addict - Mental Health
  186. Anger: How Often Do You Experience It?: trigger, cancer, system - Mental Health
  187. What to say to someone in an abusive relationship?: addicted, sleep, effect - Mental Health
  188. What NOT to say to someone who is depressed.: diet, bipolar, yoga - Mental Health
  189. unhappy, aimless & disinterest in most things: depressed, smoking, cigarette - Mental Health
  190. Depression and More...: depressed, quit, addict, trigger - Mental Health
  191. How to get on Lexapro?: depression, psychiatrist, pill, vision - Mental Health
  192. Alcoholism... Disease or lack of will: quit, addict, ambition, detox - Mental Health
  193. Mental health issues...: depressed, quit, medication, insurance
  194. How does one become/make themselves hard .: medication, pressure, therapy - Mental Health
  195. have experience with bipolar women?: pill, sleep, effect - Mental Health
  196. Finding competent therapists in small college towns: therapy, take, months - Mental Health
  197. Magnesium or Lysine for GAD?: depression, Ativan, SSRI, naturally - Mental Health
  198. Exogenous cognitive dissonance as an ailment that can be palliated by cannabis sativa as an herbal remedy.: smoke, symptoms - Mental Health
  199. Dialectic Behavior Therapy vs CBT therapy? Prons/cons?: depressed, anxious, emotional - Mental Health
  200. What drug...?: depressed, Ativan, sleep - Mental Health