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  1. Hallucinations - have you ever experienced them?: pill, sleep, Valium - Mental Health
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  3. fecal occult blood: positive: depressed, cancer, deal, problems - Mental Health
  4. two things always pop up in my head: getting bit by snakes or being shot: depression, paranoid - Mental Health
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  10. Do not give up is not dead: depression, gloomy - Mental Health
  11. Boggle the Owl can help - Mental Health
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  13. Wellburtrin: smoking, effect, take, months - Mental Health
  14. Why do I feel so guilty all the time?: sociopath, emotional, intelligence - Mental Health
  15. In a bad state right now. Just need to get it out.: quit, pill - Mental Health
  16. Parallel addiction to all things tried?: addictive, obsession, thoughts, take - Mental Health
  17. PTSD from extreme middle school bullying now got a job as a para in a middle school. should i do this?: quit, trigger - Mental Health
  18. Is The World Happy?: problems, causes, long, get - Mental Health
  19. is there a clinical term to describe this mental health condition?: medication, effect
  20. Why am I always thinking about cancer?: diet, smoke, sleep - Mental Health
  21. A generation may be at higher risk of suicide - researchers: depressed, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  22. Banner AD induced ANGER AND VIOLENT RAGE: emotional, deal, parent - Mental Health
  23. Am I a nosophobic?: Fluoxetine, psychiatrist, sleep, cancer - Mental Health
  24. News, Internet addiction fueled by gene mutation, scientists say.: spouse, anxiety, deal - Mental Health
  25. depressed and working 60 hours a week: antidepressants, fatigue, overwhelmed, goal - Mental Health
  26. Creeping depression-- all of this normal, but its not.: depressed, vision - Mental Health
  27. Sleepwalking but conscious while doing it... should I be worried?: pill, medication - Mental Health
  28. This was a great help to me dealing with a person close to me.: personality disorders, fog - Mental Health
  29. Confussed about my older friend...: therapy, anxiety, feeling, parent - Mental Health
  30. News, Brain Scans of 'Hoarders' Show Unique Abnormalities: sleep, system, therapy - Mental Health
  31. Can a person with mental disability get extra time to pack/move after deciding not to renew their lease?: depression, pain - Mental Health
  32. Sharing My Depression Success Story: thyroid, vision, deal, emotions - Mental Health
  33. What is best to do Mental illness: diet, psychiatrist, spouse - Mental Health
  34. My 69 y.o. mother was just diagnosed with Dementia...: vitamins, supplements, cancer - Mental Health
  35. It's to Feel Good About Yourselves!!!: addict, pill, effect - Mental Health
  36. So I know what my mental iillnesses are: anxiety, thoughts, overwhelmed - Mental Health
  37. Antidepressant: depressed, medication, trigger, anxiety - Mental Health
  38. high fat and protein/low carb diet helps mental and physical health: depressed, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  39. Should I call my therapist?: pain, therapy, cost, take - Mental Health
  40. where do you go to get therapist student practice?: therapy, emotions, cost - Mental Health
  41. Does have heat issues causing itchy skin?: medication, flashes, pain - Mental Health
  42. this may be a stretch: psychiatric, medication, parent, long - Mental Health
  43. Ever Feel Like You Need A Break To Get Things Together?: depressed, quit - Mental Health
  44. Is this anxiety, depression, ocd, or something: symptoms, therapy, paranoia - Mental Health
  45. News, Daytime naps linked to dementia, warn neurologists: sleep, syndrome, exercise - Mental Health
  46. Feel like I'm completely stuck... (life situations): sleep, anxious, parent - Mental Health
  47. Should I go to the doctor if I think I have major depression?: psychiatrist, pill - Mental Health
  48. Can MDMA help to cure depression?: sleep, vitamins, supplements, pressure - Mental Health
  49. why I feel lethargic: depression, diet, thyroid, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  50. Does my dad have something to do with the fact I have problems with my sexuality?: depressed, sleep - Mental Health
  51. Do you ever feel unsure what you want out of life or where you want to be?: spouse, sleep - Mental Health
  52. I feel mentally unstable What is wrong with me? This is a VERY long btw. I should write a book: depression, smoke - Mental Health
  53. Is this a mental problem?: psychiatrist, vision, medication, trigger - Mental Health
  54. Help With My Father...: personality disorder, cancer, therapy, suicide - Mental Health
  55. no dad: child, parent, take, adult - Mental Health
  56. Procrastination-anxiety downward spirals: alcoholism, system, anxious, deal - Mental Health
  57. How do I find a therapist?: recovery, insurance, therapy, take - Mental Health
  58. The MI5 can read your thoughts.: schizophrenia, psychiatrist, voices, medication - Mental Health
  59. on OTC sleep aid: depression, addict, pill, Benadryl - Mental Health
  60. What is unspecified depression?: psychiatrist, pill, medication - Mental Health
  61. Is therapy the path for me?: depression, diet, quit, cancer - Mental Health
  62. family problems affecting mental health?: sleep, pain, deal, child
  63. Should I go for another second opinion? How to get a second opinion: depression, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  64. Staying where I am will NOT help my Mental health. So WHY am I hesitating to move?: depressed, quit
  65. When everything changes...: depressed, pill, trigger, effect - Mental Health
  66. If you are totally preoccupied with what others think...: psychiatrist, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  67. husband stressed all the time: sleep, overweight, goal, problems - Mental Health
  68. Family woes...: cancer, deal, feeling, problems - Mental Health
  69. Who pays for mental health insurance?: paranoid, psychiatric, medication, therapy
  70. Should a person consider suicide if......: spouse, selfishness, insurance, cancer - Mental Health
  71. another strange dream from 3 years ago: system, conscious, feeling - Mental Health
  72. My learning disability is taking my life...: depressed, diet, medication - Mental Health
  73. Not all friendships are meant to be forever ....: system, thoughts, father - Mental Health
  74. Is it me or is it Dallas...or is it both?: problems, child - Mental Health
  75. Ruminating: depression, psychiatrist, insurance, effect - Mental Health
  76. How do you guys get disturbing images out of your head?: sleep, paranoia - Mental Health
  77. Parents, do you have ideas (emotional teen): menopause, symptoms, pregnant - Mental Health
  78. addict: addicted, Ativan, vision, detoxing - Mental Health
  79. want to move so depressed: problems, take, get, make - Mental Health
  80. How do unattractive people hold their head up?: depressed, psychological, emotional - Mental Health
  81. What is a secret?: feeling, problems, parent, long - Mental Health
  82. How do you get out there alone?: quit, psychological, disconnected - Mental Health
  83. Does loud vehicle noise agitate you?: medication, sleep, hyper, migraine - Mental Health
  84. I don't want it more: depression, emotional, memory, take - Mental Health
  85. Had the police take my wife to the psych unit. I hate this.: psychiatric, medication - Mental Health
  86. Methadone Withdrawal: quit smoking, addict, pill, tapering - Mental Health
  87. What ADHD medication should I take that will work when I have depression and anxiety symptoms?: diet, - Mental Health
  88. IQ linked to levels of happiness: depression, trigger, effect, syndrome - Mental Health
  89. Lonliness:Can it kill you?: depressed, vitamins, cancer, pressure - Mental Health
  90. Has experience with taking the name brand Ativan? Has notice that each time they renew the: Lunesta, sleep - Mental Health
  91. Badly preoccupied with a much younger female co worker: depressed, cancer, therapy - Mental Health
  92. Does Jani Schofield have typical symptoms of Schizophrenia?: delusion, paranoid, psychiatric - Mental Health
  93. Can extroverts turn into introverts?: depressed, quit, sleep, bipolar - Mental Health
  94. Early-onset Alzheimer's Disease: Alzheimers, dementia, cancer, fog - Mental Health
  95. Help, suffering from severe unemployment depression: depressed, diet, quit, insurance - Mental Health
  96. Sad at Sundown: depressed, psychiatrist, dementia, symptoms - Mental Health
  97. How to Move Forward with my Life???: depressed, quit, vision - Mental Health
  98. Self-disagnosing psychological traits: depression, pill, bipolar, symptoms - Mental Health
  99. Alcoholics - the most selfish people in the world?: addict, detox, selfishness - Mental Health
  100. Anxiety from Public Speaking! advice?: sleep, Lexapro, pressure, feeling - Mental Health
  101. Spouse: feeling, problems, breath, child - Mental Health
  102. Having aspergers.: psychiatrist, pain, system, neurological - Mental Health
  103. experience with functional addicts?: depression, quit, addicted, alcoholism - Mental Health
  104. Feel so Pissed off all the time!: depressed, addicted, spouse - Mental Health
  105. How does one differentiate between sadness and depression?: depressed, psychiatrist, medication - Mental Health
  106. MAJOR ANXIETY ATTACK--what to do?: pill, medication, sleep, psychological - Mental Health
  107. feel like they lost out on life (this time around)?: depression, diet - Mental Health
  108. Is it wrong to not want friends or family in your life again?: narcissistic, extrovert - Mental Health
  109. Could Asperger's increase or decrese in different periods?: quit smoking, psychiatrist, symptoms - Mental Health
  110. No goals, ambition or dreams what's wrong with me: trigger, suicide, emotional - Mental Health
  111. adhd and red 40: diet, quit, sleep, hyper - Mental Health
  112. i'm gay but i find sexuality in general to be sick. is there something wrong with me?: deal, hot - Mental Health
  113. Have of you ever not cared for a therapist that you were seeing ?: cancer, effect - Mental Health
  114. Do You Just NOT Have Emotions Anymore?: psychiatric, sociopath, recovery - Mental Health
  115. How to survive in my parents house when they are very religious and strict? help I need your advice: antidepressant, recovery - Mental Health
  116. Jerusalem Syndrome: psychiatrist, cost, causes, take - Mental Health
  117. Getting old sucks.: depression, thyroid, psychiatrist, pill - Mental Health
  118. The need to get away from other people: depressed, vision, phobias - Mental Health
  119. The value of a therapist (and life coach, too): depressed, system, therapy - Mental Health
  120. Ex Smokers - Tell me I will be ok: nicotine, depression - Mental Health
  121. The Anti-Depressant Shootout (SSRI's): depression, pill, medication, - Mental Health
  122. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I NEED HELP I AM SERIOUS My story: depressed, quit - Mental Health
  123. Depersonalization and derealiztion: vision, trigger, symptoms, therapy - Mental Health
  124. Not handling it so well: depressed, sleep, pain, emotional - Mental Health
  125. tried Celexa?: depression, appetite, medication, SSRI - Mental Health
  126. I need to share my thoughts: depression, narcissistic, sociopath - Mental Health
  127. Invited to social events -- but never go: depressed, quit, effect - Mental Health
  128. Do you ever just want to sleep forever?: depressed, pill, anxiety - Mental Health
  129. The strongest person I know: depressed, pain, pressure, emotional - Mental Health
  130. I feel I would be a repulsive girlfriend or wife: depression, insurance - Mental Health
  131. Am I Really Alone?: deal, thoughts, overwhelmed, father - Mental Health
  132. Lexapro: depression, Celexa, effect, Paxil - Mental Health
  133. Energized by dreary days or not?: depressed, hot, weather, take - Mental Health
  134. Chronic pain... a mental health issue?: depression, addict, thyroid, MRI
  135. Meyer Briggs - ISTJ: depression, extrovert, cold, parent - Mental Health
  136. Watching other people succeed while you are left behind?: depressed, spouse, miserable - Mental Health
  137. I can't sleep at night: pill, trigger, pain, effect - Mental Health
  138. Transcendental meditation experiences?: sleep, psychological, yoga, effect - Mental Health
  139. will I ever be able to do something with my life?: schizophrenia, delusions - Mental Health
  140. Depression, chronic fatigue, or laziness ...?: depressed, psychiatric, Lexapro - Mental Health
  141. Staying up all night increases dopamine levels in your brain....: sleepy, effect - Mental Health
  142. LGBT people and controlling parents: suicide, Aspergers, deal, miserable - Mental Health
  143. I think my grandmother is a paranoid schizophrenic: smoke, schizophrenia, delusions - Mental Health
  144. 'Antipsychotic drugs made me want to kill myself'.: depressed, quit, addict - Mental Health
  145. Are People Unsympathetic to Mental Illness?: quit, vision, symptoms - Mental Health
  146. Do you beleive everyone has a talent?: child, take, long - Mental Health
  147. Can explain this dream I had?: depression, emotional, obsession - Mental Health
  148. Existential Anxiety: naturally, pain, system, deal - Mental Health
  149. Absentee fathers and/or divorce effects: psychological, emotional, deal, miserable - Mental Health
  150. Insecure Girls support group: quit, personality disorder, pain, effect - Mental Health
  151. How NOT to Allow the Actions of Others You Care About to Impact You: feeling, exercise - Mental Health
  152. Helping someone who may be becoming a hoarder?: depression, vision, yoga - Mental Health
  153. How Often Do You Cry?: hyper, migraine, pain, emotional - Mental Health
  154. Who has divorced a family member or entire FOO?: quit, cancer - Mental Health
  155. psychological term: spouse, personality disorder, effect, problems - Mental Health
  156. How would you deal with this situation...: quit, addicted, psychological - Mental Health
  157. *flush* there goes life (down the crapper): depressed, symptoms, pain - Mental Health
  158. What are the odds of this?: long, get - Mental Health
  159. How offensive is the word 'lunatic'?: schizophrenia, psychiatric, long, body - Mental Health
  160. Is it wrong to not help a suicidal person?: depressed, pill, suicide - Mental Health
  161. If that is not addiction, then what is it? ?: addicted, pill, medication - Mental Health
  162. My Grand-niece Found Her Father's Body Yesterday...: depression, pill, medication - Mental Health
  163. why do people equate random success stories with personal success?: quit, sleep - Mental Health
  164. Ladies! Don't do this!: quit, recovery, emotional, deal - Mental Health
  165. Electro-Shock Therapy? Dark ages?: depression, addict, pill, medication - Mental Health
  166. Dealing with a Bipolar husband..: depressed, psychiatrist, spouse, vision - Mental Health
  167. Update of sorts (really bad > worse): depressed, gloomy, spouse - Mental Health
  168. just stopped caring?: depression, quit, spouse, anxiety - Mental Health
  169. Anti-Anxiety Meds for a very tough time in my life: depression, smoke - Mental Health
  170. Don't you hate it when your parents compare you to other people's kids?: quit, harmful - Mental Health
  171. Life is a bowl of cherries: depression, medication, vitamins, supplements - Mental Health
  172. Can we talk about loving our abusers (while the abuse is continuing)?: harmful, sleep - Mental Health
  173. Losing sense of time: depressed, take, months, get - Mental Health
  174. Why do people pretend like there's no such thing as 'normal?': intelligence, father - Mental Health
  175. All kinds of addictions...: addicted, pill, sleeping pills, anxious - Mental Health
  176. Are my Medications causing me to gain weight ... ?: depressed, diet, appetite - Mental Health
  177. is this anxiety?: depressed, symptoms, system, therapy - Mental Health
  178. There is no light at the end of the tunnel: depressed, vision - Mental Health
  179. Depression after drinking alcohol: depressed, medication, symptoms, effect - Mental Health
  180. Do I have depression? Whats going on with me?: depressed, appetite, schizophrenia - Mental Health
  181. Acting-out and creating chaos.: narcissistic, personality disorder, borderline - Mental Health
  182. Repressed Memories?: depression, trigger, pain, therapy - Mental Health
  183. Pain. PAIN!!! GO away....: depressed, addict, medication, sleep - Mental Health
  184. Dire Straits (not the band) - STBX: depression, quit, paranoid - Mental Health
  185. For all of who were abused as children...: alcoholism, system, paranoia - Mental Health
  186. Avoidant attachment disorder: depressed, addict, spouse, pill - Mental Health
  187. Depression is getting worse: diet, vision, medication - Mental Health
  188. What is wrong with my elderly dad?: schizophrenic, dementia, medication - Mental Health
  189. Why is my mom so freaking annoying?!: anxiety, deal, feeling - Mental Health
  190. Huge Problem at Work bipolar: depression, pill, medication, harmful - Mental Health
  191. What kind of therapy should I seek?: depressed, psychiatrist, medication - Mental Health
  192. hey real talk what really mess you up? i remember a few things that cause me trama ? as kids we start: pain, emotional - Mental Health
  193. How do u tell the difference between Dementia and early Alzheimers in an elderly loved one ?: medication, sleep - Mental Health
  194. Blood test for Alzheimer's gaining ground: take - Mental Health
  195. My Mental Health Mission: 4Maccabees:1: system, memory
  196. Panic symptoms possibly being physical in origin?: thyroid, medication, psychological - Mental Health
  197. Dog Training As A Tool For Domestic Tranquility: insurance, parent, take - Mental Health
  198. The movie Melancholia and its exploration of depression: take - Mental Health
  199. Nicotine turned me into weak and bitchy person.: smoke, addict, sleep - Mental Health
  200. Reminder rules: juice - Mental Health