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  1. Should I seek a therapist?: depressed, sleep, insurance, therapy - Mental Health
  2. how long does it typically take to hit the right dose and no longer be told to find yourself a new psychiatrist?: depression, medication - Mental Health
  3. Social Identity Crisis: psychological, system, deal, cold - Mental Health
  4. Hopelessness: depression, thyroid, medication, supplements - Mental Health
  5. Mentality in the morning.: depressed, addicted, anxious, coffee - Mental Health
  6. B-12 helps me with anxiety: dementia, migraine, vitamins, yoga - Mental Health
  7. antidepressants and the placebo effect: depression, psychiatrist, medication, harmful - Mental Health
  8. Approval addiction: deal, parent, take, behavior - Mental Health
  9. Making Decisions About Another Adult's Life, My Son With Dev. Disabilities?: voices, vision - Mental Health
  10. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: depression, psychiatrist, pill, medication - Mental Health
  11. I dont know anything about therapy: depression, paranoid, psychiatrist, medication - Mental Health
  12. Calling adult protective services?: dementia, problems, child, parent - Mental Health
  13. help me to forgive myself & how to deal with rumours/gossip surrounding my guilt that is driving me to THE EDGE !: depression, cancer - Mental Health
  14. Is this thinking normal?: depressed, spouse, emotional, emotions - Mental Health
  15. Into the abyss...: depression, quit, appetite, yoga - Mental Health
  16. Childhood sex abuse and weight struggles: addict, effect, addictive, overweight - Mental Health
  17. How would you rate yourself when it comes to being patient? Or impatient?: insurance, system - Mental Health
  18. Cancer Drug Clears Alzheimer's Plaque In Mice: Alzheimers, effect, taking - Mental Health
  19. The Show Mystery Diagnosis GREAT!!!: long, tell - Mental Health
  20. Help for children of children of war: effect, syndrome, problems - Mental Health
  21. My take on street life. Where I've been and where I'm going: smoke, addict - Mental Health
  22. Am I wrong to leave my hometown, despite my mental health issues, because of abusive relationships ??: depressed, selfishness
  23. Get help for yourself regardless of family comments: depression, addict, recovery - Mental Health
  24. Positive Affirmations for Who Want to Change Negative Thinking: thoughts, conscious - Mental Health
  25. How easy is it to get disability because of my deafness?: pill, system - Mental Health
  26. Have you ever undergone such a major change that you wonder how did I end up: depressed, deal - Mental Health
  27. Ways to boost security in masculinity and self....: appetite, sleep, memory - Mental Health
  28. Lithium Orotate (**NOT Lithium Carbonate**): depression, pain, take, long - Mental Health
  29. have a sudden near death experience?: deal, feeling, stop - Mental Health
  30. my sister put a wedge between me and my mom. seemed like the hero.Mental health term is SPLITTING ever hear of it?: depression, vision
  31. so my ex-friend asks me why I didn't tell him the mental issues I've been having: eat - Mental Health
  32. Life Stages: syndrome, goal, stop, parent - Mental Health
  33. My therapy: diet, pill, sleepy, emotional - Mental Health
  34. I think this belongs . WHAT IS IN A NAME..??: deal, problems - Mental Health
  35. Late 20s/early 30s dilemma: insurance, anxiety, boredom, feeling - Mental Health
  36. Suicide - Young People Ages 15-24: effect - Mental Health
  37. 69 Years of my Chaso Narrative: Bipolar Disorder: paranoia, hoarding, borderline - Mental Health
  38. Music and your mood: depression, quit, trigger, pain - Mental Health
  39. Schizoid Personality Disorder..: depression, schizophrenic, medication, insurance - Mental Health
  40. Carl Jung & Archetypes: sleep, recovery, system, alcoholic - Mental Health
  41. Body Dysmorphic disorder: depression, cancer, effect, therapy - Mental Health
  42. Mental Health from Work?: quit, insurance, effect, paranoia
  43. Brain Damage/Crack/Recovery: addict, effect, therapy, memory loss - Mental Health
  44. When ur on state assistance and suffering: depression, insurance, take - Mental Health
  45. Do you feel like you have no support?: depression, insurance, yoga - Mental Health
  46. New spectrum diagnosis: quit, schizophrenia, paranoid, voices - Mental Health
  47. My Dilemma: therapy, anxiety, deal, thoughts - Mental Health
  48. Is it to be addicted to TV?: vision, sleep, disconnected - Mental Health
  49. I feel like I can't trust myself anymore due to social anxiety disorder: depression, addict - Mental Health
  50. Brainwave Optimization???: sleep, heartbeat, system, miserable - Mental Health
  51. Non sexual fantasizing: delusions, fog, thoughts, grandeur - Mental Health
  52. Depression and Autism Spectrum: medication, supplements, deal, long - Mental Health
  53. difference between creative person and manic diagnosis?: delusions, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  54. Hearing Voices: schizophrenia, harmful, take, eat - Mental Health
  55. Nervousness and stuttering: medication, trigger, therapy, anxious - Mental Health
  56. How to stop parent from contact?: sleep, trigger, effect, emotional - Mental Health
  57. Was this a nervous breakdown: depression, medication, sleep, trigger - Mental Health
  58. Waking up depressed after intense dreaming: sleep, trigger, effect, anxiety - Mental Health
  59. Is this a wierd dream?: pain, pressure, feeling, causes - Mental Health
  60. Ruts and routines...: Alzheimers, dementia, coffee, deal - Mental Health
  61. Constant dreams: Lunesta, antidepressant, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  62. Psychological sleep deprivation: pill, sleeping pills, Ambien, yoga - Mental Health
  63. I am my own worse enemy (sometimes): voices, trigger, effect - Mental Health
  64. Having a sense of personal power!: cancer, pressure, borderline - Mental Health
  65. Venting...: addict, recovery, system, emotional - Mental Health
  66. 'You're on the Wrong Drugs' Stand-up bit: pill, problems, cost - Mental Health
  67. Bipolar or Waking Up?: depressed, pill, medication, deal - Mental Health
  68. why does psychiatry have so many conflicting points?: psychiatrist, behavior, eat - Mental Health
  69. despair... never to end: diet, supplements, pain, effect - Mental Health
  70. How to stop negative thinking: medication, therapy, deal, miserable - Mental Health
  71. WAR - We are all it's product.: depression, Alzheimers, hyper - Mental Health
  72. Cycles of productivity/unproductivity; does it sound like bipolar?: depression, boredom, feeling - Mental Health
  73. I feel defeated: sleep, thoughts, feeling, long - Mental Health
  74. If you constantly have problems with suicide/suicidal thoughts: depressed, pill, overwhelmed - Mental Health
  75. Can relate to this?: goal, breath, father, take - Mental Health
  76. Adhd: parent, get - Mental Health
  77. Do you have trouble confronting people? Or addressing issues out in the open?: pain, deal - Mental Health
  78. help: depression, quit, personality disorder, medication - Mental Health
  79. Terrible coping skills?: depression, hyper, pressure, suicide - Mental Health
  80. What makes grumpy old men grumpy?: depression, narcissistic, pain, coffee - Mental Health
  81. Drama versus being more laid-back ..: narcissistic, sleep - Mental Health
  82. From Apathy to Depression and back again: depressed, quit, suicide - Mental Health
  83. The concept of 'hope': depressed, cancer, pain, system - Mental Health
  84. Generic Seroquel now available in the U.S.: depression, quit, schizophrenia - Mental Health
  85. Does have bizarre hangups?: sleep, hyper, deal, cold - Mental Health
  86. When it comes to apologizing...: sociopath, pressure, feeling, cost - Mental Health
  87. Horrible confusion: depressed, emotional, allergies, deal - Mental Health
  88. Are arrogant people mentally healthy?: depression, narcissistic, arrogance, juice - Mental Health
  89. When to know if you should seek professional help?: psychiatric, pain, therapy - Mental Health
  90. Name that feeling...What are you feeling right now??: smoke, anxious, memory - Mental Health
  91. Al-anon and substance abuse treatment...good or bad?: addict, alcoholism, recovery - Mental Health
  92. Do you ever feel cheated in the sense like you had a bad hand dealt to you?: depression, pain - Mental Health
  93. Physical Attractiveness and Mental/Emotional State: thyroid, vision, sleep, effect - Mental Health
  94. Depression - do you have favorite quotes or sayings?: depressed, deal - Mental Health
  95. Can Lexapro make you feel suicidal?: depressed, psychiatric, antidepressant, jittery - Mental Health
  96. Instead of oh, well cheer up! what to: depressed, pill - Mental Health
  97. Going into a state of shock.: pain, suicide, deal - Mental Health
  98. What is normal?: emotional, feeling, long, eat - Mental Health
  99. commiting someone to an institution: depressed, schizophrenic, psychiatric, sleep - Mental Health
  100. Should people accept that pressure is a fact of life?: depression, pain - Mental Health
  101. This isn't good for my mental health - what to do?: sleep, system
  102. What is your definition of a toxic person?: problems, parent - Mental Health
  103. Making peace with family: pain, cold, thoughts, feeling - Mental Health
  104. Offering myself as the C-D Mental Health Forum Guinea Pig!: depression, addicted
  105. Is modern day electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for bipolar?: depressed, smoking, schizophrenia - Mental Health
  106. feel like getting high: addict, pain, deal, feeling - Mental Health
  107. Sensitive or Insensitive?: vision, feeling, problems, take - Mental Health
  108. My friend is trying to compromise her suicide.: depression, pill, sleeping pills - Mental Health
  109. I can't take it more: depression, MRI, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  110. Re-live to live again? therapy isnt for everyone.: depression, sleep, pain - Mental Health
  111. A discussion about hoarders and hoarding!: depressed, narcissism - Mental Health
  112. When unresolved issues stack-up! (At home, at work ): hoarding, deal - Mental Health
  113. What does it mean to be stingy?: selfishness, emotional, emotions - Mental Health
  114. Why isn't talking about illnesses that affect our most important body part -- our brain?: depressed, diet - Mental Health
  115. Is depression ever..rational?: depressed, addict, pill, antidepressants - Mental Health
  116. Depression cure: depressed, diet, deal, exercise - Mental Health
  117. Forums the only friend you can talk to?: problems, stop - Mental Health
  118. Is Being Obese Really a Mental Health Issue?: depression, addict, sleep
  119. Are you a hugger? Or not? How do you feel about physical (and emotional) affection?: hyper, problems - Mental Health
  120. Anticipatory Anxiety: sleep, psychological, arrogance, symptoms - Mental Health
  121. Changing your life for the spouse, pain, deal - Mental Health
  122. I'm very unhappy right now!: depression, sleep, anxiety, deal - Mental Health
  123. Running on empty!: vitamins, coffee, overwhelmed, feeling - Mental Health
  124. What IS forgiveness?: addict, psychiatrist, sociopath, recovery - Mental Health
  125. Weight Gain and Meds: depression, diet, counteract, appetite - Mental Health
  126. Pressure cookers...: depressed, feeling, parent, take - Mental Health
  127. Why is the #1 thing people always say is 'seek help' but: schizophrenia, paranoid - Mental Health
  128. not care what happens to them in life?: depression, - Mental Health
  129. that can help with this: MRI, hyper, insurance, symptoms - Mental Health
  130. I feel very unlovable due to my condition: depressed, diet, pill - Mental Health
  131. What kind of doctor to see for anxiety/panic?: depression, Ativan - Mental Health
  132. Is it wrong to just not care anymore?: depression, cancer, pain - Mental Health
  133. Do You Need to Process and if So, Is There In Your Family You Can Do This With?: emotional, deal - Mental Health
  134. I don't believe that people with ADD are very intelligent: hyper, psychological - Mental Health
  135. Characteristics of adults shamed in childhood: depression, pain, emotional, anxiety - Mental Health
  136. You notice more and more people becoming more negative: depression, spouse, medication - Mental Health
  137. Dealing with people that have a personality disorder.: spouse, personality disorders, sociopath - Mental Health
  138. What do you think about this first session: diet, psychiatrist, pill - Mental Health
  139. Dealing with losses...: depression, cancer, effect, therapy - Mental Health
  140. Depressed and anxious: antidepressants, insurance, psychological, system - Mental Health
  141. What inspires you?: long, get, eat, make - Mental Health
  142. I'm getting mean online..: depression, effect, nastiness, deal - Mental Health
  143. Serious matter (working with with disabilities)This is very concerning. give me: vision, yoga - Mental Health
  144. memory lapses: diet, Alzheimers, medication, menopause - Mental Health
  145. Not sure what I can do to improve things with wife.: depression, schizophrenic - Mental Health
  146. Journal vs. Blog: cancer, effect, emotional, thoughts - Mental Health
  147. mental health judgments aren't followed by most - doesn't this invalidate psychiatry?: diet, psychiatrist
  148. lose their only adult child?: depression, sleep, recovery - Mental Health
  149. Expectations...: spouse, anxious, thoughts, syndrome - Mental Health
  150. Is it mentally unfit to react with hostility to rude people?: deal, take - Mental Health
  151. Should I quit?: depressed, psychiatrist, pill, personality disorder - Mental Health
  152. Strange behavior on the part of my therapist. Interupted the session because of an eartquake: depression, insurance - Mental Health
  153. Wny can't people just be unhappy?: depressed, addicted, pill, antidepressants - Mental Health
  154. Thoughts on depressive realism: depressed, antidepressants, anxiety, deal - Mental Health
  155. I need to grow up: depression, quit, bipolar, emotional - Mental Health
  156. A Little Lost: depression, diet, delusions, psychiatric - Mental Health
  157. Will I be able to forgive my DIL?: depressed, diet, spouse - Mental Health
  158. People who don't listen, reciprocate,: addict, narcissism, psychiatrist, effect - Mental Health
  159. How do you pull yourself out of a rut and depression ?: depressed, narcissistic - Mental Health
  160. Job is slowly killing me: depressed, appetite, sleep, effect - Mental Health
  161. Do certian negative emotions correspond with certain diseases?: yoga, naturally, cancer - Mental Health
  162. Were you teased a lot as a child?: depression, psychological, pain - Mental Health
  163. How to help my mother?: paranoid, dementia, pill, insurance - Mental Health
  164. Open or closed?: depression, alcoholic, eat - Mental Health
  165. Does find washing their body a chore or a hassle?: depressed, psychological - Mental Health
  166. Dealing with Paranoia (non-clinical): depression, diet, paranoid, vitamins - Mental Health
  167. Is it wrong to wanting to be diagnosed with cancer?: depression, smoke - Mental Health
  168. Goals for 2012?: quit smoking, deal, feeling, take - Mental Health
  169. Facing up to depression: depressed, smoke, medication, insurance - Mental Health
  170. Healthy shame versus unhealthy shame...: sociopaths, therapy, thoughts, feeling - Mental Health
  171. at what age do kids/adults know about reality?: insurance, psychological, cortex - Mental Health
  172. Codependency and enabling...: diet, quit, Alzheimers, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  173. I'm Overwhelmed and don't know where to turn...: depressed, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  174. mind is always active: sleep, Benadryl, Ambien, naturally - Mental Health
  175. Alternatives to dealing with ADD symptoms besides medication: diet, ambition, supplements - Mental Health
  176. Is ADD a disorder or a personality style?: depressed, psychiatrist, medication - Mental Health
  177. Mental illness?: depressed, delusion, psychiatric, personality disorder - Mental Health
  178. What makes you feel loved? Unloved? Rejected? Stepped-on ?: memory, problems - Mental Health
  179. raised by very narcissistic parents?: narcissist, vision, personality disorder - Mental Health
  180. This is why I don't think anti-depressants or other meds gonna help: depressed, psychiatric - Mental Health
  181. Do you give yourself credit or praise very often?: schizophrenia, deal, problems - Mental Health
  182. Ex-husband says I am 100% to blame: counteract, therapy, emotional, anxiety - Mental Health
  183. Depression and eating: depressed, thyroid, vision - Mental Health
  184. Opinions wanted - I think I may need help but not sure: depressed, diet - Mental Health
  185. Laughter and play...: recovery, deal, problems, child - Mental Health
  186. When other people cause you undue grief: depression, medication, recovery - Mental Health
  187. How do you feel when...: deal, problems, weather, take - Mental Health
  188. like I spend my life trying to other people.: emotional, miserable - Mental Health
  189. Long term stress and short term memory loss: depression, thyroid, MRI - Mental Health
  190. Delusions of grandeur....examples?: quit, personality disorder, bipolar, father - Mental Health
  191. morbid thoughts about death: depressed, antidepressant, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  192. Have your fears held you back in life?: therapy, emotional, anxiety - Mental Health
  193. Can someone on permanent Disability break an apartment lease without being sued ? ?: cancer, deal - Mental Health
  194. Is being overly nice to people a bad thing?: pregnant, feeling, stop - Mental Health
  195. Quit job. I feel relieved and guilty at same time.: sleep, pressure - Mental Health
  196. What does it mean to be shut-down?: depressed, sleep, recovery - Mental Health
  197. Celexa and Buspar and drinking: depression, effect, anxiety, months - Mental Health
  198. when does a person's prefrontal cortex fully develop?: insurance, eat - Mental Health
  199. Motivation and depression: Fighting back and winning.: extrovert, long, get - Mental Health
  200. For of you who've studied psychology, why do behavioral concern problems exist?: goal, get - Mental Health